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Kitchen Craft Dog Crumb Pet Novelty Table Top Vacuum Cleaner

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Brand: Kitchen Craft / Type: Vacuum Cleaner

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2011 14:26
      Very helpful



      a fun little item

      ==Kitchen Craft Crumb Catcher==

      I am all for getting silly quirky items that look as though they actually might be of some help around the house and this is why I came across this item on Amazon when browsing for Christmas presents. I ended up getting one as a Christmas present and one for myself.

      The fact that the items were only around £5 to buy brand new meant that they were an affordable small gift for someone and also that I could afford to try it out myself. I knew Jack would like the idea and I also knew how much of a crumb maker he is and thought how ideal this item would be.

      So for £5 I bought the dog crumb cleaner although there are a few different designs to choose from such as a cow, a cat or a pig. I thought that the dog one looked the most aesthetically pleasing and so purchased this for both my present and myself. Seeing as I am not a cat lover (and neither is the person who I was buying for that ruled that out and the pig version looks rather strange).

      The item is small and simple and when it arrived I was pleased to see that it already came installed with the 2 AA batteries it needs to operate. These unfortunately didn't last too long and did need to be replaced with my own rechargeable batteries which I find much more efficient. The idea of the product is that you turn it on and it will act like a small dust buster and such up crumbs and food debris. Being that it is so small you shouldn't really expect too much and the novelty side of things it seems is the biggest draw. It is aimed at being put on the table and scooting around collecting up the crumbs which will eventually head for the floor!

      The dog itself is around 17cm in length and about 8 cm wide. It is a little too bulky to fit in my kitchen draws and because I often put it on the floor I tend to keep it under the sink where it lives quite happily. It is easily turned on by a sliding button in an easy to reach position on the dogs back. It doesn't move very fast and to be fair it doesn't suck up that well either. It seems to struggle with the heavier items such as the crushed sea salt which I put on my dinner but will manage to clear the bread crumbs from around Jacks plate with a little encouragement from Jack himself (a pushing in the right direction).

      Emptying the product is easy too and this is by a simple depress of a button on the bottom but make sure you are over a bin for this as the contents are liable to fall everywhere. There is a small filter inside the product which needs to be popped out and rinsed through every now and again to make sure that it is working to its full ability this is fairly easy to do but you must make sure the filter is fully dry before putting it back in.

      All in all I would say this really is more of a novelty item than anything else. I have found that it works quite well underneath Jack's little play table in the front room where the floor is made of hard wood and the crumbs are a plenty and mainly bread and toast crumbs. Other than the lightweight stuff this item is not going to buzz around picking up all the fluffy and dirt from your house but as a cute little item that will pick up a few of those lighter crumbs, for £5 isn't a bad item to buy.

      I think it is a cute little present for someone and it is an affordable and fun item so I feel that a 4 out of 5 star rating is well deserved. Shame it didn't have just a little bit more power to make it that 5 star rating.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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