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Brand: VAX / Design: Canister / Dirt Capture: Container

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2010 21:17
      Very helpful



      For a sucker this one's quite good

      Unfortunately I seem to have some very bad luck when it comes to certain electrical items, such as toasters which tend to have a mind of there own after browning a few slices of white bread...Lawn mowers, which after a few uses couldn't cut a piece of paper let alone a lawn of grass... and, worst of all, for me that is, is vacuum cleaners, which I tend to go through more often than I actually use them. And it is my bad luck with the vacuum cleaner that brings me here today...

      A few weeks ago I had no choice but to purchase yet another vacuum cleaner due to the fact that, with my typical luck, my usual upright vacuum cleaner took a nasty tumble down the stairs, bouncing off every step its way, sending plastic splinters every where as it went.
      After cleaning up the mess with a brush and shovel I knew I had to get a new cleaner as I had only managed to clean half the carpets in the house, leaving the rest embedded with dog hairs.
      So I headed of to the shops on the hunt for a half decent cleaner at a good price, preferably an upright but beggars can't be choosers.

      Anyway, as I was passing a small electrical shop I spotted what I thought to be a bargain sitting there in the window, it was a rather strange square looking silver vacuum cleaner with a few funny shades of green bits attached to it, so in I went to investigated, and how glad I was that I did.
      The cleaner in the window was the Vax c91-p5p bagless container vacuum with all the attachments.

      ** THE SPECS...

      Cylinder type
      1.19 gallon (nearly 3.5 litre) dust container
      2400 watts of power with 230 air watts of suction
      HEPA dust filter
      Anti bacterial filtration
      6 metres of electrical cord with quick recoil
      7 KG in weight (about 22 lb)

      On board tools such as a turbo tool for pet hairs, telescopic tubes, 1.5 metre hose, crevice tool, a 2 in 1 tool and a combination floor head.

      ** THE DESIGN...

      It's not the best looking machine in the world with its straight edges and true right angles making it look like a silvery little space craft with green patches.
      It's a good size, not to big as to struggle carrying it around, and not too small as to feel embarrassed if your neighbour spot you using it through the window.
      At the back of the unit there are two wheels which help you drag it along the floor, although there is very little ground clearance so taking it off road is a no no. There is a front castor which helps you steer the little module where you want it to go.
      It has a green coloured handle which flips up for easy grip and slot back into position for a stream line look.
      The filters are well hidden on the side of the unit, although very easily accessible when they need cleaning.
      And the special turbo tool for pet hairs is neatly housed under the transparent casing on the top of the unit

      The plug itself attached to a good length of cable and is nestled inside the unit which can then be pulled out with ease, rewinding back into it's home effortlessly in a matter of seconds, eliminating the hassle of winding that long lead up by hand.
      The on/off switch sits on top of the unit and can be controlled with a gentle tap of ones big toe.
      There is a little notch towards the rear of the unit which can be used to attach the hose and telescopic tubes to, keeping everything together when the unit is not in use.


      Well this is child's play, as they say, with the dust container being housed to the rear of the main unit and having a good sized handle, so it is just a matter of pressing the release catch and taking the container out, then, holding it upright over a bin and releasing the little catch on the bottom so the base will swing down, dropping the contents into the bin.
      A quick clean later and you're ready to replace the container back into the unit and away you go.

      ** OTHER FACTS...

      It has a HEPA and anti bacterial filtration which is handy for those who a plagued with allergies from pets and the like, and all the filters can be washed with warm water but must be allowed to dry fully before re using.

      ** IN CONCLUSION...

      For what it is supposed to do it certainly does it with ease.

      I have owned similar cylinder vacuum cleaners previously, finding a lot of them to be more irritating and pretty useless, in fact, the last one I had came with a pair of asbestos gloves for carrying around with as it heated up that much when in use, so I did stray onto uprights for a while.
      But, as I said, the upright I was using, which I would still be using today if it had bounced just that little bit gentler on its way down the stairs, was great for what it was supposed to do, clean my carpets, so I had to buy a new one as soon as possible.

      Anyway, when I bought this one I was initially quite impressed with its weird look more than anything, together with a big red sign stating its original price and how much it was selling for at the time, which was a massive saving all for me, so I bought it and headed home in the hope of finishing the hovering I had started earlier.
      Once I had got it home, set it up and began using it I was very impressed with its performance as it sucked up the dog hairs and biscuit crumbs from the carpet, I don't know who makes more mess, the kids or the dog?

      It manages to grab a lot of 'crap' from within the pile of the carpet with ease and is easily dragged around the house on its two back wheel and front 'castor'.
      The 'square' shape of the unit seems to stop it rolling over when you corner a little too quickly, making cleaning the carpets that much quicker all round.
      The good length hose gives you a wide range and together with the 6 metre electric cable you can clean most standard size rooms without having to keep.

      What else can I say about this rather strange square looking unit, well, it may be small and look like something straight out of a scene from Doctor Who but it certainly sucks the crumbs from your floors leaving them dust free in minutes.

      If you do want to get this vacuum cleaner then I do believe it retails for around the £120 region, although, if you're as lucky as I was then you may get it for a fraction of that.

      Would I have paid the full £120 for this one.... I'm not too sure as there are many better ones on the market for less, but if it was going for around £60-£70 then I'd jump at the chance now I've used one. (I won't tell you how much I got mine for as I don't want to make the shopkeeper who sold it to me cry, or you).

      In all, a nice little cleaner although a little over priced.


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      Short name: Vax C91-P5P

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