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Tooltime 12V Wet Dry

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2011 22:29
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      An amazing car vaccum that I would not be without

      I am well known for having quite a messy car, mainly due to my friends leaving a load of food wrappers and drinks cans after a road trip, and due to where I live and where I have to park my car, it is not possible for me to get a hoover to the car to enable me to remove the dust, dirt, food crumbs and other bits of debris from the car. Luckily, my mum got me a really great christmas present last year, in the form an RAC car vacuum.

      I am not sure as to why, but this has been listed here as the Tooltime 12V wet Dry Vaccum. This is the same thing, but the one I have is orange and gray, not yellow like is listed on here. This vaccum is designed especially for the car, and has an attached cable which plugs into your car lighter, and this is what powers it. There is also a set of attachments which come in the box, and these are to enable you to clean different kinds of carpet and chairs. There is also attachments to help you get into all the different corners, nooks and crannies that you will find in the car.

      At first, I was a little dubious as to how well this would work, but anything was better than having an always dirty car. I cleaned out the rubbish in my car, and plugged in the hoover into my car lighter and got ready to clean up the dirt. To use the hoover, there is a slider which you push forward with your thumb, and hold this forward whilst you hoovering. This is what keeps the suction going and the second you let go of this, you will stop the suction. This can get a bit painful on the thumb after a while, especially if you have a lot of hoovering to do in your car.

      The hoover is light and easy to hold, it has a large handle to hold which is in the perfect position to enable you to keep a good grip, push the slider and move the vaccum around easily. It is made of a thick, durable plastic which seems to be very sturdy. It is easy to take apart as well, you just unclip the front at the bottom, and in here you will find the filter, which you do need to clean out every now and then. The filter is fronted by a small piece of gray foam, which is in front of a fan. This is easy to clean, and I usually just hit it against the side of the car to empty out the dirt and dust it collects during use. The back also pops off easily enabling you to empty out anything else that gets into the vaccum.

      The suction power on this vaccum actually surprised me, I thought it would not be very strong, but it actually sucks up perfectly! I would liken this to the same type of power my household vaccum cleaner has, and I was really pleased with the results. It was really easy to use as well, thanks to its small size, and light weight. It glides over the carpet and chairs in my car, sucking up everything in its way. It probably took me as long to vaccum the car out, as it would with a normal vaccum cleaner. I was really happy with the way this worked, and I have happily used it many times now.

      The cable that is attached to the back of the vaccum folds up and stores in a small compartment that is in the back of the vaccum. This is just under a flap, and the whole cable and plug fit nicely in here and due to it being fully attached in the hoover, there is no chance of losing the cable. I am forever losing cables, so I was really happy to see that there was no way this was going to get lost, even in the hell that can be the boot of my car.

      I now store this hoover in my car boot, and it hardly takes up any space in the boot and I like that it is not bulky or in the way. I still have loads of storage space, and any time I need the vaccum, I can just pull it out. The cable is actually really long, and it reaches right to my back window from the lighter, with extra cable still to go. My car is not massive, it is a Fiesta and I used to have this in my Punto, which also had the same amount of extra length on the cable. I think the cable would be a good length for most cars of general size, but something huge may have a slight problem.

      The attachments for the vaccum have come in handy too. There is a brush attachment which I usually use to clean up the floor mats in the car, as they proper get into the grooves of the mat and clean it up real nice. There is also a slim line attachment which I use to get into all the corners and into the backs of the chairs.

      I really love this car vaccum, and I am glad it didn't turn out to be a useless bit of gadget which would sit in my car with no purpose. It has more than served its worth, and is still going strong *touch wood*. I really can not sing its praises enough, and the only bad thing about it, is the fact you have to hold the slider down to keep the suction on. I have found using sticky tape is a way to get around this, so it is nothing major and not even worth taking a star off for. I love the fact that there is no need for batteries for this, and you will not run out of power thanks to the fact it is plugged into the car battery when you use it.

      I have not any idea as to where my Mum bought this, but I am sure if you look online you should easily be able to find this. I totally recommend buying one, especially if you have kids or your car gets messy real quick and easy. I give this a 5 out of 5 stars, and I would love to be able to give it more. I totally recommend this, and I would not be without it now.


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