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    2 Reviews
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      17.05.2011 16:41
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      Great buy - definitely recommend!

      I bought the Samsung as a cheaper alternative to my previous Dyson, which broke. And I have not been disappointed. The Samsung has considerable sucking power, and it does the job rather well - and it has a lot to do, working in a farmhouse environment with lots of mud, hay, dirt and things. It is firstly light in weight, and therefore easy to maneovre whilst hoovering. The attachments are very good, particularly the small brush for getting into those awkward corners. What I don't like is the effort needed to change from the main setting to using one of the nozzles - although it is just the same as working with a Dyson. The hoover tends to fall over when I am in at the corners and this is a pain! Nonetheless, it does a good job, and I really value the fact that it is a lot cheaper than a Dyson!


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        16.11.2010 19:56
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great value for money, efficient and lightweight vacuum cleaner.

        == Why I Needed a New Vacuum Cleaner ==

        About 2 ½ years ago my husband decided to be "helpful" and do some vacuuming for me. (We were using an Electrolux vacuum at the time, which I had been very happy with. That had cost about £100.)

        I happily left hubby cleaning, but when I returned he was looking rather sheepish. Evidently he had been heavy handed with it and broken part of the plastic covering. This in turn meant that the mechanism for holding the handle in the preferred position was broken.

        If this was a ploy to get me to ban him from using a vacuum in future, it didn't work! Or perhaps he wanted a vacuum exclusively for keeping in the garage for cleaning the car. This has now happened.

        After this "accident" I considered buying a vacuum from the cheaper end of the market ranges, so that it would be less expensive if my husband was clumsy with the new one.

        == Why I Bought an SU3350 ==

        I wanted a good value for money, upright, vacuum cleaner, which was light enough for me to easily carry upstairs.

        I consider that I have paid too much money for replacement manufacturers bags in the past, so I also wanted a bagless one.

        The recommended retail price for this one was reasonable, plus I found it on extra special offer, so we chose this.

        == What I Like about the SU3350 ==

        Suction - the most important thing for me is an efficient cleaner. After 2 ½ years use, this 1800 watt (150 air watts), twin chamber system cleaner is still picking up well from our thick carpets, thin pile carpet tiles and our cushion flooring.

        Brush Height Adjustment has 5 positions. I use the highest position for my thick carpet, and middle position for carpet tiles and cushion flooring. Due to strong suction, I have found no need to use the lowest 2 positions.

        Handle Height Adjustment goes almost horizontal to floor.

        Lightweight - only 5.8 kg, so easy for me to take upstairs. I also find it easy to manoeuvre.

        Capacity - generous 3.5 litre dust collection capacity. This is plenty big enough for our household.

        == Possible Problems for Some but Not for Me ==

        It is bagless so there is no outlay on manufacture's replacement bags. Some users (especially those with a distmite allergy) might not like emptying the container, but my husband, for his sins, gets this job, and despite his reputation for being heavy handed, has found the job easy and not broken anything in the process! He takes the cleaner outside before emptying to avoid getting any dust collected by the cleaner from re-entering the house.

        Suction is not adjustable, as I had on my old Electrulux, but I have not found this a problem, as I think the crevice, dusting and upholstery tools work well. A mini turbo brush, which is useful for pet hairs, is not supplied, but one from a previous cleaner fits this one well, so I still have use of this tool.

        I find the 3 foot extendable hose adequate for me, but more expensive cleaners could give you more.
        The carbon filters that help to absorb odours are expensive to replace, but I have only done that once in 2 ½ years. I imagine some users won't think of replacing them, while others who need efficient HEPA 11 filters will want to replace them a lot more often.

        Cable length of 7.5 m could be too short for some.

        == What I Dislike about the SU3350 ==

        It is noisier than I was used to, but as it was less than half the price of my Electrolux, which it replaced, I can put up with that.

        I find pushing the hose back into its storage position a bit fiddly. Sometimes is comes lose went I have the handle on the lowest setting to get underneath low furniture. I do not find this a major problem, but think prospective customers should be aware of it.

        I had neither of these small problems with my old "double the price" Electrolux, but I still think we made the right choice buying the Samsung SU3350, and would consider this again, or a similar updated model, when the time comes to replace it.

        == Price ==

        As with all electrical goods, I advise you to shop around.

        Full price seems to be around £70. The best buy I can currently find is through Amazon for £54.90 (with free shipping).


        Our household comprises 3 adults and a house rabbit, and I am happy with the way it has helped clean up our home. The good points far outweigh the poorer ones for me.

        I am glad I bought this great value for money, budget priced, and lightweight vacuum cleaner.


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        Short name: Samsung SU3350

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