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Morphy Richards 70191

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    2 Reviews
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      02.04.2012 15:36
      Very helpful



      Its good for most things

      Moving a vacuum from one room to another is a challenge but moving a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs all the time is a major problem especially when you suffer from back problems.

      A few years ago I had just one vacuum for both jobs and it eventually after many years of usage just stopped working and I managed to buy a new machine from an online television shopping channel.
      They never said it was a Morphy Richard it was basically a Bulldog machine and it went quite cheap at the time which was just £39.99.

      The vacuum was one of those which looks very familiar to the famous Henry vacuum cleaner because it is a round shape and offers a similar size and shape so people can often get it confused with Henry.

      ~~ Design and Equipment ~~

      The design of the vacuum is round as mentioned above this vacuum is red in colour but the one side does have a very shiny silver look which reflects light which comes close to it.
      On the back is a little section to place some of the accessories and these are things like extra parts which will all need. The first part is just an extension tube which helps you reach into corners and even help extend the main vacuum to reach underneath chairs.

      The next accessory is the brush which is a very good thing to have and I will explain further on why this is such a good item to have.
      The last piece is an odd shaped piece which offers very little in my view as to what it could do to assist you but nevertheless it is there as well should someone find some usage for it.

      You have two wheels at the back in red and they are quite bulky and are very durable and robust. The wire goes around the vacuum itself and it overlaps itself due to there not being an actual area to wrap the cord around which is a problem.

      There is a handle at the front which is big enough to fit a hand under but it definitely does not assist you as the weight of the vacuum can hurt someone who is not exactly that strong.

      The lid opens in the centre when someone undoes the two clasps and once you have done this you witness the inside which is very wide and it is also the location of the bag as well.

      ~~ My Experiences ~~

      The vacuum to begin with has 1500 watts and 230 air watts and to be fair you can hear this when you power the vacuum up. The problem and perhaps the biggest one I have found time and again with this machine is that it gets blocked up far too easily.

      The main extension which is attached to the vacuum there is a bend in the hard plastic and if you get an item such as some paper which is all squashed up or maybe some sweet wrappers they collect together and eventually block the vacuum.

      This has happened to me on numerous occasions and keeps on happening and it can take forever to unblock as this vacuum is very hard to pull apart and put back together again.
      I have a few pets in my home so this vacuum was advertising itself as a product which deals with pet hairs very well and to be honest it does a good job.

      I do have some rugs in various locations and my staircase is also carpeted so it means the pets when it comes to them shredding their fur can get it everywhere. This vacuum manages to suck up I would say 90% of the pet hair and that to me is excellent.

      The brush accessory which is there to use is very good as it manages to scrub hard against the carpet surface and suck up those hairs so it means people do not see them when they walk around a home.

      I have had this vacuum a few years and to be honest I have found the machine to offer very quick cleaning and it does this very well. I have found occasionally if an item such as a wet piece of paper or something wet like hair it struggles to suck up.

      I am not quite sure why that is because it does a good job at sucking everything else up just anything with a slight but of dampness then it struggles.

      ~~ Problems ~~

      I have found a few issues the first is how often this machine is blocked up by silly items and you often have to push down something heavy like a screwdriver to make sure the blockage is dealt with.
      The blocked up area is around a bend so even if you pull apart all the items it is still tough to get down there to remove the blockage but that is not the only issue.

      The second problem is the bag you have. It offers a 10 litre capacity apparently but this is not accurate. If you have a bag placed in there when it is full you can feel at least 20% of the bag which has not been used but the biggest issue is removing it.

      The bag is placed around the vacuum and held together with a piece of plastic and cardboard which actually goes into the bag. To remove the bag you have to rip it open and this is the only way to do it. I have emptied this bag over 20 times in the last few years but never been able to take it out without ripping the bag open.

      This actually causes dust and dirt to spread across the room which is annoying. Fortunately you can place a new bag inside very easily and that is the one good part.
      The last part is the weight of this machine because if you want to use it for carrying up and down the stairs you should perhaps not get this item. The machine weighs at least 15-20kg.

      The machine is very robust so that is where the excess weight comes from overall but it should not be used for going up and down the stairs.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      I got this machine a few years ago for a good price just checking online today the item is for sale for around £100 or more which is quite a high price. There is a huge 10 litre capacity but there is no heap filter system in place.
      It does offer great power and gives you the ability to suck up most items very well especially pet hairs but the way it struggles with anything remotely damp for me is a problem.

      The accessories all comes in handy except the one item which to me is a mystery and the way the machine is built is very good as well.
      You have to remember blockages occur often and also removing the bag is going to cause you problems because it has to be ripped to get it out.

      Overall for the price I paid £39.99 it is perhaps a good price for a powerful machine which does a good job just wish it did not have so many silly errors which could have been more thought out by the manufacturers.

      Also posted on Ciao


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        11.08.2010 13:41
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        a good powerful cleaner which does the job you want it to do.

        I have used many vacuums in the past and I have got sick of the ones which are expensive but a so low powered that you would do a better job if you got down on your hands and knees and sucked the carpet. Really I wanted a vacuum that would do a good job and that wasn't overly expensive. Whilst browsing amazon I came across this. The reviews given on the site were positive and the price was also good as at the time it was over 60% off so it was bought. Currently Amazon are selling it for £43.94 (rrp £129.99)

        To look at it it looks a solid vacuum that isn't going to fall to bits after the first few uses. The appearance is sort of half way between a domestic cleaner and an industrial one. The main part of the body is metal (probably aluminium going by the look of it) with a protective rubber 'bumper around it so you won damage your walls if the cleaner should it bash into them.

        Whilst in the past I have got used to bagless cleaners this one is a bagged one but with a capacity of 10 litres it will take a long time to fill it. The bags to not appear to be overly difficult to fit/remove although it may take some getting used to. The first bag comes ready fitted and there are five extra ones in the box. The cleaner has a variable power selector so you can adjust it to suit your own carpets/flooring. I have mine set on about 50% which I find is fine for general day to day cleaning but anyone with pets may need to use a higher setting than this.

        The telescopic extension tube included can be adjusted to the required length and it lock quite well into position. This is a major plus as the times my old dyson's telescopic tube would collapse back in was unbelievable. The flexible hose/handle is easily fitted to the main body of the cleaner and as with most vacuums the handle has the open and close switch to adjust the vacuum as you go. Very useful if it begins to try to pick up socks your partner has left lying around under the bed (men - can't live with them....). Whilst some three wheeled cleaners have a tendency to topple over if you try to move them a bit too quickly this one is heavy enough for this not to be a problem.

        The cleaner comes with two permanent filters which are designed to be removed and cleaned from time to time. Here these have to be washed and then left to dry. This could take up to 12 hours to dry fully and probably more in winter so having a spare of each may be advisable. A pack of 10 bags can cost around £15, the foam lid filter around £4 and the motor filter around £2.99. So having a spare filter or two isn't going to break the bank.

        In use the cleaner isn't as noisy as some smaller lower powered ones and on full power it was as if it was trying to lift the carpet as well. For me it is possibly one of the most effective vacuums I have used and the array of tools it comes with allows for many different jobs to be done. The tool included are the regular upholstery cleaner, brush and crevice tool but there is also a turbo brush included as well which should make short work of picking up pet hairs or any fine powdery things such as cocoa and icing sugar which I have at times got all over the kitchen mat whilst baking.

        As yet I have experianced no loss of suction from the vacuum anhd if this does happen it can be rectified initialy be changing th bag. The item comes with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee.

        There are small number of tiny problems with this firstly it is rather large and so storing it away may be quite difficult and the size also leads its self to being quite heavy. It really isn't one for lugging up and down stairs the whole time (as I live in a flat this isn't a problem). Also there is no automatic chord rewind so this is back to the old wind it around the cleaner jobs. Although not difficult to do if you aren't careful the power chord can get a bit tangled in its self. The flexible hose can also become detached from the body if you move it from side to side a bit too much but once you are used to the cleaner it is no longer an issue.


        Power - 1500 w
        Air watts - 230 w
        Bag capacity - 10 L
        Weight (empty) - 14 kg

        The only reason i haven't given it 5/5 in the cleaning/maintinance area is because of the cleaning of the filters which isn't difficult just a bit annoying.

        I have a shorter review for this item on Amazon under my real name of M.J. Collins.


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      • Product Details

        The Morphy Richards 70191 Bulldog Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner offers maximum performance from its powerful 1500w motor and is ideal for pet owners / The vacuum cleaner features a telescopic chrome effect tubular handle 10 Vacuum fresheners to banish pet odours turbo nozzle that is ideal for picking up pet hair variable power control and a large 10 litre capacity bag / Morphy Richard’s ‘Bulldog Tough’ cleaner is both an affordable and packed full of features.1500 Watts230 AirwattsExtremely robust metal body10 litre capacity bagVariable powerProtective rubber bumperPet care guide written in association with Battersea Dogs Home includedIncludes 10 in Vacuum fresheners to banish pet odoursTurbo nozzle for pet hair pick up2 Years guarantee / Short name: Morphy Richards 70191

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