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Panasonic MCUG302 Upright

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    3 Reviews
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      18.05.2013 12:16
      Very helpful



      Panasonic MCE-3002 / MC-UG302

      ==Panasonic MCE-3002 Upright Vacuum Cleaner==


      Most Vacuum Cleaner brands in the UK have been designed to be bagless within the last few years, instead of the traditional bagged design that is cheaper to produce but bagged vacuums have become a lesser good quality recently as manufacturers are concentrating on bagless vacuums. Hoover only produce 2 Bagged Uprights which are from the Purepower Range & they're not the best, extremely hard to push across the floor & have the tendancy to continue falling over. Electrolux produce 1, the Powerlite Upright which is lighter than the Purepower but has a rubbish hose & dosen't feel as well made as what they used to be. Sebo & Miele produce bagged uprights but they're heavy & the Miele ones are really heavy! Lastly Panasonic produce 3, the MC-UG302, the MC-UG304 & the MC-UG522 where they are available everywhere.

      ==About Panasonic & Their Bagged Uprights in the UK==

      Whenever I hear the name Panasonic, I immediately think of good quality electronics. My brothers Panasonic Sound System is still working after 11 years use, even though it was about £90 at the time. They've been producing their bagged upright vacuums since 1989 & have always been cheap to buy. Over the years the vacuums have become more basic with more powerful motors, & in 1995 they started to produce vacuums in this style but in different colours with different features. They were originally produced in Spain up until about 2005 & since then they've moved production to China where these vacuums have become even more basic. What is weird though is how these were known as Miele vacuums in the US.

      ==Pricing / Features==

      The 1900w Panasonic MCE-3002 Upright can be found these days as the Panasonic MC-UG302 which is the exact same specification & design, just a different model. This Panasonic costs £79.99 on Argos & £77.99 on Amazon.co.uk, which to be fair to find a good quality vacuum for under £100 these days is pretty good going. Panasonic still require you to screw the handle in to the top but so does the Electrolux Powerlite, & screw the 1.4m Hose in & wrap it around the back of the vacuum. I think that if Panasonic are to continue producing these vacs, they'll have to reduce the power to 900w motors again like they did in the 1990's, as Europe are putting a cap on how much electricity motors can have. Panasonic do give a good length of cord, 7m which is ample enough to vacuum the hallway without unplugging, & at least there are swing cord hooks which allow quick & easy access to the cord.

      ==Product Specification==

      *260 air watts.
      *Length of hose 1.64m.
      *Stretch hose for staircase cleaning.
      *Hose stretches up to 2.6m.
      *Capacity of dustbag 6.1 litres.
      *Total capacity 4.5 litres.
      *Uses disposable dustbags - 5 bags included.
      *Dustbag full indicator.
      *Electrostatic filtration.
      *Manual on/off control.
      *Includes crevice tool and dusting brush.
      *On-board tool storage.
      *Plastic extension tubes.
      *Suitable for all floor types.
      *6.7m power cord.
      *Product may require assembly.
      *Size H105, W33, D32cm.
      *Weight 6.3kg.

      ==Product Performance==

      After plugging in, all the Panasonic requires you to do is tilt the machine back using the foot pedal which is nice & easy to unlock & simply press the big button on the left side you can't miss it & that's all you need to do, no variable power, nothing like that, just switch on & go. Shamefully, this vacuum is noisy. Panasonic have not done anything such as insulation etc. for this vacuum, so you really do hear the noise. Also, the brush roll makes quite a racket too. Not on carpets as such, but on hard floors & when in upright position it rotates so much it makes the machine vibrate. There is a hot fan at the front which is not good as it blows dust away on hard floors & prevents proper pick up. What's great about this machine is that it's lighweight at only 6.3kg which whilst compared to our old Morphy Richards Upright I used to own is excellent. You can see why these are a hit with old people as this was my nan's from new until a month ago, when she gave it to me. What's great is the automatic height adjusting floor head, you don't have to bend down to change the floor setting, there's no cheap sliders or dials to break off & when you put the vacuum into upright position the brush rotates still, but off the floor so it minimises damage to floors.

      Ever since the move of production to China, Panasonic have stopped putting on the Stop Brush bar function, a function which was put on the vacuums so owners could switch the bar off & vacuum hard floors & using the tools etc. Well by using the vacuum above floors aswell as using the tools meaning i've had an experience with it & it hasn't harmed the floors or carpets. Another great feature of the Panasonic is the edge cleaning funtion, it works great & cleans right up to the sides, literally so this prevents getting out the hose / crevice tool which is a bit of a bother.

      ==Hose Cleaning / Tools==

      All the while whilst the Panasonic is good for floor cleaning, hose cleaning isn't the best. For the price you get a hose that is 1.64m relaxed & they claim it stretches to 2.6m, which I think is about right but does make the vacuum tip over. Alongside the hose you get a long extension pipe, a long crevice tool which slots into the extension pipe & a crevice brush which the crevice tool slots in to. The crevice brush can be used in different forms if you use it in a way that suits the suction & how the hose fits. The tools feel really cheap & the extension pipe / crevice tool feel like they could snap if used heavy handedly. The crevice tool does make the vacuum fall over if pulled & due to the 2 holes at the top to let out suction air or relief, the crevice tool has lost lot of suction. It depends how you use the crevice tool though, on stairs & fireplaces / corners it works fine, but anything else it will not pick up properly. Shame how no other tools fit, as the tubes use a different measurement which is a weird size. Shame, as otherwise a turbo nozzle could be used which combined with the 1900w motor power, would be great for pet hair & would make a great budget vacuum for pet owners. For stairs, I did use all the tools with the hose & I managed to make 8 steps before I had to carry the vacuum & put it on the 1st step. Due to it's slim shape, the Panasonic is easy to carry up the stairs & also due to it's light weight.


      I only ever do a downsides section if something on the product is worth moaning, I mean mentioning about. It's the hose. Panasonic do state that the hose is 1.64m in length, even stating that it will stretch to 2.6m, which I think is about average. The only thing is, is that the does stretch, except it makes a massive hissing / whistling noise which is very loud. Also, pull the hose too roughly & the vacuum crashes down, but so far I have managed to stop the vacuum from crashing down on me. To be fair it's only the hose that's the downside of this vacuum as for an upright it's very easy to use due to it's light weight & slim shape. What a shame though is that no extra stretch stair hose is available for this vacuum, but you'll have to live with it unless you purchase a compact cylinder vacuum for above floor cleaning.

      ==Bags & Filters==

      What I do like is how easy the bag is to change & install. To open the front, simply grab the door & pull, no catches to break so theirs an advantage. Inside the bag has plenty of room to move around in & they install easily too. The bags slot in & stay on & you can buy bags for this from Wilko & Amazon, eBay etc. but these are just average paper bags. You can buy them direct from Panasonic which includes the filters for the vacuum & they cost approx £5.95 for a pack of 5. I have been using Wilko branded ones in it & they have worked alright so far, at 5 litres the capacity is big & approx double the size of Bagless cups.

      Filtration seems to be OK, the air that comes out of the front smells clean but I did clean the filter by washing it in hot water & a dash of fairy liquid. The dirt came off nicely & it dried quickly but when I put it back in it smelt fresh.

      ==Extra Maintenance==

      What a pity is that the Panasonic relies on 2 drive belts to make the brush work. Most rely on one but the Panasonic needs 2. I unscrewed the base as it needed changing & replaced the belt which was the small one & it needed quite a bit of effort to put on. However the worst part is that to replace the big belt you need to take off the smaller one first & you might find it takes lots of effort if you have weak muscles in your hands. What is a shame that if you're a bit whacky with the vacuum, eg keep bashing it into walls etc. scrapes & dents are made quickly over time & dirt shows on the white finish.


      For the price this is a good basic vacuum that's fine for floors only or office vacuuming but for above floor cleaning it's not the best, so you might want to consider a compact cylinder vacuum if you're looking to purchase this. The edge cleaning is great & the brushroll gives a good carpet clean & hard floors. Yes it is noisy but what vac isn't? & the durability is good, read reviews on any site & many have bought these to replace their old Panasonics after 15 years or so. It's a good upright, lightweight & I would recommend it for floor only. It cost £60 6 years ago & still works great for a made in P.R.C. product.

      Thanks for Reading!


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      09.02.2013 18:19
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good and reliable vacuum


      I have owned this upright vacuum cleaner twice over the past 10 or so years. This hoover made by Panasonic has proved itself reliable and effective over the years. I have owned my latest one for around 3 years and still works as good as new. I find this device is quite heavy to carry around from room to room but the hoover was bought quite cheaply at £50 from Argos and I have had no major problems with this hoover at all. In short I would say that the relatively low price and reasonably good hoovering make this a good purchase. The Panasonic brand is highly reliable, amongst the leading corporations within the household. It is safe to say that this vacuum cleaner and brand is not within the Dyson league, but at least the price is not overly inflated.

      The Panasonic MC-302

      The product comes with a few product benefits such as being super lightweight, though I do not completely agree with this claim. Then I move on to the vacuum cleaner which states that it has a 1900W clean filtration system. On the whole the filter stays clean, but only when the dust bag is full, then I have found that dust blows out of the filter which is not good. The good thing about the cables are that they have to be neatly tidied and placed around a handy holder which loops the cables around. The power button on the side is also useful for easy powering and switching off. The hoover is quite easy to move around and would pose not many problems for most people. The device is also good in that the vacuum can be adjusted at certain angles to allow effective cleaning movements with the device. I have no problems when using the tilting mechanism and also the vacuum does have a nice roller at the front of the base. Another thing to note is that the vacuum cleaner has edge cleaning on both sides and the suction part is located at the front of the base. I like this machine because it hoovers effectively. The hose can be removed to clean in some awkward places and the device comes with a few useful attachments. I like this machine as a result and I really can not think of many disadvantages accordingly. I do not have pets of my own so really can not comment fully here, though I have read a few short reviews of this product and some reviewers claim that this vacuum cleaner is effective in cleaning and taking away dog hairs from floors. Separately I have found this a really good hoover because I can clean my bedroom with minimum fuss. The definite negative would have to be when using this machine to clean/clear staircases because it feels a bit heavy to keep lifting the device every few stair steps. Another advantage is that this piece of equipment does have well designed storage space for some of the attachments as well.


      The manufacturer claims to have excellent level of cleaning around edges, and have found that largely this proves to be the case. I have found that the device does not hit skirting boards or make them dirty or result in scratching surfaces. The Panasonic MC-UG302 is very good

      The cable allows the user to effectively clean a good sized room without having to unplug the cable and start again. The length of the cable is approximately 6 meters. The hoover gets the dirt and crumbs off the floor, but I strongly accept that these hoovers do not deep clean dirt fully. They do not go to the base of the carpet but they clear the top and middle parts well. I like the results that the Panasonic vacuum cleaner achieves. The suction is quite powerful but the bag has to be almost or fully empty for the suction to be able to fully clean. For thorough cleaning I have to use the attachment on the nozzle of the hose. The attachments are useful in removing dust from curtains and Venetian blinds. The adjust height system is good as it adjusts to different types of flooring. There is also a spring which automatically adjusts according to the surface level used.


      The build quality of the Pansonic MC-UG302 is quite good but I find a bit heavy to move around from room to room on an effortless basis. The good part of this vacuum cleaner is that it has a strong handle around the area where the power button is located. It has been used to pick up small bit of rubble in the past.

      Well I find the noise of this device to be quite noisy, though it is not something I really recognize this point so much when cleaning the rooms in the house almost every week. In my house I have tiled floors mostly on the downstairs and carpeted areas in the bedrooms and on the stair case. I would not say that this hoover is deafeningly loud but I have to admit that this vacuum cleaner is reasonably loud. This part of the user experience does not matter so much in the bigger picture of things. The Panasonic MC-UG302 also makes some noise when collecting the dust and small pieces of dirt and crumbs on the floor.


      I have to say that the safety of this vacuum cleaner is very safe. I find the hoover easy to use and good on the stair cases and carpeted areas because the attachments that come with the hoover as well as the cable being quite long makes this vacuum cleaner very safe to use. The only negative thing I have noticed when using this hoover is that if the hoover bag is full, there is no real way of knowing this feature until the hoover starts spewing dust. This is the only occasion where I would rate the safety downwards. Other than that I would say that this hoover works well and effectively enough. It does pay to check the bag every few months or so and users would have to replace the hoover bag accordingly. It is safe because I have noticed that the base of the hoover remains in firmly in place when I am cleaning a few steps on my stair case and the hoover stays still.

      Ease of use

      It is easy to press the power button on. It then makes noise and it is switched on. The handling is easy though I do find myself feeling to be a bit aggressive with the machine. The handle and moving around to clean the room is straightforward. I do find myself having to go over a few places sometimes though not too much with this machine.


      Taking the dust bag does require getting some replacements from a specialist shop, and also the bag took me around 20 minutes to replace. This part of replacing the bags is a bit fiddly and not the most straightforward task to complete.

      Another part of the maintenance is that the hoover rejects picking up penny coins and big pieces of rubbish. When picking up coins the hoover machine makes a racket and spits it out eventually. Also when picking up too many big pieces of rubbish the suction area can also get blocked up. The vacuum cleaner also does not like thread. This point continued when the suction part gets blocked up, it can take a while to carefully remove the objects or items that are in the way.
      Value for Money

      I would say that this vacuum cleaner is value for money. I paid £50 a few years ago from Argos and would give this hoover a deserved 8/10 for effectiveness, but around 4/10 for the maintenance and its slightly heavy build design. In the past 10 years I have only replaced this machine with the same model once, so in some respects these machines are built to last a long time. I can't comment on the user manual as I threw away the box a long time ago. The hoover itself is placed in a storage room in my house and the handle makes it easy to carry around. The vacuum cleaner came with a good few attachments that can be used to clean behind sofas, corners of rooms and hard to reach places.
      I do not have pets in my house so I also can not comment on how effective it removes dog hairs.

      Manufacturers Specifications
      1900W Motor
      4.5 Litre Dust Capacity,
      Electrostatic Filtration System
      Final thoughts

      I paid 5 tenners which has lasted me years of vacuuming and keeping the carpets looking like new. To this latter point I don't wear trainers or shoes in the house especially not in the carpet areas. Furthermore this has kept the need to vacuum at a minimum. For most categories this vacuum scores high marks from me, with the exception of maintenance and removing the dust bag. The weight of the hoover depends on the amount of dust in the bag itself which adds to the weight, but I would say that the approximate weight of the vacuum would be around 6kgs. At £50 for this vacuum I think it is a bargain. I have seen in addition this hoover retail for slightly higher for around £80, though my impression is that the hoover merits this price range.


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        06.08.2012 12:35
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        a good vacuum

        ~Panasonic MC-UG302 Vacuum~

        This upright vacuum cleaner is of the bagged variety. It offers 260 air watts for strong sucking power and is a 1900 watt model. Panasonic claim that this hoover is light weight. It is supplied with some tools including a brush and crevice aswell as an extension tube which should be attatched to the hose.

        Other features include :

        *A 1.6m hose which extends to 2.6m - ideal for staircase cleaning
        *A 6.1l dust bag capacity with a total capacity of 4.5l.
        *An indicator lets you know when the bag needs changed
        *A 6.7m power cord
        *5 bags included at time of purchase
        *Electrostatic filtration system

        This vacuum weighs in at 6.3k and measures 104.5 x 32.3 x 32cm. It is white in colour. The vacuum features 'edge to edge' cleaning ability. This vacuum is suitable for all floor types and adjusts to respond to carpet and wooden flooring effortlessly.

        ~Price and Availability~

        The MC-UG302 is one of the cheaper Panasonic vacuums on the market.

        *www.panasonic.co.uk - £79.99
        *Amazon UK - £79.99
        *Argos - £89.99

        A pack of 5 dust bags can be purchased from Argos priced at £6.29.

        ~My Experience~

        I do not have a good track record with vacuum cleaners. When my Vax started playing up at the start of the year, I went through a phase of using the hose to do all my hoovering. This was back breaking stuff and I was too stingy to buy a new vacuum until it was completely dead. My Mum told me she was getting a new vacuum and asked if I wanted her old one which was only a year old - I snapped it up!

        Personally, I do not like bagged vacuum cleaners - I prefer bagless but I won't hold that aspect against this vacuum. Whilst I received this second hand, I have checked with my Mum and she confirmed that there was minimal assembly required when new and it was pretty simple stuff.

        The vacuum itself isn't exactly stylish in appearance hence why I store it in the cupboard when not in use. It looks really old fashioned compared to my old Vax. It is the perfect height for me to use comfortably and feels very sturdy indeed. The bags are easy to insert and dispose of by simply pulling down the front panel of the vacuum. This isn't messy as the dust is well contained. The onboard tools are located at the back of the vacuum and are very neatly presented.

        ~In Use~

        This vacuum has been used for around 18 months between my own house and my Mums. My Mum has stairs in her home and it is fully carpeted. She confirmed that this vacuum was fine to use on her stairs but extending the hose and she was able to carry it up stairs without hassle. Our flat is all on one level but is very big. I have carpet in my living room and my sons room - the rest of the house has wooden flooring and I use this vacuum on all the surfaces.

        The power cord is long which is great but it isn't long enough for me to be able to vacuum my whole flat without having to swap to another plug socket. Our flat, granted, is quite long as we have three large bedrooms. It is an akward shape and I find myself having to plug the power cable into different plugs to avoid it catching on the door frames. This doesn't take very long at all and really isn't a problem for me personally. The cable wraps neatly around the hook at the back of the vacuum when not in use.

        This vacuum is very lightweight and glides like a dream across all flooring types. It doesn't have lots of fiddly buttons to mess around with - just press the on switch and press down on the foot leaver and off you go! The vacuum adjusts well to the different floor types in my home and performs well on both carpet and wooden flooring. The vacuum is very noisy but not any more so than other vacuums I have used in the past.

        In terms of cleaning, this vacuum does perform well and satisfies my cleaning needs. It isn't as good as the more expensive vacuums (including my sisters which is a fancy Vax) but it suits us. I don't think I would purchase a more expensive vacuum for our home unless we chose to carpet the whole house. The vacuum picks up crumbs and dust from the carpet easy enough without the constant need to run over the same area - it has reasonably good suction. I notice that it brings my sons bedroom carpet up looking fresh and tidy. My hair falls out a lot and even when I have vacuumed already, I still notice strands so I do not think this would be ideal for pet owners in my opinion unless you are willing to get down on your knees with the hose!

        I prefer to sweep my wooden flooring and then hoover up the little bundle of dust. I do occasionally get lazy and run over the flooring with the vacuum. This vacuum covers a good amount of flooring at anyone time but I haven't been overly impressed with the 'edge to edge' aspect as I find that any dust is still noticeable along the front of my skirting boards after vacuuming. I end up needing to use the hose with the tools attatched to get into the corners and along the skirting boards. The tools are really good and pretty standard for a vacuum. The brush is really good and allows me to sweep out dust that I didn't know was there! Perfect for under the radiators and hard to reach areas. The hose extends well and is very durable.

        How often you need to change the bag depends on how much you hoover up. Despite using daily, I do not vacuum a massive amount up so one bag has lasted us for ages. I've only just had to change it for the first time since I brought this home from my Mums so it does hold quite a bit. The indicator works well and is very reliable.


        Overall this vacuum has been reliable. Personally, I will keep using this one until I decided to buy another bagless one. This is a good vacuum for the price range it falls in to. It would suit those with stairs or those on the one level and is very easy to use and manouver around the home.

        Thanks for reading :)

        *written for the Doolympians Four relay team!*


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      • Product Details

        The white Panasonic MC-UG302 Vacuum Cleaner is efficient and also lightweight at only 6.3kg, so it's easily manoeuvrable around your home / The easy access hose means you can clean quickly and easily, whilst the range of onboard tools such as the crevice nozzle, dusting brush and extension wand help you to reach hard-to-reach places / You will always know when you need to change the bag of the Panasonic MC-UG302 Vacuum Cleaner too as it includes a bag-full indicator / The affordable Panasonic MC-UG302 Vacuum Cleaner offers quick and easy cleaning for discerning householders! Characteristics Type Upright vacuum cleaner Power (Watts) 1900W Appropriate power (Watts) 260airwatts Bag volume or reservoir (litre) 4.5 litres Filter type Electrostatic filtration system Indicator for bag content Yes Ergonomy Cable length 6.7m Others Colours White Weight (Kg) 6.3kg / Short name: Pana MC-UG302

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