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Royale Senior Vacuum

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    1 Review
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      01.10.2013 20:02
      Very helpful


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      Light vacuum that quickly converts to a hand held machine

      ===The Product===

      Royal Senior 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner.
      Guaranteed 6 months.
      Hand held vac with an additional handle to make it into a full length hoover.
      Extra long handle 26 inches - will click in.
      Unit is 19 inches, crevice tool 7 inches, dust brush 6.5 inches long and floor brush is 9.5 inches wide.
      Has transparent dust unit and no bags.
      Long 20 ft lead.
      600 watt motor.
      Weighs 3.5 lbs.
      Also s a hand vac.
      You can purchase extra filters and a dusting brush.


      Hoover - £29.95 plus £5.95 postage. Buy two for £49.90.
      Replacement filters - standard are £4.95 a pair (or 6 for £12.85). HEPA filters are £5.95 (or three for £11.90).
      On the website you can also buy the following replacements:- long handle, dust container, brush foot or crevice tool - everything in fact except the motor section itself.
      They seem to change their prices and offers as sometimes the crevice tool is free and other times not.

      ===My Opinion===

      I am sorry that Dooyoo did not include an image of this product as it makes it so much easier for those who are not acquainted with the product.

      This is a mostly red 2 in 1 vacuum whereby the hand held section has a long handle that clips in to make it into a vacuum that will reach the floor.

      This product comes as a motor section which is red and half of it is transparent grey plastic which is where the dust is collected. To the end of this hand held motor section you can either add a crevice tool, a dust brush or a larger floor brush. This can now be used as a hand held - or you can click in the long metal handle which has a red plastic gripper handle section to turn it into a light weight vacuum that you can use on floors or carpets.

      I am sure many of you will have come across an advert in the newspapers or magazines which is full page and features an older lady holding a slim red vacuum up in the air with one hand - well this is it!
      My brother in law was buying one for his car I think and kindly bought an extra one with the offer so that I could have one.
      He knew that with me having ME I found normal vacuums too heavy and awkward and that I was currently using a rechargeable carpet sweeper (which is great by the way).

      Anyhow not one to refuse a kind gift I thought this was worth a try.

      It comes in a long white box and fitted together easily. The long metal handle has a little button on the side and it just clicks into place in the motor unit. The brush or crevice tool just pushes into place and to change them round its just a question of pulling them out and inserting the one you want to use.
      The very long flex is also useful as it means that you are not constantly searching for plugs nearby.

      Being just 3.5 lbs I do find it manageable - though it does feel a bit heavier for me that my carpet sweeper. However son finds it great for doing the carpets and will often disappear into is room to clean with it.

      It is easy to use wit the carpet brush attached as there are wheels to the brush which helps it glide over the floor. I love the crevice tool which does around the edges of the room very well - something I have had problems with when using the carpet sweeper. It is also slim enough to get around the bottom of my freezer as well and is also great for doing between cushions on the settee.

      The website does say you can use the crevice tool for curtains and my son has used the dusting brush to clear cobwebs around the corners of his room but personally I would find it too heavy to lift to use in that fashion - but that is more me that the product.

      My son finds it immensely useful now he as a newish car which he wants to keep tidy - used without the long handle and with the crevice tool it cleans out all the mess in the foot well of the car which always tends to get trapped in the weird nooks and crannies.

      I make sure that the little dust container is emptied very often as that way it works more efficiently. The container is quite large but I see no reason to use it until it is full and will empty it after each use. Being transparent you can see what is inside and when I empty it all you have to do is press the red button on the front and the dust container just comes away from the motor. I take this outside - just lift out the filter and tip out the dust and fluff. I also give the filter a bit of a bang to make sure it is clean and I do have an old toothbrush that I keep to brush out the little ridges along the filter's outer side. These filters are not supposed to be washed and the literature advices you to change them every 6 months.

      It switches on and off by means of a black button on the front of the motor so it could not be simpler. Also to convert it from a full size to a hand held vacuum you just press a button on the side of the motor and the long handle just pulls out.
      This is also recommended for caravans and, being slim and small, would pack away into a small cupboard.
      Some people may find it a bit small for doing a whole house but I have to do rooms a little at a time anyway so find this and my other sweeper ideal.

      So pleased my brother in law thought to get me this labour saving present.
      My son was also so pleased when he was cleaning his car that even he said I owe them a big gift this Christmas as a 'thank you'!

      Would definitely recommend this vacuum for anyone who has problems with a heavy full sized cleaner. It is reasonable in price and quite powerful - and would be a great gift for anyone who likes to do their own chores but find they are having problems through age or infirmity.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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