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Sebo Service Box 5094ER

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    2 Reviews
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      07.06.2011 10:42
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      • Reliability


      A good value set of bags and filters, essential to maintain your Sebo machine

      I have owned a Sebo Vacuum now for six years. I am extremely pleased with it and the spares available are good value for the quality.
      I don't leave the bags in until they are full, as I feel this affects the performance of the vacuum, but replace them when they are approximately half full. This does mean I get through more bags than average, but I still find this Sebo Service Box good value. The filters on their own can be expensive, but with both included plus 10 bags, I find this very good value.
      The bags come with a disc that you insert into the top of the bag to cover it when you have removed it from the vacuum. This prevents your dust and deposits from scattering all over your home.
      the filters are both of excellent quality and are easy to remove and fit new ones.
      I shop around for the service box and can often find deals available. The maintain the quality of finish that Sebo can produce, it is important to replace the filters as advised.


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        05.09.2007 01:08
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        The first maintenance box for your Sebo but it could be cheaper.

        And today’s pointless review challenge on Dooyoo is… buying bags for your Sebo upright vacuum cleaner…

        When the responsibilities of buying consumables for the appliances in our home was passed onto me I realised that my parents were spending more money than they should be doing when it came to buying bags and filters for our old Sebo X1 Automatic. For starters whilst Sebo bags aren’t the most expensive in the world, my parents sourced a cheaper version of bags on the internet through a supplier on EBay which seemed a bargain at the time against Sebo’s branded bags. But the closer quality with Sebo genuine bags means you get a bit more than just a set of bags.

        If you are the owner of a Sebo X1, X2 to X4 models upright then you may already know the bargain box of bags and filters that Sebo sell against just extra packs of separate consumables which make the “Service box” from Sebo look expensive. But for those who don’t know, then read on.

        The beauty of the Service Box by Sebo however isn’t just the fact that it is made for the Sebo X1 Automatic range but the fact that Sebo produce other Service boxes for its other three model ranges including the recently launched Award winning Felix compact upright, K1 compact and C2 cylinder vacuums. All Service Boxes by Sebo are produced in white boxes with dark mauve coloured labels showing Sebo’s emblem and a diagram of what the box contains, from the top of the box to the bottom. At the back of the box, there is usually a diagram to show how these filters and bags are fitted.

        ** The Sebo Service Box definition **

        Included in the Service Box you get 10 (each 5.5 litre capacity) paper bags with individual sealing caps, an exhaust carbon filter replacement square and then the S Class/HEPA filter. Priced on average around £15-95 which I usually find in mass supply at John Lewis, the Service Box outweighs the need to buy separate boxes and packs of consumables. For example: (Oh I feel a Carol Vorderman moment coming on, sadly I’ve left my white markers at school though!)

        1 box of Sebo bags (Branded Sebo and therefore high filtration) 10 bags at £6-95
        1 replacement carbon motor filter square at £1-95
        1 replacement Micro filter/S Class roll at £7-95

        Total cost = £ 16-85
        Sebo Service Box = £15-95
        Difference of £0.90

        Clearly this shows the difference of a mere 90p between buying bags and filters separately even though for most owners finding the bags and filters is easy since they both sell in Comet, Currys, Argos and John Lewis to mention a few high street outlets names. However in general shopping I found getting the replacement carbon exhaust filter difficult to source even though the other two items command a higher price and often have had to order direct from Sebo which means elevated cost and waiting time by the post. This is not however to suggest that Sebo direct services are expensive even though postage has to be added.

        Over those owners who have Dysons and other bagless uprights, well this review won’t appeal to you at all unless you have an upright Dyson vacuum model which has a hunger for drive belts and filter replacements.

        So the idea of putting bags with filters isn’t a new thing by any means; Electrolux have been doing it for years, but in some way it is good to see that Sebo have a Service box which is a fitting name for the maintenance of keeping your Sebo alive by putting everything into one box rather than buying separate boxes therefore taking up less space and allowing the consumer to see how much they are going through. What Sebo could do however is add a bonus bag OR an extra motor filter to counteract the Service Box against Sebo’s own box of just the paper bags and seals.

        Old boxes of Sebo paper bags (determined by their older design with larger type set writing) tend to be sold 7 at a time as opposed to 10, making the Service Box look like a bargain at the time of purchase. These boxes are now starting to appear on the internet on Ebay for example. By shopping around you can find the Service Box lower priced at around £11-95 but this is very rare!

        ** The Difference with Copy Bags **

        I find that the copy bags for Sebo upright vacuums (since they are commercial based in their design) don’t have as much extra filter paper added. How do I know? Simply by cutting one in half to see how much extra filter had been added, compared to Sebo’s own genuine bags which act as a secondary filter using electrostatic layers, Sebo copy bags only have one layer of paper added to the inner bag as opposed to Sebo’s finely packed three layer paper inside the bag. The difference therefore is simply the smell of the bag once it’s taken out of your Sebo upright. Unsurprisingly despite any claim of being like a Genuine Sebo part, these unbranded bags simply don’t have the sealing power that Genuine Sebo bags have. They smell badly and they are more liable to burst when lifting out because of the poorer plastic engineered in the bonded part which slides into the bag holder.

        Secondly you don’t get caps with the copy bags despite having a similar opening and same coloured green plastic grid in which you slip the bag into the lock into the cleaner.

        ** Longevity **

        Vacuuming up generally after a family with pets tends to reveal lots of emptying (if you’re the bagless fan of cyclonic vacuums) or changing bags. And with our Sebo I find that one Service Box tends to last the whole 365 days of the year in terms of the bags we go through whilst the HEPA filter lasts for a total of 10 to 20 bags and it is good that it is included here in the Service Box deal. The motor filter turns black regardless of how many bags you go through and should be replaced when either side turns black with the carbon from the motor. So essentially on average I find one maintenance box lasts a year.

        The beauty of having just one packet or box of consumables for your vacuum cleaner means that there is less to worry about and all of the consumables are safely packaged away in one place.

        Our 11 year old Sebo X1 uses one bag approximately every two or three months depending on use, but the capacity properties of Sebo bags have always been known to last longer because of their excellent quality and design.

        ** Conclusion **

        With no drive belt to replace since Sebo’s X uprights have a lifetime belt which doesn’t need replacing, I don’t think spending £15-95 a year is too much to deal with. Yet I can see that it is a slight downside given that you’re no better off buying boxes of bags and filters separately when there’s so little price difference.

        But for most consumers these days who still prefer to use bagged upright vacuum cleaners and own a Sebo, or thinking of buying a Sebo X range upright, the Service Box makes a lot of sense as it covers the consumable aspect in just one box compared to three different packets. I find I can keep track of how many bags our Sebo goes through and pre-determine when the filters need to be replaced simply by the ever decreasing amount of bags left in the Service Box. Then when those bags are done, I simply buy a single box of 10 bags and use the filters from the Service Box. That may sound a bit expensive having to pay out every year but hey, that's my choice for a cleaner set of lungs!

        Of course what would be handy, Sebo, is if you actually produced a fabric washable dirt bag for the X range like you produce for your commercial BS series. But that’s another moan for another day. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2007



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