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Sega Reactor Wireless Games Console

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Sega / Wireless gaming console

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    1 Review
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      22.10.2010 23:30
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      A great console at a bargain price.

      ~~~~~~~~Sega Reactor Wireless Games Console~~~~~~~~

      I bought this a few weeks back for my youngest son as a Christmas pressie, however, hubby has had it all set up and has been 'secretly' playing it in the nights, just like his father did with his consoles in the early 90's lol (sega mega drive.....)! He caught his father, let's hope my little one doesn't catch him, as I will kill him!!!!
      We already have a Wii console but as my youngest is just 3 years old, I worry about him scratching the discs, so was going to buy the Zone 40 console (Wii knock off) when I came across this.

      I bought it in B&M Bargains and it cost £29.99. Like I said I was going to get the Zone 40, but this was roughly a tenner more in price and as it's Sega branded I thought it was definatly worth paying the extra.

      When I got home, I did a quick internet search and found it on Comet for £99.99! I was really pleased then with my bargain buy!
      I have just checked Comet.co.uk again and it is currently in the half price sale and is on offer for £49.99.

      They have also been on various shopping channels on the T.V. for roughly £40 - £50 and are also available from Very for £59.99.

      Ok so this console is very much like a Wii console, it doesn't have the weight of a Wii but the design of the console is pretty much based around the Wii.
      The added bonus for me is that you don't need any discs so I think it's ideal for a young child. The games are built into the console and there is a great variety to choose from.
      20 Sega games
      16 Interactive sports games
      14 Arcade games.

      The Sega games include, Alex Kidd, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Spinball, Echo, Shinobi, Comix Zone, Golden Axe and more.

      The interactive games are similar to that available on the Wii, you have the boxing, golf, baseball, and a few that aren't on the Wii such as darts and fishing.

      The arcade games include air hockey and other arcade type games.

      It has a main unit which is black and glossy in colour, looks very similar too a Wii, it also has 2 wireless motion controllers again like the Wii.

      As mentioned it doesn't have the weight of the Wii console and doesn't have the quality aspects of the Wii but don't let this put you off as it is a great console.

      The games also are not of the newer standards and are just like playing on the older consoles with the 16bit graphics. This is no let down as the game play is still awesome.

      A probable drawback maybe that you can't buy games for it, and there's no way of adding games to it, but it's got a good variety anyway so it is still fun.

      If you can't afford a Wii or just want to play classic Sega games and the like, I would highly recommend this.

      It comes with an A/C adaptor or can run off batteries. The remotes take 3 AAA batteries each.

      I know my son is going to love this...... If I can wrestle it off his dad!!!

      I know my local stores (B&M) have sold out of this product, I think this is going to be very popular this Christmas. If you find one and leave it untill another day, don't be surprised if there's none left.... Grab it quick!!!



      My local B&M Bargains has had a huge delivery of these in so if you are having trouble finding one check your local store as they may have had more in.


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