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Morphy Richards 73350

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2 Reviews

Brand: Morphy Richards

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    2 Reviews
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      22.03.2008 17:26



      Overall not a satisfactory product

      Contrary to the other reviewer's gushing praise (there is more to life than getting a good price on eBay) this is not a good buy for several reasons:
      1) when you carry this vacuum cleaner upstairs using the top handle the frame flexes slightly causing the cylinder to pop out. If you are really unlucky the spring-loaded door of the cylinder will open as it tumbles down the stairs causing all of the dirt to fly out everywhere. If you try the other handle (the handle of the cylinder itself) you leave the rest of the vacuum cleaner behind.
      2) the two-piece hose attachment tube is not durable enough. Mine had split within three months.
      3) The attachment hose is draped over a hook when not in use. It keeps falling off.

      I could go on, but in a nutshell I would suggest that you look for a different model or brand.


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      14.04.2007 14:54
      Very helpful



      Great hoover great price

      I also have this listed on Ciao Jenny76

      Please excuse the provocotive title sorry guy's but could not resist it I am sure you all understand and sorry to get you excited boy's lol. Having children and pet's in my house the one thing that gets used more than the bathroom in the Hoover, I previously owned a Dyson but when this died on me a few months ago I decided I would try a different brand for once and set about finding one on trusty old eBay. I looked at many different makes and designs but found a local seller to me who was selling the Morphy Richards bag less cleaner for only £69.99 and I could collect. I arranged to collect from his shop and then took home my new Hoover to try it out.

      My carpet had not been Hoovered for 3 days so as you can imagine there was a lot of dust and bits buried in so I set about getting the new Hoover out of the box. The instructions were very easy to follow and the Hoover was all set up ready to go from the box. My first thought when removing it from it's packaging was just how light it was compared to my old Dyson also it looked really good sad I know but I like all my appliances to be flashy on the eye.

      As well as the Hoover and a valid warranty I also got a set of tools for use on stairs and in crevices which clicked onto the back of the Hoover also 3 spare filters which unlike Dyson's had to be changed every 6 months. The filters are easily removed as is the tray which stores all you have hovered up. Simply catches release the storage container for emptying and the filter sits just under the container. The filter itself is designed for pollen and bug killing hence the reason it is better changed than washed.

      The next difference which I liked was the handle to push the hoover around is separate from the hose for doing stairs etc meaning the the flexi hose is less likely to get damaged as I found this a major problem with the Dyson. The flexi hose is very long and extends well so you can keep the Hoover at the bottom of the stairs and still reach the top, well the top of my stairs anyway which are 14 steps high. When using on flat surfaces you can even adjust the height of the main handle to make using much more comfortable. The power cord is about 5 metres long and reaches around most rooms unless you are lucky enough to be a mansion dweller and is wound in by a button which when held suck's it all up and out of the way.

      The Hoover works much the same as a Dyson using a bag less container which is easily emptied and uses a beat and brush system which basically slaps down on the carpet then brushes what is released up into the suction tube and into the container. I found that even though it is only a 1000W Hoover it was not far off the suction developed by my old Dyson and left the carpets and sofas very clean and hair free which is one of the worst thing's about having a white cat.


      Lightweight 6.5 Kg
      4 Litre Storage Canister
      Low Energy 1000W motor (Great for the electric bills)
      Adjustable height handle
      Flexible Hose
      HEPA Filter

      Overall I would recommend this Hoover to you and would say that for the money it is great value I have seen it sold in the shops for as little as £99.99 and if you do as I did and check eBay you may find you can get the same sort of bargain as I did. It has been reliable and very easy to use and maintain even my mother has used it and loved it (Yes she cleans my house when she visits her idea not mine think she tries to hint I keep an untidy home). I must say I have only had this a few months so can't comment on it's life yet as it's still a baby in Hoover terms but no complaints so far. I hope this review has been of interest to you and thank you for reading.


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      Short name: Morphy Richards 73350

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