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Canister, Bag, 1300 Watt, 3.17 Gallons Capacity, 16.69 ft.Cord, Features: Bag Change / Cup Full Indicator

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    2 Reviews
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      19.06.2009 19:48



      Went for an upright as too many carpets and too many pet hairs!

      I got brought this for a Christmas present!! Very glamourous!

      I was lost with all the hoses and attachments to be honest! It looked far too complicated and although I needed a carpet washer I opted to use this as just a vacumn and invest in a proper carpet washer. On the hoovering function, 2 cats and a puppy were making it work very hard and although it was good it was hard work and the same area had to be gone over a few times. It has a nifty turbo tool to attach that is specifically designed for removing pet hair. This was superb but was tiny and made you sound like you were about to take off!! Nowhere hot or sunny unfortunately! While this worked it was good but it covered such a small area and took forever to cover any sizable area. When the boys had been fighting I could have a reasonable size area to attack with this turbo tool. I would say its a good work out though, by the time you had gone over the same area with the normal head several times or taken a while to cover an area with the silly likkle turbo attachment you were definately readyy for a lie down somewhere cool!

      I invested in a Dyson and now would not go back to a cyclinder hoover, purely for the fact its easier to use and does not require so much welly behind it. I did invest in a VAX upright Dual action carpet washer which is al ready to go without having to attach tubes and nozzles and more tubes and I'm extremely happy with that so Vax as a make is good but didn't rate this product. Glad it was free even if I felt a little ungrateful! Haven't told the person concerned that I purchased another and said a huge thanks at the time so hopefully they thought they were helping!


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      05.01.2008 21:22
      Very helpful



      Great results if a bit of a chore

      I know. It's Saturday night and most self-respecting men are out drinking with their buddies. Indeed, three 20-something triplets were just at the door begging me for my precious tipsy company. However, it would be of no benefit to mankind if I were to go. Instead, I will tell you about a vaguely posh vacuum cleaner. Interestingly, I read in the newspaper today that pages such as this one would remain in the public domain for many years and that they could be viewed at a later date by an employer. It was a warning to teenagers and their blogs - don't make a prat of yourself - you never know who might be watching. As I climb the career ladder I dont know whats worse evidence of my suitability, a fantasy about drunken triplets or the desire to write about a vacuum cleaner for 30p.

      If you cant be bothered with the rest, its a good cleaner. I like it a lot. See the filth!
      Out of the box
      Well packaged in a large box. It weighs a bit so be careful. Everything is wrapped in plastic and tied up with those little twists of wire that ruin Christmas Day. There are a lot of bits! Loads of tubes, pipes, cleaning heads etc etc etc An explosion in a plumbing shop.
      However, thankfully it all fits together well and without having to use the instructions too much.

      What is does
      This little machine has two ways of using it. Three if you have a dirty mind. It can be either a normal vacuum cleaner or it can be a wet cleaner. One draw back of the machine is that you have to physically remove the hoover bag and cover to use it as a wet cleaner, replacing the inner cover with a different type. Its not hard to do but it is a pain. I dont use this thing as a normal cleaner much anyway though it has its uses in the car.
      How it works
      Well, you fill an upper container with hot water and soap solution like Vax 3-in-1 cleaner - about £1.50 for a washing up liquid sized bottle. You replace the motor unit on top of this, attach a thin pipe that carries the hot water to the head and attach the vacuum tube to the machine at the bottom. Water goes down tube, into carpet, gets sucked out of carpet and back into the machine. Easy peasy!

      You get loads - some for wet and some for dry. The wet stuff is just a large flat head and a small upholstery head. For the dry there is a mixture of large heads and small and thin heads. A really good range I thought! The best is a turbo head - its only small and has an integral brush that is spun by the suction. Its to get hairs up from the dirty animals we have to live with for the sake of our childrens happiness and it really works!
      I love this thing! When used on the wet the results give you a realy smug feeling of
      Oh my God do we live with this filth
      Now all this stuff has come out will the carpet disappear
      Ah-ha - my toenails! Don't ever leave me again!

      The machine makes everything noticeably cleaner and smell better. Tempted to hoover the cat, but it would only go and survive just to spite me.
      The true joy is emptying the crud that collects in the container. When you put it in the sink it comes out black. There is enough sand in there to make a small house. It sits in the sink looking at you. And you feel victorious.

      Ok so it works but be warned. To do a good clean takes ages - I mean at least an hour for your lounge. For it to be effective it needs to be pushed slowly across the carpet. You then need to spend time sucking the water out of the carpet again (you can turn the soapy water pump off so it only sucks like a normal cleaner).
      Another word of warning. Be careful you dont have the water too hot. i think I stripped the scotchguard of a carpet and it now gets filthy very easily!

      The cleaner can also be used for spillages but to be honest its a hollow claim. I cant be arsed getting it out and putting it together for the sake of some spilt drink. I do have it handy for when my dad comes round though in case he spills his pint. Its like a Father Jack moment and I envisage him desperately sucking the beer out of the carpet in case it gets wasted.
      Pretty good. Weve had it now for about 2 years and it still works. A small bit of plastic came of the end of the soapy water hos but doesnt stop it working.

      I love it. Just because of the dirt you see come out of the carpet. Its like cleaning your nails and is perversely satisfying. Worth the £150 we paid from argos as with 3 kids and a cat are carpets dont last.

      You can get further info from
      Thanks for reading!


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      Short name: Vax 6140

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