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Nintendo Wii Sports Resort Pak

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    4 Reviews
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      24.03.2011 13:24
      1 Comment



      would recommend as a family game

      This was my daughters main present for Christmas.

      Basically you get the wii console, one remote, one motion plus attachment, wii sports and wii sports resort games.

      It was really easy to set up and we were able to start playing almost immediately. My daughter took great delight in making us all in "mii" form.

      You can actually notice a difference with the remote when you attach the motion plus attachment. This makes the sensor pick up the movement of the wii remote much more accurately (and therefore makes the games easier to play especially for younger players).

      The games that you get are OK as a starting point. They allow you to become more familiar with the console and the controller before you move on to more complex games.

      The variety of games that you can get for this console is very good and I like the idea that unlike traditional games consoles you have to get up and move around in order to complete the games properly.


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        25.08.2010 14:21
        Very helpful



        A great package for anyone wanting a Wii!

        The new wii motion plus and wii sports resort package was released not so long ago. The pack basically included two items, the first was the new motion sensor block and the second was the wii sports resort game. The game and motion plus cost roughly £40 now this sounds expensive which to be fair it is. But if you already own a wii then you will know how frustrating the normal wii-motes can be sometimes.

        However Nintendo did a good thing here and instead of just releasing this as a separate they bundled one new motion plus wii-mote and the wii sports resort game in with the Wii console. So now any Wii console you buy will more than likely be this package

        The Wii is the latest console from Nintendo, utilizing a unique motion sensor control system and innovative games for all of the family, now including the super new sensitive motion plus.

        The wii Originally got released in a glossy white finish, but more recently it has been released in a brilliant glossy back version. I have owned a white version and it looked brilliant, being clean sharp looking. However this was kept by others so at Christmas I managed to get myself a lovely limited edition glossy black Wii. The black Wii looks more elegant and more sophisticated. However just make sure your wearing cotton gloves to pick it up or move it. Finger prints show up so easily, its quite annoying.

        The wii itself is very small and compact, its barely wider than an inch across and could easily be mistaken for a book end.

        The box the Wii comes in is not hug and is colour coded to the colour of the wii you buy. So a black box for the black Wii and the white box for the white Wii. On the front of the box is a massive image of the wii, just in case you maybe forget what you bought? Or for some other unsuspecting reason I haven't figured out yet?? Anyway it looks good in either colour!

        The box contents -

        1 x Wii - The games console
        1 x Wii mote with motion plus additional sensor- The control pad.
        2 x Silicone wii mote jackets - A silicone jacket that fits around the wii mote to pad it out, for safety reasons. Either in black if you buy a black console or a clear colour if you buy the white one!
        1x Sensor bar - Used to pick up the movements from the wii mote.
        1 x scart cable - Connects the wii to your TV
        1 x instructions - Set up information etc.
        1 x wii sports - The game packaged with the console to get you started
        1 x Wii sports resort - The additional game which features more games and utilizes the new motion sensor!
        1 x stand - A funky gunmetal grey stand to hold your wii

        The wii -
        On the front of the wii you will find the power/standby button disc slot and a small flip open/close door. Behind the door you will find a SD memory card slot as well as a connect button which allows you to connect more wii motes to your wii.
        On top of the Wii you will find a large flip open lid, this houses the old game cube controller ports, due to the wii being fully backwards compatible with game cube games and controllers!

        On the back of the console you will find a cooling fan, two usb ports and the output which connects your TV and wii as well as the sensor bar port, and the obvious power cable.

        The wii is great fun and everyone loves playing it. Although the graphics are not as good as the rivals the fun factor can be higher by getting people involved! Games such as guitar hero and Mario kart just bring friends and family together.

        Most games on the wii can have 1-4 players, some allow more but the majority is up to 4. Some of the games allow you to play with one controller and pass it round taking it in turns. A great idea which works brilliantly! But you would be required to buy more wii motes if you did not want to pas it around.

        The wii also allows you to do more than just play games, you can also go on the internet due to the built in wireless adapter!!
        Check out news/weather or go into the Nintendo shop and download new games.
        The wii motion plus sensor.
        The new sensor is an addition to the existing wii-mote and clips onto the end as does the nun chuck. The nun chuck then attaches to the end of the new sensor.
        The sensor is much more accurate and displays a better movement on screen by mirroring what you are actually doing. The wii-mote did relatively well but this new addition certainly gives you higher accuracy and less frustrating episodes.
        The wii motion plus add-on sometimes needs calibrating, to ensure its sensitivity is at its best. To do this all you are required to do is put it face down on the floor. Within a few seconds it will have done what it needs ready to go again!

        Wii sports was the original game bundles with the first consoles released, and is still included in the newer versions too.
        Wii sports comes in a boring cardboard case but does have a few decent games on there to get you started in the world of Wii.

        First up there is bowling. - Use your Wii-mote as if you were holding a bowling ball and fling you virtual ball at pins at the end of the lane. You are depicted on screen with your own made up character or a random from the game. You can curl the ball and throw it a different speeds. Its all to do with how fast you flick your wrist and if you tilt the wii-mote from left to right for spin etc. I just love bowling, its brilliant!

        Golf is another enjoyable game - Again you have to use the wii-mote as if it were a golf club, as well as learn how to swing at the ball without being to vigorous or too calm. You can also affect the direction by tilting the wii-mote. You can choose the number of holes to play also. Overall actually really good fun this one!

        Another game to get a good work out on is baseball. You take it turns to be the batter or pitcher. If your batting then you will hold the wii-mote as if it were a rounder's/baseball bat. Wait for the computer player to throw the ball at you, time your hit and swing at that ball!! Your player will automatically run around the bases. Depending upon the angle you hold the bat can alter the direction at which you hit the ball. Try and aim for areas where there are no or few outfield players who can catch you out.
        When its your turn to pitch you hold the wii-mote as if you were holding a ball and throw over arm. Again the computer does a lot of the work for your team to try and catch their hits. A really good game, although I don't understanding the amount of battings and pitching's you have.

        Boxing is good for a quick work out too. Using both the nun chuck and the wii-mote this time around. By tilting both controllers left and right you can dodge out of the way. And to hit, well you guessed, the controllers' basically mimic your hand movements. So although sometimes no where near as fast as your movements the game can keep up if your slower about, you get to beat your opponent to the ground if your good enough, and have the stamina too!

        The other great game on here is tennis. So swing away to your hearts content and return all those shots being fired at you. This one is easy to explain as its more than easy to understand! Your player wil automatically run towards the ball, all you have to do is hit it!

        Now onto the second bundled game in the box, also in a cardboard sleeve!

        Wii sports resort.
        This game is the follow-up to the original wii sports which comes bundled with every wii.
        This game features 12 mini or sub game including -

        Cycling - Utilises both the nun chuck and the wii-mote. Hold both remotes horizontally and to steer tilt both remotes left or right. Flick both wrists independently to recreate the pedal motion and keep that up for a while. Feel like a work out then this mini game is for you! Its very tiring, but funny none the less.

        Golf - More advanced than the original, still keeping the same motions, swing the wii-mote as if it were a golf club. But with the motion plus added its more sensitive and works this time around with out the unreliability of the first game.

        Bowling - Again this is more advanced than the first version, but has more extras added such as 100 pin bowling too. Apart from this the game is almost identical opposed from improved wii-mote results.

        Table tennis - This has taken a few leaps from the version found on wii play, this one works well as yet again the new sensor really helps out!

        Basketball - Pick up balls by pointing the wii-mote down, hold b to pick up a ball then throw it at the hoop. As doing so let go of B to release the ball. The only difference to really playing is that there is no need to jump around your lounge!

        Archery- Using both nun chuck and wii-mote hit the targets with arrows. Oh but wait that sounds easy, well it is on level 1. But then it gets hard, really hard. Moving targets and increasing distances with wind thrown in for good measure make this game challenging!

        Frisbee- use your wii-mote to throw a Frisbee as close to the target as possible. Your dog will run off to catch it. The closer to the target you get the better your score. You can alter the height and angle of the Frisbee if you tilt the wii-mote in certain directions.
        Once completing this you open up Frisbee golf. Throw the Frisbee until you reach the flag. It's a great mini game and is quite hard in some instances.

        Wakeboarding - Basically your on a board being pulled by a speed boat. Hold your wii-mote horizontally in both hands as if you were holding onto the tow bar then flick you wrists to jump when you hit a wave. You can steer by tilting the wii-mote left or right to gain more speed and eventually gain more height and more points!
        Swordplay - Use your wii-mote as a sword, and bash away at the opponent or friend . A great laugh and really fun, can get tiring but its worth it!

        Cruising - This is jet skiing, race around the course to win.

        Canoeing - Hold your wii-mote like a paddle and paddle like a mad man. This actually recreates the paddling motion too, so left then right, left then right. Its very hard gets really tiring but is another game to laugh about!!!

        Air sports - The final game on the game puts you in a plane to explore the island. You get as close to objects as possible to open up information on them. The more you get in the time limit the better. You control the plane with the wii-mote, tilting and turning it turns the plane.

        The only problem with this bundle is that the wii sports resort requires all players to have the motion plus accessory. Normal wii-motes cannot be used with this game. So if there are more than two of you, you will need to buy another sensor! Ouch.

        Overall this game and motion plus are really great items. The accessory definitely increases sensitivity and makes the wii-motes better to use. It's more enjoyable with the enhancements. So if you own a wii you need this.
        Excellent bit of kit made extremely well, and doesn't add loads of weight to your wii-motes either. Nor does the battery life get eaten away!

        A 10/10 console and for the bundled games too! Get a Wii, that's the best advice I can give you! Buy one , buy one now!


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        06.03.2010 13:00
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Excellent value for money, a console the whole family can enjoy

        What can I say about the Nintendo Wii except that the kids love it and so do I.

        The console is great value for money and has two games included and has a Wii motion controller.

        The included Wii Sports & Sports Resorts games are fantastic, the whole family can play against each other and they really bring out the competitiveness side in all of us - which is a good thing as this means we do more exercise trying to beat one and other scores.

        The control method using the nunchuck and controller are a great idea. I've never played a computer game that requires me to be excercising whilst I play. With the new Wii motion controller movements are much smoother and better picked up.

        The wireless network is easily configured, this is coming from someone who doesnt "do" computers and leaves all the comlicated things to my other half - I did however find that I could figure out the Wii for myself.

        I think my main like for the Wii comes from the fact that because of of games like Wii Play, Mario Party, Mario Kart etc my four-year-old can play just as well as older children and with us adults.

        My only downside to the Wii is that it isn't a serious gamers console as it doesnt offer great graphics or serious games (well it does but theyre not as ggod as on other platforms), however having said this we do own other consoles in the house and would just buy the games for them instead.

        I recommend this console to anyone who has a family or whom likes to have friends around as theres so many games that can be played as part of a group.


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          28.02.2010 18:32
          Very helpful



          A fantastic game

          Wii Sports Resort

          One special day last year, I woke up unusually early - it was even still dark outside. I just couldn't wait to get downstairs and go into the living room, but I couldn't - not just yet anyway. It's something we always do in my family, we must all go downstairs at the same time, together. Not every morning! Just on this particular special day, so I called my mum and dad - my two younger sisters were already up, practically buzzing with excitement at the top of the stairs - and together we all walked, or rather sprinted into the living room.
          That special day of course, was Christmas day! Woohay!

          So, you're probably wondering I wanted to tell you about this, aren't you? Well, keep reading and you'll find out...
          I love surprises, don't you? Not knowing that something's going to happen and then it does (as long as it's a good thing!), or not knowing what your Christmas presents are going to be (as long as you trust the person who's buying it, of course!) its all just so exciting! This is why I'd asked all my grandparents for surprises that year. That and also because I don't like asking for certain things, it seems cheeky to do that.
          I must admit, I was a little bit wary about asking for surprises. It's not that I don't like aged 9 flowery t-shirts from Marks and Spencer or anything (this is the kind of thing they normally get me) ...

          Anyway, I had no idea what my grandparents were going to get me for Christmas! So, when I turned on the lights in the living room that year, and saw a Nintendo Wii sitting there looking at me, God, I could hardly contain my excitement! I rushed over to it and read the label. It was a special gift for all of us, and what a fantastic gift to give to us as well!!
          We soon realised that to get the maximum amount of fun out of our Wii, we were going to need to get some games to play on it!!
          We've got quite a lot of games for it now, such as 'Wii Play' and 'Wii Sports' but none are as good as our most recently bought '''Wii Sports Resort''', which is also known as Wii Sports 2.

          There are a few reasons for why we purchased Wii Sports Resort. I will list them below:
          We had some Argos vouchers we needed to spend!
          The game looked really good and we wanted to try it out for ourselves to see how good it really was
          We hadn't been on the Wii for a while so we thought getting a new game would be a good idea to get us back on the Wii
          The fact that it is called 'Wii Sports made us think it would be a good way of exercising and keeping fit

          Now that we have bought Wii Sports Resort I am really glad we did because I think it is really good, a fun thing to do and I have had a really good time and enjoyed playing on it.
          I have played on it LOADS since we bought it, all the family has been glued to it. When my friends

          Pictures of Wii Sports Resort (Wii)
          The Frisbee Game in Action! (from the official wii website) came round we had a go on it then, and even my gran has played on it (unsuccessfully I might add!). So, basically the Sports Resort is great for all ages and all kinds of people. I'm sure theres a game on this for everyone!

          About the Game Itself
          The actual game is brilliant! It's exactly what it says in the name - a sports resort but on the Wii. How you use the game is, you hold the motion plus remote in your hands and whenever you move your hands, the exact movement is mimicked by your Mii on the screen! I have always thought this is really cool, so much better than the PlayStations where you have to press buttons - on this you don't even have to press any buttons to get it to work and make your Mii move!
          The game is certificated 7+

          What Happens When You First Put The Game in the Wii?
          When you first put the game into your Nintendo Wii, with all games you are asked to install the game so that the computer can remember it so next time it will just skip straight into the main menu without a long loading wait.

          There is also a short tutorial which comes up. I think you can skip this but even though you may find it a little boring, it's probably best just to watch it so you get an idea of what the games all about.
          It's a really short tutorial, only about three minutes and I think you can watch this again after the game has installed, whenever you want to watch it.

          What's it like Compared to Other Games?

          The game is very similar to Wii Sports. What makes them so alike, I would say is the graphics and illustrations.
          I'd say this game is just as good as Wii Sports, but with other games in it as well. So it is better! If you weren't sure of which to buy out of the two, I'd say this one as it is definitely a really great game!
          There is also a mini game in this one similar to one from Wii Play which is Table Tennis but between the two games I'd say Sports Resort is the best one!

          I always think that the Nintendo Wii is better than the PlayStations.

          There are loads of games in the Sports Resort that you can take part in, it is as though you are in a Sports Resort yourself and you can walk around this virtual place and take part in any of the mini games you want. Below I have written about each individual mini game in the Wii Sports Resort and scored them out of five in how much I enjoy playing on them.
          All games on the Wii Sports Resort are suitable for children and the whole family.
          Here they are! ...

          '''Jet Ski Game'''
          In this game you are in a jet ski on the sea, and you have to drive through these goals in the water, you pick up points as you go through them.

          For this game you need two parts of the remote, one which already comes with the game. I found this game quite enjoyable but it does get a little bit boring after a while, well I think it does anyway.
          As both my dad and my littlest sister enjoy this game, I think this game is good for all ages and would recommend it to anyone.

          In my experience with playing the game I find it fun and enjoyable, and would rate it 4/5.

          '''Frisbee game'''
          This is my favourite game off the Wii Sports Resort. I think it is really good fun. Your Mii (for those of you who aren't familiar with the Nintendo Wii, your Mii is like a little cartoon version of you) throws a Frisbee, exactly how you would if you had a real Frisbee.

          Another feature from this game is there is a really cute little dog which runs out to catch the Frisbee when you throw it.
          Some people might be thinking, 'so why don't you just throw a real Frisbee then?!' but the good thing about this is you can throw a Frisbee as if you really are throwing one, in your own front room, without knocking anything over or smashing your mum's best vase! So when it is raining and too cold to go outside, you can still play your sports - just inside the house, which is what I do on cold, rainy days!
          I think this game is quite girly but I'm sure some boys would enjoy it as well.

          As this is currently my favourite game of them all, I will have to give it 5/5!

          '''Sword fighting game'''
          In this game you have to hold the wii remote out in front of you with both hands - like a sword - and then you whack it around in front of you, just like a sword. This game reminds me a little bit of boxing, which can be found on Wii Sports, because you have to hit out until for example a pencil is chopped, and on Wii Sports in the boxing game you have to punch out in front of you until the punch bag is broken and the next one comes in. You get points for every bag you hit down.

          This is a really good game to play against your friends and family and everyone gets competitive! I play this one all the time against my sister - I always win, of course!
          If I was asked to rate this game, I would give it 4/5.

          '''Basketball Game'''
          Using the remote like it is a ball, what you have to do is throw the ball into a hoop (as you probably guessed!).
          This is another great game which all ages should enjoy. I think this game is alright but not one of my personal favourites, but to be honest I don't like basketball in real life, either.

          I would give this game 3/5.

          I'm sure you can guess what you have to do in this game as well! You have to pull the two remotes apart, I imagine it is like an elastic band and then when I release it, just like a real arrow it flies forward onto the board (and hits bulls eye of course!).
          Imagining it is like an elastic band makes it easier for me, this game is quite hard to get a good score on, but none the less a very enjoyable game which I love playing.

          I would give this game 4/5.

          This game is also on the Wii Sports, the two versions aren't much different, the only real difference is of course that this one is played with the motion plus remote which means it is a lot easier to play because of this much more highly sensitive remote control.

          Again there are multi-player options on this game, up to four people can play against each other in one game. The winner is obviously the person who has the best score.
          I would give this game a 4/5, only lacking in originality (god don't I sound posh!).

          This game is also on Wii Sports. As always it is a fun game, good to play with the family to bring us all together (lol!) because of the multiplayer options meaning that up to four people can all play by taking it in turns.
          I enjoy playing on this game. Although I have to be honest, I didn't find this game that much better than it is on Wii Sports, it still is very fun.

          I would have to give this game 5/5. It's one of the best games off Wii Sports Resort.

          '''Cycling game'''
          What you have to do is use the motion plus remote like it is the pedals on the bike, and you have to keep rotating it to move the bike. You can choose a course and play against someone else at the same time. A great game, although I found myself not wanting to play any more after I had already played it a few times.

          I would rate this game as 4/5. It is another one which is good for all ages.

          '''Canoeing game'''
          How you do this is you use the motion plus remote as an oar and you have to keep pushing it in the water to move forwards. The good thing about this is that up to four people can all play at the same time, if you have enough remotes.

          The game is another enjoyable one from the Sports Resort. I would give it 4/5.

          '''Table Tennis'''
          Also on the Wii Play, this game is basically the same, which means that it's really enjoyable and I love playing it! I don't been to boast, but I am really, really good at this one!

          You can probably guess what you have to do, this is hit the ball across the table where either the computer or if you are playing against someone then they will have to hit it back.
          If you have two motion plus remotes you can play against someone else at the same time.

          I would rate this game as 5/5; it is one of my favourites of them all!

          '''Air sports game'''
          This is another fantastic game. There are options to choose from what you want to do, which are you can either go flying over an island, you can go skydiving (eek!) or you can do this other game where you have to pop balloons on the other player's aeroplane, all very good fun.

          You can play this in multi-player options as with many of the games on the Sports Resort.
          I would rate this game as 5/5 because of the options you can choose from.

          If you get a high score in any of the games it will be saved so that the next time some one gets a good score you can see who has the highest. You will know whose score it is because it will be saved with your Mii next to it.

          Motion Plus Remote

          The Wii Sports Resort game comes packaged with a motion plus remote included in the box. It is basically a better, updated version of the normal Wii remote, what makes it better is that is more highly sensitive which is a really good thing because it means your movements are more accurately shown on the screen.
          The motion plus remote is just as easy to use as the normal Wii remote. In my opinion it increases the excitement in the game, because no one can blame their remote anymore, if they lose in a game!

          Price and Where You Can Buy Wii Sports Resort from
          We bought this amazing, super fun new game from Argos, and I think it was around £50 at the time we bought it. I must admit I think this is very expensive for a game, and the only reason we bought it was because we had some Argos vouchers so it actually worked out quite cheap.

          I have just checked on the Argos website, and right now it is on offer on Argos.co.uk for £39.99 which I think is still quite expensive for a game.
          It is also £39.99 at the moment on Game.co.uk, and according to their website it is a top seller.
          From both places the Wii sports resort comes with the Wii Motion plus, which is very important because it is needed in order to play the game.
          You can probably also buy the Wii Sports Resort for a cheaper price on sites such as eBay or Amazon, as I always say in my reviews, these are two very good sites for when you are looking for a bargain!

          I think the game is available in most good game stores in the UK.

          Summary of my opinion ~ Is this game good value for money?

          At £39.99 I can't help thinking the price of this game is just a teeny bit high. And in times of recession I don't think many people will be rushing to splash out on it!
          It's a brilliant game but being me which is quite tight with money! I just think this game is too overpriced.
          If I could find the game for around £20 I would not hesitate in buying it.

          It is a really good family game though, and I must say probably the price is probably good for what it is...

          If you have any more questions just leave a comment with them in and I will try and get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

          Thank you very much for reading this.
          Hope it is helpful to you and you get something from it.

          Love from, Ruby xxxxxx


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