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Vax W91-RS-B-A Rapide Spring Clean Carpet Washer

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3 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • carpet not left soaking wet
  • static brush
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    3 Reviews
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      29.05.2015 11:53
      Very helpful


      • "carpet not left soaking wet"
      • "easy to use"
      • "cleans fairly well"


      • "static brush"

      a quick fresen up for carpets

      I bought this machine a few years ago when I moved to our flat. The carpets are that fairly hard wearing office type carpet as the previous owner had used it as a to let property. It cost me around £75 (as I recall) as it was on sale at a store that was closing down at the time

      It came with a small bottle of vax cleaning solution which you mix with warm water in the clean water tank. The tank holds plenty of this mixture and I find it easily does both my living room / sitting room and the hall. The clean water tank is easy to take out of the machine, fill and put back in. Replacement cleaning solution is available in many stores but should be a 'low foam' formula.

      To use there are two foot switches one is the on/off and the other to release the handle. There is a trigger in the handle to spray the solution onto the carpet. As you push it forward whilst squeezing the trigger the static brush helps to work it into the carpet. Release the trigger pull back and the water is sucked into the dirty water tank leaving the carpet damp but not soaking wet. The dirty water tank is easy to lift out and the carry handle means you can get it to the sink without spilling it.

      I tend to use this about twice a year mainly in May and September. OK I know that leaves a long time where I haven't used it but with the carpets being left damp they need drying time. In winter this takes a bit too long. I find the machine easy to use and it does a good job of picking up a lot of the muck that builds up in the carpet which a vacuum misses. The machine is quite loud in use and not something I can use for long periods. It is rather heavy to use and to carry about especially when full as water is deceptively heavy. The brush also puts up some extra friction against the carpet so adds to the effort needed to push/pull it around.

      It does amaze me at just how dirty the water is in the dirty water tank when I pout it away. My carpets are left noticeably cleaner and also a bit softer after use.

      The static brush is ok but I feel that a agitating brush would improve this and help to do a better job.


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      22.11.2013 13:52
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      A* machine

      The upstairs of my house is completely carpet, and while they all look very nice when first laid overtime the dirt sadly builds up. With a house full of children trying to keep cream carpets clean is near on impossible. After we had the carpets replaced I decided it was time to buy a carpet cleaner, to preserve the life of our latest additions.

      Choosing my product
      I'm not very good when it comes to choosing from different brands. I tend to just impulse buy and this was what happened when purchasing this VAX Rapid Spring Clean carpet cleaner. I had recently seen the Vax advert and the carpet cleaner looked like it was doing a good job, so I went onto the internet and looked for such product. I was shocked at how many cleaners VAX had in the range, so now it came down to selecting which one was right for me. I didn't want anything to big and heavy, not overly expensive but would need to do the job. I read a couple of reviews, and googled a couple of prices and this seemed to be an ideal one for me so I selected this one.

      About the product
      Luckily I managed to snap one of these up from ebay for £50, but they retail between £70-£100. I noticed a couple of places have these on sale at the minute. The product is very lightweight, I believe it weighs around 5 kg, similar to your average household hoover. This makes it easy to carry from room to room, not very strenuous work at all. Prior to purchase seeing carpet cleaners on shopping channels and such they looked very bulky, and a little hard work so I was dubious when buying one. But this like I said is very lightweight and relatively slimline. The cleaner is grey and orange the well know VAX colours, and quite appealing to look at. Some of these iv seen are a total eyesore! The front of the cleaner is semi see through so you can see how much dirt is being removed. I thought mine were pretty clean but after using this I was amazed to see how much dirt it had taken from my carpets. The cleaner has a line of brush like bristles at the front these help to lift the ground in dirt. The cleaner is connected with a 6 meter cord, so you can go a fair distance with it.

      What's in the box?
      1 Vax Rapide Spring Clean
      1 Carpet cleaning solution
      1 Instructional booklet

      Overall I was very impressed with the results when using this product. Its very easy to manoeuvre, and doesn't take too much time. My carpets looked a huge amount cleaner restoring them to an almost brand new look. After using the cleaner my carpets smelt very fresh and left a pleasant fragrance to the room. I think its good that this cleaner allows you to see how much dirt is being removed, so that we as the consumer know that its doing its job. With young children as most people will be aware on many occasions when eating or drinking there will be a spillage. This cleaner comes in very handy when this happens and completely removes any spillage and stain that may have occurred. This carpet cleaner also cleans without leaving your carpets soaked which is what I've heard from friends who have brought other brands and models.

      I do believe this an all round great product but everything comes with a few downsides in my opinion. Firstly I think this would of hugely benefitted from having a hose, this would of allowed you to clean a specific area in such events as a spillage. Without this you have to clean a larger area and this can become very time consuming. I first purchased this around 6 months ago, and over time iv noticed that the tank has to be emptied more regularly now. Also I find that the filters need to be cleaned a lot more often now than before, i'm not entirely sure why this is. One last thing I would have to say is that the extra VAX products that you have to buy such as the cleaning solution, and the pre and post cleaning treatment are quite expensive compared to others on the market.

      Would I recommend this?
      I would definitely recommend this cleaner, I was very happy with the price I paid and believe its one of the cheapest cleaners. Not only is it good value for money but it cleans your carpets exceptionally well. Its easy to set up and easy to work. It leaves your carpets smelling fragrant fresh. I am going to give this a 4 out of 5, purely removing one star due to the few negatives iv noticed with it.


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        27.07.2011 21:29
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        It did exactly what I wanted it to do!

        For the last few weeks I have been painting the chimney wall of the lounge and the walls and ceiling of our spare bedroom. To finish the bedroom I wanted to get the carpet cleaned but I didn't want to spend too much money if I could help it.

        I decided to take a look around to see if there were any reasonably priced carpet cleaners to be had.

        The one that I found was the Vax Rapide Spring Clean Carpet Cleaner and I was drawn to it because it was an upright cleaner similar in shape to the upright Hoover vacuum cleaner I used to own. This made me think that the carpet cleaner would be easy to use.

        Many years ago I used to have one of the original Vax carpet cleaners which was very cumbersome and it was a right faff to use so I never really got my money's worth from it eventually selling it to someone else.

        The other advantage of buying a cleaner over renting one is that I can use it over and over again at no extra cost apart from the cleaning fluid and the electricity.

        The Price

        I purchased mine from an EBay shop for £69.99 plus a delivery charge of £3.99 although I looked back at the shop the following week and the price had risen to £114.99 so it would be a good idea to shop around to make sure that you were getting the best price.

        What Do You Get?

        The cleaner comes in a sturdy box and the whole thing weighs 7kg.

        In the box you get a set of instructions, a 237ml bottle of Vax Carpet Cleaning Solution and the cleaner in three pieces plus two water reservoirs, screws and locking pins.

        It also comes with a two year guarantee.

        It is easy to put together - well I managed it unaided so it must be!

        Firstly you insert the main body of the cleaner into the base and secure it by inserting one screw in either side. Then you push the handle into the main body and secure in place using the two locking pins - one either side.

        There are two reservoirs - a dirty water one which is 1.8 litres - and a clean water one which is 2.6 litres.

        The dirty water one fits into the base of the cleaner and the clean water one fits into the upright main body of the cleaner.

        Once assembled the 700w cleaner measures 15.2 x 15.2 x 7.6 cm and weighs 5.5kg. It has 6 metres of cable, a 23cm cleaning width, using a multi row brush bar, and a 6.5 metre cleaning reach.

        How Do You Use It?

        First of all you remove the clean water reservoir by pressing the clip at the top of the reservoir to release it from the main body of the cleaner. Then you need to unscrew the cap from the reservoir and fill it with water and Vax carpet cleaner at a ratio of one litre of water to 40ml of cleaner. There are no graduations marked on the side of the reservoir so you will need to use your measuring jug until you get used to the volume and can do it 'by eye'.

        You then push the reservoir back into the main body of the cleaner until it clicks firmly into place. I must stress this fact as, the first time I used mine, I didn't push it in properly and the reservoir emptied itself over the carpet! Ooops!

        The dirty water reservoir sits in the base unit with a removable lid on the top.

        Once it is all set up and filled using the cleaner is easy peasy.

        To clean your carpet you push the cleaner forward whilst depressing the spray trigger on the handle of the machine. This releases a small amount of the liquid into the carpet. You then release the trigger and pull the machine back towards you thus sucking the liquid back out of the carpet and into the dirty water reservoir.

        Once cleaning is finished you need to empty any residue from the clean water reservoir and also you need to empty the dirty water reservoir.

        This is done by removing the lid by just releasing a small clip and pulling. Then you need to lift out the reservoir using the handle and being careful not to spill any! Then you empty the dirty water into the sink and gasp at the colour of it! Well I did anyway!

        How Easy Is It To Use?

        Well I found it very manoeuvrable and easy to carry from room to room as it is quite light even when fully loaded with water.

        The way I used mine was to apply the carpet cleaner as instructed but then to push the cleaner backwards and forwards over the damp carpet a few times without depressing the trigger thus removing as much of the water from the carpet as possible.

        When I spilt the liquid on the carpet I just used the Vax to clean up the spill.

        What Are The Results Like?

        Well, I'm not going to lie to you, the carpet did not look like new so don't expect miracles. The brush bar is supposed to lift the pile of the carpet and leave it looking renewed.

        I found that my carpets look refreshed and the pile is definitely raised which makes them look a lot better. The cleaner removed a lot of dirt from the carpets and left them looking better than before although not really 'renewed' as such.

        The carpets were damp when I had finished cleaning them but this is what I would expect and they dried very quickly although I would recommend cleaning them on a warm day rather than in the middle of winter!

        How About The Instructions?

        The instruction booklet is only in English so there is no sorting through it to find the correct language.

        The instructions are easy to understand and come complete with clear diagrams which show how to assemble the cleaner, how to use it, how to clean it and a list of troubleshooting problems and answers.

        In Conclusion

        Well I would recommend the carpet cleaner.

        For the price that I paid and the amount of effort required to use it the results were excellent. It is easy to use, easy to fill and empty and it isn't too big to store away afterwards either.

        The carpets look and smell fresher and cleaner and I am impressed so it is five stars from me!


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      • Product Details

        The Vax W91-RS-B-A Rapide Spring Clean Carpet Cleaner and Carpet Washer only weighs 5.5kg, making it a light and easy to operate way to wash and clean your carpets. But with its multi-row brushbar and 700 watts of power, the Vax W91-RS-B-A Rapide Spring Clean provides deep cleaning for carpets that dry vacuum cleaners simply can't beat, sucking up spills and loosening and lifting embedded dirt effortlessly. Take your household cleanliness to the next level with the Vax W91-RS-B-A Rapide Spring Clean Carpet Cleaner ! Characteristics Type Upright Carpet Washer Power (Watts) 700 Bag volume or reservoir (litre) Clean Capacity: 3.5 litres Dirty Capacity: 1.5 litres Ergonomy Cable length 5.5 metres Others Colours Grey, White, Orange Dimensions (cm) Cleaning width: 23 cm Weight (Kg) 5.5 kg

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