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Miele 5000 Revolution

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4 Reviews
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    4 Reviews
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      23.10.2010 21:43



      Poor quality, Relative high cost to buy and own. Get what you pay for - not this time!

      This is my 2nd Miele. I will compare and contrast with the previous model.
      Changes have been made to try and improve the problem with the fingertip controls. The previous model would suffer from intermittent contacts causing the suction settings to be reduced to zero. I got fedup with taking the handle assembly apart and re-tensioning the contacts. The new design has an improved fingertip handle & suction control with an improved swivel mechanism.

      Suction is as good.
      Pickup of pethair using electro brush is good.

      The reduced build quality is particularly noticeable. The plastics are much much thinner for a start. I'm sure that Miele will claim this is to reduce weight however the cleaner seems just as heavy.
      The electrobrush fixing to the tubing broke off within 12 months of use. This looks like a design floor in the new moulding used. I am now using my old electrobrush with the new cleaner.
      Inserting hose to poles is very stiff indeed and equally difficult to seperate them.
      Occasionally hose and entry point into hoover bag are not seated correctly causing dust to enter around the outside of the bag (in the hoover casing) and pass into the filters. This eventually causes the filters to block up and the lid blows out with a pop and then shuts down due to overheating. This then requires ALL filters to be replaced including the expensive HEPA filter.
      The bag full indicator sticks on full.
      The lid housing the tools flips up during use.
      The replacement bags are expensive. Tried non-manufacturer branded which do not perform at all well.
      Power cord could do with being longer as is shorter than previous model.

      In summary the design floors, cost cutting coupled with the high outlay and operational costs make this a very poor purchase indeed.

      Strongly advise you look elsewhere.


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        10.11.2007 11:22
        Very helpful



        Excellent if you have a wide range of floor types and dusty situations.

        Would you spend over £ 300 on a vacuum. Well I did and on balance I think it has been worth it. My principle reason for getting a decent appliance is that I suffer from dust allergy. As I am a bit lazy and untidy I need an apppliance that is fun to use and does a good job.
        I will list the pluses. I love all all the gadgets and attachments but it is hardly a prosaic reason for buying a vacuum. However I have a range of floor types; wood, tile, carpet and parquet as well as a concrete shed floor and I have made full use of them. If you have this floor range this appliance may suit you. It cleans all surfaces well and the extra power function on the carpet cleaner is handy. The bag changing, a bete noir with me, is easy and very, very clean. No dust is thrown in the air and you would have to be an idiot to spill it ( I haven't spilt it yet). The wire return is great, that's something else I hate doing. It also cleans corners, fireplaces and awkard areas well. It is very good at cleaning upholstery and my car. Its very good with pet hair.

        However there are minuses and there should not be at this price. Firstly they had to recall it . This was rather poorly handled by the company because I had to wait in for the delivery of the packaging and the collection, that's two days. It also broke down and I had to return it again and the same awkward collection proceedure applied. However they do supply you with a spare set of bags and this is handy as they are expensive though long lasting. You also have to be slightly careful with it.as a) it is expensive and b) the complex sensors in the pipe are damaged by water. This may not suit everyone. As a final point it is rather cumbersome and this is probabaly its biggest failing..

        Overall therefore if you have a house with many floor types and pets and you hate vacuuming I would spend the money. However don't assume because you have spent a lot that it is suitable for your needs. you may find something more suitable at a lower price.


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        15.10.2007 09:54
        Very helpful



        A high quality vacumn cleaner from Miele

        I have owned several vacuum clearers in my time, including an electrolux and a dyson. None have lasted more than a few years at best. When my last vacuum cleaner died I decided it was time to look for something that would be more durable.
        A friend recommended Miele as she had owned one for several years and was very impressed with its performance. Having decided to buy a miele I was then faced with numerous models to choose from. All Miele vacuum cleaners are cylinder I decided on a revolution 5000, mainly as I liked the look of the cleaner and was impressed with the large electrobrush supplied.

        This vacuum cleaner is not cheap, Tribal UK are selling it for £264.89. I bought mine direct from Miele in Abingdon and can’t remember exactly how much I paid for it. The cleaner comes with a 2-year guarantee.

        The company.
        Miele are a German company who make a whole range of appliances such as washing machines, dish washers and ovens to name a few. The company was founded in 1899 so has been in business for some time! Miele recently won an award for being the best German company.

        What you get for your money

        The Revolution 5000 comes in a smart silver colour and really looks like a classy cleaner. It has a powerful 2200w motor that is super powerful but surprisingly quiet.

        There are 2 brushes-a standard floorhead with retractable brushes for edge-to-edge cleaning of carpets and hard floors and an electrobrush (brilliant for carpets). The electrobrush has are 4 height settings for the brush so it can be used for all types of floor coverings.

        There is an upholstery nozzle a dusting brush with natural bristles and a really useful crevice nozzle. All the accessories are neatly stored in the top of the cleaner and accessed via a flip up flap.

        The main hose is made of stainless steel unlike the plastic used on many cleaners. This makes it almost impossible to crack, as has happened with other cleaners I have owned. The handle can be adjusted to suit your height. The handle is ergonomic so is comfortable to use.

        The controls are situated at the top of the handle making it easy to operate. Simply press the button to control the level of suction you require. There are little pictures next to each level to show you what each level is for e.g. gentle suction for curtains. There is also a button to press to operate the carpet beaters when using the electrobrush.

        The cleaner is supplied with an active HEPA filter. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air filter. This system will remove almost 100% of the small particles that cause allergies.

        The Miele 5000 has a 10 metre operating radius so you won’t have to constantly relocate your plug each time you move into another room to clean, something I find really useful. The cleaner is easy to pull along and has 3 castors with 360-degree swivel joints.

        There is an indictor light to tell you when the bag or filter needs to be changed.
        The cleaner comes with 2 bags and a spare filter. There is an automatic safety cut out in case the cleaner overheats.

        The hose and brush clip neatly onto the front of the cleaner when not in use.

        The pros.

        I absolutely love this cleaner and thinks it’s worth every penny I paid for it. It has a really powerful suction and removes dirt and dust from my floors with ease. Even when I am using it on full suction power it is still quiet. I like the way all the tools can be stored under the flap at the top of the cleaner. The electrobrush is removed by pressing a level at your feet so again is easy to operate. I usually just remove the brush and use the hose to get into difficult corners.

        The build quality of this cleaner is far superior to other cleaners I have owned. It is not too heavy either. I can’t tell you exactly what it weighs as I can’t find the information anywhere.

        However for me the icing on the cake has to be the customer service I recently received when the cleaner went wrong. A few weeks ago I was using the cleaner and noticed it wasn’t picking up well. I checked the bag but this was only about ¼ full. I phoned Miele and explained the problem. We have recently moved house and I could not find my receipt. I knew the cleaner was near to the end of its 2-year warranty. I really expected to have to pay for any repairs needed. Miele asked me to quote the serial number on the bottom of my cleaner. They were able to tell me exactly when I had purchased it. I was very happy to learn I still had a few months of guarantee left.

        The helpful operator told me she would send me a box to pack the cleaner. It was explained that she would arrange parcel force to collect the cleaner from me to be returned to Miele in Oxfordshire. As arranged my box and the following day was collected. I imagined that I would be without my cleaner for several weeks. Two days after it had been collected I was amazed to answer the door to the same parcel force delivery driver with my cleaner! Even he expressed surprise at the speed the cleaner had been returned to me. On opening the box I found, my cleaner neatly packed in a cloth bag. There was an information invoice telling me what had been repaired. Miele had cleaned my brushes so all looked like new. There was a new bag and air filter. All free of charge. I am truly very impressed with this level of customer service and am now a loyal fan of all things Miele! The company motto immer besser, forever better, really seems to be taken seriously!

        The cons.
        As far as I’m concerned there are very few! The replacement bags are very expensive. 6 bags plus 1 air filter and 1 dust filter cost around £6.99. However the bag holds 4.5 litres so doesn’t need changing that often, which is just as well! The bags like the cleaner are of supior quality. When the bag is removed from the cleaner a flap closes ensuring the dust remains in the bag.



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          03.12.2006 21:24



          An expensive mistake.

          I bought a Miele Revolution 500 from TribalUK because theirs was the cheapest price and I believed I was buying a quality product. At first, I was very impressed. The cleaner did a superb job and its build quality seemed high. However, after just four days' use, the machine stopped working. TribalUK simply did not want to know (send it back to Miele) and Miele have not even acknowledged that I have returned the machine to them after 18 days! Buy a better-value cleaner from your high street store!


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