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Vax S2S1 Steam Bare Floor Pro Master

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    4 Reviews
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      21.11.2013 15:14
      Very helpful
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      a great little buy

      I could sleep late one night so I switched the Tv on and as usual teleshopping resided on most of the channels. I can't normally stand these programmes but I thought it might help me drift off. They were advertising a steam mop, I become very interested in this product and what it could do. My house consists of many laminate flooring, as well as bathroom and kitchen tiling. All of which need to be cleaned daily, and the mundane task of mopping is one I could live without. This seemed like a great alternative, so the next day I begun my search for a steam mop.

      Why did i go for Vax?
      There are a huge range of steam mops on the market, all varying in price from £25-£100 from what i'd seen. I decided to go with a Vax cleaner, the brand seems quite popular and as i also own the Vax carpet cleaner which I'd been very impressed with i hoped this would follow suit. Upon looking for such product i found this on amazon and they had this current mop at a reduced price of £45.00. Giving you a 50% discount. I was given a 2 year guarantee at point of purchase.

      A little bit about the product
      I have never used a steam mop before, always the somewhat boring but reliable mop and bucket. So i was unsure of how easy this would be to manoeuvre and if the results would match up. When this product arrived however i was shocked at how lightweight it was, I've had many stand up hoovers in the past and was expecting something to this, quite bulky and heavy considering it would need a tank for the water. This however was not the case. The steam mop was very slender and extremely light, it only weighs 2.9kg.
      Vax claims that this mop will eliminate 99% of harmful germs for upto 7 days. This was a great comfort for me, having young children in the house the need for cleanliness is paramount. I haven't waited 7 days inbetween steaming as i'm prone to be over cautious, so i do this around every 3 days. This product has saved me a lot of time however as prior to purchase i was cleaning my floors every day.
      This steam mop has something called 'TwinTank Technology' this combines water in one tank and a detergent in the other. The detergent increases the cleaning power and helps to break down the grease and grime, more sufficiently than just steam alone. This detergent also leaves a nice citrus smell to the room. I believe that no other steam mop uses this technology, which makes it nice to know you are getting something different and exclusive with this product.

      What you receive in the box
      The box contains the following...

      1 Vax Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop + Detergent
      1 Microfibre Cleaning Pads
      1 Carpet Glider
      1 Vax Steam Detergent
      1 Instruction manual
      1 Guarantee registration card

      How To Use
      I found this steam mop extremely easy to use. The steam mop holds 500ml of water so firstly i pulled off the water tank and poured the required amount in. I then filled up the detergent tank which is located at the back of the mop. I then attached the cleaning pad to the steam mop, which fits with a Velcro like feel. Once the tanks are filled up and your cleaning pad is on you can then switch the mop on and wait for it to heat up, to your desired setting. You will notice the a blue light come on when you switch this on and then after about a minute or so a green light will come on below, giving us the signal to begin.

      How I Found It
      The steam mop is very easy to manoeuvre, the mop head is triangular shape allowing you to get right into the corners of your room. Its very light so its not taxing work at all. A full tank lasts around 10 minutes which i find is just long enough to do my floors. I found this a lot quicker than a mop and bucket, and the steam mop leaves behind a nice fragrance which i like. A great addition to the Vax product is the carpet glider. This allows you to clean your carpets as well as hard floors. Prior to purchasing this i was unaware that you could use this on carpets so i was really delighted when i discovered this. It has really brightened up and refreshed my bedroom carpet. Overall the mop leaves my floors very clean and shiny, however i do feel that it leaves your floors wetter than i'm used to, which can sometimes take a little while to dry especially in these colder months. One other negative iv found with this product is the detergent can work out quite expensive. As i steam my floors often i tend to use up quite a lot, and a new one is over £6 a time. Much more costly than your average floor cleaners.

      How would i rate this?
      Overall i was really delighted with this product. It makes my house work a lot easier and its very reassuring to know that any harmful bacteria and germs are gone. Its easy to work and does exactly what it claims to. I was very happy with the price i paid for the steam mop, and the cleaning pads can be washed in your washing machine so you shouldn't need to purchase new ones. I am going to give this 4 stars, im purely removing one star as the detergent can be a drain on my budget.


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        05.11.2013 15:28
        Very helpful



        Completely cleans all loors

        I have always hated mopping. I'm not sure why, just the whole process - fillinmg the bucket with hot soapy water, the water gradually becoming dirtier the more often the mop is dunked into it and then spread back on the floor, then the exact same mop left to dry and then re-used again next time. It doesn't feel like the most hygienic way of cleaning the floor to me, plus, maybe its me being lazy but it always felt like a bit of a hassle. For this reason I've been wanting a steam cleaner for a while but have always found them a bit too expensive. So, when I discovered this one on special half price offer at Comet (only last week(Nov2011)-the offer is still on for anyone who's interested) at £49.99 I didn't hesitate in treating myself, and I'm so pleased I did.


        This Vax is a smart looking device, much nicer to look at than a typical mop and bucket! It is also much more practical and easier to store, taking up far less room. It is long enough not to be stooping over while pushing it round the floor, and it is lovely and light to carry from room to room - again much lighter than a bucket full of water, and no fear of spillages.

        The way it works

        It's simple to use. There is a detachable water storage container on the front of the device. This is filled with water using the measuring jug provided, and then simply slotted back onto the machine. The steam cleaner comes with 2 cloth covers to attach to the floor head to clean, which are easily wrapped around and secured tightly on to the end with a simple toggle. The device is then plugged in, and an orange light on the front of the cleaner confirms that it is on and working. After just 1 minute the adjacent green light wil shine to symbolis that the water has heated up and the appliance is ready to use. It is then pushed back and forth over the floor, just as a mop or vac in order to clean the floor. For extra steam there is a button under the handle which can be depressed and this omits extra heat and steam, particularly good for any marks or stains on the floor. The cleaner also comes with a triangular carpet glider which must be attached when using the device on carpeted areas - it's not just great for hard floors, but also great for refreshing all floor areas in the house.

        Why I love it

        * It can be used on all floors
        * The cloths can be washed after us and re-used.
        * Even at full heat the bottom of the device does not get too hot to touch, a great safety feature
        * Ease of use, ease of storage
        * Kills bacteria, leaves floors feeling hygienic
        * It was half price!
        ===Any disadvantages?===
        Just the odd niggle that prevented me from giving this product 5 stars.
        * The cloths don't feel particularly secure and have slipped off a couple of times, even when fully tightened.
        * The steam button needs to be pressed rather often and for a good few seconds to feel like it is working really well.
        Other than that I am delighted with this cleaner, I can highly recommend it for a lovely clean, refreshed and hygienic feel to your floors.


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        13.09.2013 13:14
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great steam mop

        We recently moved into a new house which has laminated wood flooring in the Living room and tiles in the kitchen, downstairs bathroom and conservatory. For a few weeks I was cleaning these floors with my mop and a bucket of floor cleaner, but I was finding it to be overly time consuming and a complete pain. I had seen a few steam mops and considered buying one but thought they were a little expensive, however when I cashed in my Dooyoo points for some Amazon vouchers I found myself perusing different steam mops. This Vax S2S-1 Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop caught my eye, I had seen it advertised on TV and read some wonderful reviews so added it to my basket and waited for it to be delivered. The RRP is £89.99, but I paid just £59.50 for it on Amazon with free super saver delivery.

        A few days later my steam mop arrived, typically I was out collecting my daughter from nursery at the time but my neighbour kindly took it in for me along with a parcel from the Body Shop too. Perhaps starting to show my age a little I was far more excited by the arrival of my Vax mop than my parcel of Body Shop goodies which got tossed on the sofa as I concentrated on my new steam mop instead. The Vax S2S-1 mop was presented in a white cardboard box which displayed a picture of the steam mop itself along with some general information which I cannot remember as it was quite quickly disposed of in the recycling bin along with all the packaging protecting the product.

        The box contained the following:

        1 × Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop + Detergent
        1 × Cleaning Pads
        1 × Carpet Glider
        1 × Steam Detergent
        1 × Instruction manual
        1 × Guarantee registration card.

        I began by reading the instruction manual which includes lots of general information, warnings and guidelines, all of which should be read thoroughly before using the product.

        The mop itself comes in a few pieces so some assembly is needed, but I found this to be really easy and quick. The handle of the mop needs to be slotted into the body,there should be a " click" to indicate this has been done properly, the body should then be lined up with the mop head and locked into place. This took me literally seconds to do and I cant see many people finding this difficult to do. Next, the micro fibre cleaning pad needs to be attached to the mop head, again this is really simple, the velcro ensures it stays in place. It is important to remember that the mop should not be used without the micro fibre cleaning pad in place.

        One of the reasons I chose this steam mop over the countless other ones on the market was the fact that it has two tanks instead of just one. Most steam mops use steam alone for cleaning but the Vax S2S-1 has the added benefit of having an additional tank for adding detergent, I thought this was a great little added extra. There is a tank at the front, which needs to be filled with cold water and a tank at the back which needs to be filled with a mixture of both detergent and water. Initially I found removal of the tanks very difficult and it took me around half an hour to figure this out even with re-reading the instruction manual a few times to check I was doing it correctly. Having done this many times now since owning the mop I find it much easier, but I would certainly say there is a bit if a knack to it. I cant help thinking that those with limited mobility in their hands may find this rather difficult. Once the tanks are removed the "plug" needs to be twisted anti clockwise so it can be removed, they are then ready to be filled. The front one needs to be filled with 500ml of water and the back tank needs to be filled with 50ml of detergent and 250ml of water. There is no need to get out your measuring jug or make any guesstimates, each tank is clearly marked with lines so it is incredibly easy to ensure they are filled with the correct amount. The plugs need to be twisted back into place before both tanks are slotted back into place on the mop. This all took me a while on my first go, but now I am a Vax ninja, and can set it up in less than 5 minutes.

        Vax strongly advise using only their own detergent in the mop, but at £9.99 for 1L* its pretty expensive. Vax supplied a 250 ml bottle with the mop and it lasted me approx 5 uses, so over time I think its going to be rather costly. Use of a non Vax detergent may effect the warranty.

        The steam mop needs to be plugged into the mains (obviously), and turned on pressing the power button on the front of the mop. A blue light will illuminate to show that the mop is heating up and a green light will illuminate when the mop is ready for action, this takes literally a minute. The "Carpet glider" doubles as a stand for the mop and it important to ensure that the mop is placed on the carpet glider whilst heating up or cooling down to avoid marking the floor.

        There is also a dial on the front of the mop with four setting:

        * Steam only / carpet refresh
        * General clean
        * Spot clean
        * Tough stains

        The first two settings can be used without the detergent. When the mop is set to the first setting "steam only / carpet refresh" and the carpet guide is attached the mop can be used to steam clean carpets, this is not something I have done so cannot really comment on its but I will update this review should I ever get around to giving this a try. I tend to use the "general clean" and "spot clean" setting most often.

        I find the mop incredibly easy to use, its a simple matter of pushing the steam mop around as you would any regular mop, except there is a button on the handle which released the steam when pressed. The button does not need to be pressed constantly during cleaning and it does clean well with quick bursts of steam. I probably use the steam button much more than I need, but to be honest I find it rather fun (showing my age again perhaps?). I did read a few reviews from customers saying that this mop left their floor rather wet, but this is certainly not something I have experienced, in fact I would go so far as to say my floors are considerably less wet compared to when using a regular mop. Furthermore, I feel my floors seem to dry much quicker too and without any streak marks. I do like to give the floor a quick sweep with a brush first just to get any bits off the floor before I start steaming as they can tend to clog up the cleaning pads which isn't too pleasant.

        Its an absolute dream to clean with this mop, I find it effortless as it glides over my floors leaving them squeaky clean. The manoeuvrable head ensures corners and sides are easily reached and thoroughly cleaned. The detergent gives off a very faint citrus smell which doesn't linger very long. After using the mop my floors look beautifully clean. Vax claim that this product will kill up to "99.9% of harmful bacteria for up to seven days", with two kids and a cat my floors certainly need cleaning more than once every seven days but I do like knowing I am protecting my family from bacteria and I do feel confident that the steam has left my floors germ free.

        I have not found the cord to be restrictive and find it allows me to reach all the areas in the room. However, just like a vacuum cleaner it may need to be unplugged when moving to a different room, but this is no hassle really. The cord can also be wrapped around the attached hooks when not in use.

        The micro fibre pad can be easily removed (once the mop has cooled down) and is suitable to be machine washed. I tend to leave mine to soak in a bucket of solution and it comes out clean. I only have one micro fibre pad and it is still in a brilliant condition, however I have been thinking of buying a few more so I can alternate when one is being washed or drying. Replacement / spare micro fibre pads can be purchased costing just over £7 for a pack of two*.

        As the mop is quite small in size storing it away is quite easy and it takes up minimal room. When I first got this mop I would leave it in the hallway, but after it got knocked over a few times I ended up making room for it under the stairs. I would say it does feel a little wobbly when upright and this actually really bothers me, I would certainly prefer it to be a little more steady.

        I have no problems recommending this Vax S2S-1 Bare Floor Pro Steam mop to others, it cleans well and I really enjoy using it. I give it 4 out of 5 stars knocking one star off for the overpriced detergent and the fact that it is unsteady and easily knocked over when not in use.

        * Prices from Amazon


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          09.08.2013 22:51
          Very helpful



          Its still better than using a mop and bucket.

          I bought this product at £99.99 from Homebase about half a year ago, you can get them a lot cheaper nowadays for about £50-£60. I personally don't think it was worth the money I paid but I would buy it again if I could find one for around the £50 mark. I would also recommend getting a warranty.

          The Vax cleans very well, better than a normal mop and bucket, and you also don't have to worry about filling up and carrying around a heavy mop bucket, so it is very convenient. It is also very speedy and glides across the floors effortlessly. (I have quite a large kitchen and I can clean it in under 5 minutes. It is also very good for removing stubborn pieces of dirt and stains, you hold the Vax over the stain and hover with the steam button on.
          It is also quite convenient because it comes with a detachable fabric pad (and a spare one) which you just put in the washing machine when they get dirty.

          It has a few settings which are quite useful, including; steam only(refresh carpets), general clean, spot clean, and tough stains. It also has a button allowing you to boost the amount of steam. I tend to keep the dial between spot clean and general clean to give my floors a thorough clean.

          The lead is very long, and long enough to clean the whole lower floor of my house, without needing to change plug sockets or use an extension lead. However, I would much prefer it to be cordless because the lead sometimes gets in the way of cleaning (I have to wrap the lead around myself as it gets too annoying).

          I do recommend using detergent in the Vax as it will give your floors a better clean. However, Vax liquid is expensive to buy at £5 for quite a small bottle from the Vax website. I just use Cif floor cleaner in my steam cleaner - it hasn't damaged it or anything and it is a lot cheaper (for more) at around £2 from B&M and works just as well (if not better) with the steam mop. Do be warned if you use a thicker detergent it will block up the steam mop.

          The main downside to the steam mop is it is very flimsy - I accidentally knocked it over and now the liquid compartment has completely fallen off and I have to fix it back on with sellotape every time I use it. Also, it does not stand up on its own, you always have to find something to lean it against, so it could easily fall over again. Please note it was only a gentle fall which caused the damage.

          I also don't recommend using this product barefooted! There is no guard to prevent it from burning your feet if you get too close which is easily done when you are in a rush, and trust me it hurts - if you have it on the highest setting the heat of the steam feels like the steam of a boiling kettle!

          To summarise, I quite like this product, as it does give the floor a good clean, but bigger pieces of dirt do not get picked up. I suppose you have to vacuum the floor first to pick up the bigger pieces of dirt but that kind of defeats the point of the Vax. It would benefit from some sort of vacuum to pick up the larger pieces of dirt that stay on the floor. The Vax seems to be rather easy to use and to get the tougher stains you simply hover over the same spot for ages.


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      • Product Details

        Steam & detergent = incredible extra cleaning power / Steam cleaning ensures your surfaces are not only visibly clean but hygienic too / The new Vax Bare Floor Pro leaves your floors hygienically clean and sparkling / Its lightweight manoeuvrable and very easy to use / Unlike other steam cleaners it uses a specially formulated environmentally friendly detergent that breaks down grease and grime more effectively than just steam alone and eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria for up to 7 days / The citrus scent neutralises odours and leaves your whole home smelling fresh and clean / This powerful steamer is perfect for a wide variety of sealed bare floor surfaces including tiles lino laminate and wood / It's also great for refreshing your carpets and rugs / It includes one 500ml bottles of Vax steam detergent and two microfibre cleaning pads.A 2 year Vax guarantee gives you complete peace of mind / Short name: Vax S2S-1

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