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Morphy Richards 73195

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2 Reviews

Canister, Container, 1800 Watt, 0.87 Gallon Capacity, HEPA, 19.68 ft.Cord, Features: Bag Change / Cup Full Indicator, Cord Rewind

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    2 Reviews
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      18.09.2012 11:37
      Very helpful



      Good features especially for asthmatics but may not stand up to harder use.

      As as asthmatic with a very small flat, a small HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner was very appealing.

      The tools disassemble easily allowing for easy storage when not in use, which is also really helpful for small flat owners. The cord rewind sucks the electic cable into the body of the vacuum, which means that its storage footprint when not in use is even smaller and tidier. Though the rewind function on mine has now died, probably due to my pulling the cord a little too fully out a little too often - so this is something to beware of.

      The tools are the usual range of carpet and crevice brushes along with a smaller but flat tool which does a good job vacuuming clothes, upholstery and other more delicate fibres. There is an on vacuum pole place to keep these tools but they do have a tendency to catch on things as you clean around the house so are probably best stored seperately.

      There is a manual adjustment for the level of the brush which does improve suction though at the expense of needing to keep stopping to pull out hair and carpet fibres from the brush and put down the suction hole. This is annoying, though if your hair moults less than mine this may not be a problem.

      The HEPA Filter is washable and removes easily when emptying the vacuum cleaner, so it not only keeps the allergens that trigger asthmatics like myself where they can do no damage but also makes it easier to keep them there.

      The pod where the dirt is stored is also washable, which does help massively in keeping the vacuum itself clean as well as majorly reducing the dust which gets back into the air when the cleaner is re-started after emptying. All this has helped this asthmatic and so could help you and yours.

      This vacuum is cheap, given the bagless and HEPA features but you do pay for the cheapness in that the tools are not as strong as they could be. The head connecting the tools to the pipe on mine has come off on several occasions. I have been able to force it back, but if you have a larger home which needs more vacuuming than a tiny flat you may want to opt for a more robust, if more expensive, vacuum.

      Good features for a very reasonable price - especially if you find it in a sale at Comet as I did. But in terms of roboustness, you do get what you pay for.


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      09.08.2010 14:53
      Very helpful



      It's simply awful!

      Morphy Richards 73195: Your shagpile will still remain dirty!

      About the product

      The big pod 1800W bagless cylinder is fantastic for busy households; the big pod 1800W bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner is high powered, includes a washable HEPA filter and has one of the largest capacities in its class at 4 litres. This Morphy Richards vacuum cleaner provides high performance and efficiency at great value (Morphy Richards, 2010).

      Personal verdict

      According to the top paragraph which is a description of the big pod written by Morphy Richards Company. Reading this one might think "wow sounds like a good cleaning tool" hmm well Mr Richard I beg to differ. We've had this vacuum for just less than 6 months and once again I am forced to say I am bitterly disappointed at the performance and the value for money.

      Issues with the 73195

      The first important issue I have noticed is the lack of suction. Even when I turned the plastic knob to maximum power the damn vacuum wouldn't adequately suck in the dust and rubbish. In fact I was left to vacuum the same spot four times over with very little avail. It felt as if I was mowing the grass rather than vacuuming the dirty shagpile.

      Even with its so called high powered 1800W it couldn't adequately remove even the simplest crumb. To make matters worse I was using carpet freshener to give my room a burst of paradise, well I tell you it certainly felt like paradise, I was unable suck up the grain left by the carpet freshener so it felt like I was actually walking on grains of sand. Thankfully rescue came in the shape of my mummy with her real high powered Henry the Hoover (after my meltdown over the phone).

      Often you hear stories about students living in filthy apartments with "friends" growing from their carpets, well this might be due to the fact they own a Morphy Richard 73195. Who has the time to vacuum the same spot for 10 minutes per a day?

      Too fiddly

      Now, I love the fact that vacuums these days have been shrunk to basically fit in your skinny jeans pockets. But! There are too many detached bits, you have your large suction brush, small brush, a tinny bit without the brush (what exactly is that for anyway?) you have your curved tube and heaps of other unnecessary items. I just want a vacuum that doesn't require a degree in complicated engineering to figure out what each item is for. Also the power cord is far too short, each time I vacuum a room I have to unplug and re-plug the damn thing again and again. Didn't Morphy thing about time efficiency and practicality issues before he invented this damn thing?


      If you bought these types of vacuums then you have just given away your cash for free, it's not high powered and it hardly has any suction to pick up crumb from your toast. Maybe the vacuum I bought had a fault? I don't know, but perhaps I should take it back and demand my money back, well sadly that isn't going to happen because I've lost the paper work. Nevertheless, this vacuum comes in a delicious purple colour; it provides you with memories from your childhood, you know when your mum first bought you a plastic vacuum. Well you might wish you still had that, I'm sure it would do a much better job. On appearance I'd rate it 7/10 and on practicality I'd rate this 3/10.

      Product Features

      * Bagless full size Vacuum Cleaner
      * 1800 watts (max power)
      * Washable HEPA Filtration
      * Large Capacity - 4 litres
      * Translucent POD to show when it's full
      * Easy carry handle
      * Foot controlled cable rewind
      * Park position & storage position
      * 1.8m long hose
      * 32mm diameter
      * Combination floor nozzle
      * Crevice tool
      * Snap-on furniture brush
      * 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee

      Thank you for reading!


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    • Product Details

      Bagless with washable filtration, this cycliner vacuum cleaner combines excellent cleaning performance with economy and ease of use / Short name: Morphy Richards 73195

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