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Lakeland Rechargeable Sweeper

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    2 Reviews
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      28.11.2013 19:17
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great product

      I have quite a large houseful so I am forever tidying and cleaning up after people. The hoover has to be brought out on many occasions throughout the day. One thing we love to do in the evening is have a nice hot cup of tea with the biscuit tin, and this as you can imagine with a handful of kids can become quite a messy affair. The neighbours have a few young kids so felt quite bad keep using the hoover when their children could be in bed. Sometimes I can hear the couple talking if I am in a quiet room, so assuming they could hear us too I didn't want to disrupt their children and decided that the hoover was a no no of an evening. I was discussing this with my mum when I remembered the carpet sweeper my Nan had when I was a child, I had not seen one since so I set about my research to find if they still existed. They did! And there was a vast range of them too, many had moved on a long way from the one my Nan had though. So this is how I came to purchase my Lakeland sweeper.

      I had not long purchased my hoover before this time which set me back a fair bit, so couldn't really afford to shell out an arm and a leg for another appliance. I was shocked at how many of these were available on the market; I hadn't seen one other than my Nan's so had assumed they had died out with the demand for vacuums. The all vary in price, the cheapest I've seen one was £15 then ranging right up to over £200! I could afford nowhere near that sort of price so I found this one on Amazon for £42.99. Which I thought was quite reasonable, considering it did the job.

      Before Use
      To assemble this was pretty straightforward you receive simple to follow instructions in the manual. Normally I let my boyfriend set things like this up but this was very easy and i managed to do this myself in no time at all. The sweeper has to be charged for 16 hours prior to first use, I let this charge overnight allowing for use the next day. The manual also states to fully drain and recharge the battery once a month, I am really not sure why this is but I do it anyway for whatever reason this might be.

      Using The Floor Sweeper
      This sweeper is very lightweight, which makes it extremely easy to move around the house. Much easier than transporting a hoover, for what could merely be a few crumbs. Also this is cordless so there isn't the nuisance of having the find a plug socket, or the lead not reaching. This saves a lot more time than you would think.
      The actual head of the sweeper is very slim line and narrow this allows you to get under your sofa, bed or other pieces of furniture that you wouldn't normally be able to reach with a vacuum. I was shocked at the suction power than this little machine has, it lifts anything off my carpet with no trouble at all. Equally as good as my hoover but without all the hassle. The manual does claim it has the power to pick up coins; I am yet to try this out for the fear of breaking it, but be that the case that just reiterates my point about the suction power.
      Once charged I find this lasts between 30-35 if you use it continuously, but I always return mine to charge once iv finished with it so it remains on with full charge for when I next need to use it. Which isn't long unfortunately for me! This product has a lot of positive points; I don't use my hoover half as much since I've purchased this, as this is a lot more convenient for them little incidents.

      Any Negatives
      I really love this sweeper and think it works well on wooden flooring and normal carpets, however I have a large pile rug in my room and it doesn't seem to pick up quite as well off of this. So this may not be appropriate for every household. One other thing I have found is that in order to empty this you need to remove a tray underneath the bottom of the sweeper, I find this very fiddly and its quite hard to budge, many of times I have to get my boyfriend to do this for me as I simply can't, which is not ideal.

      To conclude this review I have to say that overall I am extremely glad I purchased this sweeper. It's very quiet so solves my last night biscuit noise ordeal. Its lightweight and very portable. The sweeper is a very nice colour and looks very smart. A lot more modern than the one my Nan had that's for sure! It's perfect for those moment when you need a quick tidy up. The price I paid for this I feel is very reasonable, I'm very pleased with its abilities and would highly recommend this. I am removing one star for the couple of negatives as it might not suit everyone but for me it's perfect.


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        23.05.2013 14:20
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Cleans my flat in a jiffy. Very pleased.

        So as usual I was complaining. This time it was to my Mother In Law. This time it was about the strange lack of available plug sockets in my house (to be fair, most of ours are in permanent use by our various technologies) and how my hoover cable just wasn't long enough to cope with that.

        Unbeknownst to me, the old devil had actually been listening for a change, and not simply nodding along while actually wondering what to make for that night's tea.
        One of these arrived on my doorstep about a week later. Thanks Lorna!
        This is a cordless rechargeable sweeper. Just plug it in at the mains and like you would with a mobile phone or a laptop. It then runs on a fully charged batter for approximately 45 minutes, allegedly. No need for wires..hurrah!

        Upon unpacking it I was sceptical. It feels and looks a little bit flimsy. However, not one to judge a book by it's cover I assembled it (easily, by the way. Just click a few parts together) It comes with instructions on how to empty and clean the hoover. Both of which are pretty simple. To empty the hoover there is a small tray in the side which is simply pulled out and emptied into the bin and then reinserted. It doesn't hold very much and I find myself emptying it at least once per use, but it is so easily done that I don't mind. The brush bar can also be removed to get rid of any dust, hair, etc that might be caught up in it, or to be replaced.

        The first time I used this I let the battery charge for 16 hours prior to use. This is the recommended time. It is advised not to leave the sweeper on constant charge for more than 24 hours. The battery will not charge if the sweeper is still turned on.
        It is recommended that at least once a month the battery should be completely drained then recharged. It's just as well that it doesn't cost much (pennies, according to Lakeland) to recharge the sweeper, as I charge mine up several times a week.

        So how does the sweeper perform?
        I've got to say I was surprised at how powerful it was.
        I live with two messy boys, and a messy cat. There is a lot of mess! (According only to me, apparently I'm imagining it!)
        This sweeper picks up like a dream. Cat hairs - gone. Food crumbs - gone. Dust bunnies - gone. The need to unplug the television and annoy the boys while hoovering - gone.
        It works on carpets and laminate flooring equally well. Though I'm not sure how it would cope on deep pile carpets. I have some short loose frays on my living room rug and it sounds like I'm trying to hoover up a dying kitten when I accidentally sweep over them, much to my cat's dismay.
        Apart from this though the sweeper is pretty quiet. Certainly much quieter than a standard vacuum cleaner.
        As for the 45 minute on one charge claim...ehhh. I don't know.
        I use it daily for about 20 minutes and have found the power starts to wane slightly after about 10 minutes. But it still picks up well.
        The sweeper is really lightweight and is good at getting under furniture. The metal handle can be removed so that it becomes handheld. This hasn't been necessary for me at the moment, but I'm moving house soon and will have stairs that need cleaned and this will be handy then.

        Lakeland offer a promise that is you are unsatisfied at any time there is a no quibble, money back guarantee. Or you can have the item replaced if it breaks, no questions asked. I have never had to use it but my MIL has in the past and says Lakeland are true to their word. She has been very pleased with their customer service.
        This retails for £42.99 with free delivery. It is only available in baby blue. If this is not to your tastes Lakeland offer similar sweepers at similar prices, though I cannot vouch for their performance.

        This has become much more used than my normal vacuum cleaner, which is only really brought out when I need to use the nozzle to get into corners. It's been a revelation. Hoovering takes me hardly any time at all, and I can spend that extra 10 minutes per day daydreaming about having that nozzle extension for my sweeper and binning my cumbersome vacuum cleaner.

        Time well spent I think.


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