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Vax 6155 Family Vax Multifunction Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacuum Cleaner

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    1 Review
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      23.03.2006 14:46
      Very helpful
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      Multifunctional wet and dry cleaner

      Yes, it's official, I am a SAD person.

      I wanted something which would clear up all the mess made during the loft conversion, and get those coarpets clean.

      I had a look around, and ordered one of these Vax machines.

      So, the great day arrives with the arrival of a LARGE BOX.

      Being a sucker for what I see as "freebies", it was a bonus to open the box to be confronted with lots of solutions, wipes, brushes etc. Once unwrapped and laid neatly in front of me, there was the motor unit (obviously), clean and dirty water bucket, stair hose, several dust bags, hose and hand grip. Also in the box was an upholstery tool, dusting brush, crevice tool, extra long crevice tool, turbo tool, carpet washer, dry vacuum attachment, turbobrush, upholstery washer tool, washer delivery tube, telescopic extension tube and spill pick up tube.

      Phew! I was exhausted looking at them; usually I pick up my dyson and go. However, the little extras impressed me (how easily impressed am I?). There was atub of upholstery wipes, a tub of dashboard wipes, anti tobacco carpet cleaner, carpet cleaner, spring clean carpet cleaner, "for pets" carpet cleaner, multi hard floor cleaner, spot and stain remover, an air freshener, rubber gloves, lots of bags and an extension reel.

      These people want me to really clean. They mean business!

      For those in the know, and the reason I chose this model...
      1500W with HEPA and variable power
      Washes carpets, upholstery and hard floors, Pumped water delivery
      4l wet capacity
      8l dry capacity
      Actually, it wash the hard floor and carpet cleaner which sold it to me

      It's a big blue thing which you pull along, with all the attachments attached to your person. How to describe a vax?

      Whilst I have a grasp of several concepts and consider myself a fairly literate member of society, instructions usually baffle me, and these more than most.

      All of the instructions are in a long thin booklet and everything is shown pictorially with ticks and arrows abounding. Now, I don't know about everyone else but on a picture I do find it difficult to see the difference between a turbobrush and a hard floor washer. The process of washing carpets was also shown pictorially and whilst this is useful, I think there is a place somewhere for explaining HOW to use the items.

      No matter, I struggled on and got it going, although the first few times I think I was using anything but the correct bits and pieces.

      The end of the instructions gives lots of safety information and actually explains some of the implements (this bit is written)

      Once you manage to get past the instruction stage, the change between normal vacuuming and washing your carpets is relatively simple...you take out the HEPA filtration unit, replace it with the clean water bucket, add water and cleaning fluid and off you go. It even has a drying mode which is great if you don't want to spend your time walking on soggy carpets. One of the features I do like is the hard floor cleaning attachment, because, like many houses today, we have a mixture of carpets and hard floors.

      I have now worked out most of the implements and would say that it would be easier if there were fewer. The basic principle is quite simple and follows the theory of most vacuum cleaners...after all I do vacuum more often than I wash the floors (apart from the kitchen and bathroom).

      Lots of attachments, which even if they don't all work, do a great job of convincing me that they do (or is this s disadvantage?)

      The washing mode really does seem to work. the water which came out of the dirty water bucket was FILTHY!!

      Has a hard floor cleaning attachment.

      Includes lots of cleaning fluids- nothing more annoying than buying something and then having to pop out to buy solutions, because I want to use it immediately

      Good suction

      Lots of implements. I know it's an advantage as well, but I can't quite decide if it's a good or bad thing

      The machine is a bit heavy and unwieldy to carry up and down the stairs but it does have an extension hose which is a bit plus!

      After washing the floors, you have to ensure that the dirty water bucket is very dry or you end up with soggy dust bags

      All things considered, I am very pleased with it up to now. the problems, if there are likely to be any will arise if something goes wrong with it. It wasn't cheap, I think they cost around £250, but there are lots of features and extras and I remain convinced that as I get used to it, the whole process will get easier

      Vax Ltd
      Kingswood Road
      Hampton Lovett

      Quite a handy website as you can check up on product information (should you want to), order bags etc and report problems

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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    • Product Details

      1500W with HEPA / Washes carpets, upholstery & hard floors, vacs carpets & hard floors / Pumped water delivery / Variable power / Wet capacity: 4 litres clean plus 8 litres dirty / Dry capacity: 8 litres / Short name: Vax 6155

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