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Nintendo DSi

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    44 Reviews
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      02.01.2014 12:32
      Very helpful



      Overall a good console for both adults and children

      About 6-7 years ago I purchased a black DS lite when these were all the rage, back then it was all about the brain training applications and how to keep your mind active. I must admit back then I did end up getting bored of the device and selling it on with its basic features not much further advanced than the Game Boy or Game Gear except for a touch pad and basic feedback.

      I was originally cautious about buying a DS again as I had heard a lot of bad reviews about the 3D model and at this time did not realise an alternative existed. I could not buy the 3D model as my wife has eye difficulties meaning that seeing any 3D enhancement is impossible and would make her feel ill. But the wife had been seeing the Professor Layton games on the tv and kept saying how she would love to do those puzzles, as it was Christmas I knew this would be a good surprise.

      Anyway, I looked through the usual stores - Argos, Amazon and Littlewoods to which I discovered that there was the DSi model having no 3D function which was perfect. The only colour option was white and in the standard size but it was now the 22nd December and I had to decide quickly and I did that this would be my purchase. Normally the DSi retails for around £115 - £130, and I got the white model for £120 with Littlewoods which I thought was fantastic and it was delivered on Christmas eve.

      When I received the box through the post I checked for any signs of tampering as the sticky label always says once seal is broken cannot be refunded. After carefully opening the box I found the DSi, manuals, charger, 2x stylus all neatly packed into a petit box. My first thought was to get the DSi set up ready for xmas day so I immediately put it on charge (if you have tech already this step is easy without referring to the manual).

      Once charged I switched the DSi on using the power button on the screen panel (at first I searched for a slide switch as on the old models but realised this is much more obvious), as you can tell I don't often read the manuals. I was asked to enter details such as todays date and time, plus the owners birthday and favourite colour. There was an option to create a message which I found nice as it was a Christmas gift. I then completed the camera tutorial as this leaves an image on the top screen which I thought would add to cute factor (brownie points). There are a lot of tutorials to teach the user how to use the apps on the device which is handy for a person who doesn't read manuals.

      The quality of the external camera is good, and even has a purple flash which is a nice touch. The photos can be uploaded via Wi-Fi to social media pages or just played with on the device creating funny faces etc. For the price, it's a good quality extra that produces photos of a reasonable quality.

      The music centre is a nice touch as you can insert a SD card into the device containing music and play it through your DSi. You can also record messages using the build in mic which can then be played with in the music centre distorting your voice through speed and pitches.

      The size of the device and screens are suitable for both adults and children alike as it is not bulky or heavy and the screens are sharp and response with the stylus is brilliant.

      The only downside is that they've taken away the additional gameport on this model compared to the DS Lite, and that means you can now only play DS games and not go backwards with it no DS and GBA / Original games. You can't play things that need to use the gameboy cartridge slot either and the DSi's updated copyright protection means you can only play UK PAL DS games in this.

      For the price this offers a good quality handheld game console for at home, office or on the commute. It has a built in camera and some basic altering software along with wifi for games and also to share your own content. The battery also lasts at least a day with full play which cannot be sniffed at. For games I would recommend Amazon as they have both new and used which can reduce prices greatly.


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      11.10.2012 22:31
      Very helpful



      A good hand held games console

      After seeing adverts on TV for brain training and Professor Layton I really wanted to get my hands on a Nintendo DS but I couldn't bring myself to spend so much money on one just for 2 games as they were expensive when they first came out.
      By the time I got around to getting one, the DSi had been released, as had the DSi XL and the 3DS.
      I picked up my Nintendo DSi in Argos for £68 which I think was a great price as I have had a lot of use from it. I haven't seen them as cheap since though. Used consoles can be picked up fairly cheap online and in game shops.

      The DSi is a small hand held console with 2 screens, the top screen is just for display and the bottom screen is a touch screen to control the games along with some buttons.

      The console is available in a variety of colours, my console is black. Others available include white, red, blue and pink.

      Underneath the DSi is a slot to store your sylus (or pokey stick as I call it). This is like a little plastic pen which you use to point and press things on the touch screen. Depending on what game I'm playing I also use my finger, but for games that require a lot of touching the screen the stylus is more accurate and doesn't leave fingerprints or marks on the screen.
      Next to this is a slot which lets you put a memory card in to enable you to save more on your console.
      The cartridge goes in a slot in the top of the console, these are very slim and about an inch square so they are very small and you can carry around a few games for the console with ease. The thing I like about the cartridge games is that unlike a CD the games can't be scratched and are not easily damaged.

      The Nintendo is compact and lightweight and I carry it around a lot in my handbag. It comes in handy to carry when travelling and the battery lasts a good few hours when fully charged. The DSi comes with a charger, when the battery is about to die the blue light on the DSi will turn red.
      You can also buy a spare battery for the DSi.

      Also on the DSi is a two way camera which is useful and fun as you can take pictures and add fun effects.
      There is also a sound recorder.

      There are thousands of games available for the DSi, original DS games will work on these too. There is a good selection of both child and adult games as well as some for the whole family.
      Some of the games I enjoy playing are scrabble, which you can play against another player with a DS or against a computer player, Professor Layton which is a story with lots of puzzles, Brain training to calculate your brain age and do puzzles to improve your age and my book collection which has 100 books so I can read these on my DSi.

      Many games which are available for PC and console such as Mario, Resident Evil, The Sims and Grand Theft Auto are also available for this console. Some are very good and others are a bit tricky to play on a small screen.
      The DSi games are not just about fun, there are also handy little applications available on the cartridge such as:
      Art Academy - Teaches the basics of drawing
      My Cooking Coach - A healthy recipe book, you can narrow down your recipes by selecting foods you like and dislike and enter information such as how many people you will cook for.
      My Health Coach - Sets you health goals and includes a pedometer, quizzes on you exercise and eating habit and a motivational "personal trainer" kind of game.

      The games can now be picked up used in game stores and online for only a couple of pounds. It's good if you know other people with the console as you can swap and share games, especially as some might not take long to complete.

      You can download games online using your DSi, lots of games have extra downloadable content.
      You can also use a wifi connection to go online and browse the internet or check emails.

      Accessories for your console

      These little pointers do have a tendency of going missing so it's always handy to have a couple of spares. I recently got a pack of 5 in Poundland.

      Game case
      These are available in various sizes, the one I use most often hold 6 cartridges and is like a small pill box. It is easier to carry a game case containing several cases than carrying the boxes for the games, the boxes are quite large in comparison to the small cartridges they contain, this is normally due to the manuals they contain.

      There are some stylish looking leather look cases that hold 12 games reduced in Argos at the moment from £6.99 to only 99p! I will definitely be getting a couple of these.

      You can buy both hard and soft covers in various designs for your console. Some are plain designs and others have cartoon characters on.

      Screen Protector
      A plastic protector to stop your screen getting dirty or scratched.

      A really handy little console that is simple to use and I love the fact that it is lightweight and fits into my bag. With games available for all interests and ago groups there really is something for everyone with this. I would definitely recommend this console.


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      04.02.2012 16:27



      The console has designed with children in mind but the expectations of adult users

      I have the standard DSi (a DSi XL was brought out just before the 3DS which had bigger screens).

      I decided to buy the DSi before a holiday as I tend to get through books pretty quick and wanted something else to keep me amused around the pool. I had seen the adverts showing the brain training games and it looked appealing. The DSi was around £130 from Argos at the time (this was just after its release) I think you can pick them up for around £100 now from Amazon. It was a spur of the moment purchase and I think it was a waste. I got 2 free games with the console, a brain training and board games and I haven't purchased any more. The games are priced from £10 up with the new releases costing around £25 each so they can be quite expensive.

      The graphics are acceptable. You will not be astounded by them, they are just OK. The LCD screen is a good size also. Each game slots into the back of the console easily and the console registers them instantly. The console does respond very quickly and is so easy to use.

      The battery can last for around 12 hours of gaming, depending on your screen brightness levels. And the console charges up pretty quick with the charger that is included in the pack. It has around 16MB of memory so with the inbuilt camera you can save a good few pictures on there with the free memory.

      On it's release Nintendo had tried to aim the DSi at everyone with the ease of use aimed at children and the more involved games for adults but it really is for children. I soon got bored of the basic controls and graphics. The range of games caters more for children too with plethora of games to suit every child's interests from Barbie, to Postman Pat, Drawing and Puzzles. But I found very few games apart from the obvious Brain Training and Professor Layton games


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      31.01.2012 20:02



      Brilliant compact console

      I bought my daughter a Nintendo Dsi when she was two and a half thinking she wouldnt be able to play much on it but it would be there for her in the future. She loves it and has done from the moment we bought it her. We decided on the pink one and it came with a spare pen, charger, instructions and game. It has two screens one which you can touch and there is a mic in it too. From the minute you switch it on there are things to keep a child entertained. My daughter loved taking pictures on the camera (which isnt great quality but does the job) then she would us the features on it to play about with the images ie putting borders on. You can go on the internet and the Nintendo shop and can also chat on there but there are also parental controls to limit what access youre child has to the internet. You can buy a wide range of games for it, overall a good product and well worth the £120 I paid for it.


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      08.01.2012 02:03
      Not Helpful



      Don't bother, there are better consoles available.

      Although the Nintendo DSi is good in many ways, it has many major fall backs. The first of these is the graphics: they are terrible. Although I didn't expect them to quite as good as the iPod Touch with the retina display, they have really let me down. All the text on the screen is often pixelated, along with the graphics. Sometimes this pixelation can get so bad that some text is impossible to read.

      Another problem with the DSi is the limited choice of games. Sure you could go out and buy a boxed game, but what I'm talking about is the internet store that is built in (The DSi Store). Many of the games on it are simply ports of older games. I think that a better approach would be to have it like the iPhone app store: any developer can put their games up and they will be available to download if approved.

      Overall, the Nintendo DSi was a bit of a let down for me and I wouldn't recommend it.


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      01.11.2011 20:14
      Very helpful



      Still love it though.

      The DSi is another console part of the over growing Nintendo Family. There are two screens and one of which is a touch screen. You insert your game cartridge into the back of the game and you play it. It's a lot similar to the previous DS console releases but with major changes; the removal of the GBA slot, the addition of two cameras, smaller mic, wider screens, an SD card slot but most of all, access to the internet.

      I was one of those people who where initially disappointed that there would be no gameslot for Gameboy Advance games, but this also made me feel glad that I kept my Gameboy Advance SP and DS Lite. I rarely get rid of my consoles because once in a while I like to play games for nostalgic purposes.

      Even though the WiFi settings are an improvement from the DS & DSlite as I didn't have to enter them with every game, using the browser on the DSi is usually an unpleasant experience. It's slow and you often have to remove your browsing history and there have been many times where it wouldn't load the full page.

      I admit, I've had trouble setting the WiFi up because it wouldn't always work. So for the trouble of setting the WiFi I was disappointed in the internet facilities. A lot of people where disappointed that you couldn't use features that required flash which included YouTube.

      The poor internet also effects the DSi Shop. I've only ever downloaded the free apps as I felt that typing my credit card details over my DSi wouldn't feel right. The shop app is even slower, by having to wait no less than half a minute to get to where you want. The poor speed of the DSi shop has put me off using it again.

      Another default App is Nintendo DSi Sound where you can record and play audio clips. I think it's a very snazzy feature. It plays music really well and there is a variety of filters you can also play around with the pitch, the speed and change the style. It's a great novelty app and it really reminds me of Audacity meets the Ipod Touch. It's a shame that when recording the sound isn't so great but it's not so awful.

      My favourite new feature of the DSi is the camera. The quality has a 0.3 resolution which is a low quality especially compared to other gadgets with a camera. As the pictures are low quality you can store quite a lot of the pictures and you can also experiment with the the filters and if you update the DS there is also an option to upload your picture on Facebook. It's good, but would be a lot better if was better quality.

      I'm glad I still have my DSi because I still play DS games on it such as Pokemon Soul Silver, Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright. The DSi has left some impacts on my gaming habits but no more than what the impact I received from my pink DS lite. I've owned my DSi since my 18th birthday and one nitpick I have with the product is that's sometimes hard to clean. I've added some transparent stickers to protect the screens from scratching.

      So how do all these new features in the DSi effect my gaming experience. I've found the DSi a lot more comfortable, but the DS Lite feels a lot more nicer to feel because of it's glossy top. I'm not really effected by the big screen, but when I've in particully find the bigger screen useful when playing 100 Classic Book Collection, Brain Training and Art Academy.

      I found my DSi enjoyable. I personally would recommend it, but I think people will be much more interested in the 3DS and will skip this one. I can't say which is better as I don't own a 3DS. The DS Games range to around £9.99 to £29.99 and as I am writing this review it's £114.99 on Amazon. I'm expecting the prices may drop because of the 3DS release and may not be as available in the shops as it used to be. It's a great console, it would have been an amazing console if all the ideas and features were better executed. There are some great games for this console, a lot my favourite games have been released for this console.


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      20.06.2011 18:25



      The Dsi is very entertaining with a large selection of games to suit anyone.

      I firstly owned the ds lite. After owning it for nearly 2 years i decided i wanted to upgrade to the dsi, mainly because of the camara, i thought alot about it and thought how much more i was paying just because i wanted the camara future. I decided to purchase it.

      The Dsi is excellent. it is a bit longer and a bit thinner, The matte finish is much better than the glossy finish of the DS Lite, as there will be no more finger prints, but it is prone to becoming dirty. The screens is 0.25 inches bigger, which may not sound like a lot, but it is definitely noticable when you step from the DS lite to the DSi. The controls seem a little more positive and responsive than on the DS Lite, again we are talking small margins though. It still plays all the same games but the screen is higher quility, it has a longer battery life and the camara future is very entertaining with editing the pictures, also it can hold music, which can be good for long car journeys. There is a SD memory card slot which means the device can hold more memory with pictures etc

      I think the Dsi is good value for money and there is a huge choice of games with something to suit anybody. there is also a small app store which you can purchase points for these games save on the dsi.
      The only thing i don't like about the dsi is the browser it is very small and not easy to use. but then again this is not the main purpose of the dsi and is better than no browser.

      I would reccomend this product to anyone!!


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      10.06.2011 19:04
      Very helpful



      I would definitely pick this up if you can find it at a good price.

      The first thing to be said about the DSi is that it is not a new handheld console. It is more of an upgrade to the Ds Lite. There are no new games made for the Dsi and there aren't a huge amount of new software updates, but the ones that there are, are quite fun.
      There are three main additions to the DSi that aren't on the DS lite. There is the DSi shop, The internet browser and of course the camera.
      First of all, I'll start with the DSi shop, the is very similar to the wii shop channel, but without the virtual console, which personally I think is the best bit about the wii shop channel, but there are still some good downloadable games. (I recommend Pyoro, and its a fun, simple, addictive game).
      Next, the internet browser, which is poor to say the least. Like the Wii browser, it is powered by Opera which is normally a good web browser, in fact it's the one I'm using non, but on the DSi, it's just not very good, it's slow and it doesn't support flash, so don't bother using it to quickly check something up, because it would just be quicker to set up your laptop.
      The last thing is the camera. The quality of the pictures it takes are average, but some of the things you can do with the pictures are quite cool. You can create your own frames and you can even change the emotion on your face by just pressing a button.
      On last thing to be said about the DSi is the sound editor where you can change how your voice sounds and you can play your sound clips in reverse, which can be quite fun.
      In conclusion, if you can't afford a 3DS and want a normal DS I would get this if you can pick it up for a good price.


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      13.05.2011 11:57



      Good for all ages.

      From the first game boy... to this! Camera, Voice Recorder, Internet, WiFi and touch screen (which is really fun to play with). Consoles just get better and better. The one thing I love about this Nintendo DSi is the amazing games you can get for it. A whole wide range of games from platform to fighting to brain games to cake making to dressing up! There are so many games and now you can get more through buying them on your DSi with Nintendo Points. On this DS there are two cameras. One on the front and one on the outside. With the one on the front you can see yourself. Also with the camera there are different modes. Which are really fun to play about with. The internet is really quite amazing. Its like have a PC in your hand hed game console. I recommend this to any age. You can have fun whether your young and learning or older and still learning :) Also this is a very good price. If your thinking about going one step better and getting the 3DS... I advise against it. Its not that amazing and is pricey! Go for this one!


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      08.04.2011 14:23
      Very helpful



      A nice thing to have, but not as much fun as I expected.

      Today I will tell you about my Nintendo DSi that I bought two years ago. I think I now have enough long time experience to tell you all about it!

      *Shopper's appeal*
      Before I bought my Nintendo DSi, lots of my friends already had one. I always looked at it with a little envy. It looks so cute, like a little laptop, and everyone seemed to enjoy playing with it so much.
      I've had a Gameboy Colour for years and still bought games for it on flea markets, but as there are no new games for it anymore, I was longing for something portable to play games on again. But the DS seemed so ridiculously pricey to me!
      When the DSi came out, I was fascinated as it said you could go online with it. I thought the console would now be worth the money as I could take it with me to university and log into the internet there, which would be very useful for doing homework in gap hours.
      So I saved my Ciao money for a long time and then went to buy it at HMV. They had an offer with which you could get the newest Pokemon game for very little extra money if you bought the DSi, so I jumped at the opportunity.

      *The packaging and what it comes with*
      The DSi comes in a big nice cardboard box which looks quite fancy. There wasn't too much information on the packaging, but everything was wrapped securely and there was a manual.
      There weren't any extras, but the DSi comes with a grey cable for charging it that you simply plug in. I bought an adapter for charging it at home with Germany (we have different plugs here!) and it all worked fine.
      The manual was easy to understand and provided all the information I needed.
      The DSi does not come with an SD card, so you can only save limited amounts of data on the device itself. Getting an SD card straight away when you buy the DSi is something I recommend, or you'll end up not having enough space to save a game or save pictures you took.

      *What the DSi looks like*
      The DSi looks like a slim little case. I got the white one, which is not shiny and gets dirty quickly, so be careful with it. Smoker ought to wash their hands before playing. ;)
      When it's shut, it's a little over 5 inches wide and half an inch thick. On the left side, you can see the outside camera. On the underside there's the slot where you insert the games. The left of the underside is the place form where you pull out your stylus. and next to it there's a slot for an SD card.
      When you fold the DSi open, you have two screens that are a little under 3 inches white and two inches high. The joint between the two parts of the DSi holds the second, inside camera.
      Then there's the lower part of the DSi, which makes up most of it's weight. The buttons are the same as on the Gameboy - on the left side there's the cross with which you can steer to the sides as well as up and down. The power switch is also on that side. On the right side you get for buttons labelled X, Y , A and B. There's also a "Start" buttons and a "Select" button. On the bottom of the DSi that points towards you you can plug in headphones. The plug for the power supply is on the back of the device.
      The design is nice and you can hold the DSi comfortably while playing. I like to play with my thumbs and hook my index fingers under the upper screen so it sits securely in my hands.

      Nothing's broken on my DSi so far and I don't know any people who've broken theirs. The white on get's dirty quickly tho because the material is not shiny but instead a little rough and takes on dirt easily. I recommend washing your hands before using it or even maybe getting some kind of cover for it.
      I store mine in a little beautybag I have because I don't want it to get scratches when I take it with me in my bag.

      *Setting it up first time*
      When you set up your DSi, you can chose the language under which you want to opperate it. You also get to type in your name and you can choose a colour in which parts of the menu will be. The PictoChat will also appear in that colour.
      You also get to chose a pincode that you have to type in before using the internet or changing settings so nobody can mess around with your DS. You can also set up certain security stuff if you plan to give the DSi to a child.
      Setting up the DSi is fairly easy and is managable for anyone who can read I'd say, so even kids will be fine with that.

      *The menu*
      Now I want to tell you what programmes are on the DS from the very start on and what you can do with them. I will alrady let my opinion slip into that bit.- Settings - Here you can change the settings for your DSi. If you enter this menu, the upper screen will display he name you gave in the beginning, display a motto you could also chose in the beginning and it shows your date of birth. It also displays what version you're using - mine says 1.3E.
      In this menu you can also see what data is stored on your device and how much free space you have, which is given in "blocks". You can change the light, set up a wireless internet connection, change time, date, set up an alarm clock, set up age restriction, set up the touch screen, test the microphone, choose language and country, update the system or format your DSi.
      The menu is easy to navigate via touch. it's easy to understand and helpful.

      - The Camera - Here you can take pictures. The DSi has two cameras - one on the inside and one on the outside. You can take pictures with these which is fairly easy. The photos are of good quality and you can do lots of funny things - I think the camera is the feature I've spent most time with so far.
      There are lots of fun ways to manipulate pictures - you can give yourself a cat face or take two pictures of people which then morph into one picture. You can also take pictures and save thme in a calendar, like a diary.
      I've bee really satisfied with camera!

      - Sound - I've also goofed around with these feature quite often. Here you can record sounds and manipulate them to go higher, lower, faster or slower. This is really funny. There's also a little bird in the main menu that will repeat what you say in a tweeting noise. You can save your recordings here and mess around with them.
      You can also load things onto your SD card (like normal music) and edit them on your DSi.

      - DSi Shop - If you choose this option, the DSi goes online (if possible) so you can access the shop. There you can download games and devices. I've only used this one to download the browser to surf the internet, which you get free!
      So other than that I've had no experience with the shop, but downloading the browser was quick and easy.

      - Software Downloader - This is some programme to download software - I've never used it and I think you only need it for getting updates.

      - PictoChat - In the PictoChat you can chat with people that are not too far away from you. I don't know how far it reaches, but it easily covers a big university lecture room. I've chatted with people from my seminars with it once or twice. I also tried it out with a friend sitting next to me and it worked out just fine.
      In the chat, you can enter a chatroom for up to 16 people and talk to them via keyboard - or you can draw with your stylus. This way, you can send little messages and drawings back and forth, which can be fun. My friend and I did it to communicate secretly when there were people in the room we didn't like, and this way we could even illustrate them in secret. ;)
      While the PictoChat is a fun idea, it's only real fun if you know there's someone in the room with a DS who happens to be in the chatroom just now, but usually you have to make an appointment because you can't play games while you're in it, so waiting for company is pretty pointless.

      - Web - The webbrowser you can download for free when you get a DSi. With this browser you can access website easily. You navigate trough pages with your stylus or your fingers and can zoom in and out. I was amazed at how well it worked and the speed was also very good! If you want to type something in, you use a keyboard that is displayed in the lower screen. For the keyboard you need the stylus as it's so small, but it works well.

      *Playing games*
      The games come on little cartridges like they used to on the Gameboy, only they are a lot smaller now.
      I've only bought a few games - about six of them. I must admit, I ended up not playing much. I thought the games would be cute and fun, but I don't think there are that many out there which provide real entertainment.
      I tried out Pokémon Platinum, which I did play for a while, but the game itself couldn't charm me like the Gameboy version did. The new Pokémon the add to the new games become more and more boring, lifeless and hard to remember. I could always name the first 150 at heart, but the new ones don't appeal to me.
      I bought another cheap game could Chocobo tales, which is a spin-off from some other major game. It was cute but also couldn't entertain me for long.
      I also bought a Sonic the Hedgehog game as I'm a big fan of Sonic, but that game was also boring, confusing and nothing like Sonic should be. I feel Nintendo have messed Sonic up.
      The best game I probably bought was a German driving school game, which helped me train for my driver's license. It was really useful as it replaced taking lots of paper with me if I wanted to learn inbetween classes or in the bus.
      Because I wanted to use the DSi as a device for making daily life easier as well, I considered getting "Hello Kitty Daily" as it was promoted as some kind of child-friendly organizing tool, but after all the horrid reviews I read I didn't buy it at all.I haven't tried out a billion games, but the ones I tried out were fairly popular ones that didn't convince me. I will defenitely give the games another try and get myself something cute like "Hello Kitty Big City Dreams" and some games that contain riddles and are funny, but so far I haven't been to happy.

      The games are very expensive - even trashy ones where you take care of a badly-designed virtual pet are very pricey. Only a few games are worth the money.

      *Going Online*
      Once you're online, everything's great! The webbrowser works well, the navigation is easy and all together it's really fast and comes handy.
      The hard thing about it is going online in first place! I can not the believe the sheer variety of settings that must be changed. Almost everything has to be done manually and if you're not skilled with setting the internet up at home and don't know the words for different kinds of connections and settings, you'll be lost.
      You can search for wireless networks that are in reach at the internet settings in the main menu, but here at home I don't get a connection although I'm six feet away from the rooter and online with my computer. To set up the conneciton you have to gather lots of numbers and settings from your internet device at home.
      It's really complicated and I've only managed to go online twice at my parent's home and once at my boyfriend's. There are manuals online that help you set everything up step by step, but it's complicated.
      At university, I can't get online at all because accessing their network requires you to download a software that will not work on the DSi, which was a huge let down but partly my university's fault.

      *Playing online*
      I've only tried to play Pokémon online once. I never managed to actually start a game! But I did managed to go into the Dungeon where you can chat to other trainers - but for child protection reasons, you can only sent a small amount of pre-prepared sentences to each other, so it's pretty useless. What I do find interesting is that you can see what country your chat partner comes from.
      If you set up the connection properly and have a lot of patience, you will be able to play with others online tho. I have been told by friend there are plenty of players from around the world for every game.

      *The price*
      How much a Nintendo DSi will cost you varries from shop to shop and new versions seems to come out every other month, but the regular white or black DSi will cost you about £99.99 (Amazon.co.uk price). Different colours are about £115.

      Games are available from £10. For under 20, you can get games like "Let's draw", "Cooking Mama" or tamagotchi-like virtual pet games. The very popular game "Animal Crossing", which I'm considering to try, is £22.67 on Amazon and the Nintendogs games are about £25 each and more complex, popular games are up to £40.

      The Nintendo DSi has not really lived up to my expectations. I will defenitely try out some more games because there are still some cute ones out there that I haven't managed to buy yet, but the games I've tried out were mostly disappointing so far. Navigating them sometimes is difficult and Pokémon has not really gone up in entertainment quality. Sonic is not what it used to be.
      Going online with the DSi is so complicated, I usually go nuts and switch it off before I've managed to get a connection.
      I've you've got the right came though, you will have fun with this console. The possiblity to either use the stylus or the buttons is good and I think the games that can be plaxed wit the buttons are quite nice. The graphics are usually nice, cute and of good quality. Dialogues are always kept in a friendly and fun way so children can play with the DSi with no concerns. The Sounds software and the camera are also great and the camera takes surpisingly high quality pictures.

      I would recommend to really consider whether there are enough games you'd be interested in before you buy the DSi. It's defenitely not a laptop or netbook replacement as going online is difficult. You should also consider the follow-up costs as the games can be very pricey.
      The DSi can be fun for children and adults - but make sure there are enough games you'd like and don't be disappointed by the internet functions!


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        12.02.2011 16:51



        A fantastic hand held game console

        Standing in Game debating which DS to buy seemed like one of the hardest decisions to make... EVER!
        For a small price, I could get a standard DS. For a little more, I could get a DSi and for even more, I could get the DSi XL?? What to do??

        Due to the fact that I could get the DSi in pink, I opted for this option... it was pink, pocket sized and already I loved it! I was impressed with the features that the DSi has; WI-FI, a 0.3 mPixel camera which takes photos facing 2 directions and a DS card reader for photographs from a digital camera. At £129 (can get cheaper for 2nd hand versions) I was impressed. I worried slighly by the screen only being 3 1/4 inches, but once engrossed in a game, I hardly noticed. The sound quality is good.

        I was impressed that the DSi also plays any Nintendo games from older hand held consoles, so Christmas Day was spent playing an extremlly old Pokemon Red (from 1999 I think) so all of those old classics can now be played in even better quality. Looks great in the handbag and easy to hold... I love it :)


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        06.02.2011 20:19
        Very helpful



        Just get a DS lite

        Nintendo - debately one of the best things of my generation. We had the N64, Gamecube, Gameboy, gameboy advance, gameboy advance SP, wii, all the extensions of wii (the boards etc) along with Super Mario... most people of my age's favourite childhood game.

        There was also the Nintendo DS... the Nintendo DS lite now the Nintendo DSi and soon the Nintendo 3DS...

        The DS was actaully pretty good - although i was pretty loyal to gameboy and gamecube...
        The DS lite was essentially an upgrade which was also a success, but then the DSi... exactly the same as a DS lite with a camera in which, to be fair, you can hardly see yourself, its so bad.

        My point is, I really quite like Nintendo so i'm not just hating but this DSi - it doesn't cut it for me, an 'upgrade' has to be good to them to pass it off as something new and put it at a really high price. The idea was for kids to take pictures of themselves and add silly things to it and send it to their friends - But it fails to reach an older audience. Its silly and unnecessary, but for me the main problem is that its the Same as DS lite otherwise- which you can easily buy for £40...

        ------------------------------- A bit about DSi --------------------------
        you are able to play against some one via Wi-fi (even if you don't have the same game, usually) and its really quite good fun, especially on those classics such as Mario Kart. On a school skiing trip when i was 14 the whole coach journey there (24 hours) was pretty much just 'download play' on DS Mario Kart - along with the average silliness expected from a bunch of kids.

        you can play any DS, DS lite or DSi game... many good ones such as Brain Training, Sudoku and more!

        You can go on the online shop and download 'cool things' - but you have to pay... I warn you, its a rip off

        Lastly all DS' have 'pictochat' in which you can instant message with people nearby and draw pictures with the stylus.

        My reccomendation, if you do buy a DS of any form invest in an RD4 card - it enables you to download any game for free, pretty neat, but illegal - i don't personally have one because i don't play DS enough to bother with one. and if you decide to get a DSi.. do get it in Black because it looks sleek and nice and you don't notice dirt and scratches as much as on the other coloured ones :)


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          03.01.2011 19:07
          1 Comment



          Good product

          I decided to purchase the dsi when my trusty ds which I had owned for 3 years broke unexpectedly, I was expecting good things from the dsi after all the fuss that had been made, but when it finally arrived I was pretty disappointed, the game play is the same and the graphics are slightly better but I was rather disappointed with the Internet, even when connected to wifi it takes along time to load a page. I thought the dsi would be like a smart phone in the way that you can download applications from the nintendo store, which is not the case.
          Picto chat:
          Picto chat is a specialised chat room for all ds users however, unless I was in the same room as the other person I could not connect with anyone, so I really don't see the point in this, is nintendo really trying to break down conversation even more?
          It may seem like I am slating the dsi but this is not the case, as the good points deffinately outway the bad.
          I was extremely impressed with the dsi camera which in my opinion is better than my iPhone camera, you can upload your pictures straight from your dsi to facebook, this is a very useful feature.
          The dsi is extremely slim light and portable as I'm pretty sure you could take it more or less anywhere, the battery life is also very impressive.
          Over all I love my dsi but like everything it has it's faults.


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            27.12.2010 18:15
            Very helpful



            All in all, Great gadget! Worth the money!

            Having previously owned and enjoyed both the original DS and the DSLite, i had no trouble deciding to purchase the DSi.

            I bought mine at Asda a few months ago while it was on a sale. It was around £115 for the DSi and a free game. It's retail price is now around £100 - £140, so browse around to get the best price!

            I opted for the red. As well as a shiny, smart appearance, the exterior is durable and not prone to scratching as easy as the previous versions. It's a reasonable weight and the buttons are easy to locate and press.

            The touch screen is very responsive and easy to use, and the graffics and screens are clear and sharp.
            For me the camera is the best feature. There are eleven different lens options - Distortion, graffiti, colour, colourpad, mirror, mischief, emoter, merge, resemblance and frame as well as the normal lens - which can be used on both the camera on the exterior and the camera on the interior of the DS. The pictures taken are saved in an album which can be looked at and edited at any time. The photos can be uploaded via your Nintendo DSi to Facebook. You can also click on any photo to edit. You may also choose to view your photos as a slideshow. Pictures can also be transfered to and from an SD card.
            The DSi also contains a sound editing application where you can record a voice clip then edit by changing the pitch and/or speed. You can again transfer music to and from an SD card, meaning you can listen to your favourite music via your DSi.
            You can also connect to your wireless internet via the DSi. While connected to the internet, you can opt to connect to the Nintendo Dsi Shop or Browser.
            The Nintendo Dsi also has a flipnote application where you can draw sketches and animate them.
            Like the previous versions, pitcochat is still available, but with not many changes/updates.
            The DSi still has DS Download Play, meaning that you can link up to another DS/DSi and download software allowing you to play the same game as the other DS.
            Parental controls are very easy to use on the DSi, and easy to set up when the kids want to play. I dont feel inclined to look over their shoulder and check what theyre doing on it anymore.

            There are a few minor downfalls with the DSi. One is that you can no longer play the old gameboy cartridges, like you could on previous versions. You can no longer play imported/foreign games aswell, which is a let down as DS games can be expensive. When i first got the DSi, all the options and settings made it quite confusing and complicated to use, but with time, i have gotten used to it.

            The battery life is great! It takes hours and hours and hours before the battery finally goes flat. My sister loves using it, and it keeps her occupied when i'm babysitting her. All in all, the DSi seems to be worth the money! It provides a good gameplay, with great updates, and crisp clear screens. The number of games and accesories you can buy to go with it is unlimited. Love this. And hope it lasts for a good while to come. Would recommend it to anyone!!


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            09.12.2010 18:05



            A great little console

            I had the original Nintendo DS which my 4 year old decided to steal away from me recently. He loved it so much and looked after it so when he asked to buy himself (yes, he is that rich lol!) a Nintendo DSi we agreed.

            There is an array of colours available in this console and my son chose electric blue. The DSi is slimmer than the original DS, smaller and more lightweight. The screens are very clear, and the features on it are unbelievable.

            Even if you don't have any games to play on this console you can still stay entertained for hours. It has 2 cameras - one facing you for self portraits and one facing outwards. The pictures it takes aren't of the best quality but they are perfectly good for what it is. You can then manipulate these photos to distort the faces in many ways. My son loves it.

            There is a memory card slot so that you can save your creations and transfer them onto another computer for printing etc.

            There is internet connection (if you so desire) where you can download other games and the best feature, parental lock so that you can stop your child from connecting to the internet. This feature to me is worth it's weight in gold - a must for any parent.

            At £129.99 I believe the DSi is worth the money. You can buy a wide range of games for the console which keep children and adults alike entertained for hours.

            A must for adults and kids alike.


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