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  • Cannot get to edges
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    2 Reviews
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      27.03.2009 11:58
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      I hate this vacuum cleaner

      This Sanyo SC X130 was the vacuum that I bought to replace my old Dyson, proving the old saying 'you don't know what you've got until it's gone' .

      I wanted a new one because I wanted something lighter but that would still have the same sort of performance. It cost around £70 and I bought it from Littlewoods catalogue a few years ago.

      This model is bagless, which appealed to me, and is an upright model. Mine is silver coloured with all the usual onboard tools.

      What can I say, except to get straight to the point: This is far and away the worst vacuum cleaner I have ever had. The only recommendation I can make about it is that you totally avoid it!

      I usually try to find something positive to say about any product, but I cannot think of anything - Me and this machine just don't get on! So I am just going to give a long, ranting list of complaints about it!

      Here goes:

      1 - Yes it is bagless, but to empty the cylinder you have to turn a giant 'screw' mechanism yourself and your hands get covered in the contents, no matter how careful you are. You can't just hold it over the bin or a binbag and let it drop out, because it hangs onto it! Even then , the mechanism doesn't work all that well so you end up pulling it out with your hands and getting dust up your nose and in your eyes. Not good.

      2 - It is useless when using the nozzle attachment, because the stretchy hose that attaches it is, er, just not stretchy - so as soon as you move more than about 2 feet away from the machine, it pulls the machine over. Particularly useless when vacuuming the stairs obviously.

      3 - Following on from 2, above, once when I was trying to vacuum the stairs, I thought I was doing really well because the vacuum cleaner had not fallen over yet: It turns out that this was because the hose was working its' way loose from the other end this time: I found this out when it suddenly popped loose and the hose retracted and actually hit me in the eye! I know it sounds funny, or as though I am making it up - I wish I was, lol.

      4 - The rubber bumper strip around the bottom edge fell off within months. But that doesn't even matter all that much, because it doesn't do up to the edge anyway, despite its' claims, so you are not losing much there.

      5 - The hook that you are supposed to wind the cord around for storage snapped off too, also within a few months. So when you have finished, you have to wind it all through the handle and basically it's just a right hassle on top of everything else!

      6 - Just a minor detail - it doesn't actually pick up dirt very well either! You have to go over the same spot again and again, and even then, you can tell it's not a thorough job. I hate vacuuming anyway, but this machine just makes it the chore from hell with absolutely no job satisfaction!

      Overall: I tried to give this 'No Stars' but the system won't let me. I am giving it one star because it won't let me have zero!


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        30.01.2004 00:36



        • "Cannot get to edges"

        Sanyo sc-x130 - Advantages: Heppa filtration - Disadvantages: Heavy, Bounces the dirt, Cannot get to edges


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      Short name: Sanyo SCX130

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