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Vax V-062 Ultrixx Cobalt

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    2 Reviews
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      22.11.2007 20:38


      • Reliability


      lovely vacuum

      i have one of these and they are excellent for picking up pet hair i have had it for about 4 months and wouldnt swap for anything else i have 2 children and a german shepherd dog who moults all year round so i really do need a good robust and reliable vacuum cleaner and this is one of the best ive ever had. i use it for floors and under the cushions on sofa


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        22.08.2006 13:58
        Very helpful



        good basic nozzle, useful TurboTool but worse on extra brushes and solidity of build

        Vax V062 Ultrixx Cobalt is a variable power 1800W bagless cylinder vacuum with a HEPA filter. It comes with a floor combi head for carpets & hard floors as well as Vax TurboTool and crevice & brush tools.

        As far as the spec goes it was pretty much what I was looking for after 2 years of using crappy landlord-provided machines before. A cylinder because I don't have acres of empty floor space to vacuum but I have to go round a lot of stuff like from furniture to baby items to toys to computer peripherals. Bagless to save on consumables and as much power as possible within a relatively small budget. A good filter seemed worth paying a bit extra for, and a washable one means another saving in the future. Extra tools/nozzles are obviously useful for sofas, stairs and floor edges.

        As usual with small and medium appliances I bought mine as a graded item from an eBay trader as you can get much better value from these. I had a choice of everal cleaners, including an Electrolux, a Miele and a Hoover as well as a few Vax models. Vax website allowed for easy research and comparison of models, and I chose this one as it seemed to offer the best spec in relation to price.

        The RRP on this item is around £90-100; I paid £50 including delivery.

        I have had the vacuum for about 2 months now, so I can't pronounce on long-term reliability or robustness (it has not fallen apart so far, anyway) but as for now I am very happy with the machine's performance. ***


        ...is good. The wattage provides ample power and the combi tool does the job efficiently on both low-pile rugs and "flat" plain carpets, while managing OK on the kitchen lino. I have no laminate nor high-pile carpets so I can't comment on that, but that's probably where one would use the variable power control.

        The dust container is quite large at almost 3 litres, and it doesn't need emptying every time (I normally vacuum two large downstairs rooms, stairs and a small hall) as loss of suction, though existing, is not bothersome.***

        The HEPA filter seems to do the job as I have not noticed any visible (or smellable) dust coming out of the rear end of the machine. I have not had to wash the filter yet, but I would prefer to have a spare one to use while the one I washed is drying.


        The vacuum is quite easy to handle, pulls well on its wheels and has a useful and robust carry handle at the back, ideal for taking it upstairs or over door steps. It's narrow and stable enough to place on a step half-way, too (assuming you don't have these horribly narrow stairs typical of many English houses).

        The combined length of the tubes, hose and cable allows for quite a good reach (over 8 meters). I can easily do a room and a half without replugging (though obviously more cable would be better).

        The chrome telescopic tubes are long enough for a tall woman (and most certainly quite a tall man too) to work without bending, while allowing for easy and quick shortening when necessary.

        I don't like the look of the hose much: it seems rather flimsy to me and I am bit worried than the rough handling by myself and family might result in breaking it!

        It's very easy to empty the dust canister: push a button on the top cover and there it sits, with a convenient handle. To empty the canister, press another button at the top of the handle: and be careful not to press it before the bag for dust is ready as you will end up with all the dust spilling inside the vacuum. This happened to me couple of times and I think it would be better to have the release button somehow more protected on the dust canister.


        There is three extra tools, a crevice one and a strange combination of a dusting brush and an upholstery brush on one tube (you select by turning a ring on the tube). The crevice tool is OK, while the brush/upholstery nozzle thingy is weird and I don't like it. The angle is strange and it means that I cannot use the upholstery brush easily for things like stairs and under low furniture which I used to do with my previous cleaner.

        On top of it, the above tools are supposed to be stored in a 'caddy' attached to the end of flexible hose at the bottom. This caddy is permanently fixed there and you cannot take it off, and it makes the hose/tubing combination more cumbersome than it needs to be. As I don't need to carry the extra tools about I would like the caddy to be a detachable one.

        Luckily, there is also a TurboTool in the set. This is a strange self-powered (or so it seems) brush which provides powerful suction when pulled towards you and is able to pick up a lot of sticky bits of rubbish, especially pet hair and similar. It's a useful device, I don't have pets but I find it a good thing to use on stairs and sofas as it cleans better than the normal nozzles.


        I like the Ultrixx Cobalt: it does the basic job well, it offers good filtration level and is easy to handle. The extra tools are disappointing though, apart from the TurboTool.

        I am not sure if it's worth the full RRP, but I feel that with what I paid I got a pretty good bargain.

        Oh, and it looks rather nice if you are concerned about that kind of thing.

        And my new baby likes the noise it makes!

        ***UPDATE after 2.5 years ***

        I have taken an unprecedented (for me) step of updating this review as after 2.5 years the vacuum here is going to the dump (while I got myslef a new, bagged Miele).

        I also downgraded the product from 2 to 3 stars.

        The main bugbear is a lowish built quality.

        The cover hinge is now broken, the hose came loose from the plastic tubing and needed selotaping. These are probably due as much to the rough treatment objects get in our house as to the quality, but they could have been more solid.

        More importantly, things get stuck with this machine: I have not been able to take the floor head off for months and months without the use of a vise(or asking DH for help at least). The release button on the cnister gets stuck too, despite the fact that I wash the canister (sho it can't be due to dust being stuck in it). And the telescopic metal pipes also get stuck so I can't shorten them or lenghten as I need (or for another person eg my daughter).

        Alos, the loss of suction has been progressive, and that is despite the exchange of all filters. I don't know why or how, but recently I felt I wouldn need a new set of filters every two months if not more often, and at this price I might as well get a new vacuum.

        Thus, pretty average overall, not too bad for a bagless cleaner (NEVER AGAIN ONE OF THOSE THOUGH!!!!!).


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        Short name: Vax V-062

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