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Nintendo Wii U Basic Pack 8GB

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Nintendo Wii U Basic Pack 8GB - Nintendo Wii U

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    1 Review
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      09.12.2012 15:23
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      If you loved the wii get this, if you were fond of the wii consider it, if you hated it dont get it

      So nintendo has finally releases its new console, which amazingly is actually able to keep up with ps3 and xbox graphics! Even if their hardware has been around a few years now ... well atleast nintendo has finally caught up. This is a review about the console and not any of its games.

      It is impossible to talk about the wii u without mentioning this.It is the unique selling point, the gem that nintendo hope will destroy its competition, the kinect and playstation move. The screen is a relatively good size, if you have an ipad mini it is just a bit smaller than that.
      One feature that would have been the holy grail of gaming if it was introduced 10 years earlier is the ability to simply switch from playing on the tv to playing on the controller. For me this is no longer a huge problem since I, and most people, now have a tv in their own room. The range is ok. You cant move to far away or else you simply lose connection but it can play through different rooms so not to bad.
      You cannot use the controller for multiplayer. If you want to play with friends well sorry you dont get to use your fancy new controller its back to the original wii ones. There is also a pro controller, which is basically an xbox 360 controller except ... get ready for this ... the analogue on the right is above the buttons! Yeah ... original nintendo.
      A big criticism I discovered is the battery life. It is awful. Maybe mine is slightly faulty? who knows but it physically couldn't last more than 3 hours.
      Well other than the above the controller generally works quite well. There is no lag between it and input on the screen. It works and it is an innovative idea but I personally feel it will be like the wii. Amazing fun for one week and then will be forgotten about so I can play on the xbox and ps3.
      Oh my god I dont know what nintendo were thinking. When you initially set it up there was a HUGE update which took a long time to finish. My friend works at HMV and someone actually returned it because they couldnt be bothered waiting (true story but I think that customer exaggerated a little bit). I hope they do something to change this. Other than that though its quite simple to actually set up.

      There are a range of extra features you can use on the wii u . Using the camera in the controller you can have conversations with other users. Although you can do this on kinect. Just like other game consoles you have netflix and other tv services. It cannot play blu ray unfortunately.
      It looks quite neat and is quite easy to navigate. There is a plaza type thing where you can see all your friends' mii's and what games they are playing etc. Sort of like the xbox way but alot more detailed. One problem with this is it can actually be quite slow. When you turn on the console you have to stare at a sign saying wii u (yes I know what I bought) for about 10 seconds. I may sound a bit pedantic but you know staring at it every time you turn it on can get quite annoying.

      Yes its innovative, it finally has modern day graphics, it already has good games but is it able to compete with the ps3 and xbox. Financially im sure it will do fantastic, in fact I have no doubt it will sell remarkably. In my honest opinion however they have not yet utilised the new controller fully, which is its major selling point! I believe it will be just like the wii and everyone will love it for 2 weeks and then get bored and wonder why they bought it. The fact that you have to use the older controllers as well for 2 player games kind of seems like a slap in the face "Heres our new amazing controller ... but it is only for one person." Im sure they will change this eventually but it is something that should have been available from day 1. Is it worth the money? Yes if you like nintendo, if your more of an xbox fan wait until the new one of that comes out


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