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Vax V-026RD Rapid Deluxe Carpet Washer

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    3 Reviews
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      04.07.2013 08:54
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Good results. Would not be without it.

      I have a dog and a cream coloured living room carpet - never a winning combination - so I needed a reliable carpet cleaner that didn't cost the earth and this certainly fits the bill. Apart from a couple of small niggles (which I'll get to in a moment) it has been a reliable cleaner and it didn't break the bank to purchase. Mine cost £99.99 from Amazon in April 2012 and it is currently(11/7/13) retailing on the Amazon site for around £112; Argos 129.99. It comes with a two year Vax guarantee.

      When it arrived, it needed some minor assembly. Some of the parts were a little stiff to put together but if you follow the instructions you soon have it up and running.

      It is easy to use - just fill the water container with the recommended mix of water and cleaning solution and away you go. The clean tank holds 2.6 litres - not quite as much as my old cleaner so in my through lounge- dining room which is quite long I have to fill up twice and empty twice. However, since filling the clean tank and emptying the dirty tank are simple to do this is not a problem. They both slot easily back into place. The tanks are also conveniently designed to be easily gripped and transported.

      It is far less fussy and time consuming to use than my old cylinder cleaner. You can clean quickly with this machine - the cleaning width is 21cm which provides quite generous coverage. You don't have to constantly keep unplugging the machine as it has a very ample 7.6 metre cord which gives that extra cleaning reach. This is very helpful when doing the stairs.

      You can choose to have the brush function either on or off - so it caters for different sorts of carpets. I always have the rotating brush function on when I'm using it. The solution is brushed deep into the carpet pile and gives your carpet new life - mine always feel softer and springier and look greatly improved when I've finished. The machine is not suitable for hard floors.

      If you've not cleaned your carpets for a while the murky colour of the water being sucked up into the dirty tank can be quite a surprise - but it makes me feel all the more virtuous for giving my carpets a good clean. Nobody wants all that dirt hiding away in the carpet pile.The cleaner sucks the majority of the water off as it goes so the carpet is not left too wet. I tend to go over the area again with the water distributor off to get it even drier.

      A quick change of the equipment to the upholstery tool head and it also does a good job on my sofa. The fabric seems to come clean in no time. We have also used it on the fabric car seats which have also come up rather well. I find you do have to work quite quickly with the upholstery tool though as the water does seem to come out rather fast.

      So the niggles?

      The noise. This machine is very noisy - which is fine in short bursts - but if I decide to do several rooms, by the time I've done my ears feel like I've been to a rock concert. (The dog can't stand it and puts as much distance between himself and the machine as possible.)

      The feeder pipe which transports water from the clean tank to the brushes tends to stick out a little bit on the side and after mine had been brushed vigorously against the sofa on numerous occasions, the pipe tore and I had water everywhere. I fixed it myself by cutting off the damaged piece of pipe and reattaching it - and have probably forfeited my guarantee in doing so - but it was an easy fix. I realise, however, that many (sensible) people do not want to start messing with their machines in this way - so this bit of the design might be worth bearing in mind. (It was kindly pointed out to me by my other half that I am a bit of an aggressive cleaner and it was my fault if I chose to whack the furniture.)

      Cleaning the brush bar underneath the appliance is a bit of a chore as no matter how well I do a dry vacuuming prior to carpet washing - there always seems to be hair (dog and person) wrapped around the roller. Hair and debris also gets stuck in the nooks and crannies of the dirty water tank - so a good blast with the tap is necessary.

      This machine is 7.7 kg and is advertised as lightweight. It doesn't feel lightweight, though when you need to carry it upstairs to do the bedrooms. Maybe I need to workout.

      The plastic upholstery/stair cleaning hose is quite stiff and doesn't stay particularly well in place when you try to store it away.

      Overall - a useful and reasonably priced product. Despite it's small flaws I'm giving it a five star rating because it makes my life easier and my ten year old carpets look like they've been down for a fraction of that time. A good result without hiring a professional and spending a fortune.


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        19.06.2013 23:09
        Very helpful



        A good buy for a clean, fresh feel in the house

        I have a large ivory rug in my living room. Of course I bought this before I had my 2 dogs.

        We are supposed to take shoes off at the door but that lasted all of one week and it became impossible to get the grandkids to do so when they are in and out all the time.

        I walked into the living room one day and realised how mucky the rug actually looked and having a professional carpet cleaner for a son - who lives a long way off - I asked him to clean it. However I did get fed up waiting for a convenient time for him to be able to do it so as my daughter was talking about getting her carpets cleaned before her daughter arrived I treated them/us to this carpet cleaner.

        I chose this one after reading a lot of reviews on a lot of cleaners and this one was always the best.

        When it arrived from Amazon it was in a huge box, so well packaged. It arrived assembled so no extra work there. It came with a smallish attachment and hose for cleaning the stairs, furniture etc.

        This is quite a bulky machine in my view. I also find it a bit on the heavy side although the description says lightweight.

        The water bottle which is where you put the Vax cleaning fluid in on the front arm of the machine and easy to remove, fill and fit back on.

        The cleaning part of the machine top is clear plastic so you can see the water being squirted onto your carpets and being sucked up again.

        Emptying is easy enough by unclipping the plastic collection part and basically emptying into the sink then rinsing it out. Only then will you see how much dirt and grime is removed from the carpet or rug.

        Push the cleaner pressing the cleaning fluid button, then go over again to suck it back up. That is it for cleaning your carpet.

        I did find that my rugs are not as dry as the manufacturers think they will be. I tend to do them at night then they are dry more or less in the morning.

        I did three cleans over a week of that particular ivory rug. It didn't look 'new' but it was amazingly clean and smelled lovely.

        I have several rugs in the house and I have even taken them outside and cleaned them on the drive and left them to dry out there. It takes ten to fifteen minutes from start to finish to clean a large rug.

        You do get a bottle of Vax carpet cleaner with it. You can get a replacement bottle for around £5 in a sale. It smells very nice and fresh and you could clean a whole house with the one bottle in my view.

        I haven't tried the attachment yet as I had a new stair carpet.

        One word of warning though. To do the edges of rugs you will have to clean right over the edge. This does cause some wetness on the floor which needs to be wiped up afterwards.

        I would also consider what type of floor is under your rugs or carpets - mine are mainly laminate - and how wet the floor underneath will get.

        It also doesn't really do right to the edge of carpets and of course it doesn't clean in the corners either.

        However it does do a very good job of cleaning. It's easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store.

        I would recommend this capet cleaner.


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        05.11.2012 13:57
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A good carpet cleaner that can be found at a good price

        We decided it was way past time that we bought a decent carpet cleaner - kids and pets sure leave a lot of mess!

        We did our research and all the previous reviews I had read on this machine were good so i then set to looking around for the best price. At the time i was very happy to find this on Ebay, brand new with a years warranty, plus 2 years manufacturers guarantee, for just £89.99.

        At 7.7kg it's a fairly light weight machine - until you put the water in. The clean water tank holds 3.5 litres and the tank for dirty water holds 2 litres. Both are really easy to remove for filling or emptying and there is a safety cut out indicator for when the dirty tank is full. The 7.6m power cord is plenty for what I need.

        This model also comes with a hose and attachments for cleaning stairs or furniture. Whilst i haven't actually used these parts yet I can vouch for how easy they are to use as I had a quick practise with them. All the tools attach to the machine when not in use and the power cord wraps around as it does on most upright vacuum cleaners.

        It did come with a small bottle of the recommended AAA cleaning solution and I was also able to find 1.4litre bottles of the Ultra+ solution for just (9.79 with free postage on Amazon.

        I have just used mine for the first time and decided to test drive it in my front hall which is generally a high traffic area and had lots of marks on the carpet. Considering my carpet is a sort of mid blue colour, a lot of stains really show up on it. The whole process was very easy and I was able to thoroughly go over the hall twice on one container of clean water and was able to instantly see a huge improvement. I was quite disgusted by the colour of the water when I emptied it!

        Almost the entire machine seems to be made of plastic but it still has a fairly solid feel to it which I hope will mean it will last for a decent amount of time. It does not feel cheap or flimsy to me.

        When I had finished it was very easy to empty the dirty water and rinse out the container leaving it as clean as when I started.

        Obviously the floor is a bit wet but not nearly as much as it used to be when I owed a Kirby. It is a little noisier than my Dyson when in use and sounds a little whiney but i can live with that as my carpet is looking so much cleaner and newer as a result.

        I would definitely recommend this machine for ease of use and is well worth hunting around on the internet to find a bargain.


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      • Product Details

        Revitalise your carpet using the Vax Rapide Deluxe V-026RD Carpet Washer ! This attractive grey and orange carpet washer is easy to use, and the clear front lets you see the dirt being lifted from your carpet! Your carpet pile will be lifted and refreshed, providing great results! As well as cleaning your carpet, you can also use the helpful hand tool to clean upholstery around your home, helping to clean up spillages quickly and easily / Bring great cleaning to your home with the Vax Rapide Deluxe V-026RD Carpet Washer ! Characteristics Type Carpet Washer Power (Watts) 600W Bag volume or reservoir (litre) Clean water tank / 3.5 litres Dirty water tank / 2 litres Ergonomy Cable length 7.6m Others Colours Grey and Orange Included accessories Wash tool Weight (Kg) 7.7kg / Short name: Vax V-026RD

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