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Vax C89-P6-B Cylinder

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Brand: Vax

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2012 11:09
      Very helpful



      Well built and good price, Vac with a Vax.

      After a calamitous year or so with my previous vacuum cleaner, and with the constant ear bending the girlfriend was giving me, I boldly took another step into the household appliance world and picked out this little gem. I had chosen this time to go with a well known and reputable brand name, thus reducing the risk of ending up with another turkey of a vacuum cleaner. More expensive yes, but if that meant cleaner carpets and a happier girlfriend, it was worth the outlay. Here are my thoughts on this Vax Power 6 dry vacuum cylinder cleaner. (Please note, cleaning duties are shared in my house!)

      --The Alien Planet-sounding Vacuum from the Seventies...--

      In the Eighties, I always thought a Vax was the 'cool' vacuum for a family to have. All my better-off friends mum's had one, as did the school caretaker. I mean, it could suck up dry and wet stuff at the same time! Also, it's such a sci-fi name too, whilst twisting the abbreviation of 'Vac' of course. Based off an industrial cleaner design in the 70's, the now famous orange drum shape became a huge hit in households in the eighties and nineties, until a new kid showed up with his cyclones and balls... and high price tag.
      Vax are still a major brand in the cleaning market, and make a huge range of domestic and industrial cleaners for many different applications, and are widely available in all the popular stores. They are now part of the TechTronic Ind company, which operate out of Hong Kong, such is the way companies alter. Although technology has moved on as has the competition, Vax still hold their original orange and grey colour schemes and still produce an updated model of the Wet/Dry vacuum that started it all.

      --Price and Packaging--

      As I have been buying budget vacuums for the last few years, I was surprised at the kind of prices high-end brand names sell for, some nearing the £1000 mark for a domestic cleaner. It wasn't such a bad hit on the wallet for this more compact Vax model however, a rather reasonable £75 on-line from Littlewoods. I have seen it priced around this region in various high street shops too, but as always can be found cheaper on-line from the usual sites. I did expect good results though when parting with 75 quid, my expectations has always been low with cheap cleaners, but was looking for much better with this.
      The box it comes to you in is bigger than the unit, with plenty of card cut-outs to pack it in safely and securely. Good quality strong card is used, daubed with the Vax logo, colours and machine features. Simple, clear and fit for purpose and of course all the card is recyclable. No horrible poly-chips or bubble-wrap either.

      --Design and Performance--

      Taking the typical giant mouse-on-wheels shape design, the roomy dust cylinder is prominently mounted on the front, with a easy click off switch, and the cylinder slides off without resistance. It's also made of very clear plastic so you can see how full it is, and the dust inside doesn't cloud this view much at all. The other operational functions are also simplicity itself. Two very large translucent buttons mounted on the back are for the cable recoil and on/off. These are robust and responsive, so the usual action of using your foot to operate it is easier than using your hands. Sandwiched between these buttons is the power adjustment dial, again in the same material, chunky and responsive and fitting with the overall design. The main body plastics are quite thick going by the sound, and the panels are fitted together well with tight screws. The wheels are also large, freely spinning and are mounted onto the body well. It would take quite a fall to break any part off the main body, however the cylinder could be susceptible to damage if chucked around, and as always the flap that opens the cylinder is also a little weak on the hinges. The whole unit is coloured in the Vax trademark hues of bright orange, silver and grey, with many of the parts translucent or transparent to add to the quirky design.

      However it looks, whatever the box design, it's really all about how well it works when it comes to basic vacuuming. All the aspects that make a decent carpet sucker are present, and all perform at a high standard. The hose is durable, lightweight and flexible. The lance is the usual aluminium tube which extends awkwardly, but does the job. The cable runs out of the coil housing without problems, and is a generous size of 7 metres and run up the length of an average staircase. The recoil is quick, maybe to quick as I discovered with a painful crack in the ankle from the flailing plug. I suppose this is a sign of a strong spring construction though, as so is unlikely to fail within the 2 year guarantee. The hose fittings all have a clunky and reassuring click and flush fit, and overall the build quality is very high.

      Does it suck? In the slang terminology, not at all. In the literall sense, oh yes! 2000 watts is a normal power rating on many vacuums, but it's the 360 'air watts' that creates an impressive suction. Compared to previous vacuums, this makes the hoovering a complete breeze. With just a few glides across a weeks worth of family carpet, the dust and fluff is gone! No repeatedly going over the same area for ages with this gadget. It picks up general bits and pieces with ease off medium grade carpet and hard-wearing carpet, and is good on the thick rugs and deep pile too. However, the suction may have to be lowered for these carpets as it may pull out the fibres. On soft furnishings like sofa's and curtains, with one of the 3 attachments included it also performs very well, again adjustment may have to me made. So far, because of the unexpected power, I have hoovered up whole lego blocks, pound coins, half a towel, and most of a carrier bag before it tore off in a split second. This led to another find. blockages in the system make warning light turn on, and it's also easy to retrieve accidental pick up's from the cylinder, albeit a little dusty. Cleaning however is also simple, tapping out the main bulk of the dirt and running the central filter under a warm tap, let it dry and your back off and running.

      Some versions on this vacuum have an extra attachment called a Turbotool, which adds even more suction. I have not got this tool, so cannot comment on it. Not that it would need more power for me, as it has cut the cleaning time in half in my household due to it's high performance. So top marks then Vax? Well, just a few small problems. It's considerably loud when set on a high setting, and due to it's quite bulky size it's not really portable. There is also nowhere to fix the spare attachments to the unit, even though the main lance and carpet head slide into a slot on the back.


      Model Number - C89-P6-B
      Weight - 5.6kg Approx
      Maximum Height - 27cm
      Maximum Length - 32cm
      Maximum Width - 39cm
      Hose Length - 250cm
      Vacuum Arm Max Length - 110cm
      Power Input - 220v - 240v
      Maximum Output Power - 2000w
      Cord Length - 700cm (7 metres)
      Capacity - 3.0L (Bagless)
      HEPA H12 filter fitted.


      Not one to like spending close to £100 on a vacuum, I must say that I don't regret purchasing this at all. It does exactly what I want a vacuum to do. Tidy my carpets and not break down every 5 minutes. It's looks like my kind of gadget to, with the bright colours and spacey design. All for a price which is far, far, FAR more reasonable than a certain yellow brand with a ball on it. I could only think that the Numatic Henry/Hetty model is comparable to the balance of cost and performance, but I think this is better. It has no silly face on it! As I said, just little niggles, because it really does clean thoroughly and quickly, A high quality vacuum cleaner in many aspects, and one I fully recommend to your maid. (If you are that lucky.)

      Thanks for Reading. © Novabug


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    • Product Details

      The Vax C89-P6-B Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is super-lightweight making transportation around the home easy / An extra long cord stretching 7 metres and a far-reach hose capable of extending to up to 2.5 metres means you'll have more than enough length for all your Hoovering needs / Containing a H12 HEPA Air Filter with Anti-Bacterial Filtration, the Vax C89-P6-B is a highly efficient cleaner for allergy sufferers / A powerful microcyclonic tool is an effective tool for picking up hairs, dust and fibres and is particularly good at picking up pet hairs / The brushbar can be set for cleaning either carpets or hard floors and an LED performance indicator quickly alerts you of any blockages / An LED light panel that alerts you to any blockages and a bagless design with a generous capacity adds to the convenience of the Vax C89-P6-B Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner / Characteristics Type Bagless upright Power (Watts) 2000W Bag volume or reservoir (litre) 3L Filter type HEPA Anti-Bacterial Indicator for bag content Yes Ergonomy Telescopic tube Yes Cable length 7 meters Others Colours Silver & Orange Included accessories Crevice Tool Dusting Brush Upholstery Tool Weight (Kg) 5.9 kg / Short name: Vax C89-P6-B

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