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iRobot Roomba Sage

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Brand: iRobot / Robotic / Container / Features: Cordless (Rechargable)

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    1 Review
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      21.10.2008 18:38
      Very helpful



      Overall a pretty good buy Im impressed with the cleaning performance

      The Roomba Sage is one of the series of robots created by a company called iRobot.
      iRobot make robots for quite a variety of tasks from bomb disposal to pool cleaners.

      The UK site can be found here http://www.irobot.com/uk/. They cost about £150.00 to buy but its worth checking to see what comes with the Roomba in the deal as there are different ones out there to purchase.
      The optional extras you may find are replacement dust filters, docking station, remote control and virtual walls. There are also different types of battery pack to look out for as these can be found in the standard charge type and the fast charge variety.

      The Roomba Sage comes in a variety of colours to suit most people's needs it comes in a green colour. You can get the Roomba in Green, Red, Silver and Blue etc its worth looking for the different models if you want a colour coordinated one for your home.

      A bit about the Roomba
      The Roomba series of models differ somewhat from other robot vacuum cleaners in that they do not map the rooms which they are to clean for you. They rely on the fact that the Roomba can move around in a random pattern but they do have some decision making in their cleaning pattern to try to ensure that all areas are covered.

      Things to do when you get your Roomba
      Look out for any signs of damage that has occurred in transit. There shouldn't be any trouble as the Sage is well packed in a smallish size box. The first time the Sage is charged make sure you follow the instructions and let it have a full charge as described in the instruction manual. There is always the temptation to give it a little charge and set it going as it's quite normal to want to see the Roomba in action. Failure to let you Roomba fully charge could lead to poor battery life or reduced cleaning time. The Roomba Sage should usually come with at least an APS charger and an APS (Advanced Power Supply) and a couple of replacement filters.

      Using the Roomba
      It's pretty easy to use all you have to do is to put the Roomba on the floor press the power button and select from one of the three cleaning cycles you want it to perform. Within a couple of goes I was quite confident in using the Sage and how to recharge it and selecting the cleaning programme.

      The three cleaning cycles are spot clean and max. The spot cleaning cycle is for use when you may have tipped over a plant and some soil has fallen on the carpet. The Roomba Sage will clean in a pattern to go over the area you have the spilt the soil.

      Medium is for when you want the Roomba to clean a room and then stop.

      Max is the setting to make the Roomba Sage clean until its battery power is exhausted.

      Cleaning performance.
      The Roomba Sage I have to say is pretty good at cleaning. I have two cats that leave hair around on the carpet and there always seems to be bits of fluff and dander at the end of the day.

      The cleaning pattern is that it will initially clean in an expanding circle then go off in a straight line until it hit a wall or a piece of furniture. The bumper at the front of the Roomba then detects this and it will either clean following the wall edge of go off away from the object it has hit.

      When I put the Roomba Sage on the floor I can be safe in the knowledge that it will do a good job of cleaning the house whilst I'm free to do something else whilst it cleaning. It's a real time saver and I think its pretty well worth its money but they could be cheaper to be more value to the consumer.

      The Roomba sage is basically a disk with a diameter of approx 8-10 inches with two wheels and a series of brushes and fans to collect and suck up the dirt of the floor. Items that are picked up are stored in a small hopper located at the rear of the Sage. Brushes are located at the left hand side as looking at it from the rear these rotate in a circular motion to sweep particles into the path of the main brush located on the underside.

      It can pick up most objects on the floor such as small bits of paper, flour and debris but it does have a limit to the size of object it can pick up. If something is too big for the Roomba Sage it generally jams around the brush located on the underneath.
      The Roomba will then signal it's in trouble with a series of tones to alert its human that it requires assistance. The beeps are explained on the website or in the manual.

      I got used to the various tones being emitted from the Sage such as I'm stuck, I'm out of power and cleaning cycle finished these are pretty much the important ones that you will hear the most from the Sage but there is a lot more sounds that it can play which usually mean referring to the manual or the iRobot site.
      One thing to note is that the Roomba series of models including the sage are not very good corner cleaners you usually have to do these by hand every few days. One feature worth noting is that if the Roomba Sage finds a particular spot that is very dirty a blue light will be lit on the top of the Roomba and it will go into an intense cleaning mode which means it circles over the very dirty spot it has found repeatedly unlit this area is cleaned. Once the Roomba is happy it will continue on with its normal cleaning pattern. The Roomba Sage will also work on a variety of floor surfaces from wooden floors to carpets of about 1" pile any more than this and the Roomba Sage will possibly become stuck. It self adjusts as it moves from one surface to another to get the best cleaning height

      Roomba Sage intelligence
      The Roomba Sage has some sensors in it to prevent its self destruction or damage. The main one to note is that if it gets tangled up on rug tassels it won't jam, overheat and burst into flames it knows that it's jammed and will stop and sound a series of beeps to alert you to its stuck. The other one is that it wont throw itself off the top of the stairs or off a drop from one level to another it has inbuilt sensors to look at the terrain underneath it so if it does meet the top stair it will back off and go elsewhere to clean.

      Maintenance of the Roomba Sage
      This is the bad part about the Roomba Sage well its not that bad but it does have to be in a regular basis. the particle collection bin does have to be emptied after each use in fact I was surprised just how much it did pick up from what appeared to be a clean carpet.

      It also needs hairs around the brush to be removed with the supplied cleaning tool which can be fiddly but doesn't really take more than 5-10 minutes. When you have done this also make sure that the particle sensor on the underneath of the Sage under the main brush is clean as if its gets really dirty the Roomba Sage will just continuously do its spot clean mode as it thinks it's on a permanently dirty surface.
      It's also best to keep an eye out on the condition of the dust filter located at the rear of the machine and after a few month its needs replacing.

      Optional Accessories
      I also bough the programmable controller with my Sage to allow me to set the time and frequency of cleaning. I also bought a Roomba Sage docking station so when the Roomba is finished cleaning it returns to the docking station to charge automatically.

      Overall I'm very happy with the Roomba it does make a god job at cleaning I don't think it has ever missed a spot in its random pattern across the floors and although a tad expensive it is worth the money if you get sick of hovering all the time.

      If you do a search on Google there are a few sites that offer help and advice to Roomba owners or people that have customised their Roomba with a variety of modifications.


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