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Logik L15SMW12 Steam Mop

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    1 Review
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      05.07.2013 10:04
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      Steam mop from Logik

      I made the decision to buy a steam mop a couple of weeks ago when my young son started to crawl - he's just about mastered the art now and as my home has laminate flooring and rugs in almost every room I was concerned about how clean the floors were that he was coming into contact with. Traditional cleaning with a mop and bucket was fine for just me and my floors were easy to maintain by using this method however high pressure steam cleaning is said to eliminate germs and neutralise surfaces whilst being bleach and detergent free so I figured that by getting a steam mop that it would make my floors more hygienic for my little boy and would have the added bonus of making life a little bit easier for me by not having to slap a wet mop around. Deciding to actively look for a steam mop my mind was made up when I spotted this Logik model on sale at Curry's, at £29.99 from its pre-sale price of £44.99 I decided that it was definitely worth a punt.

      The Logik steam mop is shown as above, reminiscent in appearance to a vacuum cleaner but very light in comparison it simply comprises a tank that holds tap water, a long fixed handle and a triangular shaped cleaning head. 2 Microfibre cloths are supplied as well as a plastic funnel and water jug and to use the mop all you have to do is decant water into the tank, switch on the machine via its on/off switch and wait a couple of minutes for it to heat up the water until it turns into steam which is then pushed out through the cleaning head. The shaped microfiber clothes are white, they're machine washable and are quite fluffy in texture, they're held in place on the head of the mop with a toggle which can be tightened and then easily loosened when the time comes to change one for another. With the cloth in place and the machine turned on it's simply a case of pushing the mop around as you would do with a vacuum cleaner or 'ordinary' mop, the steam the machine produces dampens the cloth slightly and any dirt or marks that are on a floor are wiped away and you are left with clean, hygienic surfaces that dry within a few seconds.

      That's the theory behind steam mopping and in practice I would say that this Logik model is a rather good little machine that has indeed made a tedious job a little better. It's not perfect though and there are a couple of areas where I feel improvements could be made but overall it does do a good job and I do think that it has been worth the money I paid for mine. On the positive side I find that it is indeed an excellent mop, the triangular head makes it ideal for getting into corners and the machine is easy to handle, hold and push around. The cleaning head is fixed in place so doesn't move and the machine isn't too heavy to pick up and carry around. Adding water to the tank is easily done though admittedly it does sit a little low on the machine itself so there is some stooping involved getting the water added. The supplied funnel is a good idea I think though and stops any water spillages that might occur otherwise, the tank isn't that big and can only hold 300ml of water which may not sound very much but is plenty to provide a continuous stream of steam that lasts for a good 20 to 30 minutes so is plenty for me and I find that a single tank of water is enough to clean all of my floors.

      By using steam to clean my laminate flooring I find that it dries almost instantaneously, it doesn't leave streaks behind like a normal mop can and because you don't need to use any cleaning products or disinfectant I find that my floors look and feel fresh without an artificial or strong smell being left behind. Included with the mop is a shaped plastic carpet glider which is easily clipped over the microfiber cloth, with this in place you can use the mop on carpets and rugs to give them a freshen up and I find this to be an excellent way of bringing up the pile back up on my rugs that see a lot of foot fall, I was surprised at just how 'flat' my rugs must have been because after a quick going over with the steam mop I could tell that they felt softer, they looked and felt brand new so this little addition of the carpet glider is a real bonus and very useful I think. Do be careful not to use the mop on any carpet or rug fabric that could shrink, anything 100% Wool is probably best avoided and I wouldn't suggest overusing the mop on a fully fitted carpet as it's not designed to be a carpet cleaner, a quick once over won't do any harm but if you're looking for something that's going to give you a deep clean then look elsewhere as this isn't the machine for that job. For laminate and vinyl I think it's excellent, it cleans well, leaves floors dry within a couple of seconds and doesn't streak like a wet mop or sponge can. It freshens up rugs, is easy to move around and doesn't take up much room when stored away so why doesn't the Logik steam mop get 5 stars from me? Simply because the mains lead is rather short at a little under 4 meters and for me should have been a little bit longer. Whilst the machine is quick to heat up and produce steam it's a little inconvenient having to keep switching plug sockets all the time when moving from room to room, a minor niggle all things considered but a niggle all the same and the only thing that stops me awarding a perfect rating for it here.

      Overall then and minor niggle aside I would recommend the Logik steam mop to others, it's a safe and hygienic way of keeping floors clean and I do think that this machine has been well made for ease of use. I don't think it's overly expensive at £29.99 and the included extras make it a worthwhile purchase, I bought mine from Curry's as mentioned but the Logik brand can be found in other stockists and is well worth taking a chance on if you want to move away from the traditional mop and bucket. Recommended. Thanks for reading my review.


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