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Vax V-125 All Terrain

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    2 Reviews
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      07.04.2013 11:15
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A good carpet cleaner with 6 years peace of mind

      I have owned a Vax carpet cleaner for years which has performed very well so when it came to finding a replacement it was not difficult to choose Vax again. The old carpet washer had seen better days but I have had it for about 8 years now. I also wanted something that had an attachment to clean upholstery and the carpet on the stairs.

      When I looked around at different options there were so many carpet washers to choose from, all promising to give the best results. The thing that swayed me was the 6 year warranty which you get with the Vax. Most other brands could not even compete with that, mostly just giving one year. I do have a Vax vacuum which also has a 6 year warranty. It developed a crack on the handle and with one phone call and a very pleasant and helpful person on the phone it was replaced straight away. After that experience I was very impressed with their customer service as there is no point having a long warranty if they make it difficult to get anything sorted.

      The specs are

      1350 watts
      6 year warranty
      Heated cleaning
      Spinscrub technology with 6 brushes
      Powered spinscrub tool for carpets and upholstery
      Auto rinse function
      3.7 litre clean tank plus 3 litre dirty tank capacity
      Dual V technology to dry your carpets faster
      Hard floor tool included
      9.1 metre cord

      My Vax arrived and straight away began to put it together. It was not too difficult but you do need a screwdriver. The pictures in the instruction booklet are OK but they could be a bit better as some parts look very similar to others. It took me about 15 minutes in total to put it together but once it is assembled, that's it. I had ordered some carpet cleaning solution at the same time as ordering the vax although you do get two bottles with the machine itself. This model of carpet washer has a separate tank for the solution so there is no mixing to get the right concentration, it all does it for you. Hopefully that will mean no waste.

      Once everything was put together properly I filled the clean water tank with warm water, placed some solution in the mixing container (part of the clean water tank) and then attached the upholstery attachment. I started to use the Vax and was amazed with the results. There has been a lot of building work happening in my house and this has obviously produced a lot of dust. The Vax did not struggle at all and cleaned the cushions and couch with ease. I then turned the Vax to a large rug which is cream in colour. Although the rug did not look dirty I thought I would give it a try to see what the Vax could do. I was very impressed, the rug came up great and was dry in no time.

      The first thing I should note is that the Vax is very loud. At some points I thought there must be something wrong with it but as the Vax is working so well I now just think it is a very loud machine. The second is that if you do not put the clean water tank in correctly the Vax will tell you by constantly leaking. I found this out by using the upholstery tool with the clean water tank not fully together properly. It still worked but then I realised the Vax was standing in a very big puddle of water.

      Overall I am very impressed with the Vax. Although it is loud I can get over this as it cleans so well. It will last for 6 years and if not I know Vax will sort it and it makes my carpets and upholstery look as good as new. Money well spent.


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      01.04.2009 12:16
      Very helpful



      Well worth investing in

      Vax V-125 All Terrain
      I have recently purchased this carpet/upholstery/sealed floors washer. Having found other peoples reviews helpful I thought that I could add my experiences of the cleaner to help other potential purchasers make an informed choice. This is a detailed review hence the length but hopefully it will tell you everything you want to know.

      The Price

      The cleaner varies in price depending where you buy it from however as a guide it's RRP is £322 however I paid £222 for mine in a sale from Argos hence that swayed my decision to purchase. It would also be worth checking Amazon as I this was the next cheapest retailer I could find.

      The Packaging
      The box is very big I have a family size car and found that the box wouldnt fit in with my boot empty it is very large this is without having my seats folded down as my kids were in the back I could have got it in otherwise. Might be worth considering delivery. I ended up having to have my friend bring it up in a black cab.

      When you actually open the box there is quite a bit of cardboard packaging holding various accessories.

      The instruction booklet supplied states that you need to put the handle body on yourself however mine came pre assembled other than this its really just a case of putting on the tool caddy if you should choose to as its optional. Also the instructions can be a little confusing when you first run though them

      What do you get?

      Other than the machine and hose you can expect
      Upholstery tool, spinbrush adaptor, hard floor squeagy, 2 small bottles of soloution for different floor types

      There is a caddy to hold the hose etc but I found it cumbersome to use on the cleaner so might suit being mounted in a garage etc

      The important bit-Performance
      Okay so this is possibly the most important part of the review. Let me say that to get started you pretty much just need to add water and cleaning soloution to the clean tank that is on the top of the cleaner HOWEVER the process of mounting the tack in place can be a little tricky as whilst trying to line up the outlets to the correct points on the machine you can lose fluid from the tank which initially I didn't figure out and spent an hour worrying my new machine had a leak.

      Standard Carpet

      I have used the cleaner on 3 carpets now my toddlers room which was quite a challenge as she had kept taking her nappy off and weeing so the smell was lingering it cut through that and it was very noticeable on her carpet which is lilac the areas that had been cleaned next to those that hadn't and it didn't look particularly dirty until I started cleaning. It didn't get out a stain that was made when my daughter rubbed moisturiser over her carpet other than that superb results. Its worth saying that was just the main unit I used possibly if I went back at it with the manual spinbrush tool it might come out. I would say the carpet was quite dry straight away and a few hours with the heating on finished it off. The other two carpets were cream and I felt they didnt look particularly cleaned up eg darker marks still there however the filty water tank told a different story


      For this part you have to connect the hose and upholstery tool. The tool certainly could be better as there is no mechanical assistance (say like a Dyson turbo head) also you have to start with the machine at the top of the stairs and move it downstairs to do the bottom half due to the length of the hose.

      Hard floors

      This element of the cleaner I can report on as you can only use it on sealed floors and I dont think laminate falls in to this category even then I probably would find mopping easier.

      I tried it today on one of my dining chairs which has a velvety feel cream cover it was stained with ketchup (again the work of my lovely toddler) it came out

      My verdict

      So would I spend my money over again? Yes I certainly would I have 3 kids at home and the cost of the machine is easily balanced when you consider the cost of hiring a pro to come to your home plus you have the convenience of choosing when and how often you want to use it.

      A couple of things you might find useful to know

      The cleaner is heavy so might be a challenge for elderly people etc
      It requires a fair amount of room to store
      Keep a big old towel handy for mop up when changing the tanks and taking off the hose
      It goes through soloution very fast so bulk buy if you can

      So that concludes my review I hope that it has been useful to you and that I haven't been excessive with the detail I've provided


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