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    1 Review
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      04.04.2012 20:06
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great value for money upright, bagless vacumm cleaner.

      == Samsung Durability ==

      I replaced our vacuum cleaner 2 months ago and bought a Samsung VCU3352.

      The vacuum cleaner that we were replacing, a Samsung SU3350, served me so well for 5 years, that I wanted something similar. The old cleaner is still useable, but the ratchet that held the sweeper part at a 90 degree angle to the handle, even when it was lifted, had broken. This made it awkward for it to be carried upstairs, especially for someone like me who has an arthritic shoulder. The old cleaner is now in the garage and is used by my husband for vacuuming the car's interior.

      As my new Samsung VCU3352 is very similar to the model I am replacing, with the obvious exception of the noise level improvement, I see no reason why it should not last me for another 5 years. Its efficiency may even last a little longer, now that my daughter and her pet rabbit have left home!? That just leaves me and hubby. (As we have been loyal to this brand, if we do have a problem outside the Samsung 2 year guarantee period, we may be able to solve it by using spare parts from the similar old cleaner, but that was not a consideration when choosing the new model.)

      == Efficiency ==

      The good points that have carried forward from the Samsung SU3350 to the VCU3352 are that it continues to be lightweight and efficient.

      Like its predecessor, my new cleaner is picking up well from our thick carpets, thin pile carpet tiles and our cushion flooring. The brush height adjustment has 5 positions. I use the highest position for my thick carpet. The middle position is best for my carpet tiles and cushion flooring. Due to strong suction, I have found no need to use the lowest 2 positions.

      Samsung say this efficiency is due to its "innovative Twin Chamber suction technology."

      This 1800 watt (150 air watts) cleaner comes with a HEPA-11 filter included in the filtration system, which makes it good at filtering allergens.

      It has a generous 14.5" cleaning width, and 3.5 litre capacity dust bin.

      The handle height adjustment goes almost horizontal to floor.

      The cable length of 7 metres is enough for me, but some may prefer it to be longer.

      On board tools include extendable hose, extension wand, crevice tool and combination dusting brush/upholstery tool, which is all I need.

      == Bagless ==

      I don't like emptying vacuum cleaner bags, or washing filters of the bagless models, as it causes head-cold-like symptoms due to allergies.

      I am lucky though that, provided that I do the cleaning, my husband is happy to empty either type of cleaner.

      As he prefers not to have the expense of buying bags, this bagless type of cleaner suits us best. However, if my husband wasn't able to empty my cleaner, I might change to a bagged cleaner. This is a personal decision that each individual has to make for themselves, unless advances in technology come up with a self-emptying cleaner. That's my dream, only improved on by a self-cleaning home!

      == Noise Level Improvement ==

      The big improvement on my newer model is in the reduction in the noise level. I believe the older model was one of the noisiest on the market, but that has now been cut by about a half on my new cleaner.

      == Ease of Use ==

      I have mild arthritis in my right (dominant) shoulder, but still find this easy to use. (Physiotherapists advise those with shoulder problems not to fully extend the arm when using any cleaner, instead it is best to use shorter movements.)

      The biggest benefit is that it is lightweight enough for me to carry it carefully upstairs.

      == Price ==

      Currys was the cheapest place that I found it. Full price was £109.99 from 05/01/12 to 25/01/12. I got it for £54.99 when they reduced it at the end of January.

      I advise also checking-out Tesco Direct before buying, as they came second in my price comparisons.


      I know of no other lightweight upright vacuum cleaner that is as efficient and durable as the Samsung VCU3352.

      Samsung have now lowered the noise levels of this cleaner, compared to its similar predecessor.

      I, therefore, HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Samsung VCU3352 to anyone wanting a lightweight (5.8 kg) vacuum cleaner that is efficient, durable and great value for money (currently £54.99 at Currys, who will deliver free or you can pick up from store).


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    • Product Details

      Light and easy to manoeuvre, the VCU3352 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner uses Samsung's innovative Twin Chamber suction technology that will make it an invaluable addition to your housekeeping Essentials / The Samsung VCU3352 comes equipped with a HEPA-11 filter, making it an excellent purchase for people with allergies, and backs up its 1800-watt motor and 150 watts of suction power with two separate dust chambers that allow for longer-lasting, more powerful suction / A 14.5" cleaning width shortens cleaning time / On-board tools and a 7 metre-long cable, along with a 3.5 litre capacity dust bin and a light 5.8 kg weight, will make vacuuming with the Samsung VCU3352 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner an effortless part of your housekeeping routine! Characteristics Type Bagless upright Power (Watts) 1800 Watts Appropriate power (Watts) 150 Watts Bag volume or reservoir (litre) 3.5 litres Filter type HEPA 11 Ergonomy Cable length 7 metres Others Colours Royal Blue Included accessories On-board tools Weight (Kg) 5.8 kg / Short name: Samsung VCU3352

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