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Miele S6210 Power Bagged Cylinder Cleaner in Sprint Blue

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A high end vacuum cleaner, the Miele S6210 is very powerful yet lightweight and easy to use. Some may not be able to justify the price, but it's an undeniably high quality piece of equipment.

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    2 Reviews
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      10.02.2013 13:59
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Quality, powerful compact vacuum cleaner that can be economical if you know how to use it properly.

      Reviewing a vacuum cleaner can be quite difficult and tedious. For many product writers, most feel that it is one of the most difficult product categories that exist. Many owners feel that they have to talk about the actual shape of the filter, right down to how it fits into a bag-less bin, to the process of getting rid of the dust to the way the bin releases from the body and the way in which perhaps, a lack of design makes life difficult. Because, rather than inadvertently trying to sell a machine just because an in-law has had the same brand for many years without a hitch, bag less vacuums are dirty old things and many of the brands offerings are poorly built. The cleaner approach has always been bagged vacuums - there's a reason to why hospitals and schools use bagged vacuums. But for the rest of us, the modern buyer has been led to believe that bagless is better and cheaper to maintain without buying dust bags. It is a pity then that bagless vacuums don't appear to be the best when it comes to health or efficiency either. Which? UK consumer testing continually find that whilst Vax & Dyson repairs are improving, their reliability is still average compared to Miele who own the top spot for cylinder vacuums and SEBO who own the top spot for uprights. BOTH brands have always stuck to dust bag usage and both are better built reflected in their cost prices. There's a lesson to be learnt there, surely? Oh yes, bag less, cyclonic vacs many come with a HEPA filter that is claimed to hold back the smell of dust and claims to be healthy for allergy sufferers - but it's of no use or added value when the cat's fur gets stuck to the top of the cyclone shroud that suddenly, the whole promise of the HEPA filter is a bit of a lie - as the owner you then have to dismantle everything to get the fur, hair or clogged dirt out and unless you don a dust mask all the time, then you will be breathing in the dust once the bin canister is open to the elements. Where is the promise of the HEPA filter to save you then?

      After the demise of my Vax Mach Air that I bought just three years ago, I thought enough was enough - back to the bagged route and from a brand who offer better quality, performance and a lack of noise, but with a more expensive cost price - the Miele brand. I had a Bosch vacuum but with the lack of dust bags and a breakage of the hose to the handle meant Miele's cost price at the time was cheaper, all things considered and compared to Bosch, Miele do make great appliances with far better reliability. My choice of cylinder vacuum may come down to SEBO for my main home, but for my term time address where a machine isn't going to be used that much unless I bring my relative's or friends pets (and it's there that the problems seem to start) with me, I need a machine that can do quick clean ups and with less stress of constantly battling with dusty bins! Having owned the Miele S6240 Ecoline cylinder vac since new, I find the floor head is too heavy for me to rely on and the machine now sits in a garage used for cleaning out the car with my Miele Micro Cleaning Car Set, fit for purpose and ready to go! The Miele vacuums aren't cheap to buy though and normally I would steer clear of the Miele S6000 range as it normally costs £190 or more for the Miele S6210 cylinder vacuums - so you imagine the delight I got when the Miele S6210 was included in a clearance sale at John Lewis just before Christmas 2012 priced at £129! It pays to wait and shop around!

      Nar2's Quick Skip Product Spec

      * Make & model: Miele S6210 "Sprint Blue" Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner. (Pull along & great for stairs.)
      * 2000 watts with variable suction control dial. (6 selective presets and decals incase you really don't know.)
      * 3.5 litre dust capacity high filter disposable dust bag & Micro "Super Clean" filtration filter.
      * Size: height 37cm by width 59cm & diameter of 32cm.
      * Weight 4.5kg, 5kg with tubes and floor head.
      * Average retail price £190 to £225, my price 2012 Clearance John Lewis £129, 1/ 2 year guarantee.
      * Cost of dust bags £9-95 to £12-95 for 4 and free filters (Super Air Clean only.)
      * Can use cost optional tools, higher-grade filters and consumables from Miele UK.

      General Impressions & Design

      Just like my Miele S6240 "Ecoline," pull along cylinder vacuum, the Miele S6210 has an air of positive familiarity and easy to use about it. If you have never had a Miele vacuum cleaner before, taking the machine out of the box is very easy due to Miele's ease of packing the machine in selective boxes that let you realise just how easy the whole experience is going to be! The S6210 main body will be found in one part of the box for eample, whilst another contains the suction only floor head and another box which contains the suction tubes, hose, tool storer, well written user manual booklet, tools and a special branded envelope that contains one extra dust bag since another has already been fitted. Once you slot everything together through beautifully oiled precision locks on the hose to the handle and then the handle to the suction pipes before locking the main hose to the body of the machine, you're more than effectively ready to go with Miele. The ease of assembly is a lot better thought out and to the eye, the S6210 commands some respect from the smooth design that the Germans have injected well into the exterior body.

      Silver detailing around the function pedals and a black soft plastic control dial point to all the controls being in one place and they are well marked for operation, requiring less need if any to look at the well written user manual. As with previous then, the quality of the tools that you get with the Miele are also second to none where design friendliness is concerned; a small crevice tool, a round turn-able upholstery dusting brush and a flat T shaped lint picker added dust tool all add up to well-engineered tools that have been included on Miele vacs since the 1970's. The three set tools all have their uses though - far better versatility is on offer here than fixed positions of generic cheap cleaning tools that haven't been that well thought out from other brands and Miele's smaller cleaning tools feel better made because of their thicker plastics at the very least!

      Over time although additional rubber has been added on the tools themselves to promote longevity I was a little disappointed to find that the body of this light glossy blue painted machine hasn't had any additional plastic or rubber inserts that will protect the vacuum from scrapes with general use. Now a month on for example the blue body of the Miele S6210 has sustained a few paint marks from obviously bumping into walls and furniture and it's a pity here that Miele don't offer the same kind of build quality I'm used to with SEBO's K and D cylinder vacs - thanks to their cloth Lycra AirBelt bumpers. Even Miele's new "S5" successor range, the "S8" series lack additional exterior protection unless you fork out £350 to £400 for their new "UniQ8" top of the range model that has added felt to the external body and daft courtesy lights in the body that gives the machine a UFO quality that really isn't required - unless you adore to vacuum your home with the lights switched off! Sadly although Miele are well known as a good quality brand, sometimes the German company go over the top when it comes to producing machines at cost. It is a pity that for all that the S6210 looks good and functional at the same time that there has been no attempt to improve the model's actual protection to itself or the home - even though the PVC body underneath fits flush with the curvy, rectangular design.

      Although lacking that exterior protection to both your home and the machine itself, the S6210 does feel well made, only ever being cheap to the feel when I press the release button to get into the bin area and the top bin lid flexes a bit more than it should. There is no bag fill light on this model though to show when the dust bin needs emptying, but rather the old fashioned piston valve type indicator that shows an orange band in a plastic window when or if there's a clog or if the bag needs emptying - and the whole precision of Miele's quality is reflected here also - from the way the dust bag click-locks in beautifully to the way the inner motor filter door flops open by a mere press of a ribbed section. Sealing points are also well made on this model to reflect Miele's self-sealed suction principle, although a month on the bin area in my Miele S6210 shows a little bit of dust on the edges; but not enough to induce sneezing compared to what I had to put up with before with bagless cyclonic vacs!

      General Performance & Downsides

      When it comes to trying to justify the expensive cost price of a vacuum cleaner, sometimes one can be left scratching their heads in wonderment and Miele certainly have me wondering what on earth their marketing department is currently doing with their latest online website campaign. Do yourself a favour and avoid Miele UK's "custom build" option on their product site unless you want to spend more than £400 extra on a vacuum cleaner that normally costs £200 or less! Luckily with actual use of the actual product, it all becomes apparent to why the Miele S6210 is more expensively priced than a lot of its rivals.

      Due to its compact shape, this is a very easy vacuum cleaner to drag along or lift up and carry along. I find it far easier and quicker to use than my heavier S6240 Ecoline model with normal cleaning too - and all because the floor head supplied here is far lighter to lift off carpets (544g compared to 765g), push on carpets and hard floors - and only has ONE soft pedal to push bristles down on hard floors and push back up to release them. No sore toes anymore! Edge cleaning is also effective with this floor head and the whole proposition of usage is seamless, not just thanks to the floor head alone. Once I start vacuuming with the S6210, it is impossible to stop - this is due to the total lightweight factor that the machine allows me to enjoy; able to spin the machine around in a 360° circle due to the castors and no fixed wheels minimises markings to leaving the machine on a step to clean stairs under or above it! I can hold up the main body alone by a finger and a full hand once the metal tubes and floor head have been parked up one side. Carrying this vacuum cleaner up stairs is a breeze if you have ever tried carrying Henry or a full size vacuum!

      The one pedal activation on the main suction only floor head is as soft and comfortable to use as are the soft release buttons to take off or put on the floor head to the height adjustable telescopic stainless steel suction tubes that you get with the S6210 as standard. Nothing gets a chance to fall off once the handle is locked to the suction pipes or the pipes to the floor head. The handle can also be unlocked and used with the floor head should you require to do difficult areas such as steps on staircases or cleaning a mattress if the T-shaped upholstery tool is too small for the task. As a bonus also reflected by the cost price, you also get a total of 115cm height tubes that are a saving grace for many a six footer who may buy this machine and then find that it's not such a back breaking exercise compared to the cheaper but bigger bagged S2 cylinder vacs Miele produce but then fit shorter height tubes that also don't adjust individually for height! The smallest height the tubes go to is 68cm, so there's always a lot of good adjustment, no matter how tall or small you are!

      The quiet 2000 watt suction motor also supplies sufficient power I require to get pet hair up from carpets, even at times for the most ingrained bit of dust or threads that often wind themselves around carpet pile, the S6210 can remove them with just a couple of passes. I do own an additional Miele turbo brush floor head, which ANY Miele cylinder vac can use; another boon to being a Miele owner then as the company also produce a few cost optional tools to advance the design. Externally then, the noise level is also far quieter than my 1200 watt S6240 too and I very rarely require using full power anyway with the S6210 due to its lower bands of power that are strong but quieter to the ear! This is one machine you can use at 4am in the morning after a full evenings entertainment in your home - and without worrying the neighbours or those sleeping around you! All the time when pulling the machine around, the three soft rubberised castors are almost quiet in use, although this machine seems to struggle in the thickest of carpet pile; the kind you can lose your little toe in!

      There are six pre-set power levels available on the S6210 and all have suggestive decals as to what each level can do. I seldom take the suggestions as my S6210 only uses the first three levels of suction speeds throughout use and only when the dust bag is about to end do I require using the top setting. It is a pity that for all that the S6210 is modern, Miele still haven't shifted the exhaust filter away from the suction dial. This means a face full of hot air from the machine if you bend down to change the suction setting and unless the machine is switched off when you change the setting you want, there's no escaping the hot air!

      On the basis that this kind of vacuum at its very most could be used three to four times a week in a busy home, I've never been that taken with worrying about electricity usage where vacuums are concerned. After all, an electric hob uses 3000 watts just to switch it on, never mind use and thus eats into your electricity usage far more than a vacuum cleaner ever will! Thus the 2000 watts are welcomed here, even if they don't look eco-friendly on paper, it's not exactly that heavy on encroaching on electricity usage since the machine's powerful suction is fast enough to get around the home quickly enough within an hour of intense cleaning to half an hour or 15 minutes for a quick "sprint," around; thus its secondary model name is befitting here.

      Although fitted with 6 metres of power cord, the S6210 is as compact as its small dimensions suggest, able to lend itself in a small flat or home with two bedrooms at the most. Although there are three park positions available on the model for ease of storing, the Miele S6210 still retains the same shape as my other Miele vac and is therefore not as compact to store as SEBO's K1. More to the point, the S6210 has a great auto cord rewind feature called "Comfort," that only requires ONE tap to the pedal which rewinds all of the cord back in after use. I still prefer the pull cord rewind on my SEBO K1 though as it is far easier. Still, it's good to see Miele have retained this feature rather than keeping your foot unbalanced continually on a rewind pedal with other brands; and the "Comfort" feature is yet another bonus you will find with this range and the more expensive S8 models since the budget S2 makes do with the conventional method of auto cord rewinding and the unbalanced cock-a-foot-in-the-air process!

      Unlike Hoover hoses, you also get 1.8 metres of stretch here and I like the fact that the hose always reverts to its original shape as it is non-crushable and lacks the metal coils that broke my Vax hose in the first place! Stretch and reach are far better obtainable than other cylinder vacs on the market, even if the tubes are heavier than SEBO's K series, which still remains better designed than the Miele S6. However, both SEBO and Miele offer locking dust bags, so putting one in and locking it in is as easy as pulling it out gently and it releases. There are no other key areas with this vacuum that have to be washed and waited on! The main motor filter can be replaced after using up four bags and that filter slides in behind a pull down grate behind the dust bag. The other filter by the motor exhaust can similarly last for up to four bags unless you are picking up pet hair.

      Where other downsides exist however, it comes down to Miele's persistence of retaining the removable three point smaller cleaning tools holder. There are two options with the S6000 compared to the previous S4000 that had one option and frankly, I wish Miele had stuck to the latter! The tool holder keeps all of the three smaller cleaning tools together but the tool holder itself is detachable and can be placed on either the back of the handle or the main point - at the top of the hose above the main dust bin of the main body of the S6210. When it is placed behind the handle I find that tools can fall off inadvertently and usually with just the tinniest hit of the hose in use. The worst aspect is when the tool storer is returned to the main hose and the nib that acts as the lock for the tool holder at the back of the handle juts into the sleeve of whatever I'm wearing. I've already damaged a good wool jumper because of that nib. Despite the ring that it is located on can be turned around and hidden behind the handle, it usually revolves freely in use - Miele should either get rid of the nib or re-engineer the ring so that it locks and doesn't allow the nib to catch the owner's clothing!

      General Costs & Final Thoughts

      Sadly, the Miele S6210 isn't an economical vacuum cleaner for a medium or large home and I find this is based on its known 3.5 litre capacity high filtration bag as well as the costs. The dust bag that this machine uses is smaller than the one fitted to the S2000, S5000 and newer S8000 ranges and I find at the very most, the Miele S6210 can cope with two bedrooms in a small home - well, for the box of 4 dust bags to last a year by Miele's reckoning and for each bag to last three months. The S6000 is the "baby" of Miele's cylinder vacuums and as such uses the "FJM high filtration," dust bags where you will find 4 in a box that cost on average £9-95 to £12-95 dependent on stockist. Now, you can get around this by buying copy dust bags but I find they rip at the shoulder points where they slip into the bin holder inside the Miele's dust bin area and are far from economical even if they are cheaper at cost and CAN damage the machine internally. The 4 bags-in-a-box idea by Miele is claimed to last a year, but I find that one dust bag lasts 2 months at the very most in a larger home. Compared to SEBO's K series where a similarly chargeable box of bags costs the same, you'll get 7 bags in a box compared to the miserly amount of 4 that Miele charge. This is where outwardly the S6210 can start to lose appeal and appear more expensive to run FAIRLY against other bagged rivals.

      However, the tip I can give is to seek out Miele's previous dust bags before the HyClean bags came onto the market. The FJM bags go under the name of "IntensiveClean," and are usually priced at £5-99 to £7-99 per box of 5, making for a much better deal if you are concerned about sticking with genuine parts.

      Where filtration is concerned, the S6210 depends on the use of the standard "Super Air Clean," filter that you will receive brand new with the machine and one spare filter set in the box of bags designed to replace the motor filter as well as the top exhaust filter by the suction dial. These filters are required to be changed every time you go through one box of bags and whilst both are easy to change as are the process of changing the dust bags; I find that the filters can last two boxes of bags depending on what you're picking up.

      For example, where pet hair is concerned, the Super Air clean filters just can't cope after four bags have been used up and it is here that you may have to purchase the higher priced Active Air clean Charcoal filter cartridges that would hold back the smell of pet hair in the dust bag. That yearly change filter alone costs on average £9-95 to £12-95 and £15-95 to £22-95 for the HEPA filter designed for allergy sufferers ONLY. Even if you suffer from dust allergies, my advice is to buy the Active Air Clean filter as it is exactly the same as the HEPA filter that Miele produce in terms of retaining allergens - and if you don't believe me visit You Tube where many an American seller can show you the dust particle metre as it runs down to zero where both these filters are concerned! I have also found that the Active Air Clean filter can last two years instead of one year but again this depends on the kinds of dirt the Miele will be required to clean and the cartridge filters take up the whole place in the vacuum where the lift out Super Air Clean filter normally goes - so be sure to keep the old grid in case you need to return to the basic filters in the future.

      The Miele S6210 is a far better vacuum cleaner to use and own than my "Eco" version and is as easy to use as the previous S4000 range that went before it. Powerful, light to carry and use, the only fly in the ointment is that it does require a dust bag to carry the dust and it won't be suitable for a large home based on its small capacity and rather expensive to keep running costs. I have bought quite a few Miele vacuums for use in properties I rent out and over the years, only one machine has ever let me down. In my experience they are very long lasting as they seem to be better built than most rival brands on the market and due to their popularity, dust bags, filters and tools are available from high street shops such as Currys, Tesco, Asda, Argos, John Lewis and even Debenhams. But, when all things are considered, although the Miele brand is good in most areas, the Miele S6210 is a quality choice, but only for buyers who are fed up with dusty filters and don't expect the same kind of spec per pricing as using their first vacuum as a comparison! Thoroughly modern, compact, quick and efficient to use, the Miele S6210 is a well thought out vacuum cleaner that does the job it promises. It just needs to offer slightly better value with long-term ownership. Thanks for reading. (c)Nar2 2013.



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        09.02.2013 18:24
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        a good quality and effective vacuum cleaner

        I bought this from Argos for £180.I have owned this for around 6 months now. I thought this was a fairly expensive purchase but I noted that the Dyson products were selling for a slightly higher premium so I decided to go for the German manufactured Miele. I also noted at the time of buying that Miele have a standard 2 year guarantee that can be extended to 10 years if registering the purchase online. In some respects at first I was a bit dubious of what this product could actually do in terms of cleaning, but it was just within minutes of first using this product I soon notice the differences between cheaper vacuum cleaners and I must admit with the Miele S6210 vacuum cleaner I was definitely impressed. From start to finish I am impressed because it is largely easy to use. The main vacuum cleaner head is a bit big for stairs but the product came with a smaller head size which made cleaning the dust an easy and effortless job.
        The main selling points of this vacuum cleaner are that it has a telescopic frame which means that the length of the tube can be made bigger which means that this would be suitable for people of all heights. This really is a genius feature that makes it easy to extend the length of the hose and thus making it much more convenient to use. Secondly the cylinder bag vacuum cleaner is easy to open and dispose of. The vacuum cleaner has a red warning light when the bag is on the verge of becoming full up and this warning light makes it easy to instinctively know when to replace the bags. Thirdly I also was impressed by the suction power of the S6210. Fourthly regarding the convenience of using this vacuum cleaner, the product contains a quite lengthy cord which means that if placed in a central location of the house, it can effectively mean that you can clean near enough most of a floor of a house, without having to unplug this vacuum cleaner and move to another area. Of course this last point depends on the size. Other important features include a 'Comfort' setting which when this button is pressed it retracts the cable cord back to the main unit. The size of the bag is 3.5l which is reasonable. I have found that I am having to replace the bag every month or two which is not that bad in the bigger picture of things. I would also say that the noise level from this product is well within safe limits, it makes less noise than other vacuum cleaners that I have owned in the past and most consumers would consider the noise levels to be acceptable.

        For me personally I consider the design to be excellent. It fits well within my airing cupboard. The main body is compact and sleek. The telescopic hose is adjustable and this for me makes the S6210 easy to use. I am not having to fight the vacuum cleaner when I use it at all, with the Miele S6210 it does the hard work for me. The base of the unit has 3 small wheels which makes it slightly easy to keep the unit moving or staying where you want it too.

        The unit has a slightly big release button which opens and closes the cylinder. There is also the lengthy hose as well as the telescopic adjustable suction hose. Inside the machine is excellent because you have a 3.5l bag which is good sized and also a clean air filter which is good for allergy sufferers. There are also minimum and maximum settings and this machine can be used on carpets as well as the floor surfaces. The machine also has a red warning light which indicates that the bag is nearly full and needs replacing. This is also related to the maintenance of the machine.

        My Opinion of the Miele S6210

        I personally think that this vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice. I have found it so easy to use and has made a difference to the cleaning chores of keeping the floors looking clean and tidy. It does an extremely thorough job. It has a high level of suction power and I was even able to hear minisule amounts of dust and dirt being sucked into the bag. It is convenient and easy to use. Some people might find that they have to drag the unit around which is not so good, but the machine is not a heavy machine to drag around. I primarily bought this product for its suction power and cleaning ability. This machine definitely did not dissapoint me.
        With this product the advantages well outweigh the disadvantages. I am not so concerned with buying replacement bags as I have found a supplier who sells them for £6.99 for 5 bags which are as good if not better than the more expensive Miele version. The cost of the vacuum cleaner at £160-180 is reasonable from my experience but this machine definitely cleans and the air smells cleaner and fresher in the rooms that have been cleaned. Apart from replacing the bags every month or two, the bags are disposed in the waste bin and a new clean bag I might add, is inserted with ease and is by no means a time consuming process. With the bag replacement process, this is a speedy process and would be convenient for the majority of people.

        The machine has good suction power on all surfaces, the machine is easy to adjust. There is the length of the telescopic handle which makes it easy to manoeuver around furniture. It can get underneath chairs and tables as well being able to reach above items such as curtains. The machine has a easy carrying handle and it is not heavy to carry. It's size makes it easy for storage but the size does not reflect or diminish its power. Although from looks and size it looks like a small vacuum cleaner, it is definitely powerful.
        The size of the main vacuum head makes it more awkward to use to get a thorough clean on narrow steps, but the Miele 6210 comes with a smaller head which can be used on steps and in harder to reach places. The smaller head does not have the facility to select the setting for carpet or hard floor surface. Perhaps an additional tool or a smaller version of the bigger head would have been more useful.

        The specifications are that this is a product made in Germany and it has a 2000 watt motor.

        The bag is 3.5l which is good sized. The performance does not dissapoint. I have had owned other hoovers that have not performed so well. The Miele s6210 is excellent by comparison. It picks up a lot of dirt and it cleans deep down which is evident in the bag. You also do not get any dust circulating back into the room as a result of the clean air fliter.

        The one thing I have noticed when I have used this machine is that the time taken to vacuum the carpets and surfaces in my house is reduced. The machine glides well on the surfaces. Being a tall person, I have to adjust the telescopic handle to the top height, but once this is done, I am able to hoover the carpets in a very fast time.
        I would also say that the performance of this machine is that it cleans surfaces including carpets thoroughly. It makes the carpets very clean. It picks up everything on hard floors. I have also used this vacuum cleaner on small mats and it has cleaned them up very well. It is powerful enough to deep clean coil mats.

        Ease of Use
        The machine in my opinion is very easy to use. It glides on the floors and is easy to carry around the house, and from room to room.


        It looks well built and strong. There are no sharp edges to make this machine dangerous.

        The bag replacement process is easy to remove and replace.

        For a machine with 2000 watt motor, it is on the whole a very quiet cleaner. The noise is audibile in the background but does not drown people out.
        I do not own any pets so have not tested the pet hair removal efficiency. I have deep cleaned bed mattresses and have seen the effectiveness for my own eyes. It worked efficiently.

        Value for Money
        The product cost me £180 which included a manufacturers 2 years standard guarantee, which can be extended to 10 years for an additional payment of £30.

        This is an excellent vacuum cleaner. I bought this machine with a great deal of confidence and it has not let me down. I also have no reason to believe that it would ever become problematic for me to use. Top marks awarded to Miele. This product is highly recommended.


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      • Product Details

        The S6210 comes with an impressive 2000W of power to give exceptional cleaning performance and with an operating radius of up to 10 metres it is a perfect compact cleaner / The exclusive one-touch cable rewind automatically rewinds the cable when the footswitch is tipped / Also features 3 castor wheel for 360? manoeuvrability / Miele 2000W Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner / Short name: Miele S6210

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