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Swan Essentials SU3040

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Brand: Swan / Type: Upright Bagless

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2012 19:53
      Very helpful



      My value vacuum cleaner


      To be honest I was not expecting much for the £50 we paid and on appearance this look very cheap flimsy and like it is not up for the job. When I took it out the box and began to assemble which was very easy to do simply put the handle on and you're away it began to grow on me. Still now when I look at it, it is not the most attractive of vacuum cleaners but for the low price tag what more can you expect. It is white and grey and the plastic on the cleaner makes it look very cheap indeed.

      It is a bag less upright cleaner that has a transparent cylinder removable handle that attaches to the hose to extend the tool and make it a lot easier for tasks like the stairs and the 7 meter cord means it can clean a good section of the floor without needed to change the plug to a different socket.


      It is smaller than other stand up vacuums I have owned but not by too much standing to just above my waste for the main cleaner but the handle boosts that heights and therefore makes it easy to push while standing and without having to bend over and break your back.

      The cylinder has 2.5 litre dust capacity which means I do not have to keep running to empty every 5 minutes and as it is transparent you can easily see when the cylinder needs emptying.

      How well does it work on different floor types?

      On the front of the vacuum and 4 different setting for suction power each time I change between my carpets and wooden flooring I simply change the setting to high for our carpets and the second from lowest for the floors. This means no matter what floor type I use this vacuum cleaner on it picks up the mess extremely easily and as the functions are just the flick of a switch it is very easy to do and you get maximum results.

      It can run away with you on wooden flooring there seems to be hardly any grip which means it can slide across the floor and rather fast which can result in the handle coming out but as it just clicks back in this is not too much of a problem.

      Is it lightweight?

      At 4.5kg it is lightweight compared to every other vacuum cleaner we have owned. Although the bulky design can be deceiving this vacuum cleaner is very lightweight it runs across floors easily and when it comes to lifting the vacuum cleaner to do stairs and such like it is very light and easy to hold throughout.


      The handle of the vacuum clips in and out and can be used to extend the hose which is needed as the hose as it stands without this attachment is really short and not much use at all to be honest even with the handle as an attachment this still is a very short hose compared to other vacuum cleaners we have used.

      The suction on this is fantastic I thought with it being a cheap vacuum cleaner that it would take some hard work to get the carpets up clean and it was just a temporary measure until we could afford a more expensive one but this picks the dirt up with ease and even more. The first time we used it we noticed it managed to bring up all the dog hairs and mess that was buried under the carpet and it actually made the carpet look newer, Each time we use this cleaner we can see the carpets becoming lighter and lighter and this in fact seems to have more suction power than our previous model that we paid over £100 for.

      We have a husky dog that is prone to shedding a lot of her fur and we have had problems in the past with vacuums that appear to clean but then we would find Skye's hair all over the place but this is fantastic and I can honestly say this vacuum cleaner picks up 99 % of her hair which really is amazing for the amount she moults.


      To remove the dust you simply press a button just above the cylinder and it comes away very easily then I just empty the dust out give it a quick wipe and then return to the vacuum where it clicks in so easily.

      To clean the filter you simply remove it from the vacuum cleaner remove any dust that make be stuck in the filter itself and then give it a wipe with a damp cloth wait until it is dry again and then it really is good as new. There are instructions in the user manual that give a clear guide how to do this.


      This is a major downfall of this vacuum cleaner it is extremely loud as soon as you switch it off it sounds like an aeroplane is about to take off. After a while you get used to the noise but it is still very noticeable and everyone comments when visiting that it is very noisy you cannot hear anyone talk over it which can be quite a pain. As the vacuum cleaner begins to work harder if I am clearing up a large mess my children have made rather than just day to day dirt then it becomes even worse which I did not think would be possible.


      We have had this cleaner for around a year now and although it has had a few small blockages they were easily solved within a few minutes. For a vacuum cleaner we intended for a replacement until we could afford a more expensive model let me tell you this has lasted amazing long. It still looks new there are no scratches, no markings and the filter can be easily washed meaning it is as good as new. It has fell down the stairs, been knocked over by the dog and gets used at least twice a day as with young children and a dog the mess seems never ending in this house. For what looks like a cheaply made cleaner I am really impressed with the way it has stood up to the test of time.


      For the price I was not expecting many extras which is a good thing as you receive very minimal additions. With the vacuum we receive 2 extending pipes to add on the hose to make it easier for cleaner both shorter than what I would have liked but they still work to get the job done once attached to the flexible hose. These can both be stored in the sides of the cleaner as it has two holders for them and as they are rather small they do not get in the way of the general cleaning. Also we received a turbo brush to add to the end of the extension but I am afraid to say within the first two days this actually snapped and was unusable again but other than that everything else has been fine.


      We brought this from Littlewoods for the small price of £50 it was supposed to be a temporary cleaner until we saved to replace our vax cleaner that broke on us but it has stayed as a permanent fixture. It is lightweight and has amazing suction for such a small vacuum cleaner, our carpets actually looked like we have used a carpet washer on them as it has pulled up all the dust hiding beneath. It is great at picking up animal hair and although compact does not break your back while trying to clean up. I would recommend this to anyone for a bargain buy you will not be disappointed and although it is very minimal it really does pick up dust and mess extremely well.

      Useful info:

      2.5 litre dust capacity

      Bagless vacuum cleaner

      Turbo brush

      Cyclonic system

      Washable filter

      7m power cord

      Stretch hose for easy cleaning

      1400 watt motor

      Weight 4.5 kg


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    • Product Details

      Short name: Swan SU3040

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