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Quest Steam Mop Cleaner

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An affordable and effective steam mop cleaner, the Quest is a solid investment. Although it is slightly flimsy and tricky to use at times, it gets the job done and at much less cost than most.

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    5 Reviews
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      27.02.2014 12:53



      Poor build quality

      I bought one of these because the majority of the floors in my house are either tiled or floorboards. I saw this on offer and decided to purchase one as the vax range of steam cleaners were out of my price range. When I got the parts out of the box, it was slightly difficult to put together, not because it was complex, but because some of the components were stiff and difficult to push together. I would ask for help putting this together if you have problems with strength in your arms or hands. Once I put the steam mop together, I filled it with water and switched it on and let it heat up. Once it heated, I started to use it and was very happy with the cleaning quality on all surfaces. Considering it was only 900 watts and other steamers are much more powerful, I was impressed.

      However, the shortfall of this steam mop is not how well it cleans, but the quality of the build. About 4 months after buying this, the socket that connects the base to the water tank snapped. I was disappointed and asked for a replacement rather than a refund. The second replacement came and the same thing happened again within weeks. This time I received a refund and got a vax which was reduced to the same price. I have been happier with it due to the build quality. I would only recommend the quest steam mop if you are only using it for occasional use.


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      26.09.2013 15:43
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good steam mop for the price.

      ~*~*~ Quest Steam Mop Cleaner ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a steam mop by the makers Quest. It cleans the floors with the power of steam and does quite a good job of it too.

      ~ Why I bought it ~

      My hubby had been on and on at me to get a steam mop for ages, I wasn't too bothered as I was happy enough to use a regular mop but after watching the shopping channels whilst flicking through the TV in the night I did start to get steam mop envy!

      They looked so good and so effortless that I decided I did want one after all. I didn't want to spend a fortune so I went onto Amazon for a browse.

      I was initially quite taken with a Vax steam cleaner/mop but then I found this along with a handheld steamer and for both it came to more than £20 less than the Vax so I decided to get these two cleaners.

      I knew I would use the handheld for the cooker/microwave/windows etc but that it wasn't any good for the floor but this mop was ideal.

      ~ Flooring ~

      In my home I have a range of different flooring, in my living room it's laminate, in the kitchen and passage it's cushion floor, in the dining room it's tiles and in the bathroom it's vinyl tiles so there's a good range to test this out on but mainly I use it in the living room.

      Thinking of the shopping channel advertisements they show the mops going over a few different floor types with ease, now this steam mop isn't as powerful as the ones on TV but it does do a good job.

      I find that if the floor is relatively clean and by that I mean no dried on milk splashes (Yes little one I am looking at you) no sauce splashes (yes 6yr old I am looking at you) then this will effectively sanitise and clean the floors with very little effort but if there are some splashes or spills that have dried then it makes it a little more difficult and I tend to have to either go over them a few times or wipe them away with a cloth/regular mop before I steam clean.

      I find in the passage where it's more footprints and just general marks then this works brilliantly and does get the cushion floor up sparkling clean.
      It's the same in the bathroom where it's not dirty just a bit grubby and this cleans it up in no time.

      I would say that it is best used for floors that are not grimy just grubby looking if that makes any sense at all?

      ~ Using the steam mop ~

      To use this couldn't be simpler. It's as easy as make sure the dial is turned to the off position, fill the tank, plug it in, wait for it to heat up, turn the dial to the on position and your away to go.

      It comes with two microfibre cleaning pads that fit snugly onto the foot of the mop and tighten with a draw cord toggle, these can washed and tumble dried and that is what I do after each use.

      When it first came I was surprised by how small the box was but that was due to the fact that it came apart and needed very easily to do assembly. It was a case of putting on the handle and it was set up and ready to go.

      I was a little surprised at the height of the mop as it stand quite tall and at first I did think I would have difficulty using it as I am a shorty but it's fine, I think the height gives me more leverage so I can glide it across the floors with ease.

      It also comes with a carpet glider and this fits onto the foot for when you may want to freshen carpets up, I haven't used this yet, despite owning it for a good few months. I expect I will try it out eventually but I can't see why it wouldn't work to freshen up rugs.

      The first time I used the steam mop I forgot to position the dial to the off position in my haste to use it and ended up leaking water over the floors, when I realised my mistake, I unplugged it, left it to cool, changed the mop pad and then re-started and that time it worked brilliantly. It heats up in around 6 minutes or so and from there you get a good amount of time to steam your floors, I have done the living room, passage and kitchen with still half a tank of water remaining s it does last a while.

      ~ Any faults ~

      As I have already mentioned, you do need to have relatively clean floors before using this, it's not too good on sticky spills which we get a lot of in this house what with having four children, but to sanitise and clean it is very good.

      It's great on dirty shoe prints on the floor and any dust or grubbiness but not so good on sticky spills so I wipe them up first before using the mop.

      ~ Price & Availability ~

      I bought my Quest Steam Mop from Amazon where I paid in the region of £20, I haven't seen these for sale anywhere other than Amazon but a quick look online does show a few web based retailers that stock it, it can also be bought on Ebay.

      At the moment Amazon have it for sale at £26.78 and that includes free super saver delivery and it is well worth the price.

      ~ Overall ~

      For the low price I paid for this steam mop I can't complain, okay it's not great on sticky spills but it's brilliant on everything else. It doesn't leave the floors soaked after use and is a good steam mop.

      I like that the floors are clean as my son who is two does like to play on the floor with his cars and knowing the floors have been steam cleaned and therefore sanitised makes me confident that the floors are as clean as I can get them.

      It's great for whizzing around in the evenings and the floors are left completely dry within minutes of use.

      Yesterday I moved the coffee table and noticed that a leaflet had fallen under and someone had spilt a drink so the leaflet was stuck to the floor, as I was using the steam mop I held the mop just over the paper stuck to the floor and after 10 seconds of the steam blasting the paper it came away immediately.

      There is no smell which is a drawback for me because I like the clean scent on the floor cleaner such as Flash but as this is using water and only water you don't get the nice lemon scent that I like ... That's me being weird I think!

      I do know my floors are left clean and shiny and this is a purchase I am glad I made.

      It's quite a slim mop so I keep it in the little passage way between my kitchen and living room as it slots neatly into a small space, it's easy to store away as it isn't a big cumbersome cleaner.

      I like it!

      Thank for reading :o) x


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        05.07.2013 19:10
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        For £30 this is a really good steamer and one I would highly recommend to all

        =Quest Steam Mop Cleaner=

        About two years ago we had the bathroom renovated or should I say gutted, swopped around and ending up as a wet room, and although we regularly wash the floor with a mop with disinfectant in the water, I felt that it needed a little extra.

        =Steam Mops=
        Over the last couple of years steam mops are coming more popular and as such the price has reduced, although there are still more expensive items the affordable now seems to have good write ups, which is how just before Christmas I came to ordering this Steam Mop Cleaner.

        I was really surprised to find that the steam cleaner does not use any detergents, and uses the steam to sanitize the floor.

        =Amazon to the rescue=
        After shopping around on Amazon, I settled for this Quest Steam Mop as it was just under £30, the mop came with two replaceable heads, and you could also purchase additional mop heads, which I did at the time, I got a pack of three for about £7.

        There are instructions with the mop, although they were adequate enough, I feel they could be improved on, it was enough to get it set up, but it was a case of work the rest by trial and error.

        =The Steam Mop=
        The steam mop is a yellow colour, when the parcel arrives you have to set the steamer up as it is in parts, but it took about 5 minutes, for us to set up.

        =Little Jug=
        The steamer comes with a jug that you use to pour the water into the cylinder.

        =First Time=
        Before you get let loose with the actual cleaning, you need to seal the water tank, this is less complicated than it sounds, basically you fill it with water turn it on, let it heat up, then empty the water, this seals the tank, so the next time you can use it for the purpose.

        =Close Position=
        On the mop there is an open and close on the dial, the close you need to use when your heating the water, which I find on average takes about 30 seconds to heat up, then when you're ready to use, pop to open and your ready to use.

        =Up and Running=
        As soon as you press open the steam starts to work and you lift the mop off the floor, following the instructions, you need to hold the mop over the area for 5 seconds to sanitize the area.

        I found it a bit weird holding for 5 seconds, so I tend to work slowly around, and if there is a mark on the floor, then I will pop the steamer on and hold for a few more seconds.

        From a full tank, I find that I get about 20 minutes, cleaning, which as first seemed to be a really short time, but after using a few times, I find that the 20 minutes, I can get the bathroom (vinyl floor) and the kitchen (tiled) both cleaned.

        =Mop heads=
        I was really surprised at how dirty the mop head got, there is part of me thinking are we that dirty we've used the shower, but then when you look at the other side of the coin, is that it is picking up what I would class as invisible dirt, and the difference is unbelievable, we use the mop about three times a week in the bathroom, as we use to run over with a mop daily and give it a deep clean weekly by scrubbing the floor, we have now elimated this and do the job in 5 minutes flat.

        =Washing the Mop Heads=
        You just take the mop head off and pop into the washing machine, and it comes up as good as new, were still using 2 of the original mop heads, as I think of one to wash one to wear.

        =If you have bits over the floor=
        This does not pick up like a Hoover, so if you have bits on the floor you still need to Hoover.

        =Value for Money=
        I think this is excellent value for money, I know the old saying you get what you pay for, so to be honest I wasn't expecting too much from the product, as I would have expected to pay around £100 to get a good steam cleaner, but the budget did not allow, but for £30 this really is the Rolls Royce of steam cleaners in that price bracket.

        =My Niggles=
        I don't have niggles as such, just points that I feel could be improved on, the main one being the markings on the water tank, as they are not 100% clear and you need to be on top of it to see the markings, but when you have used it a few times, you soon get the hang of it, and it becomes 2nd nature on where to fill.

        =Mr Thrifty=
        Even Mr Thrifty offers to clean the floor, and he doesn't moan, so this has to be a plus point.

        I rate this as a 5/5 and I would highly recommend it to all.


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          01.07.2013 23:45
          Very helpful



          An okay steam mop, works but not top quality

          When we moved house a couple of months ago, although we have a lot to do to the house, we have a lovely new open plan kitchen/dining area which is all tiled. We also, in time, plan to get a lot of wooden floors down rather than the carpet which is currently in many rooms and needs replaced. So, when a friend of mine told me about her steam mop and how good she found it on her floors, I was quite interested. What also really appealed to me about a steam mop in general, was the fact that the steam sanitizes your floor, and this to me is especially important when you have a child. My daughter drops food, particularly if she has a bowlful of cheerios and is very quick to reach down and put it in her mouth, before I have got a chance to stop her. At least with the steam mop, I feel that if I don't get there in time, the floor that the food has dropped on is very clean.

          My friend told me that she hadn;t gotten a fancy steam mop, in fact it was one she picked up in Lidl, and it was still going strong after quite a number of years. So, although I saw the fancier and more expensive steam mops on the likes of Amazon, I decided to try the cheaper option which had generally positive reviews and I bought this Quest Steam MOp, which cost me around £30 on amazon. This mop came with two free washable mop heads, and there is the often to purchase more as well online. I wanted to see how well the steam mop would work before I bought a lot of extra mop heads. This steam mop is yellow in colour, and you have to put it together when it arrives. The instructions that came with the steam mop were very basic and gave enough information to get you started and that was it. THere were still questions my husband and I had about the mop that weren't on the instruction manual and we just had to figure out ourselves. This mop also came with a carpet glider part, although I haven't used it for that.

          This mop comes with a little jug to fill the steam mop with water. There was no indication of how much you should put in, so the first time we used it, my husband filled it quite high. WE realised quickly that we didn't need that much to do our kitchen, dining room, utility and bathroom floors, which are all tiled and so every time since I have only filled it to about half, and even at that, not all the water is generally used.

          It is important to ensure you have the dial on the close position when the steam mop is heating, which is said to be 30 seconds. Of course, there is no indication by the mop when it is ready, so you either time it yourself, or in my case I put a few things away in the kitchen and assume it is ready. Once I think it is ready, I open the dial and as soon as you lift the mop off the ground you can hear the steam. The instructions suggest to sanitize the area you need to hold the mop over it for around 5 seconds, but to be honest if I was to do that to the kitchen floor, I would there all night cleaning it, so instead, I slowly push the mop around the kitchen and if I know there is an area that something has been spilled on, I will hold it on the area for longer.

          If you want to be sure that it has cleaned your floors, all you have to do is look at the mop head when you are finished. Even after using this for over a month, the mop head is still dirty after using it on the floors, showing you what dirt is on your floor on a daily basis. It is important to point out that this mop does not lift bits and pieces off the floor and you will still need to sweep up or hoover the floor. It literally cleans and sanitizes the floor.

          There are several gripes I have with this steam cleaner. Firstly, the water holder. THere is no measurements on it, but more importantly the only way that my husband and I can get the water out of it after the floors have been cleaned is to tip it upside down into the sink. It doesn't seem to be well designed, and you would have thought it would have been better if you could have removed the water area to discard unused water, rather than having to tip the machine over. THe other gripe I have is that the mop heads aren't always the easiest to get in position, and on occasion have come off during cleaning and I have tried to fix it without getting burnt.

          All in all, I'm positive there are much better quality mops out there on the market, but you do pay more. I don't have the feeling that this mop will last me years and years as it feels quite flimsy, and I think in time, when we have more wooden floors down in the house, I will invest in a new and better quality steam mop, but for now, it does what I need, keeping my floor clean and sanitised, and it doesn't take me long to mop over the tiled floors in our house so it isn't an added household chore really.


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          18.06.2013 21:55
          Very helpful



          You get what you pay for

          I moved in with my boyfriend and his dog last year. I love them both, bless 'em, but there version of clean is very different to mine and the dogs little 'presents' when we leave him (I'm trying to train him out of that little habit but he's 12 years old so I think it may be a lost battle) meant that the floor was never completely clean. After moaning quite a bit whilst constantly cleaning my boyfriend came home one day with a Quest Steam Mop so that I'd stop the whining. It worked too, for a little while. We've now upgraded to a more powerful and adaptable Karcher steam cleaner but for the price the Quest Steam Mop is not that bad a purchase.

          ~How it works~
          Well, I'm not a technically person by any means so get ready for the dummies version. Water added to the mop is heated until if forms steam. The steam cleans the floor, via a microfibre floor cloth which catches the muck. The steam not only cleans but apparently also deodorises, getting rid of bad smells. The heat is also meant to kill germs, bacteria and dust mites. I'm not sure how much of this is true. I do know that the floor is cleaner to a much higher standard than a normal mop (You do still have to hoover first). The steam gets up a lot of dirt, including some stubborn stains (But only to some degree, after using the Kracher I realised that there was a lot it hadn't got). It states that cleaning agent isn't required but started putting a little bit of floor cleaner in it after a while just to get that gleam.
          The 30 seconds it is supposed to take to warm up id more like a minute. There is an indicator light that changes colour when it is the right temperature to use. You need to stay near it though and it moving it as it heats if cleaning wood or laminate floor as it made part of the floor slightly lighter.

          The design is similar to the non-electric hoover brushes that suck up the dust. The unit is very light in weight and is easy to carry around. It glides easily and is easy to use.

          The mop comes with two microfibre cloths that fit over the bottom of the mop (best not to change them when it's still hot). Each cloth can generally do a semi-dirty room although the dirtier the cloth gets the less effective the mop is. It doesn't attempt to soak in the muck as other versions do and the cloths get very soggy so you reach a certain point where you're just spreading wet dirt. You can buy general spare cloths, we picked some up from Homebase that weren't too expensive, but they are not as good as a fit as the clothes provided. The cloths also wash in the washing machine without any issues.

          The cable on the mop is quite short, requring me to use an extension a lot of the time.

          Some options also come with a carpet-glider to clean carpets. Mine does not have this.

          ~Where it can be used~
          The packing states that it is safe on all floors including ceramic tiles, sealed hardwood, carpets and laminate. You'll need an adapter ring to use it on carpets. I've used the mop on both ceramic tiles and laminate floor. Other than slight fading once on the laminate, I have never had any issues.

          ~Filling the machine~
          Firstly, you need to make sure that the machine is turned off before you refill it. I once forgot and ended up with slightly warm water everywhere as it basically just comes straight back out. Because the machine is a bit flimsy I've taken to turning it off at the socket as I don't quite trust the on/off button. This is probably a bit extreme but I always think it's best to be safe.

          The mop has a 500ml tank to hold the water. Filling it requires unscrewing the black cap at the top and pouring the water in. It's not the best design in the world to say the least and I've found that the only way to get water in the machine instead of on the floor is to use one of the little plastic jug things that come with an iron. This can be a bit of a nuisance and if your rooms are average size then chances are you will need to refill before the floor is finished.

          ~Availability & Price~
          Ours was bought a while back for around £35. It is available for between £30 and £40 but I can only find it stocked on ebay at the moment.

          This is a perfect example of you get what you pay for. It's a cheap steam mop (With most on the market between £50 - £100) but due to this it's a bit flimsy. If you only want it for occasional use, small floors or if you don't have pets this is probably good for you. The constant refilling of the water tank, change of clothes and short cable prevent it for being a substantial purchase for a large amount of frequent cleaning. If you want a quick clean, buy this. If you want a versatile and more durable cleaner I'd invest a bit more money.


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