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Vax U89-P8-P Power 8 Pets

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    7 Reviews
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      29.10.2013 15:13
      Very helpful



      An excellent vacuum cleaner.

      I was in the unusual situation of still having a working vacuum cleaner of sorts when the Vax Power 8 Pet caught my eye, I was vaguely in the market for a new vacuum cleaner and the price was too good to refuse.

      I have quite a bit of experience with the Vax brand as two out of my last three vacuum cleaners have been Vax, my most recent one is a Hoover and I find it sadly lacking after a year of use.

      The Vax Power 8 Pet is quite a masculine looking machine in silver and burgundy, it stands 113.5cm tall which makes the top of the handle mid chest height on my small 5ft 2 ¾ inch frame, and it weighs a hefty 8kg so not a vacuum for people looking for something lightweight.

      The layout of the Power 8 Pet is well thought out, all the tools are on board and easy to clip on and off. The Power 8 Pet comes with the addition of a 'Turbo Tool' which I find great for attaching to the hose and vacuuming my stair carpet. The hose on the back stretches far enough to reach up my bendy set of 13 steps and attaching the extender pipe and crevice tool helps me reach more comfortably without stretching the hose too far. One negative I have found is that the vacuum does have a tendency to flip itself on its back when using the hose and onboard tools so I always make sure the vacuum is placed safely where it cant damage itself, me or my furnishings if it does tip backwards. I have found that this is a fault with all the Vax upright vacuum cleaners I have owned and hope one day that the Vax R&D team will fix it.

      The on/off button is strategically placed on the left rear wheel arch of the vacuum, I found it hard to find at first and spent a good few minutes looking around the Power 8 Pet for some sort of power switch. The on/off button is supposed to be operated via the prod of a foot, this is good in theory but I quite often find myself accidentally revving the vacuum cleaner like a boy racer at traffic lights before I manage to turn the machine on.

      The release catch for the vacuum cleaner is also set on the rear left hand side of the vacuum cleaner; this is easy to press with the foot before setting of vacuuming. I find as I have used the vacuum cleaner for a while the catch is not as stiff as it originally was and this is the point where it quite often lets go and flips the entire machine over while using the onboard hose and tools. Once the handle is released the vacuum can be comfortably angled for my small height and also for my Husbands slightly larger 5ft 10 inch frame. The Power 8 Pet reclines far enough to allow access under raised items of furniture around the home.

      The see through plastic over the brush bar baffles me as I can't really see the point of this other than to allow the user to see the inner workings of the vacuum cleaner.

      The 4 litre dust caddy is simple to remove for emptying and cleaning, just press the unlock lever on the top of the caddy and the whole thing lifts off the vacuum and then you just press the catch on the bottom of the caddy to empty the dust out, make sure you are over the bin before pressing this catch. The whole thing is reattached in the same way. A bonus for me is that there is no removable filter contained in the dust caddy as the Power 8 Pet uses 'single cyclone technology' and as such there is no need to spend an age trying to unclog the folds of the filter.

      The dust caddy can be cleaned more intensely by following the instructions in the manual. I like to do this every couple of weeks as I like to remove the unsightly build up of dirt around the workings of the dust caddy, I take the whole thing apart and give it a gentle brush over with a soft bristle brush. The inner of the dust caddy can be a little awkward to fasten back together so patience is required.

      The pre motor heap filter is easy to replace again following the instructions in the manual. I am yet to replace mine. Official Vax replacements can be found on Amazon uk for around £14. The filter can also be given a gentle wash under the tap to remove dust but it must be fully dry before being place back in the machine.

      One of the things I have always liked about Vax vacuum cleaners is the extra long power cable and the Power 8 Pet is no exception as it has a 10 meter cable which I find is more than enough to allow me to travel around the downstairs of my house without the need to keep moving the plug from socket to socket.

      The Power 8 Pet has an adjustable height brush bar which is controlled via a dial. Most of my carpets are short pile so I keep the vacuum on the short pile setting and it does a marvellous job. The first time I used the Power 8 Pet I was amazed at just how many pet hairs, fluff and dirt the vacuum managed to remove from my supposedly already clean carpets. All my carpets look brighter and the pile is lifted.

      The suction of the vacuum is incredibly strong and loud thanks to the 2.2kw motor and the Power 8 Pet does take a bit of effort to drive around the carpets. On tiled and laminate floors it does a reasonable job but I do prefer to sweep and steam mop my hard surfaces. On my longer piled bedroom carpets the vacuum works hard and removes all bits of fluff and such and again lifts the carpet pile.

      If you are looking for something lightweight and for occasional use then this is not for you. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that will vacuum the carpets to within an inch of there life and tone your upper arms while you clean then this is the vacuum for you. I love my Vax Power 8 Pet and will keeping my eye open for another bargain to pop in the loft for when this one has seen better days.

      The Vax Power 8 Pet is currently available on Amazon uk for £74.00 with free delivery and has a two year manufacturers guarantee which is worth registering as from previous experience Vax customer services is excellent and happily send out any spares that are requested.

      Thank you for reading.


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        05.05.2013 12:54
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Excellent all rounder great for the stairs and big rooms.

        I was looking to purchase a new vacuum, my previous vacuum was a bagless cylinder 1600 watt. I bought this vacuum new when I first moved it was cheap and all I could afford at the time. It was no longer up to the task which is why I bought the Vax Power 8 Pet.

        I borrowed this vacuum from my mother to try, I could not believe how dirty my carpets were. I vacuumed the living room with the old cleaner then went over with the Vax. The cleaner collected so much dirt It was in need of a good clean after using which was fairly easy to do.

        I have really thick hair that ends up everywhere. I found the brush bar was clogged, at first I thought this would annoy me and I looked at buying a similar Hoover that had easier access to the brush bar. There are five screws under the base which need to be removed to access the brush. The first time I used this cleaner I needed to do this 3 times to unclog all my hair. I tried the cleaner again a few days later and found that this was just a one off and would probably only need removing every few months so wouldn't be so annoying after all.

        The cleaner is very powerful 2200 watts and very noisy but that's to be expected. The hoover is quite heavy but i found it easy to handle probably wouldn't be suitable for an elderly person. It includes some accessories a turbo tool which is ideal for cleaning the stairs, I was able to leave the Hoover at the bottom of my stairs and reach the top. It also includes a dusting brush, extension tube and a crevice tool. The dirt container is 4L and the power cable is 10m in length.

        Another reason I choose this cleaner is that spare parts seem to be easily available and reasonably priced. I looked around and found the Vax was available to purchase refurbished on Amazon I didn't hesitate to click buy as it was such a good price and I knew how good it was. I would highly recommend this cleaner.


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        13.01.2013 09:11
        Very helpful



        Not good enough by a long shot

        So when my Hoover literally snapped in half one day I was left with a bit of a nightmare. At the time I had my dog Jess and being a long haired collie she was pretty much always dropping bits of fluff everywhere no matter how much she was brushed and so I needed a replacement vacuum cleaner quite quickly. I didn't have any spare cash to go out and buy a replacement so I looked to my Littlewoods catalogue knowing that I could spread the cost a little and that is how I came to purchase the Vax U89-P8-P 2200 watt power 8 upright pet vacuum cleaner. This is my review of the product.

        I have had Vax vacuum cleaners in the past and as a rule been pretty pleased with them. I know my Mum recommends the brand as well and so whilst I was more drawn to the likes of Hoover and Dyson when I saw this Vax model in the sale for just £99.99 I decided to give it a go as it had decent reviews on the catalogue itself. The cleaner was delivered to me in just a couple of days thankfully and it came in a large box with a picture of the product and the model name and such like on the front as well. The fact that this is a "pet" vacuum cleaner was made to be quite prominent and understandably so really as they want to be attractive to potential buyers with pets. I have always tended to opt for a "pet" cleaner simply because I find they clog less easily than others not designed to cope with pet hair.

        The product was actually delivered during the day when I was at work and so when I finished work at ten pm after a thirteen hour day I decided to build the cleaner like a total numpty! Sadly the fact that I had been without a cleaner for a couple of days was bringing me out in cold sweats and I needed to be able to vacuum the next day! Inside the box the parts for making the cleaner were all packed nice and neatly and there was an instruction booklet as well for you to follow. I found that for the most part the instructions were quite clear but I did have some issues with the hose as it just didn't seem to sit right and looked wrong no matter which way I put it! I was able to rectify this though and I would say the cleaner was put together within around half an hour to forty minutes using minimal tools.

        I was impressed with the look of the vacuum cleaner and whilst this isn't paramount to a purchase for me I do like the cleaners to look nice enough. This one is mainly silver and clear plastic with some red as well and so it is simple enough to look at but the colours compliment each other well.

        What I liked about this one too was the fact that the cord wrapped around the side of the cleaner and you just needed to twist one of the pieces up or down to release the cord making it easier to start vacuuming when you want to. The cord is ten metres and I find this is a really good length for my needs. I am able to plug the cleaner in to a plug in the kitchen and go right through the hall and in to the lounge without having to change sockets. The same goes for when I am cleaning upstairs and it just makes life easier not having to keep on changing sockets.

        There are three settings on the cleaner and these are short carpet, high carpet and hard floors meaning that you can adjust the suction according to where you are cleaning. I tend to leave it on the same setting all of the time which is the setting that provides me the most suction and there is a reason behind this.....this vacuum cleaner just seems to lose suction all too often. As I clean a room sometimes I will notice that bits drop out of the bottom of the cleaner as I am going along and it is so frustrating to think that you have covered a room and then turn round to find bits on the floor still. This occurs whether I have emptied the bin or not and whilst it doesn't happen all of the time it is frustrating.

        The hose section on the cleaner is 3.2 metres long and a good length really. There are extension pipes for use as well as a turbo brush as well which would be ideal for cleaning the stairs. I say would be because when using the hose there is just very little suction at all and it is most disappointing. Picking up crumbs can be impossible with the hose and it is ridiculous in my opinion.

        Emptying the bin is really easy to do and you simply press a button to remove the canister and then twist off the lid to pour the rubbish out of it. What is frustrating is that for a pet vacuum cleaner this one didn't seem to cope all that well with pet hair! Whilst I don't have a dog anymore when I did I would find that when I removed the canister to empty it there would be literally masses of dog hair blocking the top of the canister as it just wasn't being sucked through the system properly. This would often take up to twenty minutes just dragging it all out with a knitting needle and wasn't something I anticipated having to do given I haven't had this issue with other pet vacuum cleaners I have had in the past. The canister is a good size and you really shouldn't need to clean it out after each time you clean with it but the lack of suction may make you want to do so.

        In terms of pushing the vacuum around and carrying it is easy enough. It weighs just 7.9kg and so isn't too much of a problem to get up and down the stairs and it has a good sized carry handle for ease of holding too. I did have to contact Vax though as when I was pushing the cleaner round one day the end of the handle just snapped off and I will say it did feel quite flimsy from the off. They sent me a brand new handle free of charge of course but it was just another issue with this machine to add to a long list really.

        For general use this vacuum cleaner is ok. It is pretty noisy but then I'd expect that from a model with a 2200 watt power. I have to say I think I will be contacting Vax again about this product because the lack of suction is absolutely appalling and makes the product seem no better than one of those hand held car vacuums at points! It is a shame because this has the potential to be a really nice cleaner but I simply can't recommend it because it isn't good enough in my opinion.

        Thank you for reading my review!


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          12.08.2012 11:41
          Very helpful



          A good priced Vax that does the job well

          As my vacuum cleaner has well and truly given up by now, I recently went on the look out for a brand spanking new one. I personally haven't got a clue when it comes to vacuum cleaners, all I know is that I need it to cater for pet hair as my chocolate Labrador Josh moults an awful lot.

          Vax U89-P8-P Power 8 Pets Bag less Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

          'This Vax vacuum cleaner is great for both pet hair and normal use and has 3-litre dust capacity. TurboTool - perfect for picking up stubborn pet hair.'


          The price includes: -

          * Extension Tube - This fits onto the hose, just like a long round plastic tube.

          * Crevice Tool - This is like the extension tool but has a thinner end, which makes is easier for smaller gaps.

          * Turbo Tool - Which fits onto the extension tool and looks like a handheld vacuum, I found this great for the stairs and rugs.

          * Dusting Brush - A smaller attachment great for the top of frames e.g. mirrors or photos.

          My findings:

          Like I said, I really didn't know what to look for when purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. My only requirements were bagless, upright and is suitable for collecting pet hairs. In this family, vacuums don't last long, and our last one wasn't even a year old before it gave up! The Vax is for dry vacuuming only and not suitable for any liquids whatsoever.

          Going onto the Argos web I didn't want to spend anymore than £100 so as I started browsing I came across one I liked the sound of. It also had positive reviews attached to it which gave me a little more confidence.

          I chose one by Vax, which had everything I was looking for and under the £100 mark. I reserved one and went to pick it up from Argos in Merry Hill Shopping centre, West Midlands. When I picked it up I noticed the box was much smaller than anticipated. I even asked the store assistant if it was the right one!

          Now when I got it home it was time to set the Vax up, opening the box (which was easy to open) I saw a few pieces which did make me worry at first. As personally I'm not a fan of messing with electrical products but clearly no way around this one and my partner (bless him!) is a DIY disaster!

          Following the user guide I laid out all the parts so I could see what I was doing. There were a total of nine steps to set this Vax up and the guide was clearly illustrated and worded simply so I could follow step by step. For me the trickiest part was step two which required inserting the screws and twisting them in place. It didn't come with any tools to help so I had to raid the garden shed to find myself a pozidrive screw driver.

          To start with the screws went in quite easily, however towards the end it required a lot of force in order to get the screw into its firmest position. If I hadn't have screwed them correctly, the dirt container would not have sat in place. The rest of the steps I had no problems with whatsoever, and was a case of clipping the rest of the items into place.

          So once everything was set up, I gave it another once-over to make sure it all looked in place. I didn't want any technical issues when it came to plugging it into the mains! Before plugging the Vax in on the plug there was some card I had to remove first. So, now all plugged in I turned on the vacuum this is done on the side at the bottom of the Vax and right next to the power button is the button to recline the unit too.

          For me this was a little heavier than my last vacuum but for me that isn't a problem. However for someone with a shoulder/arm problems they may have an issue with this. I started with the living room at first and if I'm honest I was disgusted with just how much dust and dog hairs that came up, it half filled the container! It just showed that my old vacuum wasn't sucking up right for a long time. At first I didn't notice but at the front of the Vax is an adjustable switch for high carpet or you can turn it to low carpet. I have just kept it to high and I've had no problems when sucking up tiny bits. It also states on the user guide if you are going to use the vacuum upright, the hose it needs to be set on high.

          Once I had vacuum the living room I needed to go around the sides so was time to try out the hose and one of the attachments which was the crevice tool. To use the hose it could not be simpler, it just needs pulling from the side of the Vax. It comes off nice and easy at the top of the hose and has a slit for you to add your chosen attachment.

          With my last vacuum, this job was particularly annoying as it took several attempts for it to look like it had been cleaned. With the Vax, I had gone around all the walls and skirting boards within minutes. It sucked up extremely well and even managed to pick up the stubborn hairs that can embed themselves into the side of the wall and carpet (pet owners will know what I mean!). The hose doesn't come out too far away from the unit itself, but it gives enough slack in order to do what I need.

          The cord itself is 10m which is definitely long enough for home use. It is certainly longer than my last vacuum too which is great as it reaches into the hallway without the need of me having to stop, unplug and re-plug in the hall before I can start again. There is also two hooks so you can store the cable on the Vax with ease.

          When having a new item that is electrical, I do like to have a good read of the guide. It states a few times (stressingly) that in order to obtain a good performance from your Vax you need to keep the fillers clean, which is understandable and so far I have cleaned them once. Again I found it easy,

          Once the dirt container is removed, you need to twist off the bottom and then you will see the filter. You just give it a tap and you will see dirt / dust coming from it. It then recommends running it under a warm (not boiling) tap water then place it back once completely dry.

          I always empty after every use even if there is only a small amount of dirt. It is the easiest vacuum I've had so far to empty. You press the button at the top of the Vax on the handle to release the dirt container then at the bottom of the container is another button and pop its open ready to pour into the bin. Sometimes I've had to give it a shake as the dog hairs get a little stuck, however it doesn't affect the performance of the machine. Well hasn't so far and a little shake it just falls out anyway.

          Putting the container back you just close the flap at the bottom that I had to open to remove the dust and then clip it back onto the unit. It always clips in easy and straightway so no need to fiddle around it is nice and easy plus fast so you can get back on with your cleaning.

          Another thing I'm happy about is that is model came with a two year guarantee, which is in a postcard in the box with the details on with what you need to do. It has also been fitted with a thermal cut-out incase the machine should overheat in anyway. This will automatically turn the unit off and there is even advice in the guide if this should ever happen.

          If you do purchase this model the advice I have is to make sure you know where you have stored the user guide. As it has steps/instructions you might need if the Vax ever gets blocked or you need to change a part.

          Price and Availability:

          RRP is around the £139.99 mark however Argos currently have this on sale where this Vax cost me £79.99, and from results so far it is much better than the vacuum (Hoover) I had before. I just hope this one lasts me longer.


          For me I think this is a neat Vax vacuum however a bit more setting up than I wanted but it wasn't too hard and I didn't have much of a problem following the instructions. For pet owners I would certainly recommend this item.

          Four out of five stars from me

          Thank you for reading.

          Additional Information:

          2200 watts.
          300 air watts.
          Ideal for pet hair.
          Side suction for edge to edge cleaning.
          Length of hose 3.2m.
          Stretch hose for staircase cleaning.
          Capacity of dustbin 4 litres.
          Total capacity 4 litres.
          Easy and hygienic dustbox emptying.
          HEPA filtration.
          Washable filter.
          Manual cord rewind.
          Foot operated on/off control.
          Adjustable floorhead.
          Includes turbo tool, crevice tool, dusting brush, 2 piece extension tube.
          On-board tool storage.
          Plastic extension tubes.
          Suitable for carpets and hard floor.
          10m power cord.
          Size H113.5, W38.3, D33.5cm.
          Weight 8kg.
          Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.
          EAN/MPN/UPC/ISBN: 5012512131955



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            22.07.2012 16:37



            Would highly recommend, my carpets look like new.

            I am ashamed to say it sucked up an embarrassing amount of dirt and hair on first use and made me realise just how bad my carpets and rugs were. I was previously using a very well known vacuum cleaner and this has put it to absolute shame. The machine can be noisy but it is a small price to pay for how well it actually performs.

            I also found the turbo tool really good on my stairs it gave my carpet a new lease of life. The turbo brush really lifted the pile and made my carpet look like new. The hose is long enough to do all the stairs without trying to balance it as you go like my previous machine. I usually hate doing the stairs as it is so awkward but this made the job a lot easier. The machine itself manoeuvres really well but is fairly heavy. My old machine was really difficult to move about.

            I really liked the height adjuster so you can move from thick carpet to hard floor with ease. This is at the front of the machine. Also it is a doddle to empty, just press a button to release the dust collector, carry it the bin with the carry handle and press the button to empty without getting your hands dirty.

            I also liked that the tools were stored on a bracket on the front . So many times I have misplaced the tools from my vacuum and can never find them when I want to.

            I have cleaned my car too due to the dogs travelling in there and it was great to find the power cord reached easily from my house to the car, usually I would have to add an extension lead to make it reach. Also the hose was long enough to reach across to all the seats and floors without having to move the vacuum around too much.

            My partner also noticed after a few days that there was less of a dog odour in the house which is a bonus. I notice it has a HEPA filter and think a combination of how much dirt and hair it removes from my carpets and the filter itself helps keep the doggy smell to a minimum.

            If you have pets and need a vacuum cleaner with great suction then I can highly recommend The Vax Power 9 Pet vacuum cleaner.


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            10.06.2012 10:38
            Not Helpful
            1 Comment


            • Reliability


            overall very good and does its job well

            this is a good hoover!! i have a collie dog and at this time of year he is losing his winter coat so there for our carpet needs hoovering everyday and this is hoover is perfect. The suction on this hoover is so powerful it can be quite hard to pust as it litterally stuck to the carpet but there is now more hairs!! The dust holder gets full quickly but i think thats because of the amount of dog hairs. The only down side i find it is quite loud and heavy. It was easy to installand a very nice design. It has plenty of feature to clean all sorts from stairs to the up cobwebs in your ceilings corners. It has an easy grip handle and the button for on and off is easy to use, it also has a long cable which is handy for moving one room to another or doing down the stairs.


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              05.01.2012 01:55


              • Reliability


              Pet owners and Allergy sufferers should have this!

              After severe disillusionment at the supposed leading bagless upright brand, who shall remain nameless. I purchased this beast, and I say beast as it roars through all the threaded in hair and crap on your carpet that you have grown accustomed to as a sad fact of life!
              To be honest, Im ecstatic and my carpets look virtually new, every time!
              Its a real joy!
              There are a couple of foibles, such as the attachments all connected to the base and it took a little getting used to, but a small price for a great result. I believe it has a 300AW suction, what ever that is but its great.
              We dont have allergies but with this beasts performance they would be kicked into touch.
              Easily assembled, long hose and very long flex easy for stairs etc.
              Comes with a turbo tool, but Ive not had any need to try it.
              Highly recommend this product, hope it lasts, came with a two year guarantee.


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          • Product Details

            Perfect for pet lovers this powerful large capacity vacuum cleaner has a TurboTool for picking up stubborn animal hairs and for cleaning stairs upholstery and car interiors / It provides powerful cleaning on both carpets and hard floors and its extra long power cord means you can clean more rooms without stopping / As it uses cyclonic filtration it's very easy to clean and maintain too as there's no messy central filter or bag / Its anti-bacterial HEPA filter helps reduce bacteria allergens and pet-rela / Short name: Vax U89-P8-P

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