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Vax U91-P1 Power 1

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2012 23:20
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      An excellent vacuum that I highly recommend!

      We are not usually a lucky family when it comes to raffles, gambling etc. Our local petrol station had an offer on of a free raffle entry when you fill your car with £30 or more, I filled up and guess what? I won! I was handed a voucher to pick up my new Vax Power 1 vacuum cleaner from Comet, I had never been so excited about receiving a free vacuum cleaner before, as sad as it sounds I was ecstatic as it was the first item that I had ever won.

      The vacuum was on the Comet display for £59.99 and it looked rather futuristic, nothing special but it looked funky. We received our new cleaner and returned home to start cleaning with it.

      *** Product information ***

      The Vax Power 1 is a modern looking bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaner. It has a 1600 Watt motor that creates a rather large 140 air watts of suction power which I guess gives it its name 'Power'. It apparently helps control bacteria in the home and has HEPA filtration to prevent allergies.

      In the box we found....

      * LOTS OF BITS! - No lie, the vacuum was actually in many different pieces, usually with upright vacuums you simply attach the handle and you're good to go, not with the Vax!
      * And an instruction manual

      *** Putting the beast together***

      What a delight, time for some building. The many parts inside the box were scattered over the kitchen table and I slowly worked at getting the thing put together. As I got going I soon realised that it was not quite as hard to put together as I had originally thought. There were a few screws to inserts to assemble the main body and all of the other little bits clipped onto the body with ease. It took roughly half an hour to put it all together and I do think that it could be a two person job if you are not familiar with assembling such machines but the instruction manual is quite clear and easy to understand.

      Once the machine was together it was instantly noticed how solid the vacuum was considering it was built from a loads of plastic bits. The machine is light yet being strong and rather robust feeling, the first impressions were that this cleaner would be great for the elderly but this observation soon changed once we had pressed the 'on' button.

      *** Using the vacuum ***

      Time for that magic moment, the big switch on! The power cord on this Vax cleaner is very long compared to most other vacuums and it feels very good quality, I would say that the cord is roughly nine metres in length and it enters the bottom of the vacuum which seems to work rather well. The on / off button is foot controlled and it is also on the bottom of the cleaner, this was easy to press with a quick kick and we were off. The vacuum seemed quite noisy at first but I soon got used to it, most of the noise seemed to be the awesomely strong suction created by the machine rather than the actual motor. As I pushed it around I noticed it was slightly hard to push and it required a rather large amount of effort on our medium pile carpet, it was doing a great job though and the dust was soon whirling around inside the bagless dust container confirming that the large suction was actually doing something other than making me sweat!

      *** Features ***

      >Floor adjuster< - The Vax like many other upright vacuum cleaners has the multi height floor selector. It has High carpet, low carpet and hard floor options which basically covers them all, we never bother changing this and for the week that we have owned this vacuum we have kept it on the low carpet setting whilst using it on various surfaces. The vacuum picks up fabulously well on both hard floors and carpets leaving them clean and very refreshed looking. We have noticed that this vacuum picks up on hard floors better than any other vacuum that we have owned, many other uprights seem to scatter fine dirt on hard floors rather than pick it up, this one is the opposite... Simply run over the dirt and it's gone!

      >Hose< - The upright has a hose built in for cleaning stairs and upholstery. It is a stretchy type of hose that is very long when stretched out, we can take it just about halfway up our stairs which is perfectly ok for us as we clean half from downstairs and the other half from up (Be careful doing this though as this vacuums suction is so strong that it will actually jump down the stairs and try to kill you - as I've found out, cleaning the stairs from the upstairs should be avoided!) The suction from the hose is absolutely excellent and it fully exceeds our expectations, there are a few tools that come with the vacuum. The two tools are a crevice nozel and an extending pole. Unfortunately a dusting brush did not come with this vacuum which is an annoyance, we always use the vacuum to dust as it is quick and easy.... Not anymore!

      >Bagless cyclonic technology< - The Vax requires no bags and the bagless technology seems to work very well. The main filter for this vacuum is actually placed in the main dirt container, usually with this set up suction power is lost rather quickly but Vax seem to have set this one up correctly. Our dirt container is now almost overflowing and the vacuum is still sucking as if it is brand new, cannot fault it at all. We have only had this cleaner a week so we have not needed to empy it quite yet but looking in the instruction book it looks a simple procedure. Simply empty the contents and brush the filter to remove the dirt, Vax also recommend washing the filter every couple of uses to keep the vacuum cleaning efficiently.

      >Pet hair removal< - The cleaner removes pet hair very easily and controls bacteria in the home, I cannot comment on the bacteria as I cannot see it but it certainly does an excellent job of lifting pet hair. We have two German pointers and a cat that shed quite a lot of hair which the Vax lifts effortlessly; the HEPA filter will also help with any allergens that can cause problems to us humans.

      *** Ease of use ***

      Now as I have mentioned the cleaner is rather hard to push regardless of its carpet height selection due to its rather strong suction power. This is not a problem to me but for the elderly / disabled I would not recommend this vacuum, it appears light in the shop until you turn it on. It could quite possibly be easier to push on very low pile carpets but unfortunately we do not have any in our household so I'm unable to test sorry. Appart from that the cleaner is very easy to use, everything is onboard and ready to get cleaning. The handle is very long and it is rather comfortable to hold while using the cleaner.

      The cleaner has great manoeuvrability and it is easily turned around furniture and corners without much effort, the large wheels ensure great control and it seems to glide over hard floors with ease.

      *** Any disadvantages? ***

      There is only one slight disadvantage that I think I should mention, the air expelled from this vacuum does have a habit of blowing absolutely everything off tables and furniture as you vacuum. I said it blows 'everything', this is obviously slight exaggeration but it does blow ALL papers off tables and on hard floors it can sometimes blow dust away from it before it's been picked up. I think this is a general Vax problem as my Nan has a Vax cleaner which does exactly the same, they should re - design their air exhausts I reckon! Once you get used to it there is no major problem but it can be annoying.

      *** Overall opinion ****

      This is a very powerful vacuum that picks up like a dream; the suction is extremely strong through both the hose and the main cleaning head. It actually picks up everything in its path and removes loads of dirt that cannot be seen from deep within your carpets. We have owned a few Dyson's and it all honesty this little cheap cleaner cleans better than one and it has some very nice features. Spares are easily obtained from the Vax website if need be and it also comes with a 2 year guarantee for peace of mind. We won this vacuum but we would have happily paid for it after using, it's definitely worth the rather low price.

      I cannot comment too much on the reliabiliy of the machine as we have only owned it for a week but I can say that it feels extremely well built, everything runs smoothly and it's very strong. It's already fallen down the stairs once and survived, I think it has a few more falls left in it! :)

      Would I recommend this to a friend? I certainly would, it's a bargain. The blowing paper off tables problem is annoying but the vacuum is generally so good that I willl happily give it five stars, well done Vax!

      Thanks for reading


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