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Vax Infinity Carpet Washer Cleaner

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    1 Review
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      10.04.2012 23:12
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      best bit of cleaning kit for carpets

      After renting for many years we finally bought our first house this year, hooray! I have always kept the rented places in good condition and was determined that my house was going to be even better and always looking fabulous! I am saying this whilst my two young boys run muddy shoes through my carpeted living room. Do excuse me while I hoot and holler at them quickly!!! The main living areas, stairs and bedrooms have carpet. Even though I don't like the carpet in the bedrooms I haven't really got the money to replace them right now so before we'd even got the keys I was on the lookout for a carpet cleaner. My search criterion was that it needed to be handheld, have a long cord, be easy to use and actually work. A lot to ask I know.

      My search as normal began on Google as most of my searches do. I went from page to page reading reviews and write-ups and nothing was jumping off the page begging me to put it into my basket. I trolled through eBay and them finally on Amazon I found two that looked good. Both were made by Vax which was wonderful because I knew that company name and my mother used to have an upright Vax carpet cleaner that was amazing. Ok so I had narrowed my search and was finally getting somewhere. Now how to pick the right bit of kit. I was choosing between The Vax Infinity Carpet Cleaner and the Vax Spot Scrubber.

      The colours on the Scrubber are bright and send a message to the buyer of being high tech, a 6 metre power cable, rotating scrub brush and comes with a little bottle of cleaner solution to get you started. This model was priced at £51.99 (price checked April 2012).

      The infinity isn't as brightly coloured, ideal for stubborn stains, rotating scrub brush, comes with a little bottle of cleaner solution to get you started, sucks up spills and also has a 6 metre cord.

      After reading up about both I decided to go with the Infinity. It just seemed to me that the Scrubber was being advertised as good looking and had very little about its cleaning power whilst the Infinity had a nice list of its cleaning accomplishments waving to me. I still had a small amount of a voucher left on my Amazon account so instead of the £46 price tag I paid about £27. I was very happy with that price as you can imagine.

      The first job for the Infinity was to clean the stairs at the rented house before we left. Things didn't go too well and the carpet didn't look any better but I put it down to the carpet being old and not cleaned properly for many years. It did enough that you couldn't see where the child gate had been so that was enough really. The spray at the front of the machine is a tad annoying if you need to spray more than once. Only an issue when cleaning a larger area as you spray and then have to wait a moment for the trigger to come back up to press it again. For normal every day drink spills and such there's no issue but for cleaning a whole stair it was a slight pain.

      We've been in the new house a few months now and there has been the odd drink dropped and yogurt spurt dealt with quickly and effectively. My son being the smarty pants he is ran through the living room with mud covered shoes on last week which nearly sent my blood pressure sky high but the Infinity dealt with the foot prints really well. You'd never know it happened now and they were full wet mud prints!

      We've got pets so as you can imagine they shed a lot and drive me mental. I had thought that this cleaner might get clogged by their fur and so I have been keeping an eye on it and cleaning the scrubber after each use. So far the hairs that are about when cleaning seem to go straight through with any cleaning liquids to the tank so I'm happy with that.

      I think this week was the Infinity's best moment. We had to deal with some plumbing in the kitchen that went wrong. Water went everywhere. We got everything under control and my husband put new piping in. Once everything was dried off I looked down and saw a glimmer of water on the floor and realized that there was water on the floor under the cupboards. I pulled out the plank that hides the underside and saw the lake. I stood there for a minute trying to think if we had any more dry towels anywhere (we'd used quite a few by this point). My husband in a moment of genius asked if the carpet cleaner was also a vacuum and it was at that moment I could almost picture the words on the box, "sucks up spills". I got the Infinity out and began sucking up the water. The amount of water was enough that I had to keep emptying the tank but I hardly cared as it was working. To get to the underside I had to take the cleaning solution tank off but I wasn't scrubbing anything so no trouble there. We got nearly all of the water sucked up and then left it open to dry out the rest of the way on its own.

      From Amazon:

      * 200W corded spot scrubber
      * Rotating power brush for carpets and upholstery
      * 0.2 Litre easy-fill solution tank
      * 0.6 Litre easy empty soiled water tank
      * 6 metre power cable
      * Includes 118ml Vax AAA Carpet Cleaner
      * Product: 2.9kg L38 x W13 x H22cm

      Amazon will normally show you at the bottom of the page a deal to buy something else with the thing you're looking at and normally I say no go away but this time they were showing too buy a 1.4L cleaning solution bottle for £11 so I added it into the basket. I've used the Infinity a good deal since having it and I still haven't had to open the extra solution as the free one is still in use.

      This bit of kit was well worth the money (even without the vouchers towards it) and I have already recommended to a few people and now to you.

      Only losing a star for the trigger but I am just that harsh with my reviews :)

      (c) oioiyou 2012


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