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Russell Hobbs 13759

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Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner / Brand: Russell Hobbs

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    2 Reviews
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      02.05.2012 11:59
      Very helpful



      hoover with no suction that i ended up having to replace

      When i moved into this house, we needed everything new. I went to wilkinsons and spotted this hoover for £45.
      It looked nice and compact, easy to use and great with its Hepa air filter which would pump out clean air was a brilliant idea as we were moving into a new home with a 1 month old child.

      The first use.
      It came with a foot for gathering animal hairs or a normal one. The normal one didn't even fit onto the hoover anywhere.
      I tried it on every possible place to fit it on and nothing came to any avail.
      I got frustrated looking through the manual and it didn't even show this extra foot with the hoover in the "what it comes with" pages on the manual.
      I rang them up for them to tell me a mistake had been made and that foot wasn't meant to be in the box.
      Well, that was a load of good then!.

      So, i pull the cord out and turn it on.
      We bought a new rug and with all the moving of boxes, walking in and out of the house, the rug was soon full on crumbs, dry mud and just dusty mess.
      I started to hoover and nothing was being sucked up.
      After inspection, I realised there was no suction from the machine at all.
      I worried I had bought a hoover which was returned to the store as faulty and has been put back on the shelf.
      I once again called russell hobbs helpline and after 30 minutes of gibberish, they told me to send it to them to inspect.
      It was going to cost me £15 to send in the post and then she said "if it's broken, we won't be paying for the repairs.
      We will send you a bill". I examined the machine once again and tried so hard to get the hoover to suck something up.
      I took the extendable part off and tried it with a small attachment and tried hoovering the skirting boards. It worked!

      The hoover didn't work with the large attachment, but did with the small.
      I boxed the thing back up, marched down to wilkinsons and asked for a refund and told them the problem.
      They lady at the counter then told me that 3 other people had bought back the same hoover in the last week complaining of the same problem.
      I then proceeded onto Tesco and bought myself a new hoover before the house got even more mucky.

      I found this hoover to be really un-reliable and even with my standard waranty i was going to have to pay for the posting off and for the new parts and repairs if it needed it.
      I wouldn't suggest this hoover to anyone. I do however reccommend VAX.
      I have had my hoover for 2 and a half years now and it's trustworthy, small and comes with the right attachments to get into awkward places.
      Wether it was a design fault or just the ones in this store were faulty and didn't know it.
      There really is no point in me giving you the description and weight etc of this hoover as it's not the best working machine.
      I will however review the machine I bought after which works brilliantly and the suction is top notch.
      I also noticed it is no longer for sale in any online stores or instore.
      There must have been a large bulk of problems and they took them out of stores for selling.

      I don't generally like to say a product is that terrible, but this one is. I couldn't get it to work well at all and for £45 i didn't expect anything amazing,
      but i did expect better quality and something which would pick up the crap from the floor.

      Thanks for reading this review.



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        26.08.2007 02:52
        Very helpful



        Russell Hobbs should stick to coffee makers, toasters and kettles.

        So the Dyson is on the blink and you’re in a rush to get the house clean. You’ve had bagged vacuums for years that you wonder why you threw out your old vacuum cleaner when the Dyson was reportedly a lifetime purchase. It may sound like a familiar scenario and for most owners a cheap bagless vacuum may be the solution for a quick fix, especially for owners who like to keep their homes clean on a regular basis or need to because of pets or heavy traffic in the form of kids who keep trampling in mess. What to do in lieu of the Dyson (or any bagless upright or cylinder) being fixed in the meantime?

        Russell Hobbs is a brand which is fairly new to the market with their vacuum cleaners. You think Russell Hobbs and the immediate reaction is a stainless steel kettle which will last for years, or a coffee maker or even a toaster but not a vacuum cleaner. Like Kenwood however you can bet your bottom dollar that the machines in question don’t really belong to Russell Hobbs and have seen service with other brand names on it since their latest foray into the market of vacuum cleaners sees two models, both bagless cyclonic cylinder vacuum models being made in China – again like Dyson, for the reasons to cut down on the cost of production and plastic parts. That however will be pushed to the farthest regions of your mind, when you consider for £39-99 this Russell Hobbs comes with a competitive 1800 watt motor and a bagless cylinder bin capacity of 3 litres. Woolworths and Makro therefore have started selling this little compact vacuum cleaner in the hope that budgeters will pick up the colourful boxes and not worry about anything being over priced. And yet for what you get here is better than Argos’ only Proaction at £20 for the fact that for the twice the price you get a better thought out product. Or do you?

        ** Nar’s Quick Skip Product Spec **

        • Cyclonic Bagless cylinder vac, weight of 4kg – very lightweight and relatively easy to use with basic controls plus variable suction control.
        • 3 litre dust bin with locking mesh filter and HEPA washable filtration – ideal for pets, or so Russell Hobbs would have you believe.
        • 5 metre power cord – not the longest or shortest either, but in the middle compared to most compacts on the market.
        • Telescopic tubing – metal and easy to use, much better quality than Argos Proaction models at half the price.
        • 7 stages of filtration including HEPA filter. 1800 watt maximum power.
        • Two tools supplied- crevice tool and snap on brush which both hide at the back of the vacuum
        • Price of £39-99 – At Makro - Woolworths are charging £79-99!

        For a start the 13759 looks positively modern made up of blue pearlescent paint and silver inserts. It doesn’t detract from its cheap image however given that the variable slider wobbles upon contact even if it does raise the suction power – more about that later whilst the cylinder has two confusing handles on appearance. The first handle is on the bin area itself, and if you lift the cleaner by grabbing the handle, the bin is released. Weirdly a smaller handle located at the back of the vacuum on the top acts as the main carry handle but it feels bulky when carried simply because of the weight ratio of the cleaner and its width which is wide and stubby. The hose locks into the cylinder at the top of the bin area and in use, the 13759 is reasonably lightweight and able to be pulled along easily thanks to the market standard of three wheels – two rubber covered main wheels at the back and a castor set into the middle.

        ** In Use **

        In use however the 13759 fails to set the world alight with its performance and design. For a start the main hose is less than a metre long, so unless you're under six foot tall, you won't find pulling and using this vacuum such a back wrenching exercise.

        By sucking up a lot of dirt in one use what comes across instantly is the fact that the filter clogs up and cuts the suction. This occurred to me the first time I used the Russell Hobbs. This results in the owner wondering where all the power has gone because by raising the cheap variable suction dial, you’ll perhaps wish you hadn’t.

        The problem with the 13759 is that despite the excellent fitting height adjustable metal telescopic tubing, the floor head is cheap and glides lightly but with little suction coming out at the end. And the noise of the motor is very ear shattering too – quite possibly second to an Oreck, the Russell Hobbs 13759 has the loudest motor I’ve experienced in a long time. Once the power has been raised all the way to the maximum, you’ll wish that this little vacuum could suck up all the dirt in the fastest time available – but if the filter is clogged you’ll be pushing dirt around rather than wishing the Russell Hobbs would do its job.

        And forget what aspirations Russell Hobbs would have you believe that with a HEPA filter you can pick up pet hair. Without a turbo revolving air driven rolling brush, pet hair pick up is disappointing simply because the floor head is a cheap pedal two way universal item, cheap and cheerful but not able to pick up threads or hair ground into carpets.

        Whilst the controls for the Russell Hobbs are easy to see that they are made of cheap plastic, the 5 metre power cord is at least long enough for most travel although the cord rewind pedal is sited in between the variable suction control dial and the On activation pedal. Duck out of the way when activating the cord or you’ll be hit in the ankle by the flying retracting plug.

        ** Emptying it **

        The joy of bagless cyclonic vacuums these days seems to be halved when it comes to emptying and unless you have a cyclonic vacuum which has a bottom trapdoor, the whole business of emptying becomes a chore. And empty you will because the Russell Hobbs isn’t a model whereby you can leave it, put it away and the next time you use it, it will magically repel the dirt off its mesh filter giving you more suction. Like many cyclonic vacuums on the market, the Russell Hobbs has a large capacity but seldom will it actually fill up to the maximum mark because the filter needs to be unclogged.

        Emptying therefore appears to be simple until you realise you may have to touch the dirt; once you lift the main handle on the bin, the bin comes away as one unit. A black trapdoor at the back reveals that it has two jobs; one to contain the slide in, slide out HEPA filter whilst the other design built into it releases the hatch to release the dirt into a bin. However, thanks to its diameter, the bin you choose better have a large aperture – the bin is too big to empty into a standard kitchen bin unless you have the Addis type bins which have a lift up lid as opposed to swing bin lids. And once the dirt has dropped from the bottom of the bin, the mesh filter has to be twisted to unlock itself from the top of the bin. Here is where you’ll find that the mesh filter is completely blocked with dirt – and needs to be tapped off to ensure all the dirt has dropped off before it can be twist locked back into the bin. Then slide out the HEPA filter, tap it for any other remaining dirt, slide back into the door and then lock the bin. Russell Hobbs however seem to be ingenious in including a small dust brush inside the lid of the bin which enables owners to brush clean the filters. A nice idea but you’ll end up tapping the filters regardless of any brush included. Putting it all back together however is a hell of a lot easier than emptying it! Just remember that the handle on the bin unlocks the bin and can’t be used to carry the cylinder around. Try it and you may find the 13759 falls onto the floor with only yourself and the bin in your hand.

        ** Quality **

        For £40 I find the plastic quality passable but not entirely rewarding. The back exhaust filter means that whilst it is easy to locate to wash the filter and then wait for it to try before it can be installed again; it mirrors Hoover’s Studio and the Morphy Richards/Goblin Ace models – how so? Well with the exhaust at the back, the hope of putting the Russell Hobbs into the upright position may burn your carpet simply because of the location of the exhaust filter. Why they can’t put it at the top is beyond me because if it did have a top exhaust, upright cleaning on stairs would be easier and more versatile. Scrapes are common place just with general use and shows up easily on that blue surface showing white grey underneath. The floor head does have a park position nib stuck at the back of which it is supposed to sit in a park position at the back of the vacuum. But it takes time for the plastic to meet the connectors and it will snap off if you push it in abruptly.

        As such, although the power and promise of an 1800 watt motor seems to be leading against rivals, the overall design of the Russell Hobbs seems to be lacking for user thoughtfulness, particularly if this vacuum is bought for the purpose of being a main vacuum rather than a back up appliance in the home. Whichever purpose you have in mind this vacuum cleaner should have better quality.

        The crevice tool with the snap on brush also lacks quality for example, with the mouth of the tool bending inwards which results often in getting clogged due to dirt getting trapped. Whilst it may well have two applications in one, the snap on brush doesn’t stay on and also comes off if the crevice tool is used abruptly or pushed along the floor with the brush attached. This can be annoying if you want to get behind the fridge for example on a hard floor surface.

        ** Price Differs **

        Oh yes, the price differs too, if the whole purchase experience isn't bad enough already. Whilst Makro are selling this model for £39-99, Woolworths have it at £79-99 which is far too much money for this poorly made cylinder vacuum cleaner.

        ** Conclusion **

        In respect of a cheap cylinder pull along vacuum cleaner under £40 about the only advantage of this vacuum is the fact that it comes with telescopic height adjustable tubing and a HEPA filter designed to keep back emissions and allergens. It's a definite no-no; If the suction doesn’t get killed early on, the noise of the motor will kill you instead. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2007



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      • Product Details

        1800w / 3l dust capacity / It has a 5m cable length and a cord rewind feature for neat and tidy storage of the cable when the vacuum is not in use / It weighs 4.5kg / Short name: Russell Hobbs 13759

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