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Morphy Richards 73411

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    2 Reviews
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      21.12.2013 21:36
      Very helpful
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      Great pivoting head, but too heavy

      I bought this hoover back in April this year. I wanted an upright hoover that would be easy to store and good on wooden floors, carpets but also good at picking up pet hair, as I have a cat!

      This Morphy Richards hoover cost me at the time £99, which I thought was a decent price for this hoover. I loved this hoover at first, it worked brilliantly in every room. I had loads of comments though from people who came round to my house if they saw my hoover everyone thought it was the strangest hoover they've seen! It does look a little strange, but I think it looks modern, and I loved the colour, which is a deep purple. I ended up sending this hoover back to Amazon after a few months as I just couldn't get on with it any longer!

      The biggest fault I had with this hoover is that it was heavy, even thought advertised as lightweight. I found it hard work doing all of my house in one go as it was so heavy, it made it difficult for me to use for very long. Carrying this up and down the stairs was a nightmare for me too.

      This hoover worked fine upstairs on my carpets, you can turn the brushbar on and off depending which type of surface you are hoovering. It glided effortlessly over my carpets and it did pick up a lot, the cylinder always got full very quickly. This was really easy to empty, and slot back on again. The part that holds the cylinder actually comes off the hoover so you can carry it, whilst you are doing your stairs or your car for example. This was really useful when I was doing my stairs, the hose reached all the way up to the top too no problem.

      I found the cable on this hoover slightly too long. It hooks on the side on the hoover to store it away, but when you plug it in to use it, you have to hold all the wire in one hand whilst trying to hoover with the other as the wire just gets completely in the way unless you hold it up off the floor. It is better if you have plugged it in and then your going into another room to hoover as it stretches the wire out more and you don't have to hold it all to keep it out of the way.

      The hoover has a pivoting head was brilliant when going around tables and chairs and corners, this was the best thing about the hoover! It really made hoovering around objects so much easier. However the reason why I had to return this hoover was that it just never got right up to any edges aswell as loosing suction really quickly. When I had hoovered I had to go all around the edges of everything with the pipe or my hand and wipe up all the bits, as it just didn't pick up properly at the edges at all. After a few months I noticed on my wooden floors and lino, I would hoover, and small bits were still all over the floor, it just seemed like the suction was just not powerful enough. My floors just weren't being cleaned properly and I had to go round myself and wipe up bits left behind that this hoover couldn't pick up. My son always makes a mess on the floor after being in his high chair, and I have to hoover underneath it three times a day, after every meal he makes such a mess! This hoover just stopped picking properly at all on my lino! It just wouldn't pick up all the crumbs etc left on my lino from my sons meal times, and it just seemed a bit of a waste of time using it! I ended up swapping it for a different hoover, it just seemed to lose it's suction quickly unfortunately.

      It seemed really powerful at first, and seemed to pick up so much, but after a few months my floors were just getting really dirty, this wasn't working very well at all. It did come with a nice range of attachments and looked really modern, but I wouldn't recommend it unfortunately!


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        12.04.2013 12:20
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A very good vacuum that picks up well. Great for homes with pets.

        I purchased the Morphy Richards 73411 from Comet the day before it closed down at a great price. I bought the vacuum for £45.00 although its RRP is around £199.99. If you look around you can quite often find it for sale at half of this price.

        I purchased the vacuum as it was a good price but I did not know anything about it and had not looked at reviews. Because it was such a good price I thought I would take a chance and I can say I am not disappointed at all.

        The specifications of the vacuum are;

        Upright vaccum
        190 air watts
        3.2L capacity
        All floor types
        Hepa filtration
        2.5M hose length
        One touch bin emptying
        9.1M cable length
        Pivoting floor head

        This vacuum does work very well. The first time I used it on a carpet I could not believe how much it had picked up. The vacuum does have rotating brush which spins very fast to pick up as much as it can but if you are using it on delicate things like thin rugs you can switch the brush off so that it relies on suction only. If you have pets this vacuum is great. Pet hair is no problem and is picked up with ease. It works well on our carpets, rugs and hard floors.

        The pivoting floor head is great. It makes using the vacuum so easy as it manoeuvres around any obstacles very easily. Because it so easy to manoeuvre it makes the vacuum enjoyable to use.

        The vacuum does state that it is made with never loose suction technology. I can vouch for this as it picks up very well until the very large canister is full. When the vacuum does need to be emptied it is very simple. You simply release the canister and empty it by pressing one release button. With some vacuums I have found them very fiddly to put back together but this one is very simple and easy.

        The very clever thing about this vacuum is that the canister is detachable so that it transforms into a very powerful portable cleaner. This is very handy as it makes cleaning things like the car and upholstery very easy. When you do detach the canister it becomes very light making it very easy to use, 3.1kg to be exact.

        I am very pleased with my purchase as the vacuum works so well. It looks stylish and as it comes with a 5 year warranty I know I will have peace of mind for years to come.


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    • Product Details

      This Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner From Morphy Richards Is A First For The Uk / That?S Because It Features ?Never Loses Suction*? Cyclone Technology / Combined With A Detachable Lift Away Canister / The ''Never Loses Suction*'' Technology Means Constant Pick Up Performance Is Maintained As You Vacuum Around Your Home / The Lift Away Canister Is Completely Detachable / Giving You The Flexibility To Clean Anywhere / It?S Perfect For Awkward Areas / Like Stairs And Upholstery And Is Really Easy To Use / You?Ll Never Lose Suction* In Those Hard-To-Reach Places / *In Accordance With Independent Laboratory Testing To Iec Standard 60312-1: 2010 / Machine Must Be Maintained As Instructed In The User Guide / Short name: Morphy Richards 73411

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