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Vax V-021A Rapide Spring Carpet Washer

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Carpet and Steam Cleaners / Brand: Vax / Design: Upright / Power: 550 Watt

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    1 Review
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      08.01.2009 15:06
      Very helpful



      Another gadget that is not needed

      I have a long lounge that has a beige carpet and it is horrible to clean. I have two children a 12 year old and a 14 month old, so my poor beige carpet gets dirty very quickly. Since my son has become mobile and he loves his food and loves to make a mess, my carpet has a lot of spills and food dropped onto it.

      I became tired of trying to keep the carpet clean and always having to spend a lot of time scrubbing the carpet, it is one of those jobs that we all hate. The floors are the biggest area in a house and if they look dirty then the room looks bad for it.

      I have never bought a carpet cleaner before but I don't have as much time and energy to be scrubbing the carpets now that I have two children to run around after. I also never planned on buying a carpet cleaner, but when I was looking on the online Argos website I spotted the Vax rapide spring carpet cleaner was on offer for half price which is what attracted me to it. I thought to myself that I could use a carpet washer it would make my life easier. I was expecting it to bring my beige carpet back to life and I thought it would be a lot easier than getting on my hands and knees scrubbing. It looked fairly streamline and I had already planned on storing it in the corner of a room. So it seemed like a perfect product for me. At the time of purchase I paid under £60 for it, which is half price although this carpet cleaner always seems to be on offer!!

      Vax is a well known brand so you expect to get good results.

      The carpet cleaner is no bigger than an upright vacuum cleaner. It comes with a bottle of the carpet cleaning solution, and it states not to use any other cleaning solution in the machine as it will break it.

      I was really excited to use my new carpet cleaner; I couldn't wait to get my carpets looking clean again. Even though we clean our carpets on a regular basis and they get swept every night the beige carpet in my lounge still has quite a few stains and looks a lot darker and slightly dingier than it did when we first moved in.

      The water tank on the machine unclips and there is a screw lid on the back of this which is very difficult to undo, so if you have weak hands or wrists then you will struggle to unscrew the lid, once the lid is off you then need to fill it with water and add one cap of the cleaning solution that is provided, then clip the tank back into place.

      The machine is then ready to go, it is a good idea to make sure the area of the carpet that you want to clean is empty and has no 'dirt' on it so it is a good idea to give it a vac or brush up the dirt prior to washing the carpet.

      My carpet was prepared ready to be washed, the carpet cleaner is operated in the same way as a vacuum cleaner it has a long handle and a pedal at the back which you step on to be able to use the cleaner there is an on off switch on the side and under the handle is a button that can be held in when you want to release more cleaning solution onto particularly bad areas on the carpet.

      My experiences:

      I did not like this product at all; I was very disappointed with it. To begin with when it is in use it is VERY loud - anyone would think an aeroplane was about to take off on start up of this machine, so it can only be used during the middle of the day. The smell that it gave off during the cleaning of the carpet was pretty bad it actually made me feel unwell from the strong smell; the smell will last for some time after use.

      The results:

      I was also disappointed with the results, I know this is a low end budget machine but it really was a waste of money. The machine is quite heavy and I found it quite awkward to use, it is okay to use in straight lines but quite hard to manoeuvre, and it doesn't get close to the skirting boards so carpet near the walls won't get cleaned and you can't really get into corners with it. The carpet looked a little cleaner in places after the first use and I thought maybe I would need to give it a few more cleans before I would get a perfectly clean carpet. I have now finished the bottle of carpet cleaner which came with it and my carpet is still only clean in places, on areas of the carpet that have stains I needed to run the machine over the stain several times, it has removed some stains that were quite new stains, it was not as effective on the older stains. It has snagged the carpet and it took some of the carpet pile with it leaving a small hole. So overall I was not impressed with it at all.

      The dirty water tank in the bottom of the machine is fairly easy to take off and empty, and I was surprised to see the colour of the water was quite dirty, so it did remove some of the dirt from my carpet.

      The clean water tank holds 2.6 litres of water and will clean one average sized room. The dirty water tank takes out most of the water from the carpet so it doesn't leave the carpet too wet. You will need to have the windows open to let out the smell and help with the drying process. I also put the fire on to help dry out the carpet after.

      I have since given the carpet cleaner away and didn't even bother to buy a second bottle of cleaning solution, which is quite expensive to buy. I will never buy a carpet cleaner again. This was a bad choice and a waste of money.

      This product gives off a bad smell and the toxins in the cleaning solution may not be safe for young children and pets, so I would think carefully before buying. I think it is just as easy to get on your hands and knees to clean the carpet as it is to use this machine.

      I would not recommend this product to anyone.


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