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    8 Reviews
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      20.08.2011 13:55


      • Reliability


      We bought this great little hoover after looking at loads of others! it was discounted to £70-in currys , but what we never done was check how much the Hepa filters are !!! they are washable, but we wanted a spare to use while one was drying, They are half the price of the hoover !!! so i think next time we will also check prices for replacement filters !!


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      06.08.2011 23:21
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      In the review!

      Strangely I rather enjoy writing reviews on products. I like expressing my experience with a certain product and telling people what to look forward to and what to look out for. I really wanted to write a proper review about this cleaner. I want everyone to know how good Samsung cleaners are and to get the message out there that people don't need to spend 100's of pounds on more expensive cleaners. I'll try and cover as much as I can in this review.
      I'll also note i have had this vacuum nearly 2 years so it should be very comprehensive.


      Okay let me work my way through this one from top to bottom covering as much as i can. Firstly - Looks, Design and Quality. I think this cleaner looks brilliant. As far as vacuum cleaners go this is the better ones for aesthetics. I love the colour tone - graphite grey & silver. It looks classy and expensive. Its very well finished (like other people have commented upon on this site) switches and handles etcetera fit well and are strong, well-oiled and fit flush. The wheels are rubber which means they are anit - scratch so they don't scratch hard floors, and they are big, like they fill up a good half of the backside of the cleaner. This means it's safe and sturdy and hardly ever falls over. Other than that it's well finished and looks great! Hose pipes, 3in 1 tool, extension tube and floor tool have proven reliable and well made. I will say the 3 in 1 tool isn't the best of design. It's all in one, on one end is a crevice tool, on the other is a upholstery tool and a set of bristles surrounding the tool which can by slid up and down to convert the crevice tool to a brush for book shelves, TV stands etcetera. The crevice tool and brush is nice but the upholstery tool end is useless because to use it you have to connect the hose to the crevice tool!!! So its flimsy and falls off, but I just use my own set or just use the hose handle thing . Now because i have had this cleaner nearly 2 years, during its life it has fought many harsh battles, cleaning land rovers filled with dogs, dust etcetera, garages, other people's homes and my own place I thought I'd be cleaver and give it a proper service. So i took it apart =) There must of been 25 odd screws! I took the two circuit boards under the on/off switch, handle and variable suction cover, disconnected the three wires, unscrew a inner cover and got down to the cable rewind and motor housing. This is where it gets interesting. The motor is housed in a white case, real thick plastic obviously for sound and heat deadening - quality! I got to the motor and brushed it out of its expected dust. I took out the carbon brushes which had hardly worn, replaced them back into the motor, washed the motor casing and vacuum body and screwed everything back together. (I don't recommend you do what i did as you need a lot of experience and a careful eye) My experience with that event found that the cleaner is very, very, VERY well constructed and finished. A tribute to the factory in Korea where it was made! Anyway as design, looks and QUALITY of build is concerned this is Rolls Royce class - no joke!


      Ease of use and performance

      This really sucks! 360 odd air watts of power coupled to a well machined 2000 watt motor results in pickup of debris and dust greater than any cleaner out there - including dysons, any uprights and Mieles! The expensive gear! I think this is helped by the cleverly designed floor tool. It's a standards design but with a simple yet effective strip of rubber, like found on a windows squeegee. This must part the pile of the carpet and use the vacuums power to pull out the dirt from deep down in the carpet. It's reassuringly nice to guild over carpet with a slight pull effect, but not too much as to give you a back ache. It picks up everything, human and pet hairs, dust, crumbs and all sorts. Also there none of that annoying "hair drag" as a better way to describe it as some floor heads have. The hair gets stuck to the bristle.(It is a 2 in 1 floor head for carpets and hard floors and by the flick of a switch a row of bristles come down, most floor heads I think have this) When the dirt does reach the dust bin its user friendliness from there on out! Vacuums of recent, especially since this bag less technology has come onto the market have never mastered the art of a simple, easy, hygienic empty. They always used to put filters INSIDE the dust containers meaning instead of the dirt collecting into the container, it would get stuck to the filter! People must know what I'm talking about. And then you'd have the job of banging or brushing the dust and dirt off! Terrible for anyone, especially is you suffer from asthma! But with the "Big Neo" (as these are otherwise known), all you do is literally pull the container out, take of the lid, turn it over into a dust bin and your done! The filters are foam and located underneath where the container sits, not in the container, and the carbon filter is on top of the cleaner. This means maintaining the filters are made easy. You only wash them once every 8 weeks, or until you notice a drop in suction as stated by Samsung. Other than that the hose is long enough and the extension tubes extend easily and to a decent length. I will say however that when the pipe is fully extended there is a "rim" of suction around where one end of the pipe joins the other. This is hardly nothing but is noticeable when you feel it with your hand. I don't think this has always been like it because i think my son may have been a bit aggressive with it possibly breaking something. Never the less it hasn't fallen apart and is perfectly usable and probably not a problem at all. It's just me being very picky. Oh yes and it is quiet. It doesn't make a horrible whinny noise like some cleaners do, possibly cheaper lower quality motors. This one sounds well-made and has a nice deep sound to it. Not irritating at all.


      Value for money and verdict

      I paid £65 for this 2 years ago and it's still on the market! I can't see why they would have any need to change it, possible for a different design or colour scheme like these companies do, I mean this is perfection - it's says it on the box! I think the price has gone up to I think £70 or so but still well worthwhile, and with a 2 year guarantee you can't go wrong. If looked after and properly maintained I think this should last at least 10 years or so, judging by the motor on ours it looked brand new! I know how important buying a vacuum cleaner is for some people. Buying flooring is a large investment and maintaining it properly prolongs the life of it, and is made easier with the right gear. And for those who care about cleanliness and who are house proud, you sure would show this off with a Samsung SC8442.
      Thank you for Reading.


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        05.05.2011 17:35
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A fantastic light cleaner that is easy to use and empty

        My family is notoriously bad at choosing Vacuum Cleaners. Whatever the price or the brand, they always seem to break. And that's if they even worked properly in the first place. There was the one that didn't pick anything up, the one that spat out what it had picked up as it went along and the one which caught on fire. It has become something of a long running, but very expensive and frustrating, joke.

        The latest attempt was the Samsung SC 8442. This was a brand that I associated more with televisions and mobile phones, in other words, a brand of Vacuum Cleaner that I'd never tried. I thought it was worth a go so I purchased it from Argos for £79.99.

        The design is very classic and the outer casing is a shiny navy colour with a shiny silver plate on top with the controls. The controls are obvious with no high tech levers or switches that could be confusing. I liked how small the actual body of the cleaner was meaning that when all the attachments are removed it easily fits into the cupboard without a full on battle breaking out.

        The cleaner is one of the lightest that I've had which makes carrying it up the stairs and even actually cleaning the stairs, less of a life or death venture. It weighs about 6KG. The length of the hose is 1.7 metres long so you can leave the cleaner on the floor at the bottom and top to clean most of the stairs without having to hold it anyway.

        It is also one of the quietest that I've used. It is not irritating to those around you and will not give you a head ache if you are using it for a long time. The extension length of the electric wire reaches up to seven metres which is long enough to prevent you having to switch sockets too often.

        To empty the cleaner is so simple that even I can do it. You simply press the black button and pull out the container which is holding all the horrible dust and dirt that the cleaner has collected. The container is covered with a sort of lid which means that as you are walking to the bin to empty it, all the dirt and dust won't fly up into your face. Thank goodness!

        The actual container is fairly small because so is the body of the cleaner. I have a fairly large house and it doesn't fill up when I use it. (I'd be a bit worried about the cleanliness of my house if it did!) It won't hurt to empty it after each use anyway but it does hold 2 litres of dust and gives you an indication when it's full.

        The cleaner picks up bits off the floor meaning you don't need to keep returning to the same spot again and again. This overall means that the hoovering can be done quickly and your floors and carpets will look as good as new. It also has plenty of different attachments to ensure that you can reach ever nook and cranny of your home.

        One of the selling points to this cleaner lies in it twin chamber system which apparently allows the dust and the larger particles to be separated. The dust gathers in the centre of the container while the larger debris gathers in to the outer layer. I'll admit that the benefit of this is lost on me!

        The cleaner has a special filtration action which ensures that the cleaner only produces a clean exhaust making it great for use in a house with allergy or asthma sufferers. Many of the cleaners that I've used have left my house smelling funny (again that's probably just my luck!) but this one leaves no smell behind at all so I assume its forfilling this promise well.

        It comes with a variable power switch and here we come to the only problem that I've had with this cleaner. The trigger to adjust the strength of the suction snapped off almost straight away so now I can't increase or decrease the power. I'm sure this was just a fluke as I haven't read about anyone else having the same problem. I would have taken it back but I am so happy to have a cleaner that actually picks up dust that this problem can be ignored.

        All and all, if you're looking for a lightweight cleaner which is easy to store, easy to empty and completely cleans your floors in a quick and efficient way, then this is the cleaner for you.


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          07.03.2011 11:27
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          An excellent little vacuum cleaner, if you need a new one buy this!!

          Don't let it's size fool you - this is a powerful machine! In fact, so much so that don't bother with upright vacuums anymore, and use this all the time despite being a large family.

          This is my first Samsung vacuum cleaner, and I was initially a bit dubious about Samsung as a brand doing anything other than Hi-Fis and TVs. But being on a tight budget and needing a new vacuum quickly, I decided to go for it based on the price (just under £70) and the fact I really struggled to find a bad review anywhere online. It has turned out to be the best purchase I could have made - it's just as good as my parents Dyson. It was going to be a "make do until I can afford something better" vacuum, but I honestly don't see myself finding anything much better!

          So let's start with the looks. It's very sleek, shiny and stylish, and should please even the most fussy aesthetics-orientated people out there! Everything has been finished off well - from the enamelled extendible wand to the moulded front control panel. The on/off button and cord rewind button are flush to the front of the machine, rather than having clumpy buttons sticking out on each side or flimsy levers - even the handle folds down flush and is easy to miss at first! All the parts and attachments feel good quality and sturdy, and the dust bin is unbelievably simple to empty, and it clicks in place satisfyingly. These are touches you wouldn't expect on such an affordable vacuum.

          As for performance - well this really is seen to be believed! It really is very powerful, yet amazingly fairly quiet in operation, and has a smooth noise to it like an expensive well oiled engine - as opposed to some which can sound like a clapped out boy racer car! I have a 1 year old daughter, who used to be petrified of my old vacuum cleaner which was so noisy you couldn't hear anything else. However, upon using this one for the first time she wasn't phased a bit. The ability to adjust the suction power with the little slider is genius, it now means I can use the vacuum for delicate dusting such as laptop keys and lampshades on the minimum suction, and can virtually lift the carpet on maximum, especially using the turbo brush. It also has a really clever little light on the front of the machine, which comes on if there's a blockage or if the filter needs cleaning (although hasn't yet come on for that reason for me yet). Even my husband likes using it, and he never used to clean before - so that's just one more way it's made my life easier! The power cord is a good length and the dust bin and filters are so simple to remove, clean and replace. I'm not sure on the maintenance cost for new filters when they are eventually needed, but they can't be any more expensive than bags which you obviously save on as this is bagless.

          The only con I can think of, is that there is no proper on board tool storage. You can clip the combined small dusting brush/crevice nozzle/upholstery attachment onto the hose, but I find it gets in the way a bit there, and I've jabbed my leg on the sharp edge of the upholstery attachment a few times now! It's not a big deal to just put it in a pocket or carry it with you as you go though - and I don't use them every time I use the vacuum anyway, usually the floor head or hose (with no attachments) is enough for a quick clean.

          Overall I am extremely surprised by, and more than happy with my Samsung SC8442. Don't be put off by the brand not being a big "vacuum brand" - it really is excellent and comes with a 5 year warranty which should allay any fears about trying it and was a big selling point for me.


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            24.11.2010 17:08
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Perfect in many ways as long as you don't mind cleaning the filter all the time.

            I bought this vacuum cleaner from Argos when it was a real bargain. Apart from it being on sale, I also had a spare £20 voucher. Inspired by the excellent reviews on the Argos website, I rushed to buy the bagless super-powerful Samsung instead of our old useless Goblin vacuum cleaner. So here's the main impressions:

            1. No hassle and extra expenses with bags and the cup is pretty easy to empty and clean.
            2. It is really powerful. With this vacuum cleaner even a seemingly clean room will turn out to be the Kingdom of Dust and "Where does the dust comes from?" will be one more philosophical question in your life.
            3. The transparent dust collector cup is very motivating. It will constantly remind you of the main purposes of hoovering and crown your hoovering sessions with a nice sense of achievement.
            4. It is equipped with a set of nozzles, including one for collecting pet hair.

            1. Every now and then the filter needs cleaning. And this "every now and then" occurs approximately once a fortnight. If the filter is dirty, the vacuum cleaner loses most of its power immediately.
            2. I was disappointed with the customer service. A clamp detail on the filter case broke and we were asked to send the whole vacuum cleaner with a courier just to replace that small thing. We refused and bought a new case for the filter in the end. But the overall impression with the customer service was bad.
            3. I noticed that most people ignore the folding handle on the top and attempt to grab the vacuum cleaner by the cup handle, which is of course not what one is supposed to do. But it seems a natural thing anyway, so I would count it as a design shortcoming.

            Conclusion: It is much better than bagged vacuum cleaners, but not perfect. I wish the filter wouldn't need cleaning so often.


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            19.08.2010 21:22
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A great appliance

            ==Samsung VCC8442V Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner==


            Now as dooyoo's monthly competition is vacuum cleaners, I thought it about time I reviewed my current cleaner as I had planned to do for some time now. Dooyoo had asked "Do you know anyone who enjoys vaccuming?" well I had to answer that questions as "I do!". Of course it is not high on my exciting things to do list but I still get a fair bit of pleasure from doing it, especially when using this vacuum cleaner.

            Now Samsung aren't exactly a company whom I would have thought made vacuum cleaners or at least not a company who would have made GOOD vacuum cleaners but seeing as though this was the third vacuum cleaner that I had had in the space of only a few months, I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt especially as the other top named ones hadn't worked out very well for me and had had to go straight back to the Argos returns desk! They really love me there!

            ==Price and availability==

            As with most of the things in my house, I purchased my Samsung Vacuum cleaner from Argos having already tried a handful of others at a lower price, I decided to pay a little bit extra on top of the returned money I had from taking my previous one back. The book price of this vacuum is £79.99p which doesn't make this a particularly expensive item when looking at the price of the cylinder Dyson's but there are a lot of other, cheaper cleaners in the Argos book to choose from. I have taken a look on line for this review and it seems that you can get this particular vacuum at a cheaper price for around £65 from Dixons which is really good value for what you are getting but the £79 seems standard as there are a good few other retailers selling this model for that price.

            ==The Cleaner==

            Okay I have to admit that I didn't really want this vacuum cleaner as I was hampering after a Dyson which so many people rave on about and they are quite clearly the market leaders. However that said, I couldn't afford a Dyson and therefore this seemed like one of the next best options. The fact that this appliance was both bagless and a cylinder model was really just what I was looking for and was one of the main draws for me, along side the fact that it has a good 2000 watt of suction which appears better than most of the Dyson models that I was looking at.

            As I say I have tried out a good few vacuum cleaners in a bid to find one that is just right for us (I say us but really it's only me who uses it, Jack does like to stick the nozzle to his clothes every once in a while but I try to steer him away from doing this as last time he nearly sucked his face off with it!). I have found that for our flat which is mainly laid to laminate flooring the upright models are just no good, they seem too difficult to get under things and to steer in the right direction. However these cylinder models give more freedom to move around and to get into harder to reach areas.

            This Samsung Vacuum has another great bonus which is far better than any other vacuum cleaners I have ever had and this is the fact that the power cord is a brilliant length at 7 meters! This means that I am able to vacuum my whole flat without changing over the plug sockets at all (although I do have to stretch the last half a meter or so!). Other vacuum cleaners that I looked at mostly had a length of 5 or maybe 6 meters making this one quite a bit better in that respect.

            The main joy of vacuuming has got to be when you are able to see the muck that you have sucked up and with this Samsung model, you are able to get a really good look at every bit of sucked up muck in the see through dust collector and it is really quite amazing how much dirt is collected every time I use it. The 200 watts of power which is 360 watts of suction mean that you seem to get every last bit of dust up off the floor and into the waste area of the vacuum. This is great news for us, because Himself suffers from so many allergies and is more or less allergic to life! Which means he is constantly sneezing so knowing that I have sucked up as much dust as possible makes me feel I am at least doing my bit! Of course another good feature with this Samsung cleaner has got to be, the Hep A filter, with this you know that you are getting the cleanest living space possible as this feature is said to trap the micro particles such as dust and other allergens like pollen and mould from coming out of the exhaust whilst cleaning. This really does seem to work and the filter itself is easy to clean and does make for a generally better clean.

            The Samsung Vacuum has a two chamber dust bin which is a system unique to Samsung and is said to improve the cleaning ability and longevity of the product. It basically separates the dust and dirt that has been sucked up and places it in the larger chamber and leaves the smaller one free to keep the strong suction ability of the machine going. This makes perfect sense when you think about it and means that even when the dust bin is nearly full up the machine still works like it does when it is empty.

            The dust bin itself is of a good size and at 2 litres has enough space to do three or four cleans before needing emptying although I like to empty it after each use to ensure no valuable Lego pieces have been sucked up accidentally. The emptying process is so easy and relatively mess free that this is no trouble to do. There is a large handle on the outside of the machine which needs a small button pushing in to release the dust bin and then the cover needs taking off before turning the thing upside down into a bin liner! Simples!

            Every month or so the filters in the vacuum need a good clean to ensure that the suction of the cleaner is always maintained. This again is a very simple task that takes just a few minutes to do. Under the dust bin there is a pop out half moon shaped plastic container which holds two filters. The first is a very chunky piece of foam and the second is a skinny netted filter which is housed in a plastic edging. These both only need to be rinsed out with warm water to make sure all the dust particles are washed away and after a good squeeze out they are more or less dry but do need a good 24 hours to dry off completely. I normally leave mine on the window sill in the kitchen and the day after washing they are bone dry and ready to be easily inserted back into the machine.

            The hose on the vacuum is also very good, not only because it is very long and I most certainly like a good bit of length but also because it has a 360 degree swivel action making it easy to use to get into all those tight little spaces Jack likes to drop crumbs. However because of the length I do find it hard to put away as the hose does take some bending to fit into our designated cupboard. This however is not a big issue and I only curse about it when having a bad day. The vacuum clean itself not overly big either at 300 mm in height, 420 mm in depth and 238 mm in width meaning that the cupboard space it takes up is hardly missed.

            There are a few other features to this particular machine which are only small but of course are worth mentioning and these are the warning light which will come on when the filter needs cleaning out and is really to let you know that the machine is either too full up or there is something stuck. Of course this is plainly obvious as when the powerful suction starts to decrease it is not something that you are likely not to notice. There is also the auto power cord re-winder which can be slightly dangerous if you are not careful with it, as it sucks the cord back in at such a rate that the plug will come whipping around your ankles and liable to fracture something!

            The buttons on the machine are few and far between and it is both basic looking and basic to use. There is a small dial which allows you to change the suction of the vacuum from minimum or right up to maximum although why anyone would want to lower the suction is beyond me! (any ideas?) The two large buttons on the cleaner are the on and off switch which is clearly shown with a little diagram of the symbol for power and the other button is the cord rewind button which has a little picture of a power plug on (just encase you get mixed up, which I still do even with the pictures!). There is also a large, chunky handle which is prefect for picking the cleaner up to move over things or into the next room if you decide not to pull it along and is very sturdy.

            The long arm of the vacuum can be altered in size depending on your own height and preference on how to hold the thing. I have shortened it on a few occasions to the smallest size and this allows Jack to have a good go at pushing the arm around. However he does seem to like having the arm of the cleaner off so he can just use to small nozzle as this is easier for his small little hands. There is also a foot control on this section of the vacuum which allows for the brushes of the head to come out or to be put away depending on the type of floor you are cleaning. The brushes seem to work well on most of the flooring so I tend to keep these down all the time.

            The general look of the Samsung Vacuum cleaner is rather nice as far as these types of appliances go. The black and grey colourings I would have thought might have attracted a lot of dust on it than it actually does and would generally looked grubby but I suspect because of the Hep A filter, there doesn't seem to be a lot of dust flying around to be attracted to the smooth plastic of the cleaner and it doesn't need much more than a quick wipe over every once in a while with a damp cloth. The two large wheels situated on the back of the machine and the smaller wheel underneath means that it moves with me around the flat easily and I have really had no troubles in the way the machine moves or indeed works. Also I find it to be a rather quiet machine when compared to my upstairs neighbours vacuum (grrr) and I am able to do the vacuuming whilst Jack is asleep without him waking up or even stirring. Of course it is not silent but it is far better than a lot of other machines we have had.

            ==My Overall Opinion==

            I have to admit to really rather liking doing the vacuuming when using this cleaner. Not only can you really see the work that your putting in by the amount of dust and debris that is collected in the dust bin, it is also so simple to use and so powerful that to vacuum the whole of my flat doesn't take longer than half and hour (and that is with doing all the edges really well too!). We have had it over a year now (Argos guarantee has run out but manufactures one is still in place) and we have had no troubles whatsoever with it. The instruction manual which came with the machine has a few little troubleshooting ideas for if the suction does go or the machine doesn't work but although we have kept this handy little booklet, we have not yet had to refer to it.

            I really cannot find anything to say that is negative about this cleaner. We did have one minor episode with the vacuum which what the time that Himself did the vaccuming (April 19th 2009) and decided it would be a good idea to suck up Jack's spilt drink. This of course led to the cleaner drying out with dust and fluff clogging up the hose and every possible orifice that there is and thus lead to a total suction loss and very poor performance. However this was solved fairly quickly by me clipping out the hose (it simply clips out with no screwing needed) and putting it in the bath to shoot water down it and giving it a good clean out. The amount of dirt that came out was amazing and made sense why the suction was lost. After I cleaned it all out and waited for it to dry out, it was back to sucking every inch of dust from the house and working like it was brand new again. I can't really blame the machine for this episode as it was himself trying to help out (trying being the operative word).

            All in all this cleaner is a really good one and does its job so well that I can stand up and say

            "I am proud to enjoy doing the vaccuming" (whilst owning this brilliant appliance). "Come, make crumbs and I shall clean".........

            It has to be awarded a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and an exceptionally high recommendation.

            (Of course I still would like a Dyson but this IS the next best thing)

            Check out the Samsung vacuum-cleaner homepage at:




            ==Listed specifications=

            2 Litre Dust Bin
            Bagless Cylinder Cleaner
            2 Step Brush
            Steel Telescopic Pipe
            5.8 kg in weight
            2000 watt power suction
            78 dBA Noise
            7 Meter Power Cord
            Hep A filter

            Many thanks for taking the time to read.

            I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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              06.01.2010 11:21
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              Self-contained bagless cleaner

              We've used an upright Dyson vacuum cleaner, one of the original DC01 models, for about ten years now, and apart from various non-critical plastic bits breaking off - like the hub caps it's given sterling service - a bit like me really. Who puts hub caps on a vacuum cleaner, for crying out loud? Well, Dyson apparently.

              Since our house is mainly carpeted with the exception of the kitchen, an upright vacuum cleaner makes all kinds of sense, with its beating action to vibrate the grit free before being sucked into its capacious clear plastic cylinder. When I mentioned the word 'Dyson' to a friend, he grunted and mentioned something about "as good a way as any for redistributing dust around the house as I know" - is this what's meant by a vacuous comment?. When I mentioned changing the filters or checking to see if it was blocked, he looked at me with that 'Filters? Blocked?' expression that indicated he really hadn't fully understood the concept of 'bag-less' cleaners.

              You have to bear this in mind with many bag-less vacuum cleaners - they are NOT necessarily maintenance free, and this goes for our new Samsung SC 8442 too.

              It isn't that the Dyson had given up on us, but for years I've been less than happy with its extension tool set as supplied, it being inflexible and too short, to name but two of its failings. Vacuuming the car involved standing the cleaner on a spare bit of carpet, and contorting oneself in a very awkward way to get the interior anywhere near clean. Likewise, our stairs prove very unwieldy to complete, half of your time with the Dyson down below, and the other half with it hoisted upstairs first and it's almost but not quite a case of 'no-man's land' halfway. Thus it was that with the January sales in full swing that I decided to add to our arsenal of 'dust-suckers' (as it translates from German, thanks for reminding me, Kate!) rather than replace one. Pensioned off to 'do' only carpets, the Dyson feels like it could last another 10 years, although one wonders what will fall off next! Having said that, there's a wealth of web-sites out there willing to sell you practically everything you need to build another one!


              The Samsung cleaner is what would be loosely termed a 'cylinder' cleaner, since it sits on the floor and follows you round as you use its various attachments. Unlike the Dyson, it has a much longer flexible hose, which helps greatly with the stair-cleaning exercise. Its main rigid attachment tube is also extendable with a ratchet-action reminiscent of a pump-action shot gun ("Lock and load men, and don't suck till you see the whites of their dust!").

              There's also a handy 'bleed valve' that falls neatly to your thumb so you can slacken off its suction in double-quick time if it should start to 'eat' something you don't want it to. In an initial fit of premature spring-cleaning, it sucked down the entire pull cord from the bathroom light switch, so I was glad to be able to release it before any real harm was done!

              Having a two kilowatt motor* all given over to suction with no beating action to drive, you really do have to consider where you're poking it (sound advice for life in general, I'd say).

              Using its narrowest nozzle, it really does feel like it would "have your finger, or any other appendage off" given half a chance. Indoor naturists: You've been warned.

              (*This translates into 360 'air-watts' whatever they are. All I know is that it's a lot more than any of the uprights on show at Currys and probably relates to how much of the power gets to suck dirt)

              Other attachments include a narrow head better suited to cleaning edges next to walls, I'd have thought although I think they recommend its use on curtains.

              Likewise, there's the customary wider main head which can be altered to suit carpets or hard floors with the touch of a foot-operated lever, and an interesting newcomer to me at least, a beating-action head. This requires no electrical connection as it's only driven by a small turbine in the suction stream but it can be quite useful on carpet for trasing out stubborn deep-seated fluff. Be prepared to unblock it occasionally though, as just the same as upright cleaners, the beater cylinder gets entwined with cotton or embarrassingly long blonde hairs when your wife's a brunette, that kind of thing. It's easy to undo though. The head is made from clear acrylic, so you can see at a glance if it needs attention, and with a flick of an unlocking bar, the lid comes off.

              ALL MOD.CONS.

              Of course, all that power is no good if it can't be moderated - I've already mentioned the valve on the main attachment, but there's also a foot-slider to alter the motor speed. At full pelt, it does sound very purposeful, and some would say noisy, but a lot of this noise is generated at the nozzle end, especially if using the narrowest accessory.

              Slowing it down a tad makes the whole operation a bit less anti-social, and makes the attachments easier to push. Of course, if you overdo it, it doesn't clean either but you still get your exercise!

              Next to the foot-operated on/off switch, there's another that reels the cord back in when finished. I'm never too enthusiastic about the life-expectancy of these systems, but so far it's fine.
              To ease your path there's a front castor wheel and the main weight of the cleaner is taken by two very large diameter, and therefore very free rolling, wheels, neatly faired-in to the body-shell. The overall effect is that of an electric city car - the sort of thing Clive Sinclair should have designed. A neat foldaway carrying handle completes the cosmetics of the silver and metallic graphite body. It's never fallen over, but I'd notice that at full stretch on the stairs, the front wheel had come up off the ground, not that this affected its ability to work.


              Emptying the clear acrylic dust container is easy - it slides out of the front looking like the large jug of a sizeable food processor. Probably best not to mix these up. If I've one criticism, it's that this drum is not very big (2 litre), but then, contained as it is in a small cleaner, that's hardly surprising so you quickly become adept at removing it.
              There are two filters, one, a primary which is washable foam and the other, the 'HEPA** 11 filter' is only dustable and later replaceable.

              (** High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters, so now you know)
              You get a 'check filter' warning light but it would be best to keep at least one spare in hand till you find out just how often you need to change it. I guess, as with car air filters, this depends largely on the environment in which it operates. The manual isn't very informative here, as it refers to dusting out the HEPA filter, but also mentions that replacements are available from Samsung agents, without making any mention of how long merely dusting it out will make it last.

              PROS & CONS

              I'll leave you to decide whether an upright or a cylinder cleaner is best for you. After all, I've got both now! One thing which dogs the latter is "what the hell do you do with the attachments when stored?" Unlike an upright which carries its arsenal of side arms with it, you have to find a home for these. As you expect, a limp bit of tubing won't stand up of its own accord, and since Viagra doesn't work on inanimate objects, you'll need to find a way of stowing it yourself.

              Samsung do provide a bracket which allows the main vacuum head and tube/hose assembly to be clipped vertically to the bodywork without disconnecting it, so that the arrangement stands upright like some enormous paperclip, but where I store mine, this is more trouble than it's worth as it gets in the way of our coat rack.

              My own personal solution (no, not Viagra) was to use a variety of drainpipe-clips and hose-clips on the back of the under-stairs cupboard door, making sure that nothing gets caught.

              Yes, you can get further up the stairs with it, but not all the way up.

              Yes, it's powerful, but unless you rein it in a bit, it makes working on carpets very hard work.

              Not, it's not a 'wet'n'dry' job, but then neither is the Dyson.


              About £70-odd for the complete kit. The price for a replacement HEPA filter evades me so far. Who knows, I may never need one?

              SPECIFICATION (Courtesy of Samsung)

              Dust Collection Type - Bagless
              Max.Consumption Power (W) - 2000
              Suction Power (W) - 360
              Noise level (dBA) - 78
              Dust Capacity (L) - 2
              Filter - Pre-Motor - Foam
              Filter - Exhaust - HEPA 11
              Indicator - Check filter
              Power Cord Length (m) - 7
              Action Radius (m) -10.5
              Auto Cord Rewinder Yes
              Dimensions Net (W*H*D, mm) 283 x 300 x 420
              Weight - Unit (kg) - 5.8


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                13.05.2009 22:59
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                • Reliability


                All in all a good buy!

                I bought this vacuum cleaner to use whilst carrying out DIY works- it was used to vacuum up all manner of building dust and even rubble. It finally packed up after 7 months of serious industrial work (which I don't think it was originally designed for) and I'm impressed! So much so, I have now bought a second Samsung SC8442. One thing I would warn though is that it has very strong suction and once I put the new carpets in it did lift them from the gripper rods in the corners. It's also very noisy and I had a neighbour round to complain one evening because I was vacuuming late and he was woken up by the noise of the vacuum cleaner through thick 1960s brick walls. But it's very easy to clean and the filters can easily be rinsed out to ensure the vacuum cleaner continues to work effectively. It's lightweight and very portable. All in all I would highly recommend this vacuum cleaner.


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              • Product Details

                Included dusting, crevice, upholstery and mini turbo tool / Short name: Samsung SC8442

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