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Vileda Cordless Electric Sweeper & Dustmop

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    3 Reviews
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      10.04.2013 17:12


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      could anyone tell me how id get a recharger for my vileda dust mop????


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      25.10.2012 18:18
      Very helpful


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      Surely the Harley Davidson equivalent of the broom.


      As some already know, I am a keen user of carpet sweepers on a daily basis and vacuums weekly. This review is about the Sabrina Vileda, a battery operated Vileda carpet sweeper.

      I built a shed last year and... don't laugh... put a small piece of carpet right in the entrance for my dogs to lie on and sunbathe whilst I work and a large, old, almost but not quite, thread bare rug at the storage end. Whilst at the workbench end, a piece of vinyl, all of which becomes grubby with sawdust, splinters, grit and the odd muddy paw print after a couple of days of pottering about indulging in one of many hobbies..

      To save wear and tear on my knees, and to prevent too much dust becoming airborne, I discarded the dustpan and brush idea and opted for the Vileda electric carpet sweeper, which I purchased for around £19 from Lidls. I cannot remember exactly how much I paid for it but am fairly sure it was less than £20. I have seen similar models for around £29

      The Vileda Electric Carpet Sweeper

      What I got for my money
      The Vileda carpet sweeper was packed in an easy to get into box came complete with a fitted 4V Lithium Ion battery and charger, a three piece, aluminium handle, a sturdy, plastic handle cap, a detachable dust mop, a pack of two disposable cloths for the mop and a small instruction leaflet. It also came with a two-year guarantee.


      Weight: 978g (without dust mop attachment) and 1.1kg with attachment.
      Width: 25cm
      Depth: 21cm
      Height: 5cm.
      Handle length: 114cm.
      Charger lead length: approx 105cm

      The main body of the sweeper is made of a strong, red plastic with the dust-collecting box clipped onto the top, flush with the sides. The power switch is a grey tab, set at the rear of the unit next to the inset where the dust mop can be slotted if needed.

      The, silver-grey handle, made from aluminium, pieces were simple to slot together, before being inserted into a grey plastic, pivoted joint attached to the main body. The pivot allows the handle to be lowered to sweep under furniture and it also pivots to the sides, making it easier to steer round bends, though, I sometimes felt that to be more of a nuisance than a help

      On the underside of the unit, just behind the large rotating brush, are two small rollers and two larger ones at the rear. Just in front of the front rollers is what I can only describe as a long, narrow rubber blade like a windscreen wiper, only much smaller. At the left edge there is yet another much smaller blade set at an angle, I can only assume they are for guiding the dust particles up into the collecting box, as the rotating brush sweeps. On the right is a tiny brush, reaching to the very edge of the main unit, which also rotates, ensuring corners and edges do not get missed. The brush itself can be removed to clean, though I have not found it necessary to do so yet.

      To empty the dust collector, just lift it from its cradle on top of the unit, open up the holding tray with a release tab and empty the contents into a bin.

      Before use for the first time. The battery needs to be charged until the indicator light which is red when charging, turns green. It takes about 2hours to fully charge. The total running time is 45 minutes per charge. Although that does not sound a lot, I use less than 2minutes running time per use.

      The dust mop attachment, slots into a recess at the back of the main body of the sweeper, mainly for use on parquet, vinyl or tiled floors.

      The motor makes a gentle whirring sound, nothing near as deafening as a vacuum cleaner. Even Moses doesn't run and hide when I use it like he does when the vacuum cleaner is in action.

      My opinion
      I cannot fault this little cleaner, it seems to be very efficient when it comes to lifting none ground in particles from my shed floors. It works well on carpets and flat surfaces. The volume of dust it holds is less than say a Bissell or Ewbank carpet sweeper, but for my purposes, it is not necessary. In the home, it would be ideal to use when there is a small dry spillage to clean up.

      I like the fact that by using this sweeper, no clouds of dust are created such as those when a dustpan and brush is used. The hook on the end of the handle allows it to be hung so that it stores flat against the wall when idle.

      A superb youtube video of this sweeper , for anyone who is interested is on


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        19.07.2009 18:35
        Very helpful



        An ok sweeper if you have all hard floors but rubbish at everything else

        One day in Tesco I was browsing the mop section when this Vileda Cordless Electric Sweeper caught my attention. I was originally looking for a swiffer mop just like the ones I have seen the cleaners in B&Q using, I have always wanted one of those! But this lovely looking sweeper soon changed my mind when I quickly read all of the marketing rubbish on the box. It wasn't just a sweeper but it had a built in Swiffer type mop too, it was also suitable for use on carpets and had a 45 minute battery life so off to the counter I walked with my lovely red box.

        The sweeper cost me a rather high £39.97 which was slightly more than I had planned to spend that evening but I could think of many uses for the little red sweeper. I was quite proud of the price I paid when I browsed the Argos catalogue on the way home and it was a whole £3 more in there... A bargain! (I thought)

        So how is this little sweeper meant to clean your floors?

        Ewbank sweepers that are operated by pushing and pulling over the carpet to turn a little brush underneath work in the same sort of way but this Viledas brush is powered by a motor. This means you shouldn't have to push and pull like crazy to pick up pieces off the floor and gracefully float around the house picking up dirt effortlessly. Well not float! Bit of exaggeration there but it is meant to be easier.

        All of the dirt is flicked into the rather small but efficient bagless container and is easily emptied into a bin. The sweeper also has the dust mop attachment that holds a static dust pad and picks up the dust and fine particles from your hard floors.

        So what was in the box? And first impressions.

        In the small box there were quite a few bits and pieces:

        The main sweeper base
        3 x Poles to make the handle
        An ergonomic top handle
        The charger
        The Swiffer type adaptor
        Three free dust pads
        And the instructions.

        When I first took the little sweeper from the box it seemed to be of a good quality, the handle came in three poles and a handle that pops on the top. The poles were rather hard to attach together and they required some force to pop them into place but once the handle was completed it felt very strong. The handle was then attached to the main base which contains all of the electrical bits and pieces that enable the sweeper to clean. The unit was then ready to use, well almost... I always forget to charge the batteries! 6 hours later the machine was ready to use.

        When the nice little green light on top of the sweeper sprang to life I knew it was time to test the sweeper. Carefully unplugging the charger and placing the sweeper on the wooden floor I was expecting to feel some power when switched on. I pressed the rather large switch on the base and heard a little whine. That power that I was expecting was of course not there! The brushes underneath that sweep in the dirt were obviously spinning but at no speed fast enough to lift dirt off the floor as well as the box described. I thought maybe I hadn't charged it enough and put it back on for a few more hours, only to be greeted with the low level whine when turned on in the evening to clean up the after tea mess.

        Well the sweeper was obviously working to it's full power so I continued to clean, the performance on wooden floors was okay, slightly more than acceptable but no where near as good as I was expecting. It managed to pick up crumbs from the bread I attempted to cut and the unit slowly picked up pieces I ran it over. The performance was slightly better when I attached the dust mop to the cleaner but the dust mop seemed to be doing most of the work as it clearly had more dirt attached to it's cloth than was in the bagless dust box. There were a few crumbs and what seemed to be sand in the dust box so it had obviously lifted something but not as much as I was expecting.

        Using on carpet

        The cleaning ability of this little machine was obviously not up to much on hard floors so I was expecting it to be much worse on carpets. As I plonked the unit on the carpet the brushes underneath were obviously having a bad time as the quiet whine the cleaner made on hard floors was reduced to almost a ticking of a clock! As I pushed the cleaner over the carpet it seemed to be picking up some bits and pieces, it wasn't doing a terrible job of cleaning but once again not as good as I was expecting.

        The Vildea Sweeper did seem to be having trouble as the floor head kept jumping over the carpet by getting caught on the fibres, obviously a poorly designed floor head. As the floor head jumped along the carpet it decided to leave a nice trail of dust that it had previously picked up, not very good at all.

        The handle was the only good thing I could find with the sweeper at this time, it is designed to go in every direction by using the new bracket by Vileda. It is basically an attachment that allows the handle to twist around obstacles such as chairs and tables. The unit could also be laid right down to the floor for cleaning under beds and low furniture. Even though I though this part of the cleaner was well designed I soon found out it was not, the bracket soon started showing cracks after the first use so it obviously was not going to last long. Oh dear!

        Time to empty the sweeper

        As my cleaning session came to an end, the 45 minutes battery life had come true! It was time to see what the unit had picked up. The bagless container takes up half of the floor head and there is a large handle that is easily lifted. You hold the container over a bin and there is a little button on the bottom that you press and the mess drops into the bin. This is probably one of the best ideas the designers came up with in their moment of madness. The unit had picked up a fair amount of dirt but the floors didn't look too clean so I was obviously not all that impressed with the machine.

        The brushes also must be cleaned after every cleaning session as they easily get blocked by hairs wrapping around the ends. This is obviously another design fault as my sweeper was showing signs of heating up under the brushes.

        Okay... The sweeper does not sound great and there are obviously better alternatives out there but it does have some good points. The unit is very easy to store as there is a hook on top of the handle. This enables the sweeper to hang flat on a wall and take up very little space, great for a small flat. It is also very light so is very suitable to the elderly or people with back problems.

        The battery life is also very good at 45 minutes of cleaning and the 6 hour charge time is not too bad compared to some.

        The hardfloor dust mop attatchment is also rather handy and workd better than the sweeper itself but! Yes theres a but:) The replacement cloths are single use and are very expensive at around £4 for 6.

        Overall conclusion:

        The sweeper is okay and does an okay job but I really do not think it will last very long. That is why I decided to take it back the next day for my money back. It would not cope with dog hairs so was useless in our house. I am going to stick with the Roomba Robot Vacuum from now on as it is the only vacuum that has lasted over a year and picks up every bit on the floor, plus... I don't have to push it.

        Thanks for reading, hope I have helped .


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      • Product Details

        2 in 1 powerful cleaning with a rotating brush on the front for sweeping particles and hairs and detachable dustmop on back for collecting fine dust.