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Cordless: No / Power: 1500 Watt / Style: Cylinder / Capacity: 5.3 l / Filtersystem: Hepa/S Class / Aktionsradius: 8 Metre / Bagless: No

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      15.03.2004 02:07
      Very helpful



      I hate vacuum cleaning. From my perspective, vacuum cleaners are designed and sold by people who clearly have never had to vacuum in their lives. Every time I review and test a vacuum cleaner, I shake my head at the features the engineers could have incorporated and did not. So with my usual healthy dose of skepticism, I took the Sebo C3 powerhead canister vacuum cleaner home to test. I took me about 10 minutes to reach the conclusion, that someone who was actually intelligent had engineered this vacuum cleaner. It took another 10 minutes to decide that no way this vacuum was going back to the office. This one was a keeper! First thing I noticed was I could immediately assemble this vacuum cleaner without looking at the manual. Not that in theory I have objections to manuals, but it was a pleasure for this mechanically challenged human to figure it out without calling for help. Next I noticed that the power head started immediately as soon as I pressed the hinged lever on the floor to operate the vacuum, and if I put the machine in the upright position it automatically turned itself off. Cool, especially when my husband's cell phone keeps ringing. The powerhead adjusted itself magically as I moved from thick Chinese rug to a thin scatter rug. It was a bit noisier than I was used to, but it was sucking up tons of dirt effortlessly and the sebo vacuum seemed to be almost self- propelled. Next, I tried out the upholstery attachment on a chair covered with cat hair. It was truly just a snap to change from the powerhead to the hand tool, off and on was smooth and fast. If the hand tools on a vacuum are not easy and fast to change, I am never motivated to use them- they just stay neatly stacked and unused inside the canister. Now, the fully electrified adjustable wand came into its own. No peering into little sockets on the vacuum cleaner to reconnect it after using the tools. As for the cat hair, the upholstery tool did a surprisingly good job
      but it took too long for Ms. Impatience here, so I put the optional small turbo head on my shopping list. I have to confess that as a confirmed klutz, I had some trouble putting the upholstery brush back inside the sebo vacuum canister. Easy if you are good at jigsaw puzzles, but my superior IQ was stumped for at least 5 minutes. I have made a mental note to take a good look next time I take out a hand tool as to where to put it back. Now someone at Sebo figured out that if you supply a floor brush which cannot fit inside the canister, it might make sense to put a little socket for it to hook on the back to the unit when you are vacuuming, otherwise the floor brush gets left behind in the closet - brownie points for that. At this time of writing, I think I have at least 3 generations of floor brushes at the back of my closet. The sebo vacuum floor brush has a nifty design kind of teeth with every other one missing. My kitchen floor was truly a challenge, after my husband had tramped in god knows what with his sneakers from the ravine, where he had rescued one of our cats one night last week. The floor brush did the best job at cleaning up sneaker dirt I have ever encountered. By this time, I was warming to the task and humming as I cleaned. I took a little break at this point and appreciated that the power head did not tip over but just stayed nicely behaved in the upright position. Electrical cord retracted smoothly and did not whipsaw as in other vacuum cleaners, which are designed to frighten the life out of you. When I resumed vacuuming I lifted the machine upstairs. Again I smiled, a nice handle conveniently placed so I did not feel I was lugging around an elephant. It was the not the lightest of vacuums, but neither the heaviest. As I started up again, I noticed the sebo vacuum cleaner seemed to have an unusually long electrical cord and I did not have to pick and move the canister very often. Of course, when I did move the canister,
      tugging at it to get it round a corner, I was glad that someone was smart enough to give this vacuum nice soft bumpers, so I wasn't beating up the paintwork. Somewhere along the line, I noticed that the handle was small enough for my little hands and wasn't causing my arthritis to kick up. I liked that most of the vacuum cleaner controls were on the handle and the rest were operated by a swift depression of the foot. It was a relief not to be bobbing up and down, bending to get the suction just right. Now I would not be vacuuming the blinds two feet off the windows by using too much suction. I decided to try opening the canister again to use the dusting brush. The dusting brush in my opinion is great for baseboards, chair rails and pictures and metal and wood blinds. This nifty attachment is also great for vacuuming the bathroom vanity lights, recessed spotlights, cobwebs on the ceiling and the corners in my bathroom. This is when the retractable wand, which just glided oh so smoothly and clicked into place without a struggle. By now, I was getting positively joyful and then I got angry at all those "other" vacuum cleaners. Millions of us condemned to vacuum cleaner purgatory. I realized that this vacuuming thing was almost pleasant, and my cleaning lady was going to LOVE me the following week. Or maybe she wasn't, as I was going to set new standard of cleanliness. No excuses, she was going to have a crackerjack tool to use! Down two floors to the garden level where the three cats hang out. There are plenty of challenges here. Noticed that the floor brush at the back did NOT fall off coming down stairs, which was appreciated. The sebo vacuum sucked up all that supposedly low trackable cat litter, which was tramped out from the laundry room all over the carpet. I have discovered something about cleaning the house with a good quality cleaning aid. It can be therapeutic and satisfying if the job at the end is well done. But don
      't get me wrong, I still prefer playing golf at weekends to vacuuming.


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      Short name: Sebo C3

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