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Morphy Richards 73212 Essentials Family & Pets

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2011 07:17
      Very helpful


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      A nice vacuum cleaner.

      After many years of faithful service, I finally conceded a couple of months ago that my poor vacuum cleaner was no longer fit for purpose (this and the fact that my back could no longer take the heaving and carrying of such a heavy contraption up and down the stairs three times a week!).

      I would like to say that the search for a replacement was labour intensive, but as there were only three things I required from said unit, it took me five minutes of looking, especially when I realised they were on sale!

      The only three requirements were for it to be bagless, reasonably priced and lightweight, though my last cleaner was a stand up variety, I had no qualms of a smaller hose lead unit, as the entire downstairs of my house is laminate flooring anyway!

      After a quick look I decided on this unit, the brand is very familiar to me (with me having had many different items from it's range in the past and being more than satisfied with them) and (thankfully) a much smaller and lightweight unit, better for carrying up, down and for use on the stairs.

      Within the kit itself you get the main unit with hose (which is very ample in length, with even my extremely tall husband managing not to give himself backache using it!), a variety of attachments and nozzles (of which I only actually ever use two!), and a years warranty (which you can extend for 2 if registered online within 28 days of purchasing).

      The unit itself is nice and compact, and being nice and light to carry too, with the handle being on the top of the main body, but easy enough to tuck away once finished with so (hopefully) it will stay in one piece and attached!

      The on/off button is situated on one side of the unit (at the back) and is nice and large, easy enough to tap with you foot to do the honours!
      On the opposite side is the cord rewind button, which does exactly what it sounds like it should, but do take care as once pressed the cord can whip back into the unit quite quickly, once or twice I have had the plug catch my legs, and yes it bloody hurt too!

      In the centre of these buttons is the eco switch, which simply means you can change the intensity of the suction power, thus enabling you to effectively clean floors and carpets, then change the mode for more delicate areas like curtains and soft furnishings (if you use the highest settings for curtains you will rip them off!), along with this feature there is also a switch on the hose itself to make the suction even gentler, this you simply move to either allow more or less air to enter the hose when operating.

      The final feature of the main body is obviously the dust compartment. This is a bagless cylinder cleaner, so there are instruction (included in the box) on how to empty the compartment itself, but also on the filters and the best way to clean them to keep them clean and unusable for as long as possible, as though they are readily available from the Morphy Richards website, you can guarantee they will be pricy!

      The dust compartment is incredibly easy to clean, but can be really messy too! The whole top half of the unit lifts up on a hinge, with the dust compartment just slipping out and the filter being easy to removed from within.
      There is a lot of mess emptying this and even the manual recommends that the compartment be held over the dustbin before emptying the contents away!

      There is a smaller filter behind the main dust chamber, that should be cleaned and air dried when required, though as of yet (after a good few months use) I have yet to do this, the same goes with a filter on the "bum" end of the main unit.

      The hose itself is secured on the front off the main body, and boasts 360 degree rotation, which I definitely need as I can hoover an entire room, then spot one area I missed, this means I can literally spin back on myself to get that last speck!

      For waist high hoovering (soft furnishings and such like) the hose is ideal to use without the addition of the main telescopic extension, with there being a slight bend in the rigid part of the hose for ease of use, and the attachments being attachable to this part too.

      For floor cleaning I tend to use the extension tube, (which again is easily attachable, and made easier to handle with the contouring of the hose), with the only head included for such a task, the combination floor nozzle, meaning that I could go straight from carpet cleaning onto my laminate floor, and it would be just as effective (which I have to do, as at the bottom of my stairs is laminate flooring!).

      I have to be honest I didn't initially realise there was a way to lessen the suck on the cleaner, and found the initially push of the hose extremely difficult, but after a small amount of tweaking (and my husband telling me what a daft mare I was, and how if I did the hovering a bit more....), I found a very happy medium where as I could actually move the hose, with it actually cleaning!

      As I mentioned before there are a few different cleaning heads for different surfaces, with this set even boasting (alongside the curtain cleaner and crevice tool, essential for people with children who eat on their settee's!), an upholstery cleaner, that my husband loves and uses regularly (as I never remember to lift the cushions on the settee, just probe around a bit down the sides! Lol!).

      I have to say this has been a really good vacuum cleaner (so far!), and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the dirt and dust you have managed to accumulate with the see through compartment on the dust chamber, along with the random earrings and small toys that my kids refuse to move, the display of them in my hoover serves a reminder that next time they should pick them up!

      Any downsides, only one, but enough of one for me to deduct a star from the rating, and this is the power cord.

      My last hoover (and if I remember correctly the one before that one too), had a power cord that enabled me to plug in the plug in my sons room (situated at the very top of the stairs, and with the closest plug socket!), with there being enough length in the cord for me to hoover the landing and stairs without having to unplug halfway through and relocate the plug.

      This one is nowhere near long enough, with the first time I realised this fact nearly took myself down the stairs on my back, when I pulled too on the cord(thinking it was long enough but caught on a toy in the bedroom) yanking the plug from the socket, and only just saving myself from falling (though the hoover wasn't as lucky, but did live to tell the tale!).

      Aside from this fact (and one I have now worked around) this has been a lovely unit to use, light weight, effective on all types of flooring within my house and even less noisy than any hoover I have previously owned, there is even (and this is a small thing, but absolutely fantastic for someone who could lose their car if not bookmarked onto the carpark!), a small clip that attaches the three smaller cleaning heads to the main body of the hose, this not only means that they should be there exactly when you need them (without having to "rootle" through a jam packed cupboard!) but also stops them from getting lost, without actually getting in the way!

      Price wise this is available via www.amazon.co.uk for £70.94 (though I did pay a little more than this for the ease of paying monthly via my catalogue), both places boast a substantial sale discount.

      This is a lovely and very useful hoover, and one that (aside from the short cord problems!) I would happily recommend!

      Thanks for reading x


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    • Product Details

      The Morphy Richards 73212 Essentials Vacuum Cleaner offers maximum performance from its powerful 2100w motor and 230 Airwatts pressure / It is ideal for those suffering from dust or pet allergies and features HEPA filtration an eco switch for cleaning more delicate fabrics and upholstery and turbo brush that makes this device efficient at picking up pet hair / It has 4L capacity storage so you need not empty it every time you clean / It is very easy to store with cable re-wind at just a press of a button the cord automatically rewinds into the machine for storage / This is a perfect all round hygienic cleaner for your home.2100w with Eco-switch from 2000W4L capacity230 AirwattsEasy carry handleCable RewindHEPA FiltrationCable length 6mEmpty Less OftenPark and Storage position for toolsTurbo Tool / Short name: Morphy Richards 73212

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