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Zanussi ZAN3319 Cylinder

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Brand: Zanussi / Design: Cylinder / Bagged / Air Watts: 322 / Power: 1800 W

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    1 Review
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      19.11.2010 01:26
      Very helpful



      An Electrolux Z3319 with a paint job and Zanussi badging. Full of hot air and poor plastics.

      If you think you have seen this rather funky looking vacuum cleaner before, you'd be right! Regardless of the badge, the yellow pedals contrasting on the black painted body, the "new" Zanussi Z3319 is exactly the same cylinder vacuum as the white and pink pedal fitted Electrolux Z3319 but with cosmetic differences bringing a bold black colour with yellow pedals. Probably the kind of vacuum cleaner to appeal to men with its JCB/Timberlake construction associations and for that reason alone you'd not be wrong to expect likewise build quality and durability. However, don't be shocked to find that the Zanussi Z3319 is less than somewhat durable than its colours suggest. Yet at the average asking price of £40 for a very compact vacuum (Tesco sell it for £49) small 5 metre cord length, supposedly long 1.8 metre hose and a bag inside to capture all the dust matched by a high suction 1800 watt motor, this vacuum looks like it can cut it with the big boys!

      I love the colour of black and yellow to white and pink and therefore there was no question in my mind that the Zanussi Z3319 had to come and live with me! Its compact body and three tools on board with easy access means it is a highly effective space saving vacuum by its size alone measuring 22cm height by 45cm width and a 29cm diameter, only slightly bigger than a shoe box! The 1800 watt motor on board has a soft start built in once the equally soft button to press on the model is activated. This is supposed to ensure a better long life on the vacuum motor before it gains its proper suction mode, so it is a pity that the noise is low and quiet before it suddenly rises and screams at full power.

      Performance wise, this is one very noisy vacuum cleaner not helped by impossible strong suction and no let up due to a lack of variable power. This is where the previous pastel blue Electrolux Powerlite was better for having slideable suction control. Fixed suction is great for hard floor dust pick up but it is on carpets that the poorly made plastic floor head falls off the bottom of the pipe all too quickly. This is because I'm constantly fighting with pushing the floor head like pushing a small bag of potatoes and pulling backwards whilst the carpet is being sucked upwards off the floor and then the floor head slips off! Easy gliding isn't a hope in hell without the air outlet hole at the top of the curved gripped handle opened for relief! It only becomes easier when the dust bag is three quarters full and then there's a sudden drop in suction and poorer pick up. What a great pity and a large omission to designer metal tubes because most Electrolux products have friction fit slippery suction pipes and attachments that just fall off unless you really screw the pipes in tightly and then face the job of removing them the next time you want to shorten something. In this way, the air outlet hole for weaker suction on the handle part of the Zanussi only opens up to less than a centimetre and the sliding plastic part is cheap and inclined to become either stuck due to overuse or can come off if abused roughly. There are two park positions for the bottom tube and floor head to sit on the machine but already the clip for this on the back of the main tube has snapped off leaving only the floorhead's permanent hook on the back to be used. Another cross for poor design and build quality.

      Here, it is more apparent that the plastic quality of both the handle to the vacuum and the plastic on the machine itself isn't particularly well made. The handle feels too short in use and this also applies to the small 5 metre total amount of cord on offer. The Zanussi is supposed to have a 1.8 metre hose that suggests extra stretch but with my premium SEBO K that has the same length of hose, the Zanussi feels strangely short. As a result I have to stoop with the Zanussi because the handle is shorter and when I go to clean without hunching over, the main vacuum jumps upwards to compensate the lack of height. Bumps and scratches for example are then easily made on the body due to a lack of protection whilst the rear plastic wheels on the back move in a wonky fashion that doesn't make its trundling noise any better. Granted there is a small central castor that improves working in small spaces but the back wheels leave marks in carpets when turning corners and despite their thin rubber lining, squeak on hard floors. The 2-way floor head has a soft pedal release that puts down bristles for hard floors and retracts them for carpet. Due to the suction only design though, deep trodden hairs and threads seldom get picked up but the floor head doesn't glide on carpeting due to lint pickers that are pushed out towards the carpet and the floor head itself makes a scraping noise when pulled across a carpet. On hard floors, the floor head is a lot better and dust gets sucked up fairly well but sometimes the pedal itself will not properly go down which means bristles go upwards and the floor head's suction only channels hit the floor abrasively making it impossible to push across.

      In the third week of ownership the floor head broke suddenly gave way. Surprise surprise, as if I didn't know it was going to happen following the poor locking of the pedal release. My original floor head to my old Electrolux still goes so I was completely surprised about this on the Zanussi. I was just finished cleaning out a cupboard and put the floor head gently back onto the bottom suction pipe. The 2 way pedaled floor head has soft edges, edge to edge cleaning and a beautifully lightweight feel. That's where the good design ends since the neck broke off when trying to fit the section into the bottom pipe. Floor head number 2 comes home, used within three weeks and the same neck part gets broken again, this time on carpet! Is there no let up?

      Traditionally speaking, a cylinder "pull along," vacuum is better used on stairs due to its compact body compared to an upright vacuum. Not my words per se, but many a reason given by manufacturers like Electrolux and Hoover when pushed to buy their products. Well, the Zanussi is about 3.8 to 4kg which is super lightweight to carry and transport. Here is where the Zanussi fails though when it comes to cleaning stairs. It fails because the rear exhaust vent is located on the hind base where the cylinder vac can purposefully be positioned upright. This eventually means a burning step, hot carpet or for painted or varnished steps, a caution here if you need to clean a lot of stairs even in a short period of time. It also means that the Zanussi will cut out if the vent is blocked and you'll have a 45 minute cool down time until the vacuum works again. Clever thinking there, Electrolux!

      The small attachments are pretty similar to what has gone on before with small crevice tool and a lint added T shaped upholstery tool and all made of dark grey thin plastic The "third" tool part is a snap slide down brush that just comes down on the crevice tool. If used regularly the brush becomes weak over time and pushes upwards with the slightest push. Still, it's reasonable value for money that a couple of attachments have been included even though they are rather token in their durability and cleaning ability. They all store at the rear of the vacuum where the exhaust is located and sometimes the tools won't snap back in. As for quality when it comes to using the attachments, it's fairer to use the handle and the tools than pipes and tools as the two long suction pipes have an inherent weakness of falling off unless they are screwed in tightly. The cord rewind action is fast and efficient but if you cock up a foot and press on the auto cord rewind pedal too heavily, the rear of the vacuum can also jump up due to its weight and general design and crashes back onto the floor with the front castor getting the worst of the force.

      For most buyers looking at this vacuum cleaner and with the brand name behind it, the Zanussi Z3319 should suffice perfectly for a compact vacuum cleaner that uses a bag and therefore easier and cleaner to use than a bagless vacuum. That in the most traditional sense gives the Zanussi Z3319 a better and cleaner aspect with the 2 litre dust bag on board. Two disposable dust bags are already included in the box plus an SMS washable 1.5 litre reuseable bag to sustain buying disposables. I like that idea of free things you get in such appliances and it's just as well as the bags are too small, fill up with dust too quickly and need to be changed every 2 to 3 weeks. The dust bags (code U66) cost on average between £5-99 and £7-99 for a pack of five and you get spare filters too if you buy the genuine Electrolux bags. The paper bag is easy enough to fit and take out and the same applies to the filters on board. However, the rear vent also has a Microfilter that acts as the main filter to filter out the nasties back into the room. Copes on average with most dust smells excluding pet hair, it has a fairly easy to access door but the poor plastic grid mechanism can sometimes be fitted easily and sometimes not! You'll soon realize that when you switch the vacuum back on and if the door flies out the back it hasn't been locked on properly.

      With a noisy motor, slipping tools, poor plastic quality, a lack of proper variable suction, floor head breakages and a tendency to burn steps the Zanussi Z3319 isn't a particularly good vacuum cleaner for carpets or stairs and on the basis that it still has problems that Electrolux (the company who own Zanussi) have done nothing about redesigning faults from their own branded vacuums since 2006, about the only suitability that this vacuum has is for hard floors and awkward corners, or at best cleaning out in the car. Squeaking along on its poorly made wheels, screaming its high motor and putting out a lot of hot air makes for a vacuum cleaner that is supposed to be a 2010 year model. A paint job doesn't hide the weaknesses though. I've owned Zanussi appliances that have been better designed and the company shouldn't be associated with such a poorly built vacuum. Shame on you Electrolux! Thanks for reading my 500th! ©Nar2 2010



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    • Product Details

      Thanks to a long 2 metre hose and 5 metre cord the Zanussi ZAN3319 Compact 1800 Watt Cylinder Bagged Vacuum Cleaner can cope with multiple rooms in one go and also is powerful enough to whizz though your vacuuming.1800 watts322 air wattsLength of hose 2mCapacity of dustbag 2 litresTotal capacity 2 litresUses disposable dustbags / 1 bag includedDustbag full indicatorMicro filtrationWashable filterFoot operated cord rewindFoot operated on/off controlAdjustable floorheadIncludes crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzleMetal extension tubesSuitable for carpets and hard floor5m power cordEasy to store and very manoeuvrable Weight 3.9kg / Short name: Zanussi ZAN3319

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