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Vax 2200 Watts Pets

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Brand: Vax

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    1 Review
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      27.11.2013 13:45
      Very helpful



      Unfortunately put me off Vax in the future

      I'm not particular proud to say it as there are more interesting hobbies to have, but I am actually a little obsessed with vacuuming! For this reason, I have been through my fair share of vacuum cleaners, and my constantly-moulting white dog and long-haired white cat do not help the health of my vacuum cleaners!

      The latest model I decided on was the Vax 2200 pet hair vac, for several reasons:

      1. Vax is a well-known and respected brand name among the world of vacuum cleaners.
      2. The price of £100 was good compared to similar models made by other companies.
      3. The fact that it had the extra capability of specialising in pet hair collection was a big selling point for me.
      I had high expectations for this vacuum. But did the Vax live up to them??

      **The positives**

      Being a lone lady, I was a little concerned that I may have difficulty ASSEMBLING the vac. However, my concerns were unfounded as a very clear, easy-to-follow instruction manual with simple step-by-step assembly instructions were included which enabled me o build the vac up and be ready for its first use within 10 minutes.

      The one thing that impressed me upon first usage was the SUCTION POWER of the vac. The clear collection bowl allowed me to see what was being collected on a seemingly clean floor, and it made me feel like the carpets had had a brilliant clean afterwards. The suction is still excellent whether it is being used in an upright position or the nozzle is being used for stairs or other areas.

      The vac is supplied with several different TOOLS such as an extendable nozzle, brush attachment and a power suction tool which all help with different areas. The brush is particularly good for areas with any stubborn pet hair. There are also 3 different FUNCTIONS available for vacuuming, dependant on the type of surface being cleaned: low carpet, high carpet and hard floor. These can be alternated between during vaccing, so there is no need to keep switching it on and off.
      **The Negatives**

      The POWER LEAD is a bit too long. Initially, I thought this was a good thing as it meant I didn't need to switch plug sockets from one room to another, but it actually hinders more than it helps! The lead is attached to the base of the vac which mean it's very difficult to keep it out of the way. I find I'm constantly running over the lead with the wire, even if I hold it in my other hand it's so long that I end up running over the wire at some point when I change direction. If I'm not running over it I'm tripping over it or having to step over it, which is actually rather dangerous!

      It is so NOISY. Don't get me wrong I wasn't expecting a near silent vacuum, they are noisy by nature, but this one positively roars! It is that loud that when I first put it on I had to stop to make sure I'd not done something wrong! I hadn't though, it just makes a huge amount of noise!

      Emptying the dust out is a MESSY affair. On the plus side you can see on first glance when the dust collector compartment needs emptying, but there is no mess-free way of doing this. Most of the fluff and hairs collected don't settle in the compartment but attach to the filter which is removed from the centre of the compartment upon emptying. Dust flies everywhere including the floor, your clothes and up your nose - not a vac for allergy sufferers!

      When used in the upright position the vacuum BLOWS AIR OUT of the base. On hard floors particularly this can be a problem as it blows any pet hairs or fluff away before it reaches them! Also, the vac should not be used next to any loose paperwork or you run the risk of losing it!

      It is unbelievably HEAVY. Simply pushing and manoeuvring the vac around the floor is a mini workout in itself, but I absolutely dread having to drag the machine upstairs. It leads to what should be an easy everyday chore turning into a shattering experience.

      Personally, I found the negatives outweigh the positives on this model. I will stick with this until I need a new vac but unfortunately it has put me off Vax in the future.


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