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Vax V-026CC Match Rapide Classic

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    2 Reviews
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      14.01.2011 21:36



      i have one of these at home its a brilliant machine which makes carpet cleaning very easy, no man power needed with this machine, light weight and easy to push around would recommend this product.


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      03.08.2010 17:36
      Very helpful



      A good little cleaner for a fair price...

      It's surprising how many spills a carpet can be subjected to, isn't it! Especially when you have young children in the house. Perhaps it's my style of carpet (thickish plush plie), I don't know, but I seem to get stains of all kinds of varying colours, shapes and sizes. Around the table it is worst: spaghetti sauce, curry sauce.

      I obviously try to clean things up straight away, but sometimes the stains can get a bit out of hand. Then there are stains brought on by shoe marks, spilled juice or wine...

      After a time I look at the varying stains and thinks, 'time to get the cleaner out.' Now this cleaner is my Mum and Dad's, but I have used it three of four times whilst in the flat.

      The first thing I noticed about it is how it is quite light compared to some vacuum cleaners. Some of these seem to require muscles that Arnold Schwarzeneggar would be proud of. But this Vax is pretty light considering.

      Here's a quick look at the specifications:

      Wattage: 600W
      Clean Capacity: 3.50 litres
      Dirty Capacity: 2.00 litres
      Cleaning Reach: 10.00 metres
      Cable: 7.50 metres
      Cleaning Width: 20.00 centimetres
      Onboard Tools: Yes
      Weight: 7.30 kilograms
      Guarantee: 1 year guarantee

      Filling it up is pretty simple. You pour three capfuls of the carpet cleaner (of which 3 bottles were supplied with my parents, but you have purchase more when it runs out) and fill the rest up with water.

      To clean the carpet press trigger on handle to release the cleaning fluid and pull the cleaner in a backwards motion. Push forward without the button pressed in to suck up the water.

      I found that after a few hours of doing this it hurt my arm and hands a bit, especially with all the forwards and backwards movements. Best to take lots of breaks, which is what I did.

      I am always surprised at how much black water comes out and how dirty the carpets really are! Two and a half loads did two average sized rooms recently, and a small three piece suite (more of that later).

      To empty the dirty water, remove the bottom bit where the water has been sucked up, and pour away. Watch out for bits of fur that are pulled up from the carpet and end up in your plug hole, though.

      I also did the three piece suite recently using the Vax. I found it okay, but you use an attachment, and when you release the spray it does tend to get everywhere nearby, splashing on other things other than the suite.

      Cleaning it after use it pretty simple. You do have to unscrew part of the base unit for a good overall clean, but it does not take long.

      Overall, this is a good thing to have around, especially when you have young children in the house. You will see many prices on this page in various places, but you can get yourself one for about £150. It does give you an aching arm and although it is not very noisy, the noise can get a bit irritating.

      But does it work? How does it leave the carpet? Well it does work. You have to go over the more ground in stains a bit, but it leaves the carpet new-looking, springy and fresh. If you are on the look out for one around this price range, you can't go wrong with it...


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      Short name: Vax V-026CC

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