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Sony Playstation One

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    4 Reviews
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      30.10.2011 11:29
      Very helpful



      The Playstation One was a great design and offered good gaming but much too late

      The Sony Playstation is the biggest selling cd based games console ever but has been around for a number of years now and so the team behind the console have been working hard to bring us an updated and fresh version but is it really worth the effort?

      The Playstation One is a very sleek and well designed console that takes up much less room that the original version. The console is designed to offer up a cheaper gaming option from the Playstation 2 and was released at the same time as the Playstation 2 console to try to ensure that Sony kept their market share as high as possible but despite this the console feels like there has been some real work and effort put in to make this as good as it can be for something which was coming to the end of its life span (the original Playstation model came out in 1994 and this was released in 2000 over a year after the Dreamcast had been released by Sega).
      The console uses standard sized cd discs which enables you to use the console to play your cd's through your television and I remember doing this when I originally began to use this in my bedroom rather than having to have a seperate cd player. The disc drive is well designed with a top loading flip lid so that you have less to go wrong with the drive itself when compared to other drives out there which use a motorised drive that can burn out easily.
      The Playstation One console allows you to use original Playstation games as well as those being released now which means that you have a huge game range available to you. This is one of the biggest selling points for this console as the others in the market came about to take on the Playstation you still had a huge amount of games open to you straight away.
      The console also allows for you to use your existing memory cards, controllers and accessories from your original Playstation console. The fact you can use all the accessories and things you already have means that you save money thanks to not having to go out and purchase all new equipment.
      The console is very simple to use as it only has two buttons on the top which are both large and simple to make out. There is a power on/reset button and an opening button (to open your disc drive).
      The console allows you to use the full power of the Playstation despite its reduced size. The games on offer are very good and their graphics when compared to consoles of the time are very good. Thanks to using discs rather than cartridges the games are able to have much more depth and so you get more levels and longevity than you have experienced before.
      The console comes with a dualshock controller which allows for you to have great control in all games with the added bonus of the rumble features. The dualshock controller was for me something which made a big difference to my gameplay as I love to play racing games and so when you go over a kerb rather than just find your car spinning out and you not understanding fully why the dualshock enables you to have more feedback from the game and so better understand what the actions you are taking are doing to stop things like spin-outs on racing games.

      The console is expensive for ageing technology (even when released) and being released on the same date as the Playstation 2 does mean that you are getting a technology which is reaching the end of its life. The fact the Playstation 2 offers the ability to play the Playstation games too means that you do have the more up to date option even though it is more expensive.

      The console is a great little piece of kit that enables you to play the Playstation games you remember and love with ease and even more enjoyment thanks to the dualshock controller allowing many of the games to have a much improved game experience. The console was expensive when released for what it was in terms of the level of technology being about 6 years old by this point and as the Playstation 2 offers backwards compatibility then this is not the only way to have that huge range of games still open to you. The Playstation One is a good looking piece of kit and in my opinion is one which is good for younger children who you want to get a games console for their room as they can play their games and their cd's without you needing to worry too much about the costs when compared to how much the Playstation 2 will set you back. Overall a good piece of design and technology but released as it was already outdated and having its replacement released in the Playstation 2 at the same time which showed for me that Sony were only doing this as a money making exercise.


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      13.12.2009 13:45
      Very helpful



      Still packs a lot of entertainment

      When it was first introduced this was an excellent games console. In my view it has stood the test of time remarkably well considering the technological advancements since. In fact it lasted in popularity long enough for it to be remodeled and re-released as a slimmer version making it great for traveling or moving around.

      Part of its great success was the availability of a huge amount of titles for it and it can claim to have hosted some of the best games produced. From driving to first person shooters there are a lot classics in the title list. As it was so popular the second hand games market is still thriving as people try to claw some of their hard earned cash back to buy more up to date games or consoles.

      The console itself provides good graphics and sound, relatively speaking, and gives great value for a gamer. The games are very playable and can still provide hours of entertainment. The PS1 is small and easy to use and can play CD's also. There are two hand held controllers and space for memory slots to save games. The newer version controllers have vibration built in also.

      I think this is still a great buy especially at a good value price or second hand value. I think it could be around for a while longer yet, a testament to its quality.


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        31.07.2009 12:29
        Very helpful



        Great little machine.

        The Sony PSone is the slim redesign of its classic PlayStation console, if you're looking to pick up one of the classic systems this should definitely be on your list.

        The systems redesign makes it alot more aesthetically pleasing, the dull grey shoebox has been replaced with a much smaller and curvy model, it has also been coloured with a more bright shade of grey. The layout of the machine is identical to the original though, it has a top loading CD tray with a power button and open button.

        In the box you will get the PSone console, a dualshock PlayStation controller which matches the colour of the unit, AV cables but not decent ones these are the oldschool ones that hook up to your TV antennae input, and of course your power cables. You're probably used to hard drive storage now but you'll need to buy a memory card if you want to save anything here!

        The machines capabilities are nothing to special, it is capable of graphics that are 3D but detail in the environments are extremely bland compared to this generations Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 games. Soundtracks are usually good CD quality thanks to the PSone using CDs for its games, it also doubles as a CD player incase you don't have one!

        The library for this console is amazing, you have classic games spanning all genres, the superb Gran Turismo racing game, the classic Final Fantasy titles including fan favourite FF 7 which is the series first foray into 3D along with a bunch of classic RPGs, Metal Gear Solid a superb action title that revolutionised the stealth genre, Crash Bandicoot who is at his best on the PSone console, Tekken 3 the best 3D fighter you're likely to play. The list is really extensive!

        A classic console well worth having, unless you have a PS2 or PS3 which are both backwards compatible with this consoles games.


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          11.12.2008 18:49
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A revolutionary product, lost in time.

          After producing a quick review of the Playstation 2,
          I thought it necessary to take a deeper look at its
          predecessor, the original Playstation!

          <--Look and Feel-->
          A white/grey plastic coating protects a relatively
          powerless internal specification, which in todays world
          is completely outdated. It is true however, that the
          casing looks pretty good. You could even describe
          it as slightly futuristic in design. It's made from hard
          Polycarbonate or ABS plastic, offering durability and
          general protection.

          The controllers are quite small and difficult to hold
          at first, but after a few hours of play they become
          more familiar to your grip. The weak plastic buttons
          on these devices can break and become stuck
          very easily, so avoid pressing down too hard.

          As you have probably already predicted, the PS1's
          visual graphics are completely outdated. The
          internal components do not offer the indepth detail
          which can be found in any brand new console.
          After all, these consoles were made over a
          decade ago, and technology doubles in capacity
          every 6months! - although this technology doesn't
          hit the consumer's market until years later.

          When playing a game on the Playstation, your
          easily drawn in. The maker's were desperate to
          develope new game ideas that challenged the
          limits of the past. Command & Conquer, Crash
          Bandicoot, GTA and Grand Tourismo were born.
          These games were revolutionary, especailly to my
          young eyes, as a child of just 7 or 8 years.

          Overall, this console was a revolution on its date of
          birth, but since then it seems to have drifted into the
          realms of forgotteness. Lets bring it back!

          Thanks for reading!
          Please rate if you read and i'll try to get back to you!


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