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Numatic HVB200 Henry

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    3 Reviews
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      03.01.2009 10:22
      Very helpful
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      Great cheap cleaner

      I always figured there must be a reason why you see commercial cleaning companies in offices and the like using those little vacuum cleaners with the smiley faces called Henry and after owning one I now understand why they do, the little darlings are just excellent at their job.

      The first reason and the thing I like about them most is that mine is very light, even when the bag starts to fill it is still easy to move around and not at all cumbersome, it weights 6.9kg empty, my house has a fair amount of clutter but my Henry Sideshow Lovejoy (named after a couple of Simpsons characters) never topples over and s easy to drag about the house. Made from tough plastic is has with stood a few knocks and is in great condition still.

      The second reason for me is the great cleaning qualities, it has a 1,200w motor and produces a great amount of suction which has not deteriorated over time with use, it is very effective on thick carpeted floors and removes all the visible bits of thread and dirt from the floor and judging by the way it fills the bags it does a great job on the stuff you cannot see as well. It is good on all surfaces and we use ours in the car as well and it is good at removing larger bits of gravel and mud as well.

      It does use a bag however each one holds 9 litres of waste when full so you are not changing it all the time and it is very simple to change the bags and to keep the whole cleaner nice and clean, maintenance on it is very easy which is another attractive feature for me.

      It also has an energy save feature with energy settings, it will start on the lowest one and if you need more power you can increase it however once switched off it goes back to the lower setting the next time you use it.

      The attachments are great and give it a long range with a 2.5m hose and extendable rods, I find doing the stairs really easy with the different attachments.

      At under £100 these are gret vacuum cleaners that are light and very effective at their job.


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        29.10.2008 21:17
        Very helpful


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        A very good vacuum cleaner

        We have been through quite a few vacuum cleaners in the past 7 years and the only which has stood out is good old Henry.

        It is funny how having a smiley face makes this appliance endearing and likeable. Not only that, but Henry has been the best, the most efficient and the most resistant of all.

        We've owned bagless vacuums, light vacuums, "pretty" vacuums but this one is the only one that's done a good job.

        With 2 cats and a toddler, it is essential to have an efficient vacuum cleaner and Henry keeps its promises.

        It is a bit heavy but the fact you roll the cable in manually means it doesn't get jammed and you can bash Henry as many times as you want, it won't be a problem as it is one robust household appliance.

        I wouldn't go back to another brand now.
        Good old Henry did the job for our Grandparents and it does the job for us now.


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          26.10.2008 16:33
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          I am really pleasedwith my new buy, I know he is with me for at least 4 years.

          Over the years I have worked my way through many vacuum cleaners, with my favourite being the Dyson upright bag less version, I have now come to believe that the Dyson are not very good as I have gone through two of these in the past three years.

          On Wednesday I started up my Dyson and it started to spark and smell of burning, I contacted the Dyson customer services who would not help as my warranty had just expired, so the Dyson went to the tip.

          I then remembered my mum having a Henry numatic vacuum cleaner, this little hover lasted her years and I think she still has it today, so I settled on treating myself to a Henry as I know that they are great little vacuum cleaners.

          I ordered my Henry online and within forty eight hours, he was smiling happily on my doorstep.


          The Henry HVB200 is a high performing vacuum cleaner with a large 1200w motor, which is very powerful that it can pick up grime from carpets, concrete, hard flooring, laminate, lino and even wood.

          This hoover has a fantastic suction so there is nothing this hoover will not pick up, this is why the Henry range has become popular with commercial businesses and builders as it is very reliable.

          Although this hoover does take bags it has a 9 litre capacity, so a bag will last ages. You can even buy cloth bags that you empty and re-use so I will be getting one of these as it will save me buying hoover bags for my new Henry.

          The best thing about this handy little Henry is the fact is comes with an AutoSave Low Energy System. Every time you switch on you automatically start on the economy setting saving you power, If you need to get the hoover to pick up abnormal items such as concrete then press this little switch and it will automatically go on to Hi power mode.

          The Henry is very light weight only weighing 6.9kg, which makes it possible to cart and drag around the house easily.

          I have been amazed at how easily and manovarable this little Henry is, with its 2.4 meter hose and extending Stainless steel rods, there is nowhere that Henry cannot get into, I only have to plug in at one place upstairs and down stairs as it also comes with a very long 10 meter cable.

          The vacuum cleaner itself is made of a light weight plastic and is bright blue and black in colour, the novel thing about this is it has a cute smiling face on the front of the cleaner, I love this because no matter how hard you work him he still smiles at me.


          As I have never been very good at maintaining hovers I decided to take out extra insurance on my Henry, this was offered within my instruction and user manuals that came with the hover.

          I automatically got 2 years warranty with my new Henry, but after I contacted the Henry vac customer service team, I Got an extra two years for 24.99 which I feel is a complete bargain.

          I now have a four year warranty and if anything goes wrong with Henry I get a brand new one to replace him.


          I purchased my Henry at www.henryvacs.co.uk for the bargain price of 89.00 plus vat. This included a 2 year warranty and free 48 hour shipping.


          I did find it very hard to choose the correct hoover for me, as they all look very cute and have the novelty factor to them.

          Here are some of the other hoovers from the Henry range.

          Hetty is a new model from the 2009 range, she has the same facilities as my Henry but she is bright pink and black in colour with huge pink eye lashes. I have to say I would have got her as she looks so cool, but my husband refused to hover up if I did. She will cost you 93.00 plus vat.

          Charles wet and dry vacuum cleaner, is bright blue very similar looking to my Henry. He is designed to hover and suck up water, so if you suffer from flooding on a regular basis or have tons of water to suck up then he is your man. Charles costs 117.69 plus vat.

          George the vacuum is bright green and he is not only a hoover but he also washes and dries carpets and upholstery, he comes with loads of attachments to cater for general hoovering and carpet cleaning. He will set you back 162.63 plus vat, and I have to say I think I would be money well spent.

          James is a heavy duty vacuum cleaner, which is used by builders as he has great suction and will pick up everything without batting an eye lid. He can be used with or without bags. This has a bucket like top so you can put cleaning products in there if you wish. James is very cheap at 75.96 plus vat, but in my opinion me does not look as cute as the rest of them.

          MY OPINION

          I cannot believe I put up with these bad Dyson hovers so long, when these little gems have been around for years.

          I love that they don't make as much noise as my old hover, this now allows me to hover whenever I want without worrying about upsetting the neighbours.

          He is amazing and zips around after me, without me having to pull and tug at him. I can understand why people have used these for years, they are so easy to use and the compact design has made storage a lot easier.

          I know many people who have the Henry or a similar one from the range and they have lasted years, so I just hope I get the same satisfaction out of my new friend.

          Not only was the hover very attractive but so was the price, I could buy two of these from the price of a dyson which would only last me a year or eighteen months.

          If anyone is in the market for a hoover, then I highly recommend the Henry as he is the man.


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