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Miele S2111 1600W Bagged Cylinder Cleaner in Lava Grey

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    4 Reviews
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      02.08.2013 22:18


      • Reliability


      great vacuum but would buy pet hair version of miele next time

      We had been using a very old vacuum for years, and after finally getting fed up with it not sucking anything up we decided to look for a new vacuum. We found that dyson vacuums were too expensive and were not really worth the hype, so bought this vacuum for £149 at House of Fraser after reading good reviews for it.

      The vacuum was packaged well and securely, and instructions were easy to follow. It came with an upholstery nozzle, dusting brush and crevice nozzle. We haven't really used these attachments however apart from to try them out as it seems to be easier to just take the standard attachment off and use it on its own. The cable is very long, which is good for cleaning the whole floor in one go but can be a nuisance when having to carry it around. The vacuum has both a bag and a filter. The filter only needs replacing once in a while, where as the bag needs replacing as soon as its full or else you lose suction power. The vacuum has various settings and also tells you when it is at full suction.

      But boy does this appliance have suction power! We have lino flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, and on the highest suction it literally lifted up the floor! The carpets also lift up sometimes when near the wall, but at least you are sure that it gets rid of all dirt!

      Both me and my mother have rather long hair, and as you can imagine, a lot of it naturally molts and falls to the floor, and when you have caramel carpets and the same coloured hair, its hard to spot and vacuum up. This vacuum does not suck up hairs very well, and for some reason our carpets hold onto the hair very well so that it the only downside, and you have to vacuum the hair quite vigorously to try and pick it up.

      I have also had the vacuum fall on me while vacuuming the stairs, but that was probably my own fault due to not keeping an eye on it, but it is on the heavy side and does hurt when it falls on you...

      Other than that though, the vacuum is very good, and has never broken or malfunctioned but next time we will be buying a pet hair vacuum so that we can really get to everything.


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      03.06.2013 22:25
      Very helpful



      Sucks well enough but the cost cutting ideas are all too evident - short on everything but tubes.

      When it comes to one of the most used household appliances, most buyers will pluck for the cheapest brand where vacuums are concerned and then wonder why they can't get spares when things go wrong. Almost all buyers these days will know of Miele's reputation for quality - they build pretty good large household appliances that have unusual features such as washing machines that can be updated with program updates online using a USB link and a computer, to stylish pieces of machinery that can act like a piece of art and then the marketing all behind the machines due to "Which?" consumer testing. With all this style and technology brings a high cost price and Miele are probably one of the highest costing brands to the buyer when it comes to their appliances - with their smaller vacuum cleaner ranges being no different - against other brands. Treated with regular maintenance though, Miele vacuums are built well - largely and can last a lifetime.

      The Miele S2111, The Price & The Promise

      The Miele S2111 "Lava Grey" is a compact cylinder vacuum designed for first time Miele buyers or those who just want a taste of premium brand recognition and elevated design in their home. It offers bagged capture of dust in a compact package and with eco-friendly 1600 watts of power and quiet performance. The grey Miele S2111 isn't exactly cheap having a general cost price of £127 to £150 compared to the red version that costs £100 to £120 for just the brighter colour! Surely not - but oh yes, Miele have noted the recession and currently their UK website is offering a custom building exercise to buyers who will end up paying well over the list price of what the basic machine is retailed at. Frankly I think it's a bit of waste of money on Miele UK's part, especially as the Miele S2000 was originally launched to act as the budget "starter" vacuum of the Miele appliance range. It seems a bit cheeky to charge extra just for a different colour and if the grey Miele S2111 had an added accessory, it could be justifiable.

      Now I don't expect anything out of the ordinary with a vacuum cleaner other than from the way it has been advertised and the claims, but there have been a few surprises along the way with what should be a general, good all rounder albeit basic and simple Miele vacuum.

      Nar2's Quick Skip Product Spec

      * Brand & Model: Miele S2111 "Lava grey" cylinder vacuum cleaner.
      * 1600-watt motor and 6 setting suction control.
      * 5.9kg weight, 1.5 metre hose, 5.5 metre length cord.
      * Auto cord rewind, bag full indicator, uses GN 4.5 litre dust bags.
      * Additional costs: £9-99 to £12-99 for 4 dust bags & basic filters.
      * Additional optional costs: HEPA filter £20, Active Air Clean filter £9-99 to £15.
      * My price £142 (Amazon UK) early 2013. Current prices £137 to £150.
      * 1-year guarantee.

      General Design & Quality

      When it comes to general design and preparation, the assembly is thankfully pretty simple, quick and typically Miele. This means everything locks by way of press release buttons located on both the hose, the two stainless steel "crush proof" suction tubes, the floor head and the handle connected to the hose and to the tubes. It is good that Miele have retained the option to have the hose disconnected from the handle should any clogs happen in its usage and lifetime.

      However, upon opening up the box as soon as it arrived from Amazon UK, I was disappointed to find that the suction tubes you get with this machine are not the telescopic height adjustable tubes you'll find with the more expensive, smaller bagged S6 cylinder vacuums or outgoing smaller bagged S4000 range. Although of fixed height position and measuring 113cm when locked together, at least the tubes have the same press release locks which are easy to take off should you require to get into awkward areas to clean and the Miele S2111 has a slightly shorter 1.5 metre hose to get around as opposed to the standard bigger 1.8 metre length. A clip on tool storer is also included with three Miele branded smaller cleaning tools; flat upholstery brush, round dust brush with 360° axis and a short crevice tool. The tool storer sits just below where the hose is connected on the exterior of the body and can be taken off to store behind the handle with the tools sticking out the back.

      General Performance & Downsides

      As with my previous Miele vacuum though, the S2111 is beautifully light to move across floors and carpets due to soft rubberised castor wheels- at first. It has a far lighter approach all around compared to the more expensive at cost, more powerful, smaller bagged and higher priced S6 range (discounting the 1200 watt Ecoline version). Even with 1600 watts "power," a lot of strong suction is available not just from the larger GN dust bags that require less changing compared to the FJM sizes I've had previously. On hard floors, usage is a breeze and all manner of dirt and dust is picked up well; you don't have to switch this vacuum up high to get good suction or power.

      On carpets, the new light floor head is a boon to have and it is very easy to change to hard floor with edge cleaning by the simpler single rocker foot switch compared to the more painful double pedal on the S6 Ecoline and Silence models. If stubborn dirt doesn't get sucked up the first time, I only have to twist the easy to release suction dial up a notch and the dirt gets picked up in an instant, but then the floor head gets difficult to move, the motor noise suddenly becomes louder and the only release of easier pushing comes down to sliding the air outlet slider at the top of the handle, putting up with more noise as the air from the suction flow enters the room. Although noise is usually quieter with Miele vacuums, the S2111 isn't as quiet as my previous 1800 watt Miele either, so one can tell that there has been a sacrifice here in a lack of sound insulation. However, I can still hear the phone ring or doorbell ring when the Miele is being used and is far better engineered compared to a lot of cheaper priced brands. It's a pity though that with so much power, the exhaust at the top is located right above the suction control, so you'll always get a face full of stale air from its built in filter when bending down to change the suction setting.

      During usage though it is clear that the cost cutting has been at the heart of the Miele S2111 and that the cost cutting makes things a little disappointing to put up with. Take for example the non-height adjustable suction tubes. Once they have been locked in together, it is impossible to clean with this vacuum in a small space because of the height between the floor head and the tubes. Were Miele to fit this model with a telescopic height adjustable tube, life would be far easier and would not restrict people who don't have a height of 6ft and over. As the tubes are of fixed height, storing the vacuum can be difficult too unless you take advantage of the nifty plastic tube storer that slides in at the top of the top tube between the handle and the tube neck. Here is where you're supposed to unlock the bottom tube with the floor head still attached and either slide that into the knob at the back or swap the tool around so that the spare lighter tube without the floor head attached can be locked in at the top. With a central slider park position at the back, the Miele should be space efficient, but the hose doesn't want to curve around the model easily because of the shorter length. To be honest I don't like the idea very much as the slide to lock in tubes have fallen off on my feet when storing the vacuum away.

      Inevitably then when walking around with the vacuum in the hand due to its light weight, the hose can knock things out of the way - which I found really annoying. Used in the flat position when the wheels are on the floor, the excess hose also takes up too much space because of the way the two tubes have to be locked in - all in all, it's not an easy way to store a vacuum that is designed to offer greater space efficiency than some of its other bigger brothers and sisters. The tool storer is better stored at the bottom of the hose where tools don't fall off like they do if the storer is clipped to the back of the handle, and sadly though it may well be made by Miele, the plastic nib that allows the storer to be used at the back of the handle catches my cuff easily when not in use. On stairs, the model is better thought out for use, even if the hose doesn't go long enough.

      One of the better aspects of the Miele S2111 is just how cheap it is to maintain. It uses the larger dust bag that the more premium S5 and S8 cylinder vacuums use, so the 4.5 litre dust bags here are much larger than I'm used to and they're not as eager to fill up as quickly. They still cost the same price as the smaller ones I used to buy and they're still as easy to fit or take out. There's a mechanical dust bag indicator on top of the main lid that shows when the bag needs emptying. The Miele lacks a more accurate and reliable LED light like SEBO's K1 has, but it is accurate enough if you leave this machine in the first two settings and don't necessarily put it into the highest setting all the time - otherwise you'll be given a false reading of the bag requiring to be emptied.

      Sadly, when it comes to general use, the Miele's S2111 shorter hose also brings more problems when the vacuum often knocks me in the back of my ankles when pulling this machine along. In my home it is also impossible to get around with the Miele without constant plug hopping due to the short 5.5 metre length cord.

      Although fitting a bag isn't a problem, I have had some trouble removing the Super Air Clean filter grid inside the vacuum. This can take a few minutes because of the way the grid has been fitted, particularly if you want to avoid the smell of dust coming back into the room after three bags have been used and want to upgrade to the charcoal loaded Active Air Clean for smokers or pet owners. The HEPA filter is the next grade up and with both of these filters you have to remove the grid inside the Miele in order for them to fit and of course typically Miele, they cost a bit more money to buy singularly though tend to last a year to two years dependent on your home and cleaning needs. The bag costs range from £9-99 to £12-99 for just four dust bags designed to last three months at a time. I find that one bag lasts for about two months though before changing over and though it has a self seal on the opening, supposed to close up when the bag is pulled out of the machine, one of the bags I had in the machine had so much dust that the seal didn't close properly.

      The short cord length is also compromised by a slow action on the auto cord rewind pedal when cleaning has finished. Normally faster by other brands, the Miele's cord is painfully slow when rewinding the cord back in, and lacks the 'Comfort" rewind feature of the S6 where one tap rewinds it all back in without keeping your foot on the pedal. Having to continually pull the cord back out and then press the rewind pedal again isn't what I expected from a vacuum brand that promotes its "Made in Germany" approach. Not a problem I have found with higher priced vacuums from Miele previously where all the cord gets rewound back in straight away without hesitation or requiring to pull the excess cord out and push the pedal process again!

      Other Sorts & Final Thoughts

      Miele sell two versions of the S2111 available in bright red or Lava Grey. Miele's previous model, the S2110 is still available and was originally launched with the same red colour or dark blue though there is a white version, which, again is over priced because of the colour change. Personally the best lightweight Miele I've had so far has been the Miele S4212 and it is available at Currys at a cost price of £145 where you would get telescopic height adjustable tubes, far better plastic quality, lower noise, a longer cord and a far better system of use - what you have to compromise over is a smaller dust bag and spending over £200 is nuts for the successor Miele S6 model that uses the same bag. You can buy optional telescopic height adjustable tubes but this will cost you dearly - £45 to £53 direct from Miele UK - and you may as well then, consider the more expensive Miele S5211 if you want the same spec as the Miele S2 but with a higher motor and better storage for the tools.

      Certainly, if it was a case that the Miele S2111 just had a short power cord, I'd still recommend this vacuum cleaner to a lot of buyers - but it has so many design weaknesses BECAUSE of its budget aspirations - that it just doesn't seem to offer better quality from the lack of thought that some of its design elements offer. Overpriced because of its grey colour as opposed to the brighter red colour and then fitting a short hose, useless fixed height suction tubes and then on top of that, poor plastics that let the reputation wane a bit, there are far better products on the market that are better built and far easier to use. It is hard to believe that Miele could get away with it were it not from other reviews online (especially at John Lewis). From the Bosch BSGL3 series to even SEBO's smaller bagged K1 Airbelt red model, the Miele S2111's only saving grace is that it offers a larger dust bag capacity than the previous rivals. Putting up with budget cost cutting ideas however doesn't necessarily mean, "always better." Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2013.



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        21.06.2012 13:37
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        great value, don't waste your money on a dyson!

        I paid £99 for the red version of this vacuum cleaner at very.co.uk. At this price I would judge this cleaner to be good value for money.
        The S2111 is from Miele's compact range, and initially I was concerned it might lack a bit of power as a result. Needn't have worried, the S2111 has plenty of oomph - we rarely have it set on full power.

        As a compact cylinder, it is a bit flatter and shorter than the full size versions, although I still wouldn't describe it as petite - it looks like a standard vacuum cleaner whereas full size cylinders can look like insatiable monsters (even if they have a smiley face on them!). The main benefit of the compact is that it is a little more lightweight, which is useful if you have stairs.

        My house has rooms with a variety of flooring: carpet, parquet flooring, laminate tiles and ceramic tiles. I haven't had problems on any of these, although personally, I think that most vacuum cleaners feel more comfortable on carpets than hard floors and this is no different.

        The floor head is basic but functional - the extendable brushes for hard floors will require regular cleaning if used frequently.
        The additional accessories consist of 3 different attachments for hard to reach places - the only one I make regular use of is the upholstery nozzle, which is fighting a brutal war with my dust-magnet sofa. All three attachments fit on a clip thing which attaches to the base of the suction hose.

        There is also an attachment for easier storage of the suction tube - however I couldn't figure out how to use it until I read the instructions properly. It allows you to clip the two sections of the tube together so that the package is a little more compact than having the tube full length during storage. I'm not keen on this, as I don't enjoy assembling and disassembling before and after every use. The inclusion of this fiddly solution stems from the lack of a telescopic suction tube. It cannot be adjusted for length - I think this is a minor shortcoming, but one that only bothers me when storing the vacuum, it doesn't really affect the operation, unless you are planning on delegating the vacuum cleaning to your children, who might benefit from an adjustable tube.

        My only other gripe with this cleaner is the length of the power cord at around five meters is enough to do one room at a time, but in the past I have used full size Miele vacuums where the cable is double the length.

        Overall, I think this is a good value for money vacuum cleaner from a reputable manufacturer, and I'll gladly recommend it.


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        25.03.2012 16:18
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        I'm really pleased with this - definitely recommend it!

        Having suffered through years of rubbish vacuum cleaners (ones previous tenants had left in houses I was renting!), this Christmas I decided it was time to finally get a decent one, and my mother-in-law helped me research some good options that wouldn't break the bank.
        The Miele S2111 came up a few times, with good reviews by Which among others, and at a price of £149 seemed like a good option - especially as Miele products have such a good reputation for lasting!

        I actually managed to get the S2111 for the bargainous price of £99 in the sale at Comet.co.uk, and I was really happy with their service overall, with a really quick delivery, not to mention the £50 I could now spend on Christmas treats!

        The first time I got it out to use it, I was astonished. I'd forgotten vacuum cleaners could actually suck so well! This is so much better than the hoovers I've used in recent years that I actually got excited about cleaning.

        The S2111 looks like a fairly standard cylinder vacuum cleaner, though relatively sleek and tidy looking. It comes in a few colours, including red, but I got a dark grey one as that was the only one on sale! It's quite compact and light, and has a really handy slot to hold the long nozzle neatly in place when it's in the cupboard, as well as a holder for the attachments that come with it: a long thin nozzle for getting into crevices, a small 'normal' shaped rectangular nozzle with a bit of lint-collector-type grippy that I use for my narrow stairs, and a circular brush nozzle. The holder is really handy as it keeps the parts from falling all over the place! The light weight and small size is great for carrying it upstairs and so on - not too cumbersome.
        The main hose is a good length, so you don't have to be constantly pulling the cylinder about, and the head has a retractable brush, for using on carpet or hard floors. The head also swivels easily, which is great for getting round furniture.

        I'm also really pleased with the length of the cable - I think it's 5.5m long, and plenty long enough to cover a whole room in my house. This is particularly handy as we have a chronic lack of power sockets here! The automatic cable rewind is also really handy so you don't have to deal with loops and loops of cable getting tangled.

        I haven't had to replace the bag yet, but it looks relatively simple, and replacement bags are widely available, including on Amazon.co.uk. It also has a light to remind me to empty it.

        As I said, it produces really good suction, but it also lets you adjust it, which makes it much easier doing rugs, etc - there are six suction settings, adjustable with a really simple big dial on the front of the cylinder. The diagrams indicate that, from low to high, the settings are for: cleaning curtains, upholstery, rugs, a "quiet" setting for normal hoovering, then carpets and finally hard floors. It's quite a big range, with the suction level changing a lot from lowest to highest, so you can find the right level.

        Despite the presence of a quiet setting, I've never had a problem with the noise levels on any setting - this is a remarkably quiet vacuum cleaner, especially if you're used to rubbish old ones like me!

        I'm really very pleased with this vacuum cleaner, and can't think of anything negative about it - the only thing I'm not sure about is how good it would be at pet hair, as we don't have any pets. However, it does seem to get our floors very clean.
        It's really easy to use, with a nice big on/off button - it's easy to just prod it with your foot. The only other controls are the dial for suction strength, and another big button to activate the automatic cable winder.

        Even at the full price, I think this is a good choice. It's available through quite a few retailers, including Comet and John Lewis, so it's worth checking if any of them have an offer on though!


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      • Product Details

        The 1600W Miele S2111 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner comes in a discreet lava grey colour scheme / With its 9-metre operation range and 1600 W motor, the Miele S2111 is perfect for flats and houses alike / The 360-degree rotating hose lets you move freely and give every hidden area a thorough cleaning / The S2111 's lightweight design is also a great feature if your place has a staircase / Sign up for years of efficient cleaning with the Miele S2111 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner ! Characteristics Type Cylinder vacuum cleaner Power (Watts) 1600 Bag volume or reservoir (litre) 4.5 Filter type HEPA Power regulator Yes Indicator for bag content Yes Ergonomy Telescopic tube Metal Cable length 5.5 m Others Colours Lava grey Dimensions (cm) 22.5 x 27.9 x 46.3 mm Weight (Kg) 6 kg / Short name: Miele S2111

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