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Brand: Vax / Design: Upright / Power: 1500 watts / Bagless: Yes / Capacity: 2 Litre / Filtration: Hepa / Foot operated on/off control / Cord Length: 6 Meters / Hose Length: 4.1 Meters / Includes crevice tool and dusting brush.

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      01.12.2008 22:06
      Very helpful
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      Buy a dust pan and brush, it would do a better job at a fraction of the price.

      I've never really been a person that loves or hates their hoovers but i have to warn people about this one before they spend their money on it. Excuse me if i don't know all of the correct terms or explanations about what everything does but i'll do my best!

      When we moved house in July last year we needed to buy most things for the property so money was a little bit tight. We opted to choose a cheaper hoover than the best but one with a name we would know and trust - vax. Big mistake! This hoover seems to make more dust than it picks up.

      One thing i have noticed is the name - vax essentials. It is essential that you don't buy this product but instead put it in the bin where it belongs.

      The boring bit - the stats of the hoover

      # Model number VEU-01.
      # 1500 watts.
      # 2 litre dust capacity.
      # Quick release dirt container.
      # HEPA filtration.
      # Cord storage.
      # Foot operated on/off control.
      # Includes crevice tool and dusting brush.
      # On-board tool storage.
      # Plastic extension tubes.
      # Adjustable floor head for different floor types - 3 height adjustments.
      # 6m power cord.
      # Hose Length 4.1m
      # Weight 7kg.

      This is an upright hoover that is bagless and is grey in colour. The hoover is 1500watts which isn't the best but it's not the worst you can buy by far. It says on the box that it stores 2 litres of dust but i'm yet to discover where they measured the two letres - i find myself emptying the hoover after every room - no my house isn't that dusty! The cord is 6 metres long but i do find this to be very short and i have to constantly change the socket that i use.

      You might look at the list above and rave about the quick release dust container - well don't get those hopes up too highly. You get a tiny trickle of dust coming out of the bottom and then have to take your hoover apart in order to actually empty it. By taking it apart i mean taking the dusty top off (the dust of course pours back onto your freshly hoovered carpet) you then remove the filter (i think? its a funny circle part with lots of grooves) that is again covered in a horrible dust, you then have to remove another plastic piece before shoving your hands (yes, it's awful) into the filter to pull the dust out. (yes you need tissues available for the hour sneezing fit) You can pretty much guarantee that most things you've hoovered up are again on your hoovered floor. You then get the lovely job of reassembling the hoover to go through it all again.

      The fun begins again as you spend time rehoovering the dust up that has just spilt everywhere (including getting changed because you'll be covered) and before you know it, it needs emptied again!

      So you'd expect the suction to be great, picking up all that dust. Well you're in for a disappointment because anything bigger than around a millimetre will not be sucked up but will remain sitting on your floor until you crawl around picking up everything your hoover didn't feel like picking up.

      So what exactly are the good points to my hoover and why do we still have it? I'm still looking for the good bits if i'm totally honest! We have it because we really can't afford to buy a new one yet but we do have a dustpan and brush that tends to pick up more than the vax and my one year old now has a toy one that picks up more!

      I should probably mention something about how great it manoveures here... but i can't. It's awkward to push and doesn't get into the corners or along the walls so you have to use the accessories for that part. Oh, one slight advantage could be that it isn't as heavy as move hoovers...

      Now we come to the accessories. You'd think there couldn't be much wrong with the hose to the side but you're sadly mistaken. The hose itself doesn't hang over the hoover properly as it's too long so it falls off when you're hoovering. When you take it out to use and switch the hoover on, you'll see lots of dust escaping from the hole you took it from - very helpful! Does it suck things up? Quick answer, no. It also came with a little attachment but i still don't know what it's supposed to do. I've tried it on many things but it's yet to pick anything up so it's no longer welcome to ride along on my hoover.

      How much did we pay for this fantastic invention, well it is a dust making machine! We paid the grand sum of £59.99 from Argos and i honestly wouldn't buy this again if it was selling for 0.01p.

      The hoover is quite noisy and i have to tell you my 1 year old is petrified of it and i have to carry her around when i hoover or she screams my house down - not ideal by any means.

      I think i've covered everything, but if i haven't i can give you a sure answer. Whatever you want to know about on the hoover, it will be awful and you'd be wasting your money to think otherwise.

      This gets one star from me only because there is nothing smaller.


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      Short name: Vax VEU-01

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