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    4 Reviews
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      18.10.2008 01:35
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Well built, good value for money

      I've had this 1700W Vax model now for 18 months, it was a replacement for a Hoover Dust Manager (which itself had been a replacement for a Morphy Richards model).

      I originally bought the Morphy Richards one in 2005, and took out the 3 year product replacement cover with Currys. It broke after a year, as did it's successor, the Hoover Dust Manager. On both these models it was the upright release pedal that failed and I think on the Hoover one there was an electrical fault too.

      My 3 year product replacement insurance period is now over, but I am confident my Vax has a lot of life left in it.

      I will admit right now, the Vax is heavier than both of it's predecessors, but less powerful than the Hoover (which was 1800W). It is definitely a good way to keep healthy, pushing it round the house! I don't have stairs, as I live in a bungalow, so I can't comment on how easy it is to carry up stairs.

      I now have laminate floor throughout my house, but I used to have carpets in the bedrooms so I have used it on a variety of floor types/carpet depths.

      As soon as I brought the Vax home, I put it through it's paces by trying it out on our bedroom carpet (a medium pile). I was amazed by the amount of dust & hair it picked up. (We have a little dog who moults enough for 3 large ones!)

      It has an easy to use dial on the head, to alter the brush height. I only use it on bare floor mode now, due to having got rid of the carpets.

      It comes with an upholstery brush - this is great for vacuuming sofas, the dog bed, and curtains & blinds. I even use it to vacuum down the window sills, and to get those stray cobwebs down rather than getting the feather duster out.

      If you need a more powerful brush, there is the the Turbo brush attachment. You are advised to switch off the machine before attaching it to the hose, as it does rotate really fast! It consists of a clear brush head style casing, with a rotating brush bar inside (rather like a mini version of what is in the head of the actual vacuum cleaner). I only really use this for the dog bed now, as the sofas we have now are leather, but it was great for use on our fabric sofa.

      For hard to reach places, it has a tapered crevice nozzle and an extension tube, which when used together provide about an extra 2.5 feet of reach. The crevice nozzle is great for getting under and behind appliances and furnishings.

      The cord is really quite long (9.2m with 12m max reach), the longest out of the three vacuum cleaners I've mentioned. I can plug it in in the kitchen, and hoover the kitchen, dining room & half the living room before having to unplug it and change sockets. The cord enters the body of the machine at quite a low level, so it can get caught under the brush head if you're not careful. There is a little clip for the cord on the handle, but I personally struggle to get it to stay in there, so I tend to just hold the cord either with my free hand, or in the one holding the handle.

      It is a cyclonic bagless cleaner, so has a dust canister (4.2 litre capacity) with a cone shaped HEPA filter inside. It is easy to remove, to empty and to refit. The filter does retain dust between the concertina-like folds, but banging it against the inside of the wheelie bin knocks it out, or for a more thorough clean, I recommend just running an old toothbrush down each fold - it doesn't take as long as you think. Emptying the machine regularly prolongs the life of the filters, just be careful not to tip the canister out while the filter is still in there. I have done this a couple of times and ended up almost climbing into the bin to retrieve it. At only 5ft tall, this is not an easy task for me! Vax recommend you change this filter yearly, there is a space to write the date it needs replacing on the top of it (for those of us with a less than perfect memory!).

      The brush head has a rubber covering to prevent scuffs on furniture and skirting boards - I haven't noticed any scuffs so it must work!

      There is also a headlight, although I don't really see the need for it, as I prefer not to vacuum in the dark!

      The castors at the rear of the machine swivel, improving manoevreability, but according to the manual, you aren't supposed to tilt it back on to these to move it from room to room (i.e: when it's switched off). It is advised that you carry it, using the carrying handle on the back of the machine.

      Looks-wise, it's okay. Mine is dark blue, not orange as in the picture shown here, which now having seen the orange one, I prefer mine.

      Price-wise, I think when I got it, it was about £100, but on offer for £79.99. Compared to other cleaners, that's quite cheap, and in comparison to it's predecessors which were the same price when we got them, it is much better value for money.

      In conclusion, it has lasted me longer than any other vacuum cleaner I've owned, it survived cleaning up my house after we had the builders in for three months building an extension, and although it may be heavy, I think that's the price you pay for it being so robust.


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        26.06.2008 15:39
        Very helpful



        If you have a choice buy a Dyson

        On face value I thought this was a great choice after killing two Dysons. It has a powerful motor 1700watts, it is bagless, it is an upright hoover. It also has an easy release hose for stair cleaning and a good selection of onboard tools. The other benefit to this model is the turbo tool a must for any dog or cat owner. However in reality each of the benefits are far out wayed by the disadvantages.

        From first use after getting it out of the big box I was excited about the prospect of a different brand of hoover other than Dyson. I plugged it in and switched it on by the foot pedal and was suprised at what I originally thought of as a good selling point quickly became a very frustrating disadvantage. It has two wheels at the back on castors allowing for ease of movement, however they are awkward and makes for an exceptional workout. Once you have overcome this you find the cable is too low and needs to be kept up at a certain angle to avoid hoovering over it. Then another supposingly good selling point was the carpet height adjuster allowing you to hoover wood/laminate floors, however, I found in order to hoover my living room carpet I needed it to be on the lowest setting in order to get a really good performance like the Dyson. I also found out the two filters on this hoover were not both washable, one filter has to be replaced yearly. When you come to emptying the bin you have to actually put your hand in and and clear out any debris stuck in the filter - yuk ! Ok you say thats not the end of the world but how many allowances should one make?

        Overall the performance is good at best. The design and features require some work, the onboard tools are sufficient but the turbo tool lacks severely in comparison with the new Dyson models. If you have never had a Dyson you would probably think this was great, but if you have like myself had two or more Dysons you will always be comparing. After an initial three month period the Vax found itself being neatly stored under my stair cupboard ( where it remains to this day ) and replaced by the Dyson DC07 - which yes in my opinion is far superior.

        Price wise, it has been reduced since I purchased it some two and abit years ago, but you can find it still in all good electrical stores.

        £59.95 From Giddieaunt.com

        For performance, I rate it 3/5

        For style, I rate it 3/5

        For ease of use, I rate it 3/5


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          07.08.2006 19:54



          Overall dissapointed with reliability, looking to change it early and won't buy another VAX - 4/10

          We purchased our Vax V006 about 2 years ago as a replacement for the Dyson. We were attracted to the it's power and the bagless feature we had become used to on the Dyson.

          It is quite easy to use but doesn't pick up as well as the Dyson despite more power.

          The turbo tool attachment is a neat idea for hovering under beds, chest of drawers etc.\ but clogs easily and needs taking apart regularly.

          However we have a 5 storey house and my wife finds it very heavy.

          The main problem we have experienced is that the brush height adjuster seems to default down to the lowest setting and when we have visitors they don't notice this when hoovering carpets until the machine starts smoking.

          The problem is that the brush rotor is plastic and the belt 'welds' to the brush... so you need a new brush as well as a new belt.

          The only solution that I can see is to drill and put a screw in to physically stop the machine from going onto the lowest setting.

          There was a rumour that this version was subject to a recall, but I can find no record of this.


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            12.11.2005 12:14
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Better than a dyson

            I was desperate for a new hoover as my dyson had broke. I have always had dysons since they were available for purchase.
            After visit my local comet I knew I had to get the vax v006 as it was the only hoover in store that had a bare floor settings and it had a amazing tool designed for picking up pet hairs. Having a boardie collie puppy this I thought would be very helpful as I am constantly cleaning up dog hairs off the laminate floor. Here are some details about the vax v006

            * Carpet hight adjuster including the great barefloor setting

            * Turbo tool-designed for picking up pet hairs/soft furnishing and stairs.( Brilliant)

            * Foot power switch

            * Long pipe with a square nozzle- better to get into the corners than the long nozzle pipes

            * Hepa filter-removes mites, pollen and dust particles ideal for allergy sufferers such as hay fever.With 6 filtration level.The higher the level of filtration the more efficient the cleaner is at removing dust, pollen and allergens that may cause allergies.

            * Bagless cyclonic power- no need to buy bags

            * 1700w cyclonic technology for ultimate suction and dirty pickup. The higher the voltage/wattage the more powerful motor.

            * Scuff guard- to stop scuffing wallpaper/skirting boards

            * upright cleaner-ideal for those larger areas. A cylinder is ideal for difficult to reach areas and hard flooring.

            * 4.2litres of dust capicity into the cannister.

            * dusting nozzle-Ideal for dislodging dust & cobwebs from delicate surfaces.

            * upholstery tool-Ideal for cleaning soft furnishings with maximum effiency whilst protecting more delicate materials.

            My views
            When I got the vax home I couldnt wait to see how good this was. After putting it together (which dont take a geneis to do if I can do it). The first thing I wanted to try was the turbo tool, this was brilliant it got those dog hairs up a treat although an hour later she had malted everywhere again.
            The bare floor setting was the most essentail to me as all of my downstairs is laminate or tiles.
            Although this is bagless you do need to change the Hepa filter once a year as Comet advised me, and there is also a filter underneath which is washable.
            For carpets it is still really good it feels like its going to rip the carpet up its that powerful.
            A downside to this hoover is that where the cable is attached to the hoover is low to the floor which is easy to trap when hoovering (speaking from experience the very first time i used this, this happened doh).

            Carpet height adjuster-10/10
            Pick up-10/10
            overall all-9/10 (gave it a 9 because of the low cable)

            All in all I do think this is better than the dyson I wont be buying a dyson again. And for as little as £129.95 I thought it was a bargain for all the extra features.
            If you go on www.comet.co.uk you can buy this hoover for £99.95 online price only if only i knew this, or you can purchase it from the store at £129.95.
            If you havent got no pets or laminate/tiled flooring then this might no be for you but for it is.

            Thanx for reading my review hope you find it helpful


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