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Morphy Richards S73335

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    1 Review
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      27.08.2009 11:21
      Very helpful


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      A fantastic cleaner for under £100

      Recently I have been struggling with a really rubbish vacuum cleaner and I kept nagging my other half to get a new one but it wasn't until he had to use it that he realised just how bad it was, so that day we went out and purchased a new one.

      We had a look on Argos online to see what vacuum cleaners they had, ideally we didn't want to spend over £100 and after having a useless cylinder cleaner before I wanted a upright one this time.

      After searching through all the weird and wonderful looking cleaners we came across the Morphy Richards Storm Pets Cyclonic Bagless Upright Cleaner which was £97.99 so just under budget. It looked like just a nice simple vacuum cleaner and with it being Morphy Richards we new it should be good. After reading a couple of reviews we decided to purchase it.

      What's in the box?
      Well you get the vacuum cleaner (in bits so you have to put it together), instructions, a easy set up guide and a 24 month guarantee.

      Easy Set Up Guide:
      This is just a A5 double sided card which gives you quick instructions on how to put the cleaner together, what all the attachments are for and how to use them and how to empty the cleaner. It also gives you a helpline number just incase you still cant get it to work.

      Vacuum Cleaner:
      The cleaners is a upright bagless cleaner, it is a nice shiny black plastic with the odd splash of silver, it has a clear window at the front so you can see how full its getting. It is designed to hoover wood flooring and carpet (which is great for me as I have both).

      It's a 2000 watt cleaner which comes with a 4m stretchable hose, 7m power cord, 2.7 litre dust capacity (with washable filter), side suction so has edge to edge cleaning, adjustable cleaning (has 5 levels for different types of flooring) and it includes three different nozzle attachments (crevice tool, upholstery nozzle and the turbo nozzle) it also has on board storage for all of the tools apart from the turbo nozzle.

      The cleaner stands at 1m 10cm tall and weighs 8.9kg so it's not the lightest cleaner out there but I manage to carry it around just fine. It has a nicely designed handle which makes it very easy to push around and also has a carry handle half way down which makes it easy to get up the stairs.

      The height settings are changed buy spinning a knob on the bottom part of the cleaner, the various options are: Tools, deep carpet, medium carpet, short pile carpet and vinyl then wood and laminate. The Eco switch is located on the front of the cleaner just above the dust drum; to change this all you do is slide it from left to right depending on what you are cleaning at the time.

      Emptying the Drum:
      This is a very easy process, all you do is pull the silver button on the front, this releases the front panel revealing the drum, at the top of the drum is another button which you lift up, this then allows you to remove the drum from the hoover. You spin the top of the drum anticlockwise until two arrows align then you can remove the lid and pleated filter, take out the mesh filter and empty the drum into the bin (carefully as it will be very dusty) you can wash the drum if necessary and brush off the mesh filter. Give the pleated filter a good shake (over a bin) and the replace all the bits and put it back in you vacuum.

      What do I think?
      Like all new toys my other half had to try it first (even though he never vacuums he still felt the need to test it out) and he was impressed with it so it had to be good, then I had my go and what a difference to my old cleaner, it actually sucks everything up without having to do the same bit of carpet over end over again.

      Even though it is a bit on the heavy side its very easy to push around and having the adjustable height allows me to make sure I'm picking up everything off the wood floor and my rugs (which having a child who has just started crawling is very important).

      Once I had done the front room I decided to test it on the stairs, would it pass the "is the hose long enough to reach the top" test and yes it passed with flying colours, I left the cleaner at the bottom and managed to get all the way to the top. This is the best cleaner I have ever used on stairs because it comes with the Turbo Tool which is basically a mini vacuum brush in a plastic housing (a mini version of the brush on the main cleaner), you attach it to the hose and the suctions makes the brush go round so your stairs get the same cleaning power that your floor does.

      This cleaner also has an eco switch which enables you to turn down the power when cleaning more delicate items such as curtains etc, this also reduces energy costs.

      I must admit I found it very amusing when my other half decided to use the tools but didn't read the instructions first (typical man), he couldn't understand why dust etc was flying up through the hole where the hose should have been, I took great pleasure in telling him he should have switched it to tools first (this raises the height of the brush so it does not throw dust everywhere).

      I would say that this is by far the best cleaner I have owned and somehow it only ended up costing us £77 instead of £98


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    • Product Details

      Includes crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, plastic extension tubes and turbo nozzle / Short name: Morphy Richards S73335

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